#SoCS for 10/24/20

Time once again for #SoCS. I’m gonna short hand it. Anything that begins with a ‘M’. Thanks Linda! To join in, here are the Rules and Ping Back

M …

Well the sky is the limit. We’ve got movies. Or we had movies. Last weekend when Lulu and I went looking for a blouse for her one day in the office pick up equipment meeting, we drove past the Quarry Cinema. Big ole signs that said “Open New York”. Until that happens there will be no new first run movies. Of course some places are making due with second run social distance seating. Or you can even rent a theater for $99 bucks. We think they limit you to 10 or less attendees. I don’t know that many people interested. I also don’t enjoy movies the same way I used to. When Lulu asked me if I thought I’d ever go to the movies in a theatre again, I said no. Not worth it. Seems COVID has sucked the fun right out of our lives.

Speaking of COVID … I was off yesterday and I went to get new glasses 👓. I had to stand at the door while the couple in front of me finished up. The store temperature checks and everything. We were way more than six feet apart too. Anywho the sweet tech asked the husband if he thought we’d ever go back to normal. The reply was “no sonny, welcome to the new world. Nothing will ever be the same”. The tech says well what a life for me … to never see anyone smile again. As I eavesdropped, I thought that could be true and that’s sad.

Leads me to another ‘M’ memories. Thank goodness I have more pre than post COVID memories. When I think about Lulu and Pony and the sweet tech from Visionworks, I don’t envy them. I’m glad I’m old. I can’t imagine continuing on like this much longer. I feel so trapped that after I got my glasses ordered, I did not want to go home. I went and parked by the pond and watched freaking ducks!! Of course the pandemic hasn’t even been going on that long. Relatively speaking that is. About seven months for us. Not even a year. Yet the amount of moments crammed in make it feel like decades.

Which leads to my final M’s mind/mental health/meditation. Our all powerful minds can beautifully control our reactions. I’m practicing the pause with meditation 🧘‍♀️ trying to improve my already shaken mental health. Some of the tried and true coping mechanisms aren’t working. The art of the power through for example. We had internet issues which makes me anxious. I’m certain Lulu will lose her job before it even really starts. Damn you to hell nameless ISP!!! So I left to get tacos letting Pony deal with getting her back online.

I never ran before. Was quite proud when I told my former shrink that during crisis is when I shine. I power through. Why? Well what else am I supposed to do? <rhetorical>. I was quite amazed when she told me some people choose not to face adversity. She told me I had choices. Sacribleu!

This was me! Like the cough drop wrapper says …

Alrighty. Enough whine without the requisite cheese. I sincerely have zero to mope around about. Wishing you a marvelous weekend 🎉Ta-ta for now.

As always more to come.

Friday Confessions ~ 10/23/20

Now that I have your attention with the word confessions, you must be expecting something juicy. I have not fully released the hounds in a while because of my new handy dandy positive mindset. That I fake on the regular because I am truly more like Eeyore or Ziggy – grab an umbrella :). #cultureshift. In this case, the shift is toward accountability.

A plethora of wildly anxiety inducing thoughts are swirling in my brain. How’s that for a sentence full of nothing but innuendo? All under the guise of being politically correct, I have stopped with the shenanigan of airing my dirty laundry aka my personal opinion. Why? Well because as B often tells me “Nobody cares Jill” . The shrinks of the world say to tell someone “nobody cares” is no bueno. BUT they don’t know me and B. I actually feel BETTER when he says ““Nobody cares Jill”. Allows me to laugh off my worry.

Plus he doesn’t mean it in a bad way either. He simply looks askew at all social media. How’s that for using an adverb properly? I am going to become a logophile. Thanks Melanie!! Your #SoCS post is sticking with me.

Continuing … B is not necessarily adverse to the Internet (he LOVES playing solitaire on a non-interactive app). How’s that for the opposite of oxymoron? But the likes of FB, Twitter, Instagram are in his humble opinion a complete waste of his time. Which leads me to the confession.

Info overload has made me a wreck and this political season may end me. The hate we are witnessing in the social sphere is too much to bear. On all sides. Left, Right, and All Directions. I feel that the veil has been lifted from my eyes. True colors are showing. I don’t like what I see in most cases. Judge much? Why yes, yes I do. We ALL do!

Anyway, that felt good. To get “things” off my chest. Now to walk it off to save myself from myself.

As always, more to come.

General Brambly Stuff 10/22/20

I need to check my motives. Yeah buddy. I’ve been playing the passive aggressive game instead of just walking away. But dang if I was going to be run off by a control freak. This town is only big enough for one head honcho and that’s moi. Ya see? Scram. Get outta here…

I told you this was brambly. Now I’ve got to go. Our virtual conference took away from the work week and I am off tomorrow. Putting in the time now. See ya on the flip side. Ten/4 good buddy.

As always more to come.

Share Your World ~ 10/20/20

Thanks Melanie for hosting the fantastic #SYW. To join in, here are the rules and ping back. And awaaaaayyyy we go 🙂

Question inspired by Rory “How many people in real life or on social media (including WordPress, which has become a rather social media site) do you consider good enough friends to help you ‘hide the dead body?” Oh my – pass. I would get caught for sure. Best to go about my merry business and avoid such people. Plus I have trust issues. Good friends or not, besides “B” I trust no one to help me hide a dead body.

Are You Ready To Order?   What Are You Having (craving) right now? Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes/gravy and green beans!!

How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? It was nice for like two seconds but back to hot now. We did get rain this past week though so there is that. C’mon fall. Momma can dream can’t she? Texas has no fall to speak of sadly.

