So, … the Medical Meat Market is not New

This post is 3 years old.  Moved over from FB.

Before I could hit post on the all clear, biopsy site shows no residual melanocytic lesion 👌 a sweet lady approached me as I sat in the lobby of the Nix Hospital. It was all over by 11:25 before my actual appointment. Some times it pays to be early.

“I don’t mean to startle you but you look like someone I know … is that you Jill?”

I almost dropped the phone when I looked up and saw DH.

“Of course I know you D, I’d recognize you anywhere”

You see we are 29 and holding :).  In her eyes, it was easy to see the girls we once were.

Hugs are healing and so is my good fortune to catch up with a dear friend. Small world that her son is a junior at TAMCC. Lulu will be there next year. So much has happened but we tried to get through it all. Makes me realize I should probably go off the grid more often. Face to face beats FB any day.

Feeling thankful and blessed.

We’re going to Downtown Tuesday … the new Friday.  Me and my baby girl.


And now folks, LuLu is the junior.  Time is doing that funny thing again.

As always, more to come.


So, … Ya Got Any Royal Purple

Background:  B’s truck, a 2008 Chevy with over 200,000 miles is about to go belly up. He tried to fix it himself.  First a new battery, then a new alternator.  But then, the trouble outgrew his own tenacity.  I wrote a snippet which touched on the saga of Bertha but now I will elaborate.  Aka Ramble.  Aka get the swirling words out of my head.

That day not too long ago, I picked B up from the repair shop.  He borrowed my car to get to the carpool lane while his truck was in queue for diagnosis.  Turns out he needed a new crankshaft.  Temple Hill did the deed.  However, on the day he got his vehicle back, driving off the lot, it died again.

Doh! and Sacrebleu!!  This meant more borrowing my car … which was A-Okay … seeing as I can work from home.  #LuckyassthatIam #TakeNothingForGranted

Two or three days later, he got the truck back for good.  Apparently a wire connecting the crankshaft to whatever a crankshaft attaches to was loose and or corrupted.  Temple Hill fixed the wire which fixed the issue.  Sort of …

Because the truck coded again.  Ya see the computer on the vehicle sends off error codes.  No need for mechanical aptitude mi amigos.  Instead, we need people who can read computer codes and follow instructions.  Ain’t this amazing.  And no that is NOT sarcasm.  Though I’m a bit sad the what my daddy did for a living is a lost art.  Ah the good ole days of shady tree mechanics.  Brains were the computers.  But I digress.  Onward through the fog.

Okay, now to explain the title of this tale.  B is looking for a vehicle but until he finds the perfect specimen, he is keeping Bertha going come hell or high water.  He did not take her back for round three.  Twice was enuf doncha think?  Part of keeping her going is adding oil after each code. And only the best for Bertha – Royal Purple 5 W 30. He asked Lulu and me to pick up a couple of quarts, when we were last at Wally World.  The conversation went like this …

Me: Oh good, they have it.

Lulu: Not 5 W 30, that’s 20.

Me: Well, I am gonna ask if they have any in the shop where they do the oil changes.

We walk around the corner to a nice young gentleman wearing more earrings than I presently own.  (Not judging, just observation).

Me: Do you have any Royal Purple 5 W 30 in the back, only 20 is out on the shelf.

Clerk: Well that’s the best oil.  It’s expensive too.  Not a big seller at this store so we only have it once in a while.

Lulu: Great! more perpetuating the stereotype that we live in da hood.

Why I never!  Or I outta!  Peeps around here … well some are millionaires but then again I guess millionaires aren’t at Wally World asking for a quart or two of Royal Purple. They’re on their yachts drinking champagne and eating caviar.

As always, more to come.




The Way To Grow Your Power Is To Give It Away

A sponsor.  That’s what Carla Harris calls someone who can help you get ahead at work.  Even more than a mentor or an advocate.  You need a sponsor.

Click on the link to listen to the Carla_Harris TedWomen 2018 Talk

Go on.  I’ll wait.

