Flashback Friday ~ 4/7/23

One year ago on this day it was a Thursday. I had my consultation with the surgeon. My pain was off the charts. This post was what I quickly wrote on my iPhone while in the waiting room.

I haven’t written about my pain in a brief while because it is better. Sssssshhhh! Don’t say it out loud or I will jinx myself.

I’m not cured but I have come to find some of the physical is mentally inspired. I know logically I can’t wish myself well but I can wish for peace & feel it! Weird right?

That waiting room certainly gave me perspective since I was the least of the infirmed. I drove myself & walked in on my own volition. I stood instead of sat. I mean just to be able to stand is a struggle for some. Look at poor MoMo who is wheelchair bound.

Today is a rainy mess. Not complaining about the rain or the cooler temps though. In fact, I am grateful. I’m even thinking of extending well wishes to those who will likely not respond to me. Hmmm, what would you do? Decisions, decisions.

Wishing you the best fine folks of bloglandia!

As always, more to come.

Flashback Friday ~ 3/31/23

In looking for a Flashback Friday, I went to 3/31/17. This was about nine months into my first year as a blogger. Then I looked at 3/31/18 & realized I was much more prolific back then. I wrote three different posts on 3/31/17 with 89 posts total for March of 2018.

What the what?!?!?

Now I’ve calmed down to write one or two posts everyday with this being #1691 in a row. Yeah buddy! Here’s a little secret, I think my writing skillz have become flat. Not sure exactly what I mean by that but I was much more cheeky then & I hurled profanity, keeping it real. I was Hemingway bleeding on a page y’all. My angst, had its own angst.

These days I write as if I’m scared. Okay, I was scared. FB banned my blog (they let me back in but I’m not biting). A few DMs came my way that put me on pause. Life kept happening but I posted my views in a more subtle way. Don’t laugh, I have been reigning it in these days. Feels less genuine somehow. I’d like to get an edge back.

Okay, now for the main event. Five years ago was a Saturday. This was my #SoCS post. Hope you enjoy the recycle. The video may not work but the movie is out there. Pulp Fiction finest.

As always, more to come.

Flashback Friday ~ 3/24/23

I had the best time ever as I re-read old posts looking for a flashback. I need to get to reading again in order to repurpose this day as Friday Book Club. Lulu is moving out soon & then I will read again. For now, we are spending lots of time together. More than typical as she packs & decides on what’s needed. She left me once & I survived. I will survive again. I hope ….

We are nothing if not creatures of habit. March 17th 2017 we spent the day at the McNay. March 17, 2023, we did that again. HERE is that post. Not sure why I didn’t write about our day there this year. It was a very good one.

We went through the exhibit called Womanish. Then we saw the costumes from Broadway exhibit. Finally we toured the new sculptures on the lawn. Afterwards we dined at WD Deli where for dessert we enjoyed salty butterscotch. Finally as the day came to a close, I bought a new vehicle. Lulu will officially be leaving me in my (now her) 2013 Buick. Bittersweet I tell ya what!

And that’s enough for now.

As always, more to come.

Friday Feels, Friday Flashback, & Friday Tunes ~ 2/24/23

My feelings are a hodgepodge today folks. My mind it flitting around like a gnat. Flit, flit, flit … or sH!t, sH!t, sH!t … lol

When I looked at posts from this day all the way back to 2017, I found a surprise posted on 2/25/17, the day after today, six years ago. You figure that math out. haha!

Not truly a surprise because I wrote the post but one I had forgotten about making the topic new again. If only WP had a memories feature like the dreaded fauxboo. Yep I’m making up words now. Say it like ya mean it. Faux-boooooooo. I really like being reminded randomly of my healing therapeutic writing. I wasn’t pleased with any offerings on this day though so I skipped the flashback.

To calm the fruit flies or gnats or whatever my thoughts have become, I am centering myself with tunes right now. Two Saturdays ago, Lulu & I road tripped it to Waco & reunited with family, my sister, her girls, my niece’s baby boy, six weeks old. Yes I am a GREAT aunt, emphasis on the GREAT. My other niece’s BF, I really like that kid. Together they are adorable!! My nephews flew in from AZ, one of whom was celebrating his b-day with us. I love these two as well with my whole heart!

As with any road trip, the music makes the ride soothing. A cover of “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” came on the station 103.5 FM – BOB. We no longer have BOB is SATX, instead we have 102.7 JACK. JACK is no BOB and vice versa despite the less commercials more music from the 70s to today theme. I remember we heard the same song on a prior road trip some years before. The group was Ka-Ko or Ko-Ka or something like that. I made a mental note this time to YouTube the song but sadly all I found was the original sung by Lynn Anderson. Sorry Lynn but boo. Until today that is!!! Gnat thinking for the win!! Here ya go folks … and you’re welcome ❤

As always more to come!

Flashback Friday ~ 2/10/23

I’m trying something new since I’m still reading & don’t have a Friday Book Club to produce until I’m done. I’ve been too anxious to sit still & read but I need to change that. My reading to escape generally helps me. Okay, let’s roll.

HERE is a link to a post on Wrote on this day 2/10/22 – Thursday Thoughts. I was 10 lbs heavier a year ago on this day & charting my high blood pressure, which is under control again thanks to lifestyle changes. Now that won’t always work but in my case it did. Weight loss in combo with movement, there ever so important physical therapy has worked wonders. No cure but better, manageable, & that’s something.

I was selected to speak at the town hall but on this day last year, my doing so was not a done deal. I now have a 4 minute recording of my speech that I should share here though I’m not sure that’s allowed. It’s me talking & there’s no business being shared but still there are rules for everything. I guess the recording will stay in my personal archives.

I have moved up in rank to #76 out of about 37K employees after mass retirements before 12/31/22. I was close to leaping myself but decided to stay with my original plan of 4 more years! Sure I lost money due to interest rates as did all lump sum pension plans but to help get me through it, that wasn’t my money yet. I may be saying this wrong but it was like unrealized capital gains??? I didn’t pay in a single penny either. Plus my balance in four years could go back up. Not to the 12/31/22 all time high but still more than it is today.

Alrighty, time to make the donuts. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Peace out.

As always, more to come.