Thanksgiving Tradition – 2016


This right here peeps! Bittersweet. When phicklephilly writes: “Once the main anchors of a family die, usually the children retreat to their own little families.” At least the memories remain. I am totally down for a pizza or hot dog solo Thanksgiving.


My family has always celebrated Thanksgiving, but Christmas was always our big holiday. I’m always welcome at my older sister Janice’s house every year. She has a big house and we refer to her place as Holiday Headquarters. There was one year many years ago when I was invited to go to my other sister Gabrielle’s house all the way down in North Wildwood, New Jersey. Back then I was newly divorced, and I just didn’t feel like making the drive all the way down there. My daughter was little then and with her Mom and that side of the family for Thanksgiving. I was just happy that my ex-wife was out of the house and out of my life for that matter. I was looking forward to a day of listening to music, watching movies and eating and drinking. I like to be alone. I’m a very social animal, and…

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Classic Response to Depression is a Choice


“Oh really? Well “go f-ck yourself” is a directive” – Andy Richter

I ❤️ Andy. Thank you for taking time from school drop off to give your heartfelt message.

To the naysayers, you’re blessed. I’m glad you can’t understand since that means you’ve never experienced the pain. It’s not your fault really but everyone has something and karma well she’s a bitch!

What Made Maddy Run The Secret And Tragic Death Of An All American Teen by Kate Fagan

Book Club

I heard about this book in the same way I often do. My search history throws suggestions into my feed. I was hesitant to read it since I’m supposed to stay away from potentially triggering topics. A book club friend said it was very good and an important message so I broke my new rule.

This quote speaks to why I write:

I reached for an empty journal I keep on my nightstand; I tried to write my way out of the moment, believing that perhaps I could exorcise the thoughts, silence them by dragging them from my head to the paper, where they would wither and die in the open air.

I’ve no additional commentary as this is one to experience yourself and draw your own conclusions.

There are no definitive answers yet many lessons just the same. That’s what I will comment on … what I learned or maybe what I already knew:

  • Outward appearance can be very misleading
  • You never really know anyone
  • Social media can be harmful
  • People are resilient

RIP Maddy. 💔

#SoCS ~ 11/18/17


Hey! Hey you!

That’s my attention grab


HEY! <insert name>

HEY JOE!  – Jimi Hendrix

I’d never say psst to get someone’s attention

Psst is for secrets

psst is for keeping things on the dl

Scene: Canal Street, NYC

Psst, check this out!


Have I got a deal for you

Handbags … LV … deep discount


Watches – Rolex

and with that my stream is gone …

except for some reason, I picture Drommen

Psst!  May I?

Lol!!! except not lol … Drommen is a pervert!

For anyone who has not read  Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right series, you’ve no idea what you’re missing.  I have this mental image … kook in Columbo style trench coat.  Naked underneath … riding the bus all day.  Psst, may I?

But there is so MUCH more.

Today’s #SoCS was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicuddy.  Looking to get her mo jo back.  She knows it’s in there somewhere.

Here are the Rules and Ping Back so you can play along.

Ready for anything


Yep 👍 I just needed the tech. I have fragile fractures which mean this shouldn’t have happened. Once it’s all said and done I’ll be part of a bone density study to see how weak my bones really are. Fun will ensue 😂

I picked red to be ever ready for Fridays wear red to support the troops day. My fingers are out and it’s recommended I move them. Just in time for #SoCS. Hope to get my flow back. I go back in 3 weeks for re-check. I’ll either be cut loose for good or go a second round of 3 weeks. Shouldn’t take more than that.

Woo hoo!!!

Broken Wing and Random Thoughts

J-Dub's Confessions

I need to write it out … you know like shake it off

… but I’m having a hard time doing sH!t one handed.

B tells me I’ll get used to it … he did and he broke his right wrist and had a broken face to boot.  But he’s stronger than me.  I’m a marshmallow. A salty, shriveled up cream puff of a marshmallow 😦

Random thoughts to excise my demons:

  • determined to find silver linings and stay healthy
  • leads me to workout daily even though the team challenge is done and I broke my fucking arm
  • no excuse as I can pedal the recumbent and go many more miles than treadmill or outdoor walking
  • but I still feel sucky
  • nobody likes me … everybody hates me
  • not true … some people dislike me and dare I say hate me though hate is a very strong word
  • I love too much too quickly and have feels for complete strangers
  • everyone is my brother but that intensity is not for faint of heart so I’m going to dial it way-way back
  • and disappear … that’s not me so we’ll see how long this lasts
  • who needs people anyway … I’ve got B and that’s something … hell that’s everything but if I was him I’d make like a tree and leave
  • My PCP didn’t call back until 5 pm Monday by which time I had made an appointment elsewhere for my arm
  • The other office called me today to change doctors.  No reason though they’ll still see me tomorrow.  Should I care? I won’t libel the new doc but the ratings are vastly different.  Same group … I guess I’ll be ok.  I’m sure I don’t need a doc any way.  I’m small potato, non-surgical and the tech will do my cast.  THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS J-Dub.  THINGS WILL TURN OUT.
  • I didn’t mean to scream but one-handed typing is for the birds.  Too hard to correct.
  • I’m gonna be so screwed if it gets cold.  Long sleeves and cast don’t mix.
  • It hurts … a lot.  Why do I pretend otherwise? Well, so the pain will magically go away.  I’m wishing myself well.  I should’ve asked for pain meds.  Instead I power through.
  • Scene from the Middle
    • Brick: you keep the job Sue.  I’ve been licking potatoes, only a matter of time before they find out and fire me.
    • Sue: why Brick? why would you do that?
    • Brick: at first it was the salt but then I convinced myself that licking the potatoes would keep our parents alive
  • Is Brick crazy?  like a fox.  LOL!  He is me! Very superstitious.  Sing it Stevie!! of course my music is in the background.  A good rant requires musical accompaniment.  ALWAYS!
  • Bright spot … walking to the library … taking gingerbread man pics. It made me happy and strangers were nice … asking me questions.  Plus the librarian let me check out a book without my card.  Why? cuz she knows me! SAPL is my Cheers!

And with that, this house is clean.  and by house, I mean my brain which feels normal again albeit temporarily.