Before and After ~ Top or Bottom

Mind outta the gutter people.  This is a G rated post.

I am spring cleaning in December.  It started at home.  One of Lulu’s Christmas gifts to me.  I had a “nest” in the corner of my bedroom room.  All that “stuff” bugged me but I also did nothing about it.  The “stuff” was not gross, food product or anything like that.  Basically I collect bags and interchange them regularly.  These totes from various trips – vacation and shopping were full of things I had forgotten about.  “Necessary” things …NOT!

We put the nest contents on top of my bed.  Then we proceed to organize all of it for what felt like hours.  Several trips were made to the shredder with receipts.  We found more pens and notepads than I could use in a lifetime.  My collection of tchotchke that I brought home from work when I moved downtown over two years ago was in there too. Lulu took over when I wavered.

Toss it mom!  Really, just toss it!

We ended with a place for everything and everything in its’ place.

Today at work I did the same with my drawers.  Spring cleaning in December – Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to me!  This time I was solo but I channeled my inner Lulu and got it done.  I brought back some (not all) of the tchotchke.  I am brightening my space.  I know I can be a one bin person again if needed. Right now, I don’t need to be.

Look at this handiwork folks!

I can lock up my new laptop and peripherals versus carting them all over the place with me.  I’ve got a wounded wing ya know. But your questions … should you choose to participate in this guessing game are …

Is the picture a before and after? Or a top and bottom?

If Lulu was asking, before and after would be correct.  She de-clutters.  If Pony was asking, top and bottom would be correct.  In fact, when he was a kid, his only method of cleaning was to toss everything into his closet.

Could it be I took all my “stuff” from the top draw and threw it into the bottom?  No! Never! Well … Oh Sssshhhh!! I am not telling.

As always, more to come.


I Resemble That Remark

Background: We were watching a Shark Tank re-run.  Don’t ask why when so many other options of shows to watch were available.  Anyhoo.  That’s it for the background.

Oh wait! The idea: to expand some hair brush thingy for little kids that doesn’t hurt.  A de-tangler.  Not like there aren’t already a bazillion of those in the marketplace.  Anyhoo part two.  That’s it for the background.

Well except this … the entrepreneur splashes onto the stage and goes for it.  I mean full throttle. Yackety-yack.  Hands waving. Giving it her all.

Lulu and B are looking at each other, then they both look at me.

Me: What?

B: Well we found her … your long-lost twin.

Lulu: Dad is right.  She is your twin.

Me: What? I am not like that.  I have no ideas. I am introverted and would never pitch anything to the sharks, they are brutal.

B: You’re not introverted.  I’m introverted.  You talk to anybody and everybody … all the time.

Me:  Only if they’re strangers!

Pfft!  Mumble, mumble. I am shy! And the Sharks are … BRUTAL.  Barbara even said while she liked the concept, no one would want to work with someone who’s personality was over the top.  Cuban got personal too; something about her driving him crazy.

Still she continues as one by one the Sharks say “I’m out”.  She is calming down … explaining she is nervous; she is not always this excitable.  Tearfully she told them to ask her family. They’d vouch for her.  She could be less … excitable.  She did what she did since she was only allotted a short time to convince them.  This was her shot.  Again she said she could dial it back and be professional.

Pissed me off because she should not have to change for anyone else.  F-You Sharks! Except for Lori.

Lori took the chance. The lady got her deal. Tangle Pets expanded in the market.

Me: I wonder if that is what people think about me … that I’m hard to work with.  Guess I will dial it way back too.

Lulu: Hey now.  Your passion is why we love you … my larger than life momma.

B: You keep things interesting.  Well more than