#JusJoJan ~ 1/20/22

Thanks Linda for hosting and thanks Di for the prompt.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 20th, 2022, is “looking.” Use the word “looking” any way you’d like. Have fun!

My very first thought was Alice through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll. Which segwayed into our favorite part of Central Park which is the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. I should be looking into the possibility of going back. Two co-workers went to NYC last week and did a Broadway run seeing at least two shows. I’m super jealous but also I’m scared to travel. I should be looking into a way to get over this covid anxiety. Double vaxxed and boosted should give me some freedom to move around. But nope, I’m in a very small bubble and the things I do are very limited and always with so many precautions. This is no way to live … at least not life to the fullest. Looking forward to better days ahead.

As always, more to come.

Thursday Thoughts ~ 1/20/22

No thoughts today … I can only think one day a week and I gave a midweek update yesterday. LOL

Just kidding, my thoughts are 24/7 (even in dreams as I’m sleeping). They are off the charts, flying around in my brain. Too much!! I can’t even attempt to gather them together into some semblance of a coherent post.

ta-ta for now

As always, more to come.

MidWeek Update ~ 1/19/22

Having off Monday was in hindsight a godsend. We started the ball rolling on assisted living care (ALC) for MoMo. Not cheap by any means but surprisingly less expensive that a nursing home. I’m learning quite a bit trial by fire and there is a difference. People would be surprised to know (at least I was) that ALC is a precursor to a nursing home. I always thought they were all one in the same.

And things have been a bit sales pitchy with call after call coming in after I placed my inquiry in “A Place for Mom” search tool. A free service that gets paid by the facility who wins your business. Yep, seems a bit like a racket but people have to make their money some way.

I told my FB friends I was going to write a book of ‘how to‘ so no one else has to go through this but then A Place for Mom came through. They already have the ‘how to‘ manual. Connie is the best even checking in yesterday evening to see how we were doing. No sales convo, just an Are you doing ok? and remember to breathe. Nice touch. Turns out she is a former social worker and while precluded by law to recommend, etc, she did send me all the details we could consume for how to maneuver this otherwise shitshow. Yep I said it. We are in a cluster right now. Aaaaahhhhhh. Stress kills I tell ya what. Life is not for the faint of heart.

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/18/22

Thanks Linda for hosting and thanks JoAnna for the prompt.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 18th, 2022, is “cycle.” Use the word “cycle” any way you’d like. Have fun!

When I read the prompt rather quickly I saw circle and flashed immediately to the Lion King. Not sure if I thought I was Simba or the lil ambassador monkey holding Simba up? Guess I was the monkey because as I did my stretches this morning, I pretended I was showing off a lion cub.

Hey whatever floats your boat. I needed both the stretching and the smile. Of course cycles go in circles, which means I’m not too far off the beaten path. Right now the fam is in a downward slump part of the cycle … life cycle that is with MoMo needing assisted living care. Things are coming together ever so slowly but we’re closer to relief today than yesterday or the day before that and so on and so forth.

The nurse assessment team will accept her and she’ll get her needed care. They told me afterwards that she is a risk of fall right now and if it was their mother, they would toss the offending pain pills. They were prescribed at the ER and then the spine doctor just renewed them. Her PCP is out of the loop until today when we filled him in. As I may have mentioned, she routinely reacts to medications. This particular reaction is strikingly like dementia.

PoPo wanted her in there today but we can’t do anything without more paperwork. And payment of course. Pray she stays well between now and Monday, her anticipated move in date.

The cycle of life ….

As always, more to come.

Share Your World 🌎 ~ 1/18/22

Thanks Melanie for the set ups aka questions. Time to knock ✊ em down. Help me Jesus, life is topsy turvey right now.

Questions Fill in: ‘If I were really completely honest, I would say that …’ This is a question for ‘radical honesty’. What are the things you wouldn’t normally say? Things you would otherwise actually hide? What’s on your mind? What would you really like to be able to say? I wish I could release the hounds and tell you but if I’m completely honest, I avoid conflict at all costs. Good little girls don’t complain or make their opinions known. The few times I’ve tried to speak my piece haven’t turned out well. And quite frankly most people aren’t interested in my two cents.

Have you ever broken anything? What about rules? I’ve broken hearts 💔 yep a real Casanova. JK. I married my childhood sweetheart. My only boyfriend despite a multitude of crushes. As for rules, they’re made to be broken. 😂

Are you also afraid of spiders? What is your biggest fear, other than spiders? (if you’re not afraid of spiders, use your biggest phobia instead). Spiders are good. Well most 🕷 are good. They keep things in balance. Gardener in da house. My biggest phobia is of needles. Not shots though. Intravenous blood draw 🩸. I got past my fear to donate but it is always with risk of fainting before I’m done.

