I Have Decided

Pills for coughing must be placebos. Not working at all. I want liquid cough medicine like that strong codeine laced stuff of my youth. Did they really do that? Who knows? Maybe I’m misremembering.

I also want liquid penicillin that tastes awful but coats my throat. I don’t wanna sleep because I’m sure pain will come back with a vengeance. Woe is me. Signed forever the Big Baby 🍼

As always more to come.

The verdict is in

Strep throat! Yay. Not really yay. But sometimes having a diagnosis is enough to make me feel better. Highly treatable is encouraging and considering my delay to seek care, I’m on the downhill side of things. And downhill is better than uphill in this case. Popsicles and jello are on the menu. I’m still a big baby who wants her mommy.

As always more to come.

Jack Takes A Break

Or really Jill does. No commute today means no #SAS Twofer Tuesday. B is taking the best care of me. We’ve even set the thermostat to 70. Now that’s a big deal from the suck it up buttercup put on some sweat pants and quit your bellyaching. Here’s hoping I don’t get him sick.

Big Baby

I’m the world’s worst patient. Fortunately I don’t get physically sick often. It’s been so long I had to ask how we call out for unplanned time off. Everything hurts and I want my mommy. I hate to imagine how bad this would be if I hadn’t gotten the flu shot. Because this is pretty bad. Even my teeth hurt.

And that is all. Good day fine folks of bloglandia. As always more to come.

Friday Musings ~ Sad Yet Hopeful

Yesterday I learned of the passing of someone recently displaced from his job after 20 plus years.  The manner in which this happened does not bear repeating.  Sorry, not sorry for being vague.

People want to blame his death on the drastic change in employment status.  Me?  I have to wonder.  People lose jobs all the time.  Instead I look for no assignment of “blame”.  Theirs (or ours) is not to reason why ….

Oh but human nature dictates that we want to know WHY!  Does the reason matter?  Perhaps in the way of prevention?  Ultimately the truth is we never really know what someone is going through.

This morning I blasted a happy email to my work family by Bcc.   I did not want to be the cause of another “reply all” situation.  My share or over share was my way of processing a loss.  I like to think a Friday morning cheer helped.  I was on the fence, overanalyzing as usual whether to send or not to send.  I am glad I pushed that button.  Doing something nice for someone else should be automatic.

Kid President says  “Just tell people they’re awesome and mean it”.  Well YOU … everyone of you who are reading this post and all of your tribe too; you are awesome!! I mean it ❤

As always, more to come.

Popcorn Thoughts

Another way to express rambling. Best understood by old schoolers who actually popped corn in a skillet with hot oil. Those kernels were dancing the cha-cha.

I’m grateful and needing to share. Not sure how much sense this post will make because of the popcorn 🍿 thoughts 💭

Which really means I can’t keep a thought in my head. And I don’t want to expose my subjects which means I’ll speak with innuendo. I’m confusing yet maybe eventually there will be a point.

Went to a viewing for a coworker’s mom last week and this week we went to a rosary 📿 for B’s best friend’s mom. Both of these beautiful ladies were in their 80s. In both cases, the family was glad the suffering ended. As much as I miss my mommy, I understand the relief of a loved one’s physical pain coming to an end.

I’m enamored by familial relationships and friends who are like family. Exquisite to watch. Even better to be part of the human connection. My heart is full. And on a personal note, we reconnected with cousin K over the weekend. Like we’d never been apart.

I’m weepy but happy and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m positive I’m dying. And technically we are all dying, we just don’t know when. Why do I feel my time is fast approaching when all is well? I need another crisis in order to pull things together.

At least I realize I am being ridiculous. Brought on by So, … Concierge My A$$. I’m pretty sure though one of these days I’ll be proven right. But I won’t be around to see it which means I don’t care. Oh who am I kidding? Uh that’d be no one.

As always more to come.

In an instant

Well today I was working the expo. I had mixed feelings because while I enjoy that kind of stuff, I’m an introvert. And this year I led the whole thing … for our booth anyways.

As luck would have it, I see a lady standing in our line, coming one step closer to take her turn at the can smash.. In an instant.

Me: Janelle?

Janelle: Yes. Who are you?

Me: I’m gonna cry. I’m Jill. I remember your sweet mamma.

Janelle: Yes! Of course I know you.

And we hugged. And it was like yesterday. Sitting in her living room watching our parents sing.

She tells her friend how our parents were in a Czech choral group but also my dad and her mom were somehow related. A common thread was their grandma with 21 children. Lol.

The human connection. Now my eyes are leaking. I miss my parents. If you’re lucky enough to have them and the relationship is good, maybe you could give them a call?

As always more to come.

File This Under Easily Amused

So I’m laughing to keep from crying. Considering I’ve just been kicked to the curb by my doctor. Concierge my a$$.


We got a group email at work … some sort of random test related to our servers. The email was accidentally sent to the whole company; not just the affected people. And you would be absolutely surprised (or maybe not so surprised) at the number of people replying all and saying do not reply all. Or replying all to take me off this distro. Or replying all to say I don’t use that server. As if they even know. How stupid does one have to be to reply all and say not to as if hours later they’re the first with that idea. Re-donk-a-donk. 

At least one guy was funny. He said “please do not rely all except for me. I spam you! 🤣”. And he sure enough did. Wonder who the sender is and whether he is in trouble (because it was a dude per the signature block).


As always more to come.

Will File This Under Did I Get Played?

Our wireless bill is re-don-ka-donk.  Made up word for ridiculous!  I chatted with Harry B and asked him if we could lower the bill.  He looked and said there is a new starter plan for $40 less a month than my present premium AND I will not lose any features.

What are the odds that the new plan is available today when I randomly check and have time to chat?

Hmmmm.  I took him up on his offer.  We shall see what the next statement looks like. Wish me luck.

As always, more to come.

Oh RatZ!

Okay all you English majors, don’t be harshing on my misspellings.  What happened deserves a RatZ.   With a capital Z!

File this story under the category of you can’t make this stuff up.

Here is where I mentioned cows and putting my car in the shop.   I got my car back and you will never believe the cause of the problem.  Guess?  C’mon.  Would you like to play this game?  Going once … going twice … Don’t wanna.  Well okie dokie.  I’ll tell ya.

James:  Jill this is James give me a holler.

Me (returning voicemail): Hey James, what’s the verdict?

James: Remind me, you still live in the country?

Me: Yes, same place.  Why?

James: You’ve got RatZ.

Sure enough said, RatZ chewed through wires affecting my stabili-trac, ABS and A/C.  According to James, the insulation around the wires is like candy to them mice.  He said it happened at his deer lease about two years ago.  They got two barn cats and no ratZ have been seen since.

So odd, we have community cats and have never had a rat problem in the 19 plus years we have lived here.  We do not keep anything out that might attract them either.  The dogs are outside most of the time too though in their luxury suite.  Spot has been known to eat a bird in mid flight.  I’m sure he’d attach a rat.

When I took my loaner vehicle back to my father in law, he told me he believes it was parking at the Riverwalk with all that construction.  I was there four years without incident but the construction is new which might cause the ratZ movement.  Then there is being back at the mother ship and my recent memory shared of the varmints who live there.  B reminded me though that was more likely for raccoons but ratZ?  I have heard we have them all over the building.

Now I am on high alert.  I am ready for a rat to jump out at me while I am driving.  Like an wanna-be airbag.  Lawd yes, I am neurotic.  I am also looking around my parking space for remnants.  B says it didn’t happen here.  Two nights with traps and poison have gone undisturbed.  Hmm, inquiring minds want to know how this happened.  I will just have to settle for random acts of strange.

As always, more to come.