What Fresh Hell is This? 7/19/19

Made you look …

I’m not in hell, I’m rambling and musing.  Cleaning out my inbox.  I received an email with the greeting Dear Fellow Conservative American.  Hmm.  Someone is clearly not paying attention.

As always, more to come.


What Fresh Hell Is This? 7/14/19

Made you look.

Titles can do that … make you look.  But then quickly all expectations are dashed if the title is only a hook.  Or gimmick.  I almost cursed here and said mind fuckery but stopped myself.

No I didn’t stop myself.  I wrote the eff word and added ‘ery’ to the end.  I still have a hard time letting the profanity fly for public consumption.  See this post from a while back.

Oh my lawd.  I wrote “To Swear Just Like a Sailor” three years ago on this day!  I used real names too!  But before linking I did a quick edit.  Well for the family.  Me I really am Jilly. Or am I?  Only the Shadow knows. bwhahaha

Anyhoo.  Back to “What Fresh Hell Is This?”  I spruced up the place by adding a new category.  I’ll come back now and again dropping one liners or short snippets regarding things that momentarily make me take a pause to ask … you guessed it!  What fresh hell is this?

Not planning to be all Debbie Downer.  In fact, I want to make these posts funny-ish.  And likely only funny or amusing to me but oh well.  You get what you pay for. Ba Dum Tis went the drum and cymbals.

Today’s fresh hell is brought to you by insomnia sucks ass.  I mean truly.  Who gets up at 2:38 am because she cannot sleep, turns on the overhead light in her office, and goes to her old school desk top to write this post … or any post for that matter.  She should be sleeping for Pete’s sake. And the she is me.

I am manic y’all.  I go to sleep easy but I can no longer sleep through the night.  B says I just need less sleep now that I’m old.  What fresh hell you say?  Insomnia coupled with getting older!  I’m only 34 + 20 – 5 +10 -5.  You do the math.  That’s not old!!  I’m also heading into a new phase at work.  Be careful what you wish for …. Truer words have not been written!!  I may never sleep well again!

As always, more to come.

Whatever Happened to Her Selena Rainbows?

Yes I name my stuff.  In today’s episode of rambling and musing mostly rambling, I’m talking about my eyeglasses aka my Selena Rainbows.  They’re named after the brand – Selena and the rainbow colored frames.  I first wrote about my experience here if you want to begin at the beginning.

I was going to go to a different place to have things made right.  Then after much feedback in person and on the blog, I decided that the same place owed me.  One afternoon this week I took off early to return my new specs for adjustment.  I was trying to get the deed done and get back online for an afternoon meeting which I couldn’t miss.

I’m the worst about time y’all.  Always early and worry if I’m not … or perceive I am not going to be on time.  Instead of discussing the issue, I basically threw my glasses at the girl and said I’ll be back Saturday!  Went home and made my meeting with 15 minutes to spare.  Whew!

Guess what today is?  Saturday!!!

Per the website, the place is open 8:30 to 12:30.  I slept in until 9ish which helped my case because when I got there, only one car was in the lot.  Another customer.  Turns out the Saturday hours are 9:00 to 1:00.  Yet it was after 9 and I could tell the place was still closed.  Holy hell!  I cannot take off work to come back here again.  Well I can but what a freaking inconvenience!!  I called the number thinking maybe an employee got dropped off but my call went straight to voice mail.

I got out of the car and talked to the gentleman who had been waiting since 8:30!  Mind you it was already 9:25 when I arrived.  He gave me an earful about his experience.  Hopping mad!  I was only irritated.  We both decided to leave.  As I’m returning to my car, I see a Blazer turning left and speeding to the back employee parking lot.


As soon as I heard the front door lock open, I rushed in and proceed to word vomit why I am there.  Of course she’s apologizing as she’s turning the lights and everything else on.

She re-measures and sure enough, the lab put my Selena Rainbows at 18 and I’m 22.  The 4 degree drop makes all the difference in the world.  They will have to send back the glasses … not until Monday.  The corrected lens should be ready in about two weeks.  Thanks goodness my old pair will tide me over.

I might write a piece to conclude my saga or not … if not you’ll know things worked out just fine.

As always, more to come.

Feedback is a Gift

Once upon a time, I was a new quality manager.  My job was to oversee the auditors and provide a monthly summary to our executive.  WT was a very approachable fellow who always joked around.  Taking liberties one month, I sent my summary email with the tag line:

Feedback is a gift and today is your birthday!! 

The next morning my boss, CJ called me into his office.  Well okay he called me over to his desk because he didn’t have an office.  He gave me feedback on my email.  Apparently it was MY birthday.  My tag line did NOT go over well.

I was embarrassed.  I wanted to clear the air.  Go apologize to WT.  I meant well, I was trying to soften the blow of the month’s less than stellar results.   CJ told me DON’T do anything else … just to NEVER do that again.

Mind you I didn’t modify the official report.  My lame attempt at humor was in the cover email.  Ha!  I still laugh … today is your birthday … because it’s funny.

Years later … or maybe fast forward to June, I saw WT in the hallway at work.  Though I no longer work with him, I brightly smiled and said “Hey W.  Happy birthday! Wink wink.  Get it?”  Surprisingly he did.  We had a good laugh.

