Re-Blog to Spread the News- The Last Drive Tour with Dan Antion and a Word from Lucy and Twiggy

“Hey, Lucy. What gives? Where’s dad? He’s supposed to be taking photos of us for a Saturday feature.” “I know he promised a move to Saturday during …

The Last Drive Tour with Dan Antion and a Word from Lucy and Twiggy

Wily Wednesday Story Time ~ 1/11/23

Pretty sure I spelled wily wrong, but I’m moving on because this is stream. I remembered my dream when I woke up this morning because the alarm startled me awake during it. Right at the good part. Mind outta the gutter folks. 😉

I was rounding the corner and I saw my coworker, sitting there in shorts & a t-shirt, wearing flip-flops & smoking a cigarette. He saw me and tried to hide the evidence. He even had the door open and was sort of trying to blow the smoke outdoors. And I’m like “dude you’re in the building you can’t smoke here.” And then I woke up and I wanted a cigarette even though I was never a smoker. Of course I lived with a smoker so I was smoker adjacent for so long that once I moved out of my parents’ house, I kind of still had a taste for the smell of cigarettes. Does that even make sense? Taste for the smell. Good Lord, what is wrong with me? AnyWho, that’s not my story.

My story is about how every morning I wake up with my mind already going like I seriously have song lyrics or there’s something I’m thinking about. I wake up and I’m on. This drives me crazy. Not like I should wake up in a stupor, but Jesus Christ. I never stop thinking, and Lord that drives me crazy . I better watch my mouth. My momma is turning over in her grave. She’d probably say something like Mother Mary is crying because of those words you’re choosing to use. Jesus Christ is NOT a swear word. Yep, good ole Catholic guilt. Still not my story.

Since I didn’t write today’s story down immediately, I forgot it. Pretty sure it was a good one too. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something even better tomorrow. It should be a sin to have this much fun. Haha 😆

As always more to come.

Friday Storytelling ~ 12/30/22

The plan was to read 4 books 📚 in 4 days but I’m savoring the last one. I’m waiting to be fully done before I write reviews. These are hardback library books for old times sake. I’ve graduated to Kindle but I’m skipping ahead in queue since the library books are express collection, no holds or renewals. I’ll be back to Kindle in the New Year. Absent book reviews, here’s a story instead.

It was a dark and stormy night !!

Oh good grief. Let’s start this again.

The doorbell startled her out of her reverie As she peeked through the glass in the front door, she saw two women huddled together. The night was bitter cold & sleeting, why would they brave the elements to be here?

She cracked open the door with a tentative “how may I help you?”

“I’m Barbara, I made my daughter bring me here. It’s about your brother, Paul.”

End scene 🎬 That really happened & the she is me a full five years before the terrible circumstances involving my brother were exposed. If only I had listened. Or maybe better I didn’t listen at the time because what was supposed to happen is what ultimately happened even with intermingled tragedy.

Until next time.

As always more to come

P.S. Totally unrelated. I’m drinking my one cup of coffee a day only on weekends with my Invisalign trays in! Who cares if the trays get stained. Least of my worries 😳 I get new trays each Tuesday anyways.

Friday Free For All ~ 12/23/22

Lulu & I made an early morning run for specialty doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut who just opened a new store in downtown SA. People have taken bets that the store will close in less than a year. Not because of the product mind you which appears to be a booming business amid all the other pastry palaces. The reason is every prior business on that corner has gone the way of the dino. Location, location, location …

The paid & general lack of parking will keep locals away but maybe the out of town crowd foot traffic will sustain them. Our method was to order online, go early on a holiday week, me act like a taxi on the N Presa side street, flashers on while Lulu did a mad dash. We were there @ 30 minutes ahead of our order but they don’t package until 20 minutes til for optimum freshness. They had to do some computer stuff to move the order ahead but all in all, we made good time. Then we took the long way home to see the beautiful holiday lights along the Riverwalk.

Speaking of holidays, they suck. Well not for everyone but for enough of us. I read something online suggesting to wish people a gentle holiday instead of happy or joyful one. Too much pressure & toxic positivity aka denial that these days may not be happy at all. What better way to commemorate the reason for the season than through gentleness & grace. My skip level boss replied that my wish to him for a gentle holiday had to be the nicest thing anyone ever said to him. Awww and that response made my day!

I was tearing about on my b-day about the light metaphorical fuses to blow things up. I stopped myself thank goodness. “Fuck ’em” I say instead. They are not going to ruin my peace. The mofo’s don’t even realize they’re being awful anyway. And if they do realize & are purposefully being bad humans, well then I don’t want a relationship with them anyway. Alrighty, I have to get to work. Tschüss until tomorrow.

As always, more to come.

