Friday Reflections ~ 10/9/20

I had hoped to write a book review today but I’m still reading. Savoring each morsel aka word. Rather that rush to finish, I’m waiting until next week.

So, what’s a girl who obsessively posts every day to do? Should she skip? Heavens no! The release is necessary.

As I write this, sitting in the dark, I reflect on my blessings. Despite the busyness of the daze, I made a point to attend the 25+ years service anniversary celebration. The event started with music – U2’s Beautiful Day. Then right into several videos from yesteryear showcasing our storied history. I cried y’all. Very proud to be part of something bigger than myself. Without covid, we’d have been together. 2200 or so strong. 6% of the company’s workforce.

Together Apart is not an oxymoron. All that history accumulated in a single experience. The energy was palpable. As if we could move mountains. Gave me hope and restored my faith. Indeed a Beautiful Day

Cheers for a fantastic Friday. Wishing the best to you and yours. If you’re reading this now, I hope you can feel the love. May every day be beautiful.

As always more to come.

Positive ID

Poor Lulu can’t catch a break. Her pre employment background check came back all clear/in the green except for positive identification. Under that section it stated unable to identify. What the what? Now she’s worried the job offer will be withdrawn. Any HR types know what unable to identify means?

Out of Sorts

B and I decided not to watch last night’s debate. We settled in and turned on Chopped. Then Pony walked through saying “He’s lying already; says he made insulin cheaper than water”. My curiosity was piqued and I opted to go watch the debate with him. What a train wreck, unable to look away. Now I’m out of sorts. Due to what I heard first hand. I have never been afraid before now. But I am … just can’t shake this feeling of dread.

As always, more to come.

P.S. added this afternoon, I watched the You Tube clip. Maybe Pony got it wrong? Nope, the exact words were “I’m getting it for so cheap it’s like water”. Nothing future tense about it. Now I turn my blog back into a safe haven. Silly memes, music, books. No politics just my own neurosis 🙂 😦

On This Day ~ 9/15/20

Where were you in ’62? This is not American Graffiti. 🙂 Let’s move along.

I mean where were you in ’83? Me? I was applying for my first “real” as opposed to “fake” job. See this post from 2016.

Thank goodness for nosy neighbors

Did you take the ‘click bait?  HaHa!  That post describes my experience better than I could as I tried to re-write my story for this post.  Similar to what Lulu is going through except she has a college degree and does not have a part-time job at the mall.  Thanks to Rona, everyone wants those part time jobs at the mall.  Otherwise she’d grab one!

Moving on, where were you in ’84?

On this day 36 years go, B and I tied the knot. Yep we got hitched despite all the naysayers who said it wouldn’t last. And Rona has us staying indoors instead of going out to a fancy dinner. Too much work to dine-in these days. Take out is the new normal. But today we will cook at home. Yummy grilled steaks, asparagus, salad, and french bread.

Seriously Meredith Grey??!?!?!?

Dang y’all. I’ve been bambuzzled. I got the call from an autobot that my RX was ready. I was super excited since that meant the pre-authorization was approved. However when I got there, the price was $750 smack-a-roos.

Back home I am politely talking to an agent at the soul crushing drug company (name withheld to protect the innocent working for the guilty) to find out what the heck happened. I was told the price is really $225 or $75 a month x 3 months. She says just maybe the pharmacy had not caught up to the approval. She placed me on hold to call the pharmacy for further confirmation but the hold time was so long that she verified my number to call me back.

Insert Jeopardy! theme music …

I eventually got the call back and was told the price is right (not the fun game show btw). This price is when covered by insurance. WTF. Turns out I have not met my deductible. In order to get the $225, I have to have reached my deductible first. Now riddle me this. Why is the price different pre and post deductible? The medicine is still the same. Ugh! Such bull shit.

Now left with decisions, generic or keep fighting?

Challenge accepted!!!

As always, more to come.

A Ramble and A Confession

I have been having quite the week. I laugh to power through but there are times that laughter does not work. Like now. I think I have gone off the deep end.

Okay, I can hear you …

Well not really because this is virtual yet real as opposed to fake rambling. I imagine you’re thinking what’s new?!?! She’s neurotic. I am and I own it.

Okay to I have these physical symptoms that have become impossible to ignore. I had a tele-med appointment on 8/17 and on 8/18 I had labs and now I sit waiting. Scared to find out what the eating habits of the home bound have done to me. Weigh-wise I am good, maintaining but I have known forever that you can be a thin unwell person.

The Sunday before my Monday appointment I was surfing the net and taking surveys. I got two calls this week to follow-up on my responses with offers to assess my health. Despite having my doctor’s appointment, I thought what the hell why not????

