#SoCS for 12/30/17 ~ Resolution

Resolution is the prompt of the day.  The obvious choice is to write about New Year’s resolutions.  Since I am not overly creative, I started this flow with the obvious by  thinking about my list of things to change/do/stop … you know resolve.  But then I asked Lulu …

Me: “Hey baby girl what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say resolution?”

Lulu: “Hmmm, maybe when you solve a problem, you reach a resolution?”

Me: “Huh, that is Webster’s second definition.  I am going with that”

I wish we could reach a resolution for homelessness.

Yesterday as I drove to the bank, in my car, with a full tank of gas, a heater to warm me and tunes to soothe me, I was stopped at a red light.  I looked slightly to my left and there stood Miguel.  I’ve given him food through the car window before …cookies and snacks.  A tea from Bill Miller’s when it was hot outside.  Most recently I gave him a hand sanitizer that he seemed to get really excited over.

This time I had nothing with me.  Plus he was one lane over from me in the median by the inside lane.  It was very cold and he looked miserable.  Though his sign had a bright red and green Merry Christmas message.  He was smiling like he always does.  I have no idea what struck me but I lost it.  Miguel!  Why Miguel?  Why not me?

My mind was racing as it always does.  How does this happen? Why am I the one in this car with a place to sleep tonight? What can I do to invoke change?

Then the light turn green.  I wiped my eyes.  And I drove to the bank, in my car, with a full tank of gas, a heater to warm me and tunes to soothe me.

Coward.  I feel like a coward.  All talk and no action.  So I plan to educate myself on what can be done.  On how I can help.  To become part of the resolution.

Here are the rules and ping back. We’d love to have you join the band of prompt responders.

As always, more to come.

8 thoughts on “#SoCS for 12/30/17 ~ Resolution

  1. Perhaps your local homeless shelter needs volunteers in the kitchen? It’s not much, but maybe if you have the chance to talk to the people who live on the street, you’ll come up with some ideas. In the meantime, you’re doing what you can, which is more than most of us do. Your caring, I’m sure, goes a long way. 🙂

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  2. A problem that’s close to my heart, and there are too many times when I feel like a coward, too. Please share any ideas you come up with — power in numbers, right?

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    1. Yes! Always power in numbers. I read an entire post yesterday from a social worker who deals exclusively with homelessness. Much of what she said made sense though it shocked me to my core. People donate blankets, they cannot be distributed because of problems with bed bugs so they get tossed. OMG! Blankets are available and they are thrown away. My nephew and his family have a tradition to hand out homemade cookies Christmas Day. This year, they could only try to pass out the cookies before police intervened. Very sad. All people agree on is that the situation is complicated with no easy answers. I will keep looking though and share what I find out.


  3. There are more and more homeless people about and sadly I can see no quick resolution to the problems.. we can only do so much and it sounds like you are doing your bit. Happy New Year 💜💜💜

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    1. This time of year seems to make what’s happening more evident. Not sure why, if it is the weather or otherwise. Thanks John! Happy New Year to you too!!


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