Edit – The Big Reveal ~ 12/5/21

Mrs. Grinch has left the building. Pies are overrated. Lol. Or maybe we’ll still do both seeing as the crust is chilling. But for now, drum roll puhleese.

Rat-a-tat-tat. Rat-a-tat-tat.

Our tree! And more importantly our nativity. This is a teaser because the medium sized tree with lights & memory laden ornaments will be done by dusk. I have a few heirloom ornaments over 60 years old. ❤

2021 – The year we almost didn’t decorate

Now for a funny story posted to faux book but I should have posted here instead.

This happened yesterday (12/2/21).

Scene: Little girl with mom and baby sibling in a stroller passing by B in the grocery store.

Little girl: Mommy is that Santa Claus?

B just waved, said ”ho, ho, ho” and kept walking

He says he hopes she thought that he was Santa because of his beard not his belly 😂

Who knew lil Jilly was Mrs. Claus?!?

So, … We were inspired to decorate, though we still went minimal. Since we never truly know what tomorrow may bring, why the hell not?!?!? I even made my own ugly sweater for a Zoom work event later this week. And best of all the turntable is juiced up and ready to go. Glad to have three albums from St. MM Glee Club which can be played on a loop this year.

As always, more to come.

P.S. we did both 🤩

#SoCS ~ 12/4/21 Part Deux

I hope this isn’t breaking the rules. THIS is part deux. I didn’t plan to go on. Completely unplanned, not even minimal prep time. My mind kept going after reading the wonderful entries HERE. I mean how in world could I not remember this song when I see the prompt Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rev.” Use “rev” or find a word that contains it. 

AAAHHHHHH. woo. Yeah buddy! That’s the stuff. There may be a tad bit of mania going on with me today. I got the books done for the LLC, woo to the hoo. Ordered my tax forms that became available 12/1/21. Feels mighty good to be ahead instead of procrastinating. Just in time for them to hire someone to replace my free labor of love. I had a revelation that really enjoy part time bookkeeping. It’s my jam. Ha Ha.

See you next week folks. Hasta! (there is a story behind that word which I may or may NOT tell you about later.

As always, more to come.

Friday’s Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of Billy Summers by Stephen King

My Goodreads review: A story from Stephen King that’s just good storytelling. A veteran who has been through the horrors of war turned into a hit man with a conscience. Multiple overlapping themes. Only a small mention of otherworldly. Recommend you check it out for yourself.

I got a hardback copy from the library. However, I didn’t take any notes for my commonplace book. That’s so not like me. But it was a very long book and I was on a three week deadline for return so that may be why. Or I’ve been slacking. Except with Kindle because of the built-in highlights feature.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 11/24/21

Using a Thanksgiving theme, this came from the TV show The Goldbergs. Their final season. Such a funny show relatable to those of a certain age. #TheEightiesRule

Geoff: giblets are not as cute as their name implies

Erica: yep giblets they’re a turkey butt full of guts

HERE are the rules and ping back.

Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review ~ 11/21/21

What a difference a week makes. All better. And YES, I’d do it again. Considering the alternative, to me the booster was well worth it. Quick roll call, then off to wherever the wind blows us on this week long vacay.

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

Egads!!!!! ~ 9/16/21

Dang, this is going to be a dervish. I went to physical therapy (PT) today. I’ve had pain for a while and blogged about it ad nauseum. Ad nauseum is another word I am over using much like my lil gecko from Geico flat tire commercial, Ugh! Make it stop!!!

Okay. Stop!

I went back to PT after undergoing a second series or battery (like in battering ram) of tests all showing negative. Muscular skeletal she said. PT will help. And from expereince it sure did. Gabe, I need you Gabe! But that was then and this is now.

I was nervous about being in a people-ly place. But I was also relieved by the protocol per their website. I felt good about the masks required and curtains between patients. I did everything online too because they want everything as contactless as possible.

The first thing that gave me pause was the location … in a strip mall. Yep I am the queen comma drama. Diva! My other place was part of a group medical office buildings. Not a neighbor to freaking Jimmy Johns. The receptionist was very nice but informs me they are not in network and my co pay is $25. Not $95 since I met my deductible. Hmmm. Why am I here? In-Network would be free. Plus when given a choice, even if I have to drive across town, I always choose in network. Do I want to pay now? Why the hell not!!

I was seen 15 minutes after my appointment which isn’t bad except my other place was a well oiled machine. And the only reason I was taken back 15 minutes late was so the guy (not my Gabe) could enter the notes from the patient who left right before me. Do the damn notes on your own time!

The assessment was right out in the open, they don’t use no stinkin curtains. The rat bastard liars. My old place took me into a private room. And while the guy (not my Gabe) wore a mask and wore it the right way, he was sniffling and coughing like crazy. Uh yea, I’m positive he gave me the Rona.

