#WDIIA 3/26/20

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Last night we got a call at almost 3am. My mother in law fell out of bed or stumbled going to the bathroom. We’ll never know which. My father in law tried but couldn’t lift her. She’s not big but they’re both a bit feeble. That sounds terrible. I’m sorry. Not sure how else to explain.

B rushed over there and got her back into bed. Today she says she’s sore. Nothing broken but her pride thank goodness. I couldn’t get back to sleep and kept asking B to wash his hands. He said she doesn’t have COVID and for me to simmer down.

I’ve lost it. Paranoid one of the four of us will get sick. Acting like I have it and I’m trying not to spread it. I’m refusing to go to the store. Under the stay order only one person (head of household) should go. That’s not me. B went solo today while I worked remotely. No hoarding here. Meal planned for one week. Same as usual.

I hope everyone is adapting. Like with anything there is good and bad. We’re sure learning about each other. Heard many say true colors are showing. On that front, I’ve seen much more good.

As always more to come.

#SAS Hiatus ~ 3/24/20 Off Cycle Reflections Instead

I was going to do this cutesy thing and post two songs each Tuesday that I listened to before logging in to work.  You know after my short 30 step commute to this snazzy new home office aka the breakfast bar between our kitchen and living room.  But, … I’m not feeling it.  I think I have finally come undone.

I have always minimized my true feeling due to guilt of having only champagne problems.  I have learned over time that there is no hierarchy of what invalidates pain.  While some have it worse than me and some better, what I feel is valid … for me.  I am not good at the self care stuff.  In fact, I go to extremes that are unhealthy.  A trait that I have passed on to my child.  Things are bad around here.  I cannot tell a lie.  Yet while looking for silver linings, I suppose we are building character.

I’ve taken an “it is what it is” stance.  Not like the Spring Breakers in Florida who went out there saying “We’re fine screw the rest of you”.  Have you heard?  A group is now sick.  Instead I am following all the rules to the letter.

My “it is what it is”  realization tells me that despite the precautions, we have no control.  None of us.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.  And the ‘it’ can be a wide variety of things, not just Covid-19.  Nothing new to see around here folks; let’s just keep swimming.

Yes that’s a Finding Nemo reference.  With a typo.  That I’m going to let slide for convenience sake.  Swimming has two m’s people!!!  lol

As always, more to come.

Who’d Have Thunk It?

Thunk isn’t a word … oh but it is she said


Say that three x’s fast.

Though those in the know say think/thought/thought

I say thunk cause ya know thunk is way cooler.

And just what am I blathering about?  Blah, blah, blah.  Well I’m getting there.  Gimme a minute.  Landing a plane is hard ya know.  Speaking of landing planes, let’s take a flight on the cheap.  Because we can.  Prices are at an all time low.

Seriously Meredith Grey.  Though Jilly will stay put. Big baby!

My sonshine had a wedding to attend this weekend.  The event is happening right about now.  No cancellations but also a rather small less than 20 people affair.  How romantic and special!!  He and his buddy along with one other person went up Friday for rehearsal and are staying tonight too instead of driving back as was the original plan.  Why?  Well because they were able to secure a room at the Marriott for only $49 dollars a night.  Normally the room is $349 plus tax.  Can you dig it?  I knew that you could.

Still I sit and ponder with all this extra (same amount) of time on my hands.  What’s the true cost?  Will we ever really know?  Does it take a pandemic to find out? Are they just giving it away since $49 is better than $0?  I have often thought hotels make out like bandits.  Smoochy, smoochy said in my Jason Mews voice over voice.  The nice ones anyway.  They are bought and paid for I would think.  And sure there is upkeep but using my own home as an analogy, without a mortgage, we’re sitting pretty.  Maybe I should start renting out bought and paid for rooms?   Any takers?  Of course I hear the owner is a tad bit off her rocker.

Things that make you go hmmm.

As always, more to come.

Updates Keep Rolling In

I’ve been on vacation this week and only once or twice did I peek 👀 at my work email. Yesterday on my final vacay day, I resisted completely. I followed the “it can wait” mantra because it can … always … wait. Everything can be postponed and the world 🌎 keeps turning.

This morning as I leisurely sipped my coffee ☕️ and conducted my tapping exercises, I noticed the number of emails hit triple digits. 😳. Time to look I guess. Mostly follow ups from folks prepping to address this pandemic. Approvals needed for changes to billing protocol and the like. Compliance alignment ✅. I’ll not be the speed bump in this chain reaction.

At the top of the list but last received there sits another update on Corvid-19 from our CEO. I’m beginning to have a serious hero worship of this guy. We’re being taken good care of folks. Not that I expected anything less. I mean this is after all my company of choice for the last 36 years. Bad companies don’t inspire loyalty like mine.

Gone is the 25%. If you have ability to work from home, do so until further notice.