So, … what’d you think?  Carla is amazing. Yes!  Well I agree.

In February, I celebrate 35 years of gainful employment with the same company.  A boatload of different jobs within said company but the only place besides daycare and ice cream parlor that I ever worked.  I had a sponsor before I even knew I needed one.  And guess what?!??  I hit the lottery because I have been fortunate to have more than one.

I would not be anywhere near where I am today without the support of my sponsors.  One has “retired” but I will never forget that she was my multiplier manager.  She’d tell me to go forth and conquer and she’d always have my back. I was in charge of training under her watch.  A special position that she created just for me.

The other is still working.  I see him every once in a blue moon.  I missed the good ole days on his team.  I am a card carrying member of his former employees club.  He is an individual contributor which I think is a shame because he was by far one of the best people managers who I have had the fortunate  privilege to work. He cut me slack when I was scared and needed it but when push came to shove, he said “you are not turning down this opportunity”.  Boom, I became a manager!  And while my stint in management lasted only six years, I am better for the experience.

Back to Carla’s talk, I like the idea of building currency.  Performance currency and relationship currency.  I cornered the market on performance currency.  I do not know how else to be.  Just like the Energizer Bunny.  To the point of stressing myself out.  Deliver what you promise.

And while I do not have the power or seat that the round table that Carla mentions, I am struck by her saying “The way to grow your power, is to give it away”  Even in small gestures, for all of us, just think how great that would be.




So, … Lucky to be Alive

I am the queen comma drama but this time I have witnesses.

If I were superstitious, I would say my near miss was my comeuppance for buying Baileys’ for Lulu’s 21st birthday.  Yes she will be of legal drinking age but there is just something untoward about providing liquor for you child so saith the people.

Doh! No they don’t.  That’s me making stuff up. Though some people might say something similar but I digress.  Back to lucky to be alive.  I will begin at the beginning to set the stage cuz I can’t be brief.

This morning B called me to let me know his truck died.  He had replaced the battery and alternator all in an attempt to save his beloved Bertha with over 200k miles on her tired weary frame.  He is part of a carpool so his cousin drove them in today.  The plan was to drop the truck off at Temple Hill Automotive after working a full day.

As I left work, I called him to ask about picking him up.  He said they were still in route but he’d call me when he was ready.  I had time to spare so I went to get flowers for Lulu.  I didn’t like what I saw and as I was leaving B called.  I went to go get him and that was when chaos ensued.

Traffic effing sucks everywhere but I get to him and we are off.  The wind was blowing so hard that a bramble gets blown into the car making an awful sound.  I turn into a tiny parking lot and B removes the “twig”.  Now I am facing opposite way of where I need to go.  Can you say 3 point turn from hell.  Was more like 5 point turn. Inch forward, back, forward, back as traffic continues to zip by.

Back on the road B is calling his dad to borrow the “Honda”.  Then I am complaining about my hernia.  He says let’s stop at Walmart for some Prilosec.  I am game cuz it effing hurts.  As we turn into the shopping center where Wally World resides, I say “let’s get the tamales for our holiday supper”.  We do, from Alphonso’s, in and out.  Next, I wanted to stop at the liquor store for the above mentioned Baileys’ but instead we headed for Wally World to avoid me peeing my pants. TMI?  When is it not TMI??

That’s when “lucky” happened.  We exit the car, the wind was still blowing us sideways.  I said to B, “see you in the antacid aisle” as I ran to the door.  I am in the cross walk, with the right of way, when B yells JILL!!!  I stop to look back and hear SCREEEEEECH!  Damn bitch almost effing hit me.  Through the windshield, I was all Robert De Niro to Ben Stiller.  I am looking at you lady!!!  I get inside, B joins me, the greeter says she is glad she doesn’t have to call EMS … again … happens way too many times.  Whew! for me.

Not to be dissuaded, we got the Prilosec and headed back to the liquor store.  This was the prize.