At least my mind is preparing me for that. I’m not making light. It’s anxiety! I even told B if I get sick to sue the place which you can’t but damn. I kept telling myself, he only has allergies, it has to be allergies, surely he would not ignore their own directions about staying away if you feel sick?!? It’s allergies became like a hum in my brain … my mantra. Forgive those who trespass against us …

I got a little bit of manipulation and three at home exercises, then I was almost done. As I was laying and/or lying there at the end, with heat (when I told them I prefer ice dammit), the patient next to me, a sweet Army vet easily in his 70s was moaning. He told the guy I had to force myself to come here today. He went on it hurts by my incision. But do what you gotta do. I’m not shy about telling ya to stop. During the process, I heard Christ this hurts!! I can’t take it, hold on! Broke my heart.

Twice a week for three weeks was recommended. But I skipped scheduling any follow-ups. Took the business card and said I would call. I won’t. Getting into my car was excruciating. That little manipulation caused new pain in different places. Lulu says maybe it is supposed to be that way. Worse before it gets better?? Guess I’ll never find out.

Back on the highway, lead footing it home, I detoured to QT for a DP icee. Don’t cha know. If I’m gonna lose my taste soon, I wanted one last hurrah. LOL. Funny? Or not funny? Kinda, sorta, maybe? Those mo-fo’s.

As always, more to come.

Where Were You? ~ 9/15/21

I’m sticking with a theme of late. Where were you in ’42? or ’62? That’s a movie I think?? Where the Boys Are. Now that for sure is a movie. I was reminded of it last week. I enjoyed watching the rerun on TV years after the big screen debut. And of course I read the book. You always have to read the book doncha know. Alrighty, moving on …

Where were you 37 years ago on this day? Around 3:00 pm, B and I were at St. MM Catholic Church getting hitched. Seems like yesterday and forever ago in an instant. Yep we’ve been happily betrothed for almost 2/3rds of our lives. If I did the math right. I’m likely over estimating but very close since we’re closer to 60 than 50. Doh! Oh the humanity!! said in my Gecko from the GEICO commercial voiceover voice. ha! I’ve got a flat tire. Oh no I don’t.

My mood is giddy. Tonight we’ll celebrate with some great steaks since food is meant to be shared, another nugget from last week. If not for the middle of the week and the delta, we might be partaking inside a restaurant. Pappadeaux of course. Which we’ve been to during the pandemic after being fully vaccinated and pre delta. The experience was lackluster, not worth the extra effort in my opinion, though I hear tell the standards are becoming more lax. Doesn’t make sense to me but oh well. Steaks at home are a wonderful substitute.

Some say marriage is hard work. We haven’t found that to be the case. Now don’t get me wrong, being married as long as we have isn’t easy but work? Not so much. I had a boss who used to say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life. See the similarities? If you think of marriage as a job that is … How absolutely unromantic. That’s okay, romance can be overrated.

Anyhoo, for better or worse, through thick and thin, ’til death do us part. Cheers to 37 years with many more to come God willing and the creek don’t rise.

As always, more to come.

Bluer than blue ~ 9/11/21

9/11/21 is one of those clear September days where the sky is bluer than blue. Much like the day 20 years ago before everything turned upside down. Lulu and I opted to make today a day of self care. No plans, no rushing around, rolling with the flow. Facials tonight. Pony and B are at the place working to finish off the facilities. This hunting season we’ll have a bathroom. Yipee!!

I decided to fill up my car since last night when we went to get take out, we were running on fumes. We have grocery run Sunday which meant getting gas today would simply be easier. No need to leave any earlier than we already do. Plus in the spirit of self-care, I wanted a Dr. Pepper icee to which I am sadly addicted. Or not sadly. A vice that only hurts me if I over indulge but I don’t. Except when I do which is once or twice a month.

Did I mention the skies are bluer than blue? I love the feeling of the sun on my skin after leaving the cool house for the warm car. Sometimes the inside of the car is too hot but today, not so much, just bright and warm. I looked at the miles, 104,528. I thought hmmm, 4,528 miles in a year is nothing. Then I did the math. I hit 100K miles in October of 2019, not 2020. That means 4,528 miles in 23 months, almost two years!

I back out, then drive ahead down our s shaped road stopping at the mailbox. But no mail today. Might be a postal day off? Or should be but also maybe we just didn’t get anything. I pass the land for sale to my right and the house going up on my left. Finally I’m out on the highway. Driving west down Hwy 87 is always a treat. Again I notice that the skies are remarkable. I feel peace.

Gas prices came down since Labor Day, I pass Valero at $2.59 and when I see QT at $2.61, I briefly think I should turn around. But I want my DP Icee dammit. lol.

Serendipity, very few cars. I pull right in and start fueling. Or try to. Something was weird with the handle and I almost moved to another pump. But I clicked the little thingy and wa-la, it worked.

While the gas is going in, I get the window wiper and start at the front windshield. I hear the honking but think nothing of it. As I go around the car, I look over and there’s a guy parked by the side of the store, in his truck, pulling a trailer with a boat. He’s gesturing at me. I’m not done with the windows but I put the wand back into the water. The gas finally topped off and I hook the hose back up. Before I could get into my car, he pulls over right next to me, cracks his window and yells “hurry the fuck up old lady”

The guy on the other side of me filling his car says “that’s sure uncalled for” While I said “yea I didn’t know there was a time limit”.

