A Week Late But Posting Anyway

Spring break

I ❤ this picture.  Spring Break of 1983.


JDubs Review of “The Outsider” by Stephen King

I’m not gonna take a picture of the cover of the book because it was a Kindle. Boo! I’m not downloading a picture either because I’m quickly using up too much space in my WP media.

I can hear you… that’s not why you’re here… you want the review. No spoilers.

This is the same formula that has worked before and will probably continue to work again. The story is a different version of the same if that makes any sense. The formula goes back multiple decades. You would think eventually we’d catch on. But no … many like me are constant readers.

In short, this is about good versus evil. Kind of cops and robbers. Holly of “Finders Keepers” makes re-appearance. I am very empathetic to her character. The supernatural sci-fi-ish ending is on a lesser scale than most of his novels. Everyday flaws of human life juxtaposed against some force that we can only imagine. Do boogeymen exist? Yes! And in real life science explains most. In Mr. King’s work, there is no explanation.

Overall I would say four out of five stars ✨. A recommended read. If you happen to do so, let me know what you think. I’d love to have a virtual book club on this one.

As always more to come.


For the first time in forever I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading.  Not that the book is the greatest I’ve ever read but the story was engaging enough.  Though part of me just needed the distraction … to escape.  I was on a mission that failed.

My dreams were influenced by what I read and when I woke, I could not tell fantasy from non-fiction.  Was the most surreal feeling.  Ugh I hate this.  Ugh I blame the weather. Or the quesadillas.  Dinner last night was not my friend.

I’m struggling with that again.  I’m confused by all the info.  Talk about your overload. To Keto or not to Keto that is the question. Among all others.  I’m hurting, lost, and falling back to bad patterns. Just tell me what to do and I will do it.  This figuring out what’s right for me is for the birds.  I need a meal plan and a sustainable lifestyle chain.

As always more to come.

🥰 bonded for life

Genetics 🧬 amaze me. We ran into B’s cousin at dinner just now. They reconnected and talked about how things have been since the company closure. An immediate kinship. Everything’s the same. Speech patterns, mannerisms, the whole nine yards. When he was leaving, he told B “take care kiddo”. Makes my heart happy. It’s like when I hear Pony’s voice and see D.

As always more to come.

Sprucing Up The Place

This is my home now.  Eff you FB!  Hope WP doesn’t decide to ban me as well.  I am semi-reeling here.  What the heck did I do and who the heck did I offend?   That’s not me y’all.  Neurotic sure but offensive???  Someone thought so and turned me in.

Anyway, I figured I’d bloom where I was planted and spruce up the place.  I added the category Storytime with two sub-categories: #FlashFiction and 100 Words or Less.  I’m trying to be creative y’all.  Part of my therapy.  #FlashFiction already had some entries and 100 Words or Less has the first official post coming up this Friday.

As always, more to come.

$10 No …

I won’t finish the phrase cuz it’s off color and not funny but it’s something my ex-marine buddy coworker from 1984 said all the time.

Any hoo. We’re having the senior combo concessions. $5 each for pop corn and a kid drink. $5 x 2 = $10. Well duh 🙄

Pony: We’ve reached that stage huh?

Me: Yes as of January.

Pony: I guess I should face the fact I’ve got old ass parents.

B: And I face the fact you’re an old ass kid.

Lulu: Yeah I’m the only young one.

As always more to come.

#Grateful 3/10/19

My attempts at micro photography bring me peace.   They are lame and blurry (well some are blurry) but they make me happy.  And grateful.  These trees our in our yard.  We will get peaches and one day almonds.  Planted isn’t always a bad thing.  Who needs more when less is so enticing.  Ah now she waxes philosophical and has lost most of you.  For those who hang on, see the six pics below.

Peach blossoms
More peach blossoms
Bud about to open and spider web (if you look close enough, you’ll see it)
A rose by any other name is a peach. I think I am sooooo funny. But it does sort of look like a rose bud in all its’ blurriness.
The would be peach duo
Almond flour

As always, more to come.