Thank Goodness the Grass at the McNay is Not Full of Poison Ivy

cuz then maybe I’d be all itchy!

Lulu and I had a banner day!  Fan-freakin-tastic! Beginning at the McNay.  My first stop is and will always be to see my kindred spirit, a sculpture aptly titled Woman and Sheep!  I call this, Two women in grass with Sheep.  Lol!  We’re little Bow-Peeps who have lost our sheep(s).  I know one doesn’t add the s to make sheep plural.  But peeps and sheeps … it’s funny y’all.


Not to worry, I won’t quit my day job!

As always, more to come.

Wing Stop

Have you heard of em? Asking in case they’re a regional thing.  Anyway …

I do a call-in. As in call-in a to-go order.

Ring! Ring!

Clerk: Thank you for calling WingStop! Home of the wing experts.

Me: Hi, I’d like to place an order for carry-out.

Clerk: Ma’am before you start we’re out of the classic wings. We only have boneless.

Me: That’s OK, I want the 16 piece boneless wing strips family pack 

Order taken, to be ready in 18 minutes.  Off I go.  I get there and enter, then …

Clerk: How may I help you?

Me: Call in order for J-Dub.

Clerk (calling to his manager): Miss, she’s here.

Me: (thought bubble only) This can’t be good.

Manager: I’m so sorry, he didn’t get your phone number or we would have called you.  We do have boneless wings but we are out of the strips.  Do you want the wings?

Me: What’s the difference?

Manager: two wings make one strip, we’ll give you 32 wings.  The fries and rolls will be no charge.

Me: Sounds good, I’ll take that.

The usual cost for 30 piece boneless wing family pack is $31.99 plus tax.  And don’t you know I used my 15% off discount card good until August 2018 as well.  Total cost $17.28.  All thanks to free fries and rolls.  No wonder they are out of stuff, they’re giving it away.

As always, more to come.

Resolutions Suck. (Make them anyway.)

Pavowski hits the nail on the head with this post. This part right here … when he writes “That’s because we make resolutions at the new year because we feel like we’re supposed to. Which is bullsharknado. The time to make a resolution is when it’s time to do the thing, when that little voice inside you — your conscience, the twin you absorbed in the womb, or god if that’s your thing — tells you this thing has to happen NOW. When, if you don’t do the thing now, you will suffer” Bullsharknado! Now I have to find a way to use that in a sentence!!! 🙂 So good, I had to share!!!

Accidentally Inspired

It’s sort of my style to gripe and complain about things around here. Every year I take more than a couple of posts out to pooh-pooh the things that tend to wind most people up: New Year’s Resolutions. National Novel Writing Month. Birthdays. Puppies. Maybe it’s my skeptical nature, maybe it’s some deep-seated, culturally-cultivated urge to strive against, or I dunno, maybe at my core I really am just a grinch.

But here at the end of 2017 I find myself looking around and I see I haven’t done quite so much of that. Hard to say why off the cuff, except to point out that 2017 seems to have been a generally crappy year for lots of creatives, particularly those of us who lean liberal. No politics today, except to point out that it’s been hard to exist in the world without taking a higher-than-usual interest in politics…

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#SoCS for 12/30/17 ~ Resolution

Resolution is the prompt of the day.  The obvious choice is to write about New Year’s resolutions.  Since I am not overly creative, I started this flow with the obvious by  thinking about my list of things to change/do/stop … you know resolve.  But then I asked Lulu …

Me: “Hey baby girl what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say resolution?”

Lulu: “Hmmm, maybe when you solve a problem, you reach a resolution?”

Me: “Huh, that is Webster’s second definition.  I am going with that”

I wish we could reach a resolution for homelessness.

Yesterday as I drove to the bank, in my car, with a full tank of gas, a heater to warm me and tunes to soothe me, I was stopped at a red light.  I looked slightly to my left and there stood Miguel.  I’ve given him food through the car window before …cookies and snacks.  A tea from Bill Miller’s when it was hot outside.  Most recently I gave him a hand sanitizer that he seemed to get really excited over.

This time I had nothing with me.  Plus he was one lane over from me in the median by the inside lane.  It was very cold and he looked miserable.  Though his sign had a bright red and green Merry Christmas message.  He was smiling like he always does.  I have no idea what struck me but I lost it.  Miguel!  Why Miguel?  Why not me?

My mind was racing as it always does.  How does this happen? Why am I the one in this car with a place to sleep tonight? What can I do to invoke change?

Then the light turn green.  I wiped my eyes.  And I drove to the bank, in my car, with a full tank of gas, a heater to warm me and tunes to soothe me.

Coward.  I feel like a coward.  All talk and no action.  So I plan to educate myself on what can be done.  On how I can help.  To become part of the resolution.

Here are the rules and ping back. We’d love to have you join the band of prompt responders.

As always, more to come.

As Talented As His Daddy

I’ve read how he broke into the business on his own merits. Not laying claim to the King name. The lookalike son is as talented as his daddy. I’ve only just begun (Karen Carpenter) but I’m in … hook line and sinker. Joe Hill – Strange Weather is on tap.

The book is comprised of four short stories. I’m midway through Snapshot … story #1. Scene: 1980s suburbia. Mike Figlione teenage outcast and his dad make sympathetic characters.

Then there is the Afrikaner and his wife Shelly. Writing in an accent is such as skill. I read a few paragraphs out loud which caused Lulu to giggle. Not because of the subject matter which is dark but because I sound like Arnold the Terminator.

Mobil Mart employees: protective mom and all star son Mat could come back into the “picture”.

Finally the Phoenician is the ultimate bad guy. I haven’t gotten far enough to say more about him.

I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

Featured photo: heater, book, me in penguin 🐧 pajamas with favorite snowman ⛄️ socks and floral slides. Always out of style or styling like a fox 🦊.

As always more to come.