So, … The Shoe Didn’t Drop

The shoe didn’t drop … 

But it was close for a while.  I ranted in the post above but I did not get my fill.  To continue, my oldest ended up sick and missed out on a Thanksgiving weekend trip to our place.  A father son trip that had been planned ever since we closed on the property back in February.

Speaking of closing, yesterday in the mail (well maybe many yesterdays ago as I am writing this now to be able to continue my STREAK!!!) …

Any who in the mail we received from our farm and ranch bank an old school paper calendar that says “2019 – In God We Trust”.  Doh! So much for separation of church and state.  But I digress.  This post is not about that.  I just found getting a paper calendar somewhat amusing and quite frankly I expect a brand new toaster oven to be waiting for me next time I enter the lobby.

Back to the shoe that didn’t drop.  You guys may or may not know that B’s family hit the genetic lottery when it comes to cancer so we always worry.  We as in “me and the mouse in my pocket”.  B is smooth sailing. I was scared for my boy.  Truth be told I had nothing to be scared about.  Instead, I make stuff up. And what he went through even though brief sent me into a tail spin.  Ugh!

Now he is better and it is my turn.  Ugh! My inconclusive tests.  But there are diagnosis in the scan results.  A small hiatal hernia (hh) should not cause me pain.  Why the hell not? It fucking hurts y’all.  And I find myself going to Mr. Google to find a cure.  I guess I will put myself on the hh diet.  Oatmeal for life with a side of banana and plain dry toast :(.  Quit the coffee.  I know, I know enough to make one crazy!?!?

So, … More Funny Math

So, … here is some funny math for you. I will not change my oil until I hit the mileage OR the thingy alerts me whichever comes last.  Yep, last because the longer I go between oil changes, the more I save.  All this despite the girl who in my sophomore speech class did a demonstrative speech on what happens to your car when you don’t change the oil often enough.  She even brought in a jar with crude in it.  Yuck!!! And in the long run you do more harm than good by not being attentive to your baby.  Yep cars have names and can be babies.  So say the peoples.

I use synthetic oil which is more expensive because the mister makes me and that’s another reason to delay.  I already feel guilty going to a “place” to have someone else change my oil.  You see my daddy was a mechanic who did his own maintenance.  He taught me to change a tire and the oil before I could take Drivers Ed.  But then when I had my first flat, he came to rescue me.

Seems like just yesterday I was barreling down IH 35 South near Fort Sam when I heard Thud! Bump, Bump, Bump!  I pulled over and put on my hazard lights.  Almost immediately a van with signage for Gary’s pool stops.  The driver asked if I needed help.  I told him “no … get away from me … you WEIRDO” … because you know kidnapping and such.  There was not really any name calling.  I was just scared and didn’t want to end up on the evening news.

So, … I walked to some apartments where a lady was sitting outside as kids play.  She let me borrow her phone.  Thank goodness for long cords because she said “Girl you stay there; you’re NOT going in my house!”  I called my dad and then I called B.  I went back to wait by the car (which I now know is a no-no) because if another car hits my car, I am a pancake or a girl who could become a pancake.

The Calvary came for me.  My dad brought my Uncle M along for the ride because he and my Aunt J were visiting and well why not go see what little Jilly got herself into?  About a minute later, B shows up.  I had three grown men changing my tire.  Can you say princess?  Cuz I am.

About a week later, on his way to UTSA, my brother-in-law was in a similar boat.  Well … he was in a car, not a boat.  His car had a flat tire.  My father-in-law told him “tough luck, you’ve got a spare.  Change the damn tire”  My mother-in-law was so pissed.  “you left my baby on the side of the road??!?”  Thing is he was not a prince.  There’s only room for so much royalty in one family.  🙂

I have no idea why I remember these things.  It was 1984 for heavens sake!!  I have no idea why I am compelled to share either.

As always, more to come.

So, … Technical Difficulties Suck

So, … this time user error is not the cause of my technical difficulties.  Well maybe a little.  The settings on the laptop do not allow me to like and comment on WP.  Even folks I already follow.  I know this has something to do with being an “accepted” device but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to change the settings to recognize this “new” machine!!

