#Grateful ~ 12/11/20

A week ago I wrote about sitting in such a constant state of worry that I’m not really living. At least that’s what is in this post if you read between the lines. Always the Queen of Innuendo or the Queen comma Drama.

Taking my emotional well being back into my own hands, I am once again writing in a gratitude journal. Three things each day. Repetition is okay too says the lovely Mary. I share her wonderful post with you now. Written back on 11/25/20 and read by me as I decompressed on 11/27/20, these words were something I didn’t realize I needed to see until I read it. And since that fateful day otherwise known as Black Friday 2020, I have stuck to my guns.

This orange hardback gratitude journal of my feature image was purchased by me over five years ago at a Barnes & Nobles Black Friday sale. Ironic, don’t cha think? Move on Alanis, this is not stream.

Ya see I never pay full price for anything … or for many things. I shop for bargains with the best of them. But this journal was too pretty to use. Instead for a brief window in 2019, I wrote my three grateful things a day in my commonplace book. I was waiting for lightning to strike or some other “special” event to spur me into using this preformatted record. I guess I bought the journal for show. Haha!

But no more for show! I now have two weeks worth of entries. I have created a practice to write my three new or recycled things for which I am eternally grateful. Then I re-read past entries from day one aka 11/27/20 aka the day I started trying once again to let go. And my attitude is slowly adjusting for the better. I know I will never be “cured” but this exercise calms what ails me. Aaahhh now that’s the sweet stuff.

As always, more to come.

#Grateful 7/17/20

Yesterday I got SURPRISE.  I already knew I worked for the best company ever and this act of kindness absolutely made my day and reaffirmed my belief.  I heard the door bell ring and heard the person scurry away ala ding dong ditch.  Did ya ever play that game?  Priceless.  Anyways, I brought in the box thinking it was the bluejeans we had ordered for B.  I placed the box unopened on the table.  When B got home, this happened:

Me: did you see your blue jeans on the table

Him: yea I saw them

As he brought the box to the bar and got out the scissors to break the seal

Him:  Hey this isn’t for me

Me: What is it then?

Him: I can’t tell without my glasses but they are not jeans.  I think it’s for you.

Aren’t we a pair?  He continued to unwrap the contents as Pony and Lulu joined him.

Cutting to the chase, they were cookies!!!  One dozen assorted from David’s Cookies … baking since 1979.  And six were oatmeal raisin! Which only I like.  Yeah buddy!!!!

The card read “Thank you for everything you do, every single day!  Stay safe, Your Leadership Team”.  The insert/packing slip had my name, address, and the words we are grateful for you.

Awwww saweet!  TGIF.  Hope you enjoy a wonderful Friday!!! #Free48

As always, more to come.



Friday Reflections 2/7/20

I am starting something new but will not create a category as that is the fastest way to an end for my ideas.  I have been loving life lately and decided that Friday is as good a day as any to reflect and give thanks.  For ALL of it … the good the bad and they ugly.  For without a few stumbles, we’d never learn how to run.  Oh boy.  Hope you’re wearing boots.  LOL

  • Super Bowl Sunday watch party with a lasagna dinner and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert to honor the man who built the Internet turning 77 years young.
  • Happy anniversary to me and the love keeps pouring in.  The nostalgia of it all.  Priceless. I ❤ my job and plan to stay another decade.  I will count down too.
  • Reaching goals – 50K steps per week for 3 weeks … working on finishing up week 4.  I started this for points to be converted into money off health insurance premiums and it turned into FUN!  Yes I said it.  Exercise is FUN!!  I have walking buddies now too or people who I have seen walking my same path each morning at the b’crack of dawn.  They were there before me and new folks join in and leave all the time.  Or so I have been told. The more I walk, the more I want to walk.  I take extra laps everywhere I go now.  I am addicted.  I used to run cross country but my knees no longer allow me to run but dang if this walking thing is not a fairly decent surrogate.

More next week if I didn’t just jink myself.

As always, more to come.

TGIR and #Grateful 10/10/19

Thank goodness it’s Thursday (TGIR) or “Friday eve” as folks sometimes call it.  I always use “R” for Thursday because I went to San Antonio College aka SAC aka San Pedro High.  Shame on people for harshing on a junior college.  I truly had some of the best teachers there.  Plus the Scobee planetarium is renown.  Dare I say world famous.  Or famous in my own world.  lol 🙂

Anywho, I come here today to show some gratitude.  I had stopped doing that for reasons unknown but now I am ready to begin again.

  1. Morning phone call from baby girl
  2. Reconnecting
  3. The mothership

Yes I said it and I meant it.  I am grateful to be back at home office.  Bitter party of one has left the building … with Elvis.  Sure I still and probably will always miss the river walk but there are pockets of sunshine everywhere if one takes a few seconds to look.

As always, more to come.

#Grateful 8/5/19

The things you hear in quality audits are eye opening.  While keeping anonymity, I want to share what I’ve learned about the economic condition.  Maybe B and I don’t have it so bad huh?

Customer Service Rep (CSR): Let’s fill in some missing info.

CSR continued: Are you retired?

Mr. Jones: No I’m still working.

CSR: What are you doing?

Mr. Jones: Trying to sell cars.

CSR: Is that full time, part time?

Mr. Jones: Full time I guess.  If they’re open, I’m on the lot.

CSR: Are you in the finance department?

Mr. Jones: No, I am a salesman.  I work on commission.

What’s missing from the above is a tiny piece of information.  The customer is 76 years young (as my daddy would have said).  Not old.  Young.  Mr. Jones is 76 and still working@!

He went on to explain he has two grand kids that needed his help.  He said he helped them and it depleted his savings.  He is living paycheck to paycheck.  His words.  Not mine.

Then right after this call the next one paraphrased ended like this:

Happy Customer: “I’m going to cry! The savings on my insurance is a blessing.  I am going to buy some new clothes for back to school.”

Earlier in the conversation she had said “I shop at Old Navy.  I am a teacher with a teacher’s salary.  No Louis Vuitton for me”

Makes me realize that B and I have first world problems.  Nothing to complain about.  Though on any given day, complain I will.  Though maybe next time I’ll stop myself and be grateful.

As always, more to come.