Couple of Things

Thing One:

New category alert!  Maybe, if I am not lazy.  Been kicking around What Line Is This?

I’d throw out a random line from a book, movie, or song and see if folks can guess it.

I say: Space may be the final frontier, But it’s made in a Hollywood basement

You say: Californication by RHCP!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Thing Two:

Lulu girl is home for winter break aka Christmas and New Years.  Yay!  Tomorrow she turns 20.  She passed me right up as I am only 19. How the hell do things like that keep happening?  Say it with me folks, you are NOT old J-Dub.  You’re as young as you feel!

The trip to get her was uneventfully.  I blasted the tunes all the way there.  This was my last hurrah for XM satellite radio.  Oh how I remember being sucked in with a free trial offered by GM when I got my Impala SS.  I did not renew because fuck that, I am not paying for airwaves.  Then I traded in the Impala for my baby Buick and got another free trial.  Once that expired, I caved and did buy into the hype treating myself and not even noticing the price tag.  I mean c’mon J-Dub give a coat not unicorn farts!  But that was so yesterday.

Any hoo, now that we are nickel and diming everything to have enough moolah for monthly land payments, I am cancelling both subscriptions.  If I had thought about it sooner, I’d have made a list of the songs I heard on Lithium, XM 34 to create my own playlist post XM annihilation. Such a dramatic!  I am kicking their ass to the curb.

As always, more to come.

Here’s Why

… we keep the thermostat at 65 degrees.

Greetings! Your CPS Energy bill for this month is now available for online viewing and payment through our Manage My Account service.

Balance Due: $ 64.19
Due Date: December 29, 2017.

And that included a snow day!!

Or just maybe we’re hot stuff all on our own.

And yes I am deflecting for drama that has ensued.  Tomorrow we dance!!!

As always, more to come.


I am on a mini-vacation so tell me please … why am I up?  Anybody?  Yep!  No reason.  Ugh!

I didn’t have to get up as early on this non-work day.  I even had B re-set the alarm for a later time. Maybe that jinxed me.  All I know is that my mind is racing.

I had lab work done last week for my annual physical.  The actual appointment is not until next week but the labs are walk in, first come first serve basis.  I always like to do my labs early enough so that results are ready to have my doc go over with me come appointment time.

Until we started this method, I’d go in for physical and get the orders for labs that day.  Results would come in the mail and if I had questions, I would need to go back or call in. Now everything is through the online portal.  I love this.  The Go Green recycle club kid in me is happy for less paper.  But … there is always a but.

Guess what happens??  I get an email that my lab results have been uploaded to the portal.  Why is this bad?  Well, it isn’t when you’re normal.  Me on the other hand, I am off center.  My heart starts racing when I go to log in.  My rational mind knows that if anything was awry, they’d call me.  Still my anxiety ridden mind goes to worst case scenario.  People are fallible.  What if?  What if I have some dreaded disease they delayed telling me about?  What if my Crestor is no longer working?

All of a sudden I feel lightheaded.  Nope, not all of a sudden.  I’ve been feeling lightheaded and dizzy all week … well since I got the online portal email!

Believe it or not, I am better than I used to be though.  I used to worry about mix ups at the lab.

Doctor: All normal Ms. J-Dub.

Me: Uh really?  Probably wasn’t even my blood you tested.

Conspiracy theory much? Somebody stop me.

As always, more to come.