And that’s the back story.  Because I’m rambling.  I save my one-liner posts for Wednesdays.  Today is Friday.  Haha.  I slay me.

Okay!  Here we go, here we go now.

I participated in Write Club 2019.  I didn’t place but this year they did something different by offering feedback.  I got about eight word docs with my 500 or less story followed by critiques.  I’m in heaven y’all … hog heaven that is … or I’m high on cotton … lol.  That ain’t right.  I’m something else … tickled pink.  Yep, I am tickled pink.

The first critique was good.  I made his or her top 45, not top 30 but man y’all that’s close when the top 30 compete for reader votes.  My entry was written in an hour-ish, rough draft, not polished.  Yep I’m telling on myself.  I joined for fun with zero expectation of placing.

Guess what critique #2 said?  It said and I quote “this looks like a draft and not a polished piece or perhaps part of a larger story??  Maybe with more context this would make sense.” Winning!

The remainder were neutral.  Several said I had grammatical errors throughout.  Did I think this was #SoCS?  uh ya!  That’s my style.  And I did a head hop thing at the very end.  “Just how did Missy know what Stella was thinking?”  Well geez Louise, mind reading of course.

But I jest!  I LOVE my feedback and I’ll do better next time.  I know what to work on.  Not being facetious either.  Constructive criticism makes us better.  Now I am off to eat b-day cake and ice cream. Maybe play a little pin-the-tail on the donkey.  Hit that pinata.

As always, more to come.



Uh Yea, That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

The title does not fit the post … I have no mark only a very sore neck.  Ya see I got a new pair of glasses recently.  I was all excited to be rainbow styling.  I was on vacay and not looking at my screen.  Sweet nirvana aka heaven aka time stopped y’all truly it did.

Yesterday was my first day back using le PC.  I thought I was losing my mind.  Everything was blurry.  I kept craning my neck to see.  When I held my glasses up to the center of my forehead, I could see just fine.  Back on my nose and blurry again.  Ugh 😦  I guess the bifocal line went in the wrong spot.

I LOVE my eye doctor but his staff well ….  The whole company was re-branded in an effort to save this once stellar flagship from imploding.  This was the first year I was brave enough to get my frames from them because of the new system.  Sadly much like the old.  My measurements are way off.  Let’s see what the behemoth that is Visionworks can do.

I feel guilty for not going back.  I should try and give them a chance.  At least I will get my exam done there.  What would you do fine folks of bloglandia? Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, more to come.

What Old Folks Do For Fun

… on this Saturday B and I are off to get our shingles vaccines.  If you’ve ever known anyone who has had shingles, you’ll know this vaccine is a godsend.  Shingles are the WORST!!!!  Though I am not an anti-vaxer by any means, I am neurotic times 50!!!  Therefore preparing for the side effects.  I keep telling myself, I’m the Little Engine That Could

it’s just a shot

it’s just a shot

it’s just a shot


Now that would’ve been a good #SoCS post 🙂

As always. more to come.

This is New

Getting my oil changed. Nice kid comes over. Tells me they’ve gone to drive through service. When a bay opens, I’m to drive in but stay in my car. He offers me water 💧 but I’ve brought my own.

A bit disappointing because this means they don’t vacuum anymore. My car only gets vacuumed every oil change which with synthetic means twice for sure or maybe three times a year at most. I’m not carting kids around anymore so there’s not much dirtying the floor boards.

Awww man. I miss carting kids around. If you wanna know their secrets, put em the back seat and drive. They’ll spill their guts. Now Lulu barely speaks to me … about what matters anyway. Pony? Well my twin is an open book.

Truth be told, I’d rather have the free vacuum more than the free water.

I know how to get it to rain today. I’ll go wash 🧽 my car. That’ll get me a “free” vacuum. 😂

As always more to come.

What Day Is This?

Friday. The correct answer is Friday. My last day of vacation. Well official last day since I’m fortunate enough to be off weekends. #free48 just a tad bit early.

I’m wide awake. Wired for sound is the expression that comes to mind. I watched one of those telemarking trash videos that suck you in. Waiting for the secret that never comes. I can’t turn off my brain. Ugh! Can’t have this. I need my sleep.

No blue light 30 minutes before bed time helps. Tonight I took a different path. It’s a blue light special. Might explain my wide awakeness. Making up words again.

Anyway did you know that if you watch 30 minutes less of TV each day, that equates to 24 books on average a year? We really DO have time to read. If you say you don’t have time, you’re really choosing not to read. Which is okay. Personal freedom and all that Jazz. Guess I’ll sign off. Try to get some shuteye.

As always more to come.

Unexpected Fireworks

Our tractor caught fire while B was on it. Mister he man jumped off the seat, opened the hood and started a fire brigade. The small flames were quickly snuffed. Thank goodness. Something he had done prior to jury rig gave way and baby kabluy.

Me “were you scared?”

B “nope … we’ll sort of excited … the battery isn’t far from the fuel tank”

Me “thank goodness you weren’t hurt. That would’ve been bad”

B “just glad my tractor is ok. ”

Me “you’re more important than the tractor”

B shakes his head. Mumbled something about diesel burns differently. Grumbling about losing time. Now $50 later, the tractor has a new battery and he’s out there shredding. Secretly he’s in hog heaven.

As always more to come.