Member contact have two weeks emergency leave not having to use their own. It’s also in writing (what we already knew) this leave will not negatively impact performance/promotions/etc.

Next we’re using our medical plan for any Covid-19 treatment expenses. No co-pay and deductibles waived.

All training and recruiting are now virtual.

Gyms closed. Cafeterias open but no self serve or reusable cups. Only disposable containers.

While large group volunteer activities are cancelled temporarily, monetary help is still needed. Company match 2 for 1 up to $500.

Say it with me. #blessed #grateful #humbled #thisistemporary #staycalm #besafe ❤️

As always more to come.

Preparedness and Other Stuff

Lulu got this email.

Whew! Though staying home isn’t the worst thing in the world. Not graduating would be worse. Poor kids in the class of 2020. All that hard work and now things are uncertain.

Lulu meets with her academic counselor on Monday 3/16 to arrange for her final two classes. Praying for online availability as we did not keep her dorm. Worse case scenario we’ll rent a hotel room for six weeks.

But not going to think about that right now. I’m going to live in the moment. One day at a time.

As always more to come.

Friday Reflections ~ March 6, 2020

Ah, another workweek in the books.  And next week is Spring Break around these parts.  My Lulu will be here any minute.  She reminds me it is her LAST Spring Break.  I tell her vacation is better AND no reason to take time off during Spring Break but maybe in October we take off to Florida?  How about them apples?  Sounds delightful right? The Epcot wine festival …

BUT stupid corona is ruining all.  Wonder how long this will last.  Monday 3/2 we got a note from the CEO that all travel is cancelled – all offices.  Our International travelers have been ordered home.  Anyone personal or business travel returning from overseas is quarantined for 14 days.   Monday 3/9, we will be stress testing work from home for as many who can to see if the system holds its’ center.

I am bummed that my company pulled out of the TAMUCC job/recruiting fair.  Very sad for those kids (to include Lulu’s boyfriend) who through no fault of their own, have lost an opportunity.  They were told that for those companies who did attend, they should not shake hands with anyone but instead nod acknowledgement.  Seriously Meredith Grey?  Yes! Seriously.

I am also bummed about the cancellation of the annual Puppy Love Event where they bring service animals into the building.  I have come to look forward to this event sponsored for diversity and inclusion awareness.  The cancellation simply read for preventive measures.  And yes I live in San Antonio where the infected lady went to the mall.  I mean come on.  I am hearing lots of crazy talk but will we ever know the true story?

Meanwhile in other news, I accidentally wrote lick off instead of kick off when referencing a meeting during an instant message (IM) conversation with my former boss.  Specifically, I typed “Amy and Mary went to the lick off”.  He replied ‘lol’ and I replied ‘oops *kick off’.  Now I’ve got a case of the serious giggles. How juvenile!  Hahahahahaha 🙂

Boy, I could go for a cotton candy dipped ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  Why not?!?  I am on vacation in 3, 2, 1 …

As always, more to come.


Friday Reflections 2/28/20

Glorious day folks. Just sayin. Look at that would ya?

Nevermind. The picture doesn’t do justice to what’s in my head. Man though you should see the views. A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I’m going way back to 223 Howerton with today’s reflection. Damn I was lucky. Pinch me I must be dreaming. Remembering those who have gone before. Especially my mom and dad. You did good 😊

On to #free48. Living the dream. Truly. As always more to come.

Learning From My Mistakes & All That Jazz

A spring board off my one linerthat scars are souvenirs you never lose … souvenirs are good right?  Say right puhleese.  Hell not always.  Sometimes when we pick something by which to remember the occasion, we pick poorly.  We learn nothing and things just suck. Hard.  Blows chunks.  Whatever colloquialisms you want to use, you need to use.  But I am going on the assumption scar based souvenirs are mostly good.  We learn from our mistakes.  Takes a lump or two to realize but we go on.  We continuously improve.  Onward through the fog.  As always more to come.

Friday Reflections 02/21/20

What a wonderful week and by wonderful I mean I am choosing my own adjective instead of letting negativity ruin things.  I think I may be at it again, stuffing down feelings to be perfect Pollyanna or maybe I just found a way to deal with the insanity.

I have officially become a walker.  I lost count of consecutive weeks goal achievement.  And this week, I took it up a notch.  I started arriving at 6:15 instead of just before 7 which means 45 minutes minimum of walking.  I am sleeping better though I am not at 100% well.  On that front the question of the day is to Keto or not to Keto?  I have done the research but I am still very confused.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  I don’t want to pick wrong.  The literature is overwhelming and often contradictory.  I guess I really just need to try some things out and ultimately do what works for me.  Oh so many questions as I sit and reflect.

But, I ain’t got time for that now.  No wallow.  No analysis/paralysis.  Time to get this party started and by party I mean workday.  Then onward through the fog onto #Free48.

As always, more to come.