Share Your World ~ 7/27/21

Yay! Time to answer some questions. Thanks Melanie for bringing us all together.


Do you believe in second chances? Why yes, I sure do! I’ve experienced second chances first hand and sometimes there is redemption while other times you’re only delaying the inevitable. Forgiveness can be a beautiful thing but there is also the adage of fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Bet lots of second chances are folks getting fooled again. Cue the Who! Then I’ll get on my knees and pray. We don’t get fooled again …

Is your glass half full or half empty? Despite my sometimes Eeyore-esque way of being, I’m a glass 1/2 full gal.

Would you rather someone be honest and hurt your feelings or lie to protect them? LIE like a rug. I’m telling ya what. Lulu shared some things with us this past Thanksgiving that I could have gone my whole life not knowing. Sometimes ignorance is BLISS.

Another example, once upon a time, I was applying for my dream job. A friend on the committee told me that everyone voted for me except one person. She proceed to tell me what he had said. She was only looking out for me. So I could prepare for any interactions with him. What this meant to me was that despite my getting the job, he thought I didn’t deserve it. After that, every time I saw him I was tongue tied. I proved him right since around him, I turned into a blithering idiot. Awkward.

Now caveat to that, sometimes the truth hurts but for safety and personal well being, you need to “spill the tea”. Consider your motives, the other person’s ability to adapt to the news, and things like that. Actually maybe just ask them, do they want to know?

When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush? Hmm. Isn’t it usually taking risks that gets the adrenaline jumping? Or running from them? Well as an insurance professional I mostly avoid risk. Any adrenaline I felt was by accident, like almost being in a car wreck. Crisis averted and heart beating out of my chest. Ugh. But the worst of the worst was the rattle snakes around this place. If you’ve ever been buzzed by a pit viper or dealt with the aftermath of your pup being bit, you know what I mean. Forget heart beating out of your chest, more like a heart attack.


What are you grateful for? I am grateful for my friends near and far, real or imagined. Haha! Basically a big shout out and thanks for being able to share and laugh our way through some of the most trying times ever. Ya buddy, now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.

Share Your World ~ 7/20/21

Melanie brings the questions and away we go …

Are justice and the law the same thing? No not really. We have unjust laws. On the flip side we have things perfectly legal that are unjust.

Which kitchen appliance do you use every day? My electric tea kettle. best thing since sliced bread. Not sure how I survived 55 years without one.

What is one thing you’ll never do again? Hmm, maybe fly in a plane. I had a bittersweet relationship with air travel to start with but now, definitely not worth the effort to me. Even if that means road trips only because I do want to take a vacation again one of these days.

What event escalated very quickly? Christmas Eve 2020 at the in-laws. And the dust up was not alcohol induced. Seems like forever ago and yesterday in the same breath. Now seven months later we look back and say what the hell was that??!?!?

GRATITUDE  (As always, optional) My park like setting of a yard that B takes such good care of. ❤

Share Your World ~ 7/13/21

Melanie gets us started with the questions. Silly and philly – sophical that is. Let’s give them a whirl.


What would be much better if you could just change the color of it? Hmmm I’ve never been put off by the color of things. I know people who won’t eat certain things because it’s green – as in guacamole. Green granny Smith apples they like just fine. Moving out of the food category and still thinking and I’m blanking. Womp womp.

Do You Think Cats Have Any Regrets? Nope, not any of the cats I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Majestic creatures that they can sometimes be. Living their best lives always. Best lives are those lived without regrets.

Do you ever count your steps when you walk? Yes all the time and automatically thanks to my phone. B and I have a running joke that if I don’t have my phone on me, I must not really be walking. It doesn’t count of you don’t count. lol. Now do I meet the step count of 10K a day? Not even close but with RTO = Return to Office, I may get there a day or two each week.

Is there a supreme power?  (you choose over what, and please be respectful) I sure would like to think so.


Please feel free to share some gratitude with everyone!  Grateful for this beautiful weather and playlist to cycle through while I prepare to face yet another day.

Share Your World ~ 7/6/21

Melanie gives us something serious and something silly. Love the balance. Let the games begin!


