What the what?

The things one learns at book club.

  1. Peoples’ tastes run the gamut and not everyone thinks Jenny Lawson is funny.
  2. Pat Benatar is going to be at the San Antonio NYE celebration 🍾 πŸŽ‰

Super exciting. And it’s free! I may just have to brave the cold and crowds. B won’t go though. Maybe they’ll televise it. After all it’s part of the 300. That’d be a dream come true. Joan and Pat in the same month.

🎼Hit me with your best shot πŸ”₯ away 🎼

Or Heartbreaker. πŸ’”

I may even remember a few steps from the dance team routine for the one. Another twofer on a non- Tuesday.

As always more to come.

🎼 For 12/27/17 πŸŽΌ

It’s not Tuesday, but you get a twofer!

It’s official XM is going away from our vehicles as of 1/21/18. Sad but I’m tired of paying for free airwaves. That and we’re try to save coin!

In an effort to be like a squirrel saving nuts for winter, I’ve been blasting XM 34 on a loop. In doing so, I have re-discovered Collective Soul. Oh the joy! The boys from Georgia … a musical bonanza!

First up, in homage to my birth month, the song December:

Not to be out done, here is Gel:

As always more to come.