So, … I am not allowed to use my virtual machine for WP either.  That is business only!  Nothing to see here folks, let’s move along !!

So, … I jump to my phone but then I run the risk of texting faux pas.  Believe me there have been a few oopsies.  Double commenting is not the least of them.  Rather than run the risk of insulting someone completely by accident of course, I wait until I get home and go old school desktop.  I am missing so much goodness this way!!!  The pace of posts is hard to keep up when I try and collect them for the end of the day.  Try as I might, I fall behind.

So, … If you see a comment from me that is slightly askew or way late to the party, that’s why.

So, … that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As always, more to come.

So, … More Medical MSU

I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

Sacribleu y’all!!!

My saga continues.

More than likely emotional pain is manifesting as physical so says Dr. J-Dub McGillicutty. I ought to know since I am the queen comma drama.  I recently wrote about my plight in Better Than.

I told you guys I was getting a CT scan but not about insurance denying to pay.  Some such BS about the insurance company needs to see my records to determine if the scan is necessary medical treatment.  CTs are diagnostic you fools NOT treatment.  The CT will ID the condition that then requires medical treatment.  So I fought city hall and won!  Insurance paid.

My last scan was in June 2015 so I am doing very well keeping my my cray, cray to a minimum.  I only check in when it really HURTS more than I can stand!  Of course logically I know if I was really ill, I’d be dead by now.  I have been trying to find the cause to what ails me since 2010!!

I have been sitting on an email notification that labs/diagnostics have been loaded into my health patient portal.  I have been afraid to check thinking I’d surely get a call.  But no call came because we AGREED she would only call if the results were bad news.  Otherwise, I was to check the portal, following the directions, and come back for my annual exam next year.

So, … I put on my big girl panties and checked my portal.  Now we have established I am not doctor but c’mon would ya?!??!?  I’ve got a laundry list of minor ailments that are not SUPPOSED to cause me pain.  But maybe I am a princess and the little stuff adds up to painful just like the pea under the mattress.

I have a small hiatal hernia and a mild atherosclerotic abdominal aorta.  What the freak are those?  I continue on … Several left renal sinus cysts are again seen. There is a small unchanged cyst in the lateral interpolar region of the left kidney.  AGAIN!!!  Okay so SEVERAL renal sinus cysts are no big deal.  And the cyst in my interpolar region is well … unchanged.  So, … None of this has done me in just yet!  And don’t cha know I Goggled all these terms and I am convinced the end is nigh!  But I jest! Or do I?

Some of this stuff can cause other stuff.  She wrote in my online portal to follow the dietary changes and if pain persists to see my Gastroenterologist.  I just saw her in February fool.  Got the all clear there too! And I didn’t get any dietary change suggestions. So I Googled again. Guess I can eat plain boiled rice and drink water.  No figgy pudding Randal Pink Floyd. Cut the coffee out too because only psychopaths drink coffee without cream.  It has to be true because I read that sH!t on FB.

Any Who, this concludes my obnoxious overshare.  Getting the random anxious thoughts out made me feel oh so much better.  Until next time that is 😉

As always, more to come.

So They Say

There’s an article going around Facebook that says people who decorate for the holidays early are generally happier.

Well this is the extent of my decoration. And it’s only October. I’m over the moon 🌝 I guess “they” were right 😉

As always more to come.

So, … The Streak Continues With Caption This!

I may just keep this up.  My weekly writing routine is as follows:

Sunday – Song Lyric Sunday hosted by Helen.

Monday – Haiku Challenge hosted by Ronovan.


Wednesday – #1linerWeds hosted by Linda.



Saturday – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS hosted by Linda.

To continue into infinity, I just need to come up with Tuesday, Thursday and Friday posts.  If I get serious maybe I can come up with re-occurring themes.  Like Caption This!  Every Thursday.  Yea!! that should good, Caption This! 

Hmmm wonder if others might play along.

As always, more to come.