Serious Ones with One Silly One

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? Hmm, I think there is an appearance of chaos and chance but nature has an inherent order.

What is infinity? Of course all I can think of is the line from Toy Story ‘to infinity and beyond’ Enduring, perpetual, eternity. Or some mathematical thingy.

Does observation alter an event? Observation puts our own perspective onto things. The thing is, it alters the event for everyone, each walking away with their own interpretation of what occurred. What’s the truth of what happened? No idea. Does anyone ever truly know? Things that make ya go hmmm 🧐

Do you like balloons? I used to. They were a birthday party and school carnival staple but not so much any more. I’m an old fuddy duddy.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional)

Yesterday was America’s Birthday, does your country celebrate a “Founder’s Day” or other traditions like that? I sure did enjoy our little 4th of July celebration on Sunday. We popped a few fireworks, we’d had so much rain, it was safe to do so. Plus we’re outside the city limits where it’s allowed. San Antonio celebrated it’s tricentennial on 2018. Talk about your Founders Day celebration. One for the memory books. I’m grateful for all the culture and history in my own backyard.

As always, more to come.

Share Your World ~ 6/29/21

Thanks Melanie for being the best host ever!! Let the games begin …


A mixed bag today

What do you think of the idea of the ‘greater good’ principle? Story of my life to a point where what I want/need/desire is of little to no consequence. I have taken one for the team and contorted like a pretzel more times than I can count. One of these days, pow right in the kisser Jackie Gleason. Wah, Wah, Wah!!! Where’s the wam-bu-lance? Or the world’s smallest violin to play my sad sad song again.

Seriously I don’t mind but I do. Feels like my good nature has been taken advantage of. I need to stand up for myself one of these days.

Do you enjoy riding a roller coaster or other amusement park type ride? Yes!! I always loved the rollercoaster. My first experience was a loop-d-loop at Knots Berry Farm circa 1970 something. We rode over and over and over again. Except I haven’t been in ages and my back might not be able to stand the jolts these days.

Which musical instrument is the most annoying to you personally? None. I love music in all its forms.

Would you rather have a vivid imagination or a photographic memory if you had to choose just one? I win! I already have both!! If I had to reduce my gifts, <ahem> or curses, I’ll keep my vivid imagination. F.U.N!!!!

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

Feel free to share fun plans for this season that you might have.   Especially now that many places are lifting restrictions and travel is a bit easier. We need a vacay something fierce. Not sure what or where but soon. After my car fuel pump gets repaired, our new roof gets installed, and we finally fix the master bathroom’s shower leak. So much to do and so little time. I’m grateful we have the means to do all this though. #blessedbeyondmeasure

Share Your World ~ 6/22/21

Thanks Melanie for the questions. Let’s get this party started 🙂


What’s one question you wish more people asked you? Oh gosh, not sure I want to be asked any questions.

Do you like eggs?  What’s your favorite way to have them served? (Optional obviously, I know there are egg dislikers in the crowd).. I love eggs but I have an egg story why that wasn’t always the case.

We often got fresh eggs from my uncle’s farm. One Saturday morning, there was something in one of the eggs that should not have been there. Unless the egg wasn’t for consumption but was instead supposed to become a chickadee. That was the chance you took (according to those in the know) and you for sure never wasted eggs. Pretty sure my dad still ate the scramble. Gross! I was put off by what I saw for probably a decade. I stopped eating eggs in favor of cereal.

Now I love eggs cooked anyway except over easy, I like mine like a hockey puck. Well … poached is also yucky. Though as a kid making poached eggs in the water bath contraption was fun. Hmmm do I really love eggs?!? Well maybe a better way to say it is that I like most methods of egg preparation except those where the yolk is still runny. I make a mean spinach & mushroom frittata. Yum! Time for breakfast!!

Thoughts on scary movies?  (not horror necessarily, but suspense or action/thrillers) My favorite. I like my movies like I like my books. Give me stories that are raw, gritty, and realistic, leaving me on the edge of my seat.

Do you believe in Karma? I sure do but not in the sense of always being payback or that Karma is a bitch. Hope! Now Hope, she/he/they is that fickle b-word.

