As Talented As His Daddy

I’ve read how he broke into the business on his own merits. Not laying claim to the King name. The lookalike son is as talented as his daddy. I’ve only just begun (Karen Carpenter) but I’m in … hook line and sinker. Joe Hill – Strange Weather is on tap.

The book is comprised of four short stories. I’m midway through Snapshot … story #1. Scene: 1980s suburbia. Mike Figlione teenage outcast and his dad make sympathetic characters.

Then there is the Afrikaner and his wife Shelly. Writing in an accent is such as skill. I read a few paragraphs out loud which caused Lulu to giggle. Not because of the subject matter which is dark but because I sound like Arnold the Terminator.

Mobil Mart employees: protective mom and all star son Mat could come back into the “picture”.

Finally the Phoenician is the ultimate bad guy. I haven’t gotten far enough to say more about him.

I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

Featured photo: heater, book, me in penguin 🐧 pajamas with favorite snowman ⛄️ socks and floral slides. Always out of style or styling like a fox 🦊.

As always more to come.

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