Lastly, one deep question, because some folks enjoy those.  Prepare yourself.  Or pass. It’s all good! There has always been something OR Before there was something, there was only nothing. Which do you think is more likely? There has always been something. Just because I was not around to see said something does not mean something wasn’t there. Huh? I don’t rightfully know. Maybe nothing came first?

Attitude of Gratitude: Lulu made it through her first day of training. Woo to the hoo 🙂

What is your favorite time of year?  Why? See above response to weather. My favorite time of year is fall y’all. Well fall into winter. Why? Because the air becomes crisp but not too cold. It gets dark earlier. Signals a time to hunker down and nest until spring begins anew. With the damn Rona, this October to February “season” might prove too much. As it is I swear I have seasonal affect disorder. But this is the gratitude column so enough about that.

Until next time folks.

#SLS for 10/18/20

Yes/No are on tap today. Easy right? Well one would think but I had a hard time finding something. Ultimately I landed on “You Say Yes”. Writer(s): Robert John Arthur Halford, Glenn Raymond Tipton, Kenneth Downing members of Judas Priest \m/. Not as metal as some of their songs. More on the bluesy side at least at the beginning. Definitely an 80’s vibe. From their Point of No Entry album @1981.

Say you want to rip it up
Paint the town red
Wanna do the hot spots
Get it in the head
You drive me crazy
I know your game
You done it all before
You’ll do it all again

You say yes, I say no

My blood’s on fire
I grit my teeth
You’re nothin’ but a teaser
Gimme some relief
I’m lookin’ at the bottle
Sinkin’ to the floor
I gotta white knuckles
Can’t take it anymore

You say yes, I say no

What do you treat me so
What I do, I do for you

Sunday Reflections ~ 10/18/20

Last week was a killer. Work kicked my a$$. Three of five nights I was online until 8 pm. At least I got done what needed to be done. Tomorrow begins the work week anew and I am even taking a day off. My Q3 20 deliverable is put to bed. Like the newspaper. Is that a thing? Oh well, thank goodness this is only a once a quarter exercise.

I am NERVOUS by proxy as Lulu’s big day is manana. After all that craziness of not being positively identified, everything fell into place. All that had to do with was her lack of credit. Who knew that borrowing money is what makes one a person?!?!? Butterflies are flying. AHHHHHH. This is so NOT about me. Get a grip Jilly. Grip gotten. LOL.

Short roll call and away I’ll go …

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#SoCS for 10/17/20

Now that’s a wrap! Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 10/17/20

Hey y’all. Time for #SoCS. Our lovely host Linda writes and I rewrite “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word you have to look up.” We all have words we can never spell. Use one of yours in your post and let that word drive your stream of consciousness where ever it goes. Have fun!” If you’d like to join in the alphabet soup, here are the rules and ping back.

I sped read the prompt and was already formulating a post about the Disney movie Up! We’re gearing up for a virtual Zoom conference next week with a movie team builder. I wasn’t going to use Up. Still I’ve got movies on the brain. My favorite movie is … drum roll please …

Every movie!

Such a lie.

Still hard to pick only one because my capacity to appreciate marginal things is deep. Haha. I’m torn between Little Miss Sunshine, the Dream Team, or Fast Times at Ridgemont High. None are earth shattering but they’re fun. Decisions, decisions. BTW who knew Cameron Crowe married singer Nancy Wilson of the band Heart? I didn’t. Until today.

Back to task! You squirrelly girl. Now that’s a word I have to look up. Squirrel. Still looks wrong as I write it. Squirrel. Is my spell check broken? Haha. Rules: y’all. u always follows q OR i before e except after c except in a whole bunch of words. Right Keith? Moon or Richards.

I’m back on the chain gang Chrissie Hynde.

Another word I have to look up is parallel. But I’ve mastered tomorrow. Yay me! Haha.

Before I go, a memory. Mom forced us to look up words in the dictionary whenever we asked her to help us spell a word. Every. Single. Time. Us kids would get irritated with her and my mean brother would say “she won’t tell us cuz she can’t spell herself” She never waived despite our bad attitudes always with the “go look it up and you’ll thank me one day”. Which of course we did. I was a good speller with all that practice. In the moment ungrateful but later full of gratitude.

Wonder what mom would think about today’s built in spell check from my iPad as I write this. Cheating. Cuz I still have trouble with squirrel and parallel and a host of other words that have corrected themselves as I type away.

Alrighty then! We’re off to curbside. A little bit later on today. Changing it up by a day cuz momma aka Jilly needs her sangria. Work kicked my ass. I’m imbibing this evening. Yeah buddy.

As always more to come.

Friday Book Club ~ 10/16/20

We have two reviews today.

First up, I just finished reading Hullaba Lulu: a Dieselpunk Adventure Kindle Edition by Teagan Riordain Geneviene. What a wild ride on a magical dieselpunk train. I was taken away to other worlds and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. In all the fantasy, Lulu still made for a relatable heroine. As I read this book, I felt the action savoring every moment.

I stop short of further explanation because I do not want to spoil the surprise for anyone else. I did that once in my first ever book review and have since gone to the extreme to underexplain. Let’s just say if you enjoy historical fantasy and/or steam punk fiction, then you’ll love this. Definitely two thumbs up!! Recommended read.

Next in two short days I read The Boy Between A Mother and Son’s Journey From a World Gone Gray by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley. From fantasy to real life turned fantastical and completely upside down. It’s very hard to review someone’s personal experience so I won’t. Instead I filled up my commonplace book with quotes that spoke to me. Written in alternating chapters mother then son, I could relate to the ties that bind us.

As always, more to come.