Mr. Google says karma is destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. The effect from cause is the part I struggle to comprehend. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Really an all around crapshoot, don’t cha think?

GRATITUDE (as always optional)

At this moment, what you are most grateful for? my family without whom all this … whatever this is … would not be possible 🙂 Poor souls, they’re stuck with me.

Share Your World ~ 6/15/21

Melanie gives us some good questions. Let’s get this party started. Onward through the fog


What did you learn the hard way? The better question is what didn’t I learn the hard way. My list is endless, growing daily.

Which activities make you lose track of time? Blogging, reading, and listening to music.

Why do we seem to think of others the most after they’re gone? Like the song that 80s hair band Cinderella sings Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone).

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first? Not for me but for many it is possible. I think it’s called faith?

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

Please feel free to share your gratitude with everyone!   We can all use a boost in spirits from time to time!

Grateful for our PoPo who loaned me his Rav4 until I can get my car to the repair shop.

Share Your World ~ 6/8/21

Thanks Melanie for this set of interesting questions. My take follows …


What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen (or heard)? Why was it so bad? Oh my gawd, is there just one? The really bad ones get yanked before I can see them. I’m lumping together all the pharmaceutical commercials. They have the typical trope – beautiful people with a grimace but in seconds magically cured while the syrupy sweet narrator lists all the possible complications, giving the mandatory disclaimer to talk to your doctor. Stop! Just stop!!

In particular, Trintellix, a medication for depression, is on my list. This RX is heavily advertised during prime time TV. It was recommended to a family member. There is no generic or equivalent until forever. Still her doctor really wanted her to try it. Even offered samples. There is also a one time $10 deal from the drug maker but that is only for the first month. Successive months are “discounted” but nowhere near $10. Unaffordable to most. The monthly plan after said discount would have been more than a house payment. Eff that!! I tell ya what! And this is for someone with health insurance!! Shameful. Just shameful. This is one of the newest meds out there that could actually be an improvement over past anti-depressants. Break the cycle and all that jazz. Sadly, the average Joe-Schmoe will never find out.

What takes a lot of time but is totally worth it? Nothing, I am too tired from answering question #1. JK. Gardening. Maybe I’ll write more about that later. I ❤ growing groceries 🙂

Have you ever smiled at a stranger and then wished you hadn’t? Why or why not? Yes I have smiled at a stranger but no, I have never wished that I hadn’t. Lucky I guess. I am looking forward to reading what others had to say about any not so friendly smile experiences.

What do you think is the nastiest tasting food?  (This one might be a recycled question.  It’s familiar to me anyhow) Hands down liver. My mom prepared it the same way she did our venison steak. I have a very vivid memory of her not telling us it was liver then me taking a bite only to spit it out. Not enough onions to cover up that awful taste. Yep I love onions. Then years later, pregnant with Pony, I tried liver again because it was supposed to be good for me and the baby. Again one bite and done. I took iron pills instead.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Are you at peace with yourself?   Your world?   Please share, whether you said “yay” or “nay”! 

At any given time, I am at peace with myself and my world. But, and it’s a BIG but, I cycle through my emotions. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My mood can change hourly with any given day. Fun times living in my head. You should try it some time. LOL 🙂 Seriously, I jest. Talk about your oxymoron. I’ll keep my fun and spare you all or y’all or all y’all. Oh HaPpY day!!!

As always, more to come.

Share Your World ~ 6/1/21

Melanie lines up the questions and we knock em down! One by one, like bowling pins. Not really. We answer them. I’m rambling before I even start. Shocker I know!


What activity instantly calms you? Taking a deep breath or changing position. I have these techniques down to a science. Comes quite natural to me but I fought it for years. Not anymore and especially being work from home by myself. I can turn off the Zoom camera while still listening then get up to pace. Pacing always calms me.

There is also something to be said for “shaking if off” not just Taylor Swift’s song but the actual doing shaking. I get up, take in some deep breaths, flap or stretch my arms, kick my legs, wave my hands and that stops the intrusive thoughts dead in their tracks even if only temporarily. For me, I cannot move and be nervous at the same time. Weird as that sounds, moving calms me.