Friday Free For All ~ 12/16/22

And so it begins the downward descent into madness …

Life is not for the faint of heart. My mind is chaos. I had hoped to post something for book club today but I couldn’t wind down to read/finish my book. And it’s a GREAT story which would catapult me away where I could relax. Instead, my mind on overdrive, I thought, & thought, & thought about a wide variety of topics. My brain was a whirling dervish. Oh how I love that word.

Some of my pondering was exceptional like everything surrounding my baby girl’s birthday but intertwined with joy was so much angst, which if I had followed through would be subject for my get real series fodder. I could release the hounds without vagueness. And I’m trying to get help for this very niche problem but resources are seriously lacking. In absence of that, here is some other stuff on our plate that I do freely share. Get out the tissues y’all.

I don’t remember where I left off in this ever evolving story. It’s but one of many things we are dealing with right now – my mother in law’s continued decline. B’s mom, I wish I could add dear sweet adjectives but truthfully she was more manipulative. Notice I wrote WAS. Now she is just far gone. And it is sad. I would not wish her circumstances on my worst enemy. This all began in January of 2022 with repeated falls and trips to the ER. One very bad reaction to medication had us looking for long term care & we even had her signed up. LTC is in between nursing home where one is still somewhat ambulatory. She got off the meds, pitched a fit & never went into care. As months progressed, she saw times of improvement but morefall after fall, she was admitted then transferred to a nursing home. For her own good & safety.

Emotionally she did a number on PoPo & through guilt, she convinced him to spring her from the pokey. This was done with the understanding that they were trading the nursing home for in home health care. The caregiver showed up 3 days before she was “fired” because as we were told “all she does is sit & look at me”. That left PoPo who is not in much better shape to care for his ailing wife who is now 100% wheelchair bound.

The days all blur into one but a week, two, or three passed. B & (even me though I said I would never after the hell that was January when she accused me of trying to lock her away) are doing everything we can to help. All the things the home health would do, plus daily activities beyond the housekeeper who comes weekly. And we both work full time jobs.

This may seem stupid but my biggest worry is getting their mail. It is like playing frogger. Remember frogger? Splat! The mailbox is on the other side of the road that is frequently travelled by idiots speeding over the hill. One has to wear a safety vest when getting the mail in order to be seen. I want them to get a PO Box, they refuse. Or what about using our address? Still refuse. This is an accident waiting to happen & we always worried over PoPo when he was doing it & now he can’t.

For the past 4 nights, 3 of them had B running over to their place to pick MoMo up because she “slipped” while trying to go to the bathroom Last Saturday, when B was out of town, PoPo called the fire department who came & picked her up. We learned that tidbit after the fact. They didn’t want to guilt B for not being available & weren’t going to tell us but B found the paperwork.

Well last night, she didn’t just slip, she fell hard and busted her lips on the shower door. B runs over there, cleans her up, blood & everything else. PoPo & MoMo debated calling 911 but decided against it because she might be admitted then back to the nursing home. B stood by helpless, he tells me he can’t make them call 911 but we all know this can’t go on.

Anyway, I’m about out of steam, closing with this last little bit. We never know what anyone is really going through & the best we can do is be kind to one another. I need to remember that myself when I get upset, it could be worse. Not to minimize my pain but to deal with the realties & to redirect my thoughts to what is good in my life because there is good hidden in the shadows, dare I say there is pure joy which I only know because have experienced the opposite.

As always, more to come.

Featured image, her new ink … LOVE my baby girl.

Friday Free For All ~ 12/2/22

Ugh 😩. Yesterday’s second opinion or make that 99th opinion went horribly. I’ve skipped what led to this part not wanting to whine. No pain relief 😮‍💨 No closer to an answer. The stress is killing me before whatever this is will. Not a soul in the office besides staff & me yet I waited an hour! Only to be given a tut tut, you need to take medicine. And not just any medicine but a highly addictive opioid.

Doc tells me they know so my much now. That this dose is the smallest. It’s safer than OTC anti inflammatory because it won’t hurt my kidneys. In addition to the opioid, I’m prescribed muscle relaxers. For what? Can anyone tell me that? Nope they can’t. I’m so defeated 😔.

Icing on the cake, my car, which I just got out of the shop, smells like something is burning. That can’t be good. Back to the shop it goes. Ugh 😩

Peace Out. Until next time.

As always more to come.

haiku – fable & fire ~ 11/28/22

set her mind ablaze

unbelievable fiction

truth hard to swallow

Awesome prompt words fitting my mood. Subbed ablaze for fire & fiction for fable. Yesterday I wrote my heart out while basking in the sun. Hard truths are actually healing ❤️‍🩹. Though I’m still making stuff up in the absence of evidence. Filling in the holes in my heart.

Rules and ping back. #438 challenge.