Now I’ve got a decision to make. Go in or go home. I still haven’t got my DP Icee. I watched to see where he went to help me decide. I thought he was going to circle around to my spot but instead the other end was open and he stopped there. Whew!

Inside the store, two of the fucks with him were getting their snacks. I went right for my prize and got in line behind them. Both hastily stepped aside, “after you, seriously after you”. I paused thinking I didn’t want to get hit from behind for taking too long to check out but I went anyway. Maybe they are not like their friend I thought. Though “birds of a feather” ya know.

Their boat had what I’ll call a unique identifier on it. A Trump 2024 flag. Now I don’t want to make this political because it isn’t. And I can’t judge the whole group but one bad actor. Or can I? Hmmm What would you do?

I’ve been telling Lulu this a lot lately. Forgiveness is for YOU not the other person. I’m not going to stoop. This person regardless of his political affliction (oops I mean affiliation, Freudian slip) is a sad little man. Bless his heart! He’s not bringing me down. Especially on my daddy’s heavenly birthday.

I did it again, I got the bad feelings out with words. Whew! Now that’s the stuff. Glad B isn’t here. He’d probably go try to find him. Kick his ass. lol. Defending my honor. I mean what the hell? Minding my own effin’ bidness. The worst part of all of this y’all is that I now have to truly accept the fact the I AM indeed an old lady.

As always, more to come.

Never Forget ~ 9/11/21

The below is a copy of what I wrote in 2014, seven years ago. FB memories are good for something. I stayed pretty close in today’s #SoCS.

B was at work, Lulu was at Salem Sayers Mother’s Day Out, and Pony was in school. I was working nights in regional services but had the day off.

P and I were planning dad’s annual birthday dinner at either Pesos Cafe or Snoga’s with cake and ice cream at the house after. We stayed on the phone (not saying much) just on the phone as we watched the TV simultaneously, in two different cities.

One crash, then two, then they are saying the crash was on purpose. People jumping from buildings as a choice to burning to death. All of it was un-freaking-believable. One of those moments that we’d look back on and remember where we were and what we were doing on that infamous day.

My dad would be 98 years old today if he were still alive. He liked to celebrate and lived a good life. He taught us well and we live by his example. These two candids from his party on the Saturday four days after September, 11 2001 are all that I can find. I am grateful I have them. I am grateful we didn’t cancel. I am grateful that we will NEVER forget.

Now for my thoughts on this 20th anniversary. I’m still grateful but for completely different reasons. I’m also overwhelmed. Life is a cluster for all the things. You know them well. Sadly, in many instances, I think the collective ‘we’ forgot. The divide in this country is the size of the Grand Canyon. My heart hurts, I can’t watch the news. Still through social media “news” bleeds through. Distorted and twisted. Not sure what to believe. Yet as bad as things get, we’re spared the brunt of it. My family is blessed. I’ve no idea why. I feel guilty. Then I try not to dwell on it. Maybe some things are best left unknown.

As always, more to come.

day trip notes ~ 9/6/21

Howdy fine folks of bloglandia!! Much goodness!! I’m telling ya what. My ears still hurt from the elevation in the hill country. On Saturday, 9/4/21, B and I took a lovely drive up to our place in Rocksprings. At one point, we were 2150 feet above sea level. To compare, our place in town is around 600 feet above sea level. In my youth, when we went to the hill country, which was often, countless camping trips to Lago Vista on Lake Travis, dad would give us gum to chew so we could pop our ears. I forgot about that which means now I’m paying for it. At least I didn’t get sunburned.

B and I enjoyed much needed alone time. This pandemic has us living in a fishbowl of sorts that one doesn’t even realize. We had a lovely date day when you’re too old or tired for date night. Little did we know the city was hosting the annual VFD Fish Fry and goat rodeo. Haha! Yep, you read that right. Goat rodeo. Yee Haw!!

We didn’t stay in town though. Instead we did lots of hiking and talking. Back to basics I would say. And we labored at our place this labor day weekend. I did some landscaping near the cabin and I raked rocks. Uh ya I did. Clearing a path between the cabin and the facilities. Save us from rolling an ankle on the rocks. I even got two blisters on my thumbs from the rake but it’s a good pain. Like the earache. Which will be over soon enough.

B had to patch some pinhole leaks in the water line. Ironic since the #SoCS prompt was pin. The cistern might also have a leak but I told B that was good, it won’t explode while we’re away. Instead the well water will slowly seep. But I know nothing of these things, I just make stuff up. LOL.

That’s how ya do it. Nothing fancy, free fun. Time together. Picnic lunch. 332 miles of mandatory Metallica. Waiting for the Black list to drop. Priceless.

Before Saturday, the world was getting me down. Hope not any of you too but if you’re also feeling bluesy, I get it. Life is heavy. Pandemic, hurricanes, flooding, ending a war, women’s rights, and more. This trip was just what we needed. I’ll carry the memory for a bit and refer back often or as needed.

As always, more to come.

As always, more to come.