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve done lately? I got my underarms and legs waxed for the first time in 15 months. I had already paid for a wax pass in March of 2020, mere days before the stay orders became a reality. They’ve been open with new protocols for some time now but I wasn’t ready. They only do appointments so maybe that takes some spontaneity out of it. Still I decided spur of the moment and acted same day to get in.

I have (8 x 2 body parts) more sessions already bought and paid for. Once they are exhausted, I am done forever. If the pandemic taught me anything it is to not do anything I don’t really want to do. So many of my actions pre-Rona were because I thought that was the expectation. Now quite frankly I don’t give a flying fuck. And when I go back into the office dress code be damned. Personal hygiene is one thing. I will do all that as I have done everyday for myself even at home. But the extras? Hell nope!! My time is better spent. Maybe I get lucky and they send me home for forgetting I must keep my shoes on.

If people receive a purple heart for bravery, what would other color hearts represent? (Example yellow heart = cowardice). Here are a few of my guesses … Blue heart for first responders? Green heart for nature/gardens? Yellow heart for sunshine. Black heart for Joan Jett?

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done or witnessed someone else do? Hmm. I jumped into the pool to rescue my nephew when he was about three or four years old. All afternoon he had been jumping from the side for someone to catch him. Over and over. The game had ended but he wanted one more go, this time without his floaties, and without signalling for someone to catch him. Scary as it was, we were all there with him and no one noticed that last jump.

I had gotten out and was sitting on a lounge chair reading the Shining. I looked over, saw him struggling, then without thought, I jumped in. The pool was graduated from ankle high water to about 10-12 ft. Fortunately he jumped off the side into the pool where it was @ 6 feet deep. I put him on my shoulders like we did when playing chicken fight so his head was out of the water. He had been up on my shoulders before and quit squirming. Thank goodness my feet touched the bottom and I was able to walk to 5ft, then 4ft. Once my head and chest were above the water line, I moved him off my shoulders to cradle him in my arms. He threw up goldfish crackers and all kinds of snot. My sister thinks I saved his life.

Was that brave or lucky? Maybe more lucky …

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional)

How do you show gratitude to the people you respect? Trying to model their behavior and pass that along to others. The whole pay it forward mentality. When my brother in law was dying from pancreatic cancer, his one request of his loved ones was not for himself. He told everyone to pay it forward in his memory … often and for as long as we can. Nothing was too small either. Gratitude in perpetuity. Ahhhh, now that’s the sweet stuff 🙂

As always, more to come.

Share Your World ~ 5/25/21

I’m with Melanie! 2021 is definitely flying by making up for the lost laggard daze of 2020. Hold on to your hats my good fellows. Now for the Q&A …


What are you most proud of in the last year? My momma raised me to believe pride was a sin. Maybe only a venial sin but still being a sinner scared the bejesus out of me. I go to the extreme to be proud of nothing. My kids were impacted by my less than enthusiastic reaction to their accomplishments. It wasn’t me not being proud but me disliking the bragging, better than you mentality of too many parents these days. For that I am very sorry because with balance maybe I could have found something to brag about where my kids are concerned.

If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or give in to the child within and splash about? Depends on what shoes I am wearing. If at home around the place, you better believing I am kicking off my shoes and splashing. I have such fond memories of playing in water after the rain as a child. My brothers and I would sail little plastic boats down Pecan Valley Drive. The area was poorly developed which meant there was always running water to the drainage ditch which filled up like a cesspool. The water was really dirty at a minimum with oil off the roads. We’d be pirates on a treasure hunt finding shopping carts, tires, shoes, and other miscellaneous “things”.

Do you feel free? Why or why not? Hmm. Both. Technically I know I’m free but with that freedom comes accountability/responsibility. I stop myself more often than not which leads me to believe I’m captive if by only my own self imposed actions.

What life skills are rarely taught but are extremely useful? Money management. Things like how to budget and balance one’s accounts. It’s official, I have become my parents.


“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” by AA Milne

My heart is also very small yet I strive to be more like Piglet.