#1linerWeds. 3/13/19

My view today is gray and I got rained on during my walk from garage to building. But I am grateful because I have a view and I can walk in the rain. Perception is all relative.

I saw a quote on the Purple Almond last night and I wanted to grab it for today and of course cite the source. But now I lost the quote somewhere in the spare room for Jesus. What??

OK I am leaving those words. Yesterday I learned Words / Matter. I am using talk to text and the above Jesus sentence was transposed into what you see. Ooooh is that fate, kismet, faith? I’ve no spare room. My empty nest is overflowing.

OK Jill land the plane this is one-liner. Paraphrased:

It doesn’t matter if it’s factual or not … if you believe it’s true then it is true.

Our minds are powerful for sure.

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#1linerWeds. 5/16/18

Going long for this one too.  Dan and Linda have started trends.  I am a follower 🙂

I took an alternate route home yesterday since there was report of a pile up on Hwy 90.  Sometimes TXDot is off but yesterday, sure enough I bypassed the major accident.  I was glad I was not any earlier so as to avoid being part of it and I hope those directly impacted are OK today.  Not gonna lie, the wreckage looked awful.

At MLK Drive and 90 I saw a billboard that said and I quote:

Fear is contagious, but so is hope.  Spread Hope!

I tried for find the author but Google failed me.  Guess author will have to be unknown.  Now I usually call Hope a fickle bitch.  I wrestle with her and the false sense of promise she provides.  I hope and I pray but inevitably things are just crap!

Or are they?

I get to control my reactions to this thing called life.  Cue Music – Let’s Go Crazy.

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today. To get through this thing called life.

~ Prince ~

As I thought my ever racing notions, I knew I was blessed by my alternate route home.  Hell I am blessed by much more than I deserve.  I need to remember that.

You see I got to drive down memory lane aka the hood where B grew up.  I always love this trek of the long and flowing MLK Drive which then turns into Lord Road.  Block after block of murals.  Passing by St. Benedict’s and Copernicus. One can sort of feel the lives of former inhabitants. One can sort of feel the struggle but also the LOVE <3.

Now my eyes are leaking.  Oh well, two sort of one liners embedded in my schmaltz.  Could be worse.

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#1linerWeds. 4/25/18

Rolling billboard in doctors office telling me not to Google my symptoms. Will I ever learn?

Me: “I did not have a fragile fracture.”

Dr. “Really where did you go to medical school?”

Hahahahaha.  In my attempt to be an educated consumer of my own health, I look sH!t up.  I really do not believe breaking my arm was a fragile fracture because all 155 lbs of me fell about 4 feet onto solid rock.  Even a younger, stronger boned person may have had a break too.  Dr. agreed fragile fractures are debatable and proceeded to educate me. I may post a PSA soon.

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For 4/11/18 #1linerWeds.

You can never judge a book by its cover

Cite: publicized by the 1946 murder mystery novel by Edwin Rolfe (de) and Lester Fuller, Murder in the Glass Room

Back in the day B had long hair … and he on occasion wore an earring … and he always had on a concert T-shirt … from bands like Iron Maiden … and he’s a big guy … and he is mostly serious.

One day when I was in college, taking the scenic route of 20 plus years to graduate, he walked me to the library.  The neighborhood where the stacks are located can be rough and he was there as my protection.  As we walked down the sidewalk, two older ladies (maybe not so old … about the age I am NOW) saw us coming toward them.  They crossed the street (more like jaywalked/ran quickly) to avoid walking past us.  Then they crossed back to our side after they were “safe” from big bad B.

I wonder if they assumed I was being held hostage ;).  If they did, they never phoned to Po-Po.  Of course back then, they would have had to find a pay phone to do so first. LOL!

Proof you can never judge a book by its’ cover. Or maybe you can.  But you’d often be wrong.

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For 4/4/18 #1linerWeds.

“… and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through…” – David Bowie 

Uh ya, I am feeling a little in your face today.  Though no longer a teenager, I get it.  Feels like yesterday. Added sound for a nice twist.

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