Do you think time goes faster as you get older? Time is a construct of man. It’s neither fast or slow. It’s hard to explain my point. I guess all I’m saying is I’ve referred to time as whipping by way too fast for most of my life. I feel time moving quickly because of how I mark time.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional) Please share something that really inspired you from this last week or month. I’m grateful for my family support. We’re stronger together and we’ve had a few rough patches this week taking care of MoMo. We couldn’t do it alone. Thank goodness 😅 we have each other ❤️‍🩹

#JusJoJan ~ 1/17/22

Thanks Linda for hosting and thanks indieshe for the prompt suggestion.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 17th, 2022, is “joy.” Use the word “joy” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Jubilant spirit

Outpouring of love

Yielding to fate

I mentioned the other day that a coping mechanism of mine is “pretend joy”. Forced joy might be a better explanation. Nothing bad can happen to you if you’re joyful. Come to find out the bad stuff still gets in but by being full of joy, somehow you notice the pain less. You get a semblance of control back. With everything going on with MoMo, we’ve had to grin and bear it a lil more than usual. This too shall pass!!

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/16/22

The day got away from me. Time to jot … Thanks Lauren for the prompt and thanks Linda for hosting.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 16th, 2022, is “ridiculous.” Use the word “ridiculous” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Depending on my tone, ridiculous can either be a good or a bad thing. Webster’s defines ridiculous as an adjective deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. Well what’s not absurd these days? When I look at synonyms for ridiculous, I see hilarious, funny, amusing. All are good. But half-baked, moronic, and insane are also listed as synonyms to ridiculous. Hmmm. Maybe the term synonym should be redefined. These groups of three seem more like opposites.

Anywho, I best quit while I’m ahead. Before this post becomes even more ridiculous. When I wrote ahead, I thought a-head when led me to remember Abby-Normal. How’s this clip for ridiculous? Aka zany fun.

Scene from Young Frankenstein

As always, more to come.

Aging Parent & the Covid Chronicles ~ 1/16/22

What a whirlwind week. My mother in law isn’t doing well at all. Two hospital visits in short succession. She is back home as of this writing but for how long? Did you know when you call EMS, you get taken to the hospital even if you don’t need it? Yep, EMS cannot make that determine only a doctor can so if you call, you get carted in. Otherwise there could be a malpractice claim or some such. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. The second hospital run on Friday was for a nose bleed. Yep. There was no need to take her in at all but in she went anyway because in a panic PoPo called them.

Then yesterday, B and Pony were going to go to our place in the hill country for some r&r but they were called back for another emergency. PoPo was frantic, rightfully so but he called B instead of the ambulance. Took three of them to get her into a more upright position. She was having trouble breathing but it turned out to be a panic attack. She took our last at home covid test and when she saw she was negative, she calmed down. She was sure she got “IT” at the hospital on Friday. And she could have still. We’ll have to wait and see. Can’t wait for Wednesday when we can order our tests for at home – four per household.

The nice part (if there’s anything nice about the Rona daze) is we minimize our exposure. Lulu is a permanent remote worker. Pony’s company is taking a wait and see approach and he’s at home until end of the month at least. Me? I get to choose and until this uptick in cases dies down, I’m staying put. B is the only one going out to work right now. All four of us are double vaccinated and boosted and all four of us wear KN95 masks if indoors in a peopley place. B even wears his mask on the job which is outdoors but still peopley. We’ve come to the conclusion of not if but when and it’ll come in through B. Or who knows maybe all the precautions will work to keep things at bay?

Back to MoMo. She needs to be in a nursing home. When the subject was broached, she came unglued. We stopped the convo immediately lest she stroke out right there in front of us. Thing is she NEEDS 24/7 care. B can’t keep running over there in the middle of the night because she incoherent and PoPo can’t get help her. PoPo is not back to 100% yet from his broken leg either. He’s frustrated that he cannot do everything for her but sad fact is he can’t. And even if he was in better shape himself, nursing is a profession requiring lots of training. PoPo is not a nurse. This is groundhog day. PoPo’s mom sweet Tutu was put in a nursing home because they realized she needed more care than they could give her in their home. MoMo was fine with that. Now that she needs the same type of care, she’s being ornery.

Of course there are people out there thinking how bad we are for not keeping her at home. Calling us selfish even. Maybe we are being selfish? Or maybe we’re feeling guilty? MoMo has never been an easy person to deal with. Let’s just say it’s complicated.

Here’s a plug for long term care insurance. Just do it! B and I have it since we were in our 20s. People think the coverage is for older folk only but anyone can need long term care. Think car wrecks and such. Now all we need is to get our pre-arranged funeral plans in order.

I’ve already told the kids if I get this way … like MoMo … to just drop me off in the hill country somewhere on our property. I’ll wonder around until nature takes its course. They can even assist me if they’d like by pushing me off the highest point on the place down into the ravine. Just make sure my death is instant. Doh! Humor even dark humor is what is called for right now. This too shall pass. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

As always, more to come.