The first place was something called Wellness Hormone Center WHC. For the low, low price of $3,000, I get labs, B12 injections, and hormone pellets injected into my backside. The crazy part is I am actually considering this insanity. Because I hurt and I am tired of hurting. And taking pain meds would put me on the path to addiction. Of that I am certain.

The second place was called the Pinnacle. They are a research group trying to diagnose fatty liver. This place does something like a sonogram and labs. If I do not have fatty liver, they cut me loose but if I do, then they try different treatments on me. Uh ya, wait! Why? Cuz I know … that you know … that I know … that I am not going to consent to treatment by these quacks. Are they “real” as opposed to fake doctors????

B keeps asking me what kind of places these are and am I sure? I have no idea to either. My guess is they are pseudo scientists trying to help people OR they are con men and women. And I am always unsure. All of this scares the bejesus out of me but like I said I am tired of hurting.

I’m fairly certain I will not participate in the I pay 3K for hormone and B12 injections. I’m too much of a cheapskate. Re: fatty liver, does me no good to find out I have a fatty liver. Ignorance is bliss. I won’t take the treatments anyway even if I qualify. I can’t un-ring the bell as they say.

I’ll report back if I take a leap of faith right off the ever loving bridge.

As always, more to come.

This Just Happened

Virtual Commencement is tomorrow and we received the lei today.  There was a chance it was not going to make it but yay!  Cheers to FedEx … all the way from Hawaii.


I don’t want to break the seal until Lulu can see this first.  More photos to follow.

The seal was broken and they are all intact … had been on ice … how cool is that

Lei (2)

I’m Slacking or Crack-a-lackin

Ha! Shrek reference via Donkey. In other words I better get going. I’ve got nothing though. I still didn’t want to end my streak so I’m tossing it out like a well known blogger does. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I’m already at 40 hours of my work week. I snuck out for an appointment to sell back books. And here I sit in my car waiting and rambling.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment with a new doctor. I just learned hot off the press that it’s by telemedicine. I’ve got so much going on I wanted a face to face despite the risk. Oh well 😔. She’ll order labs I’m sure and I’ll get refills. Maybe the labs will throw up a flag that can definitively diagnose me. One can hope. Though sometimes I think this pain is mental made physical. Let’s face it I’m a nut.

Sometimes you feel like a nuts, sometimes you don’t. Ha. That makes me smile. Hope you smile too.

As always more to come. #gratefulforthesunshine

Day Drinking Rona Style

Lulu (as she takes a sip of chocolate cherry Baileys) “Dang it’s only 9 o’clock”

And that’d be AM not PM  LOL

A little nip here and there never hurt anyone …. or

I stopped purchasing wine because not having a glass during my lunch hour had become too challenging.  I never partook during my work day yet.  And to make sure I stayed on the straight and narrow, I stopped buying.  After all avoidance is the best risk mitigation technique. Am I right fellow CPCU’ers?

There is a certain lunch I have on Saturday afternoons that came into the weekday rotation now that I am home bound.  This particular meal goes very well with my wine.  I could still enjoy this every now and again.  I think ….  Not sure I want to find out though considering.

Most days I do okay.  I’d be lying if I said things are always good.  Extreme roller coaster of emotions yet I realize I am one of the fortunate.  Avoidance works wonders for many things.  Work is my distraction of choice.  Plus I love my job which makes work fun.  Laughter is a daily, many times hourly occurrence.   Might be why I am out of sorts on this day off.  Too much time to think.

Another perk for work is the healthy points mediation series and other assorted videos or challenges which are specifically geared to dealing with the pandemic.  I have been moved to tears, happy ones and almost always feel better joining in.  The walking meeting is a fave.  Gets you up outta your space.  There have been days I stayed in one place for 10 hours straight.  That’s not good for anyone.

Things I never stopped doing:

  • Showering nightly and general hygiene … this does not mean make-up
  • Making my bed every morning
  • Dressing in “street” clothes
  • Walking every morning (might have skipped a day or two but never consecutive) Plus the goal was five days a week anyway
  • Listening to music  … some times obsessively
  • Blogging
  • For a time I could not read because of nerves and not being able to hold a thought in my head.  But I am back having just completed “Ask Again, Yes” by Mary Beth Keane with “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones in the hopper aka Kindle.  #gratefulforsaplonlineservices

On that note, the book is calling my name.  I have done what I set out to do which is clean house and make the cookie cake for Lulu’s partay.  Rona style, less than 10, six feet apart, social distance feast.  Ha!  Time to veg out and finish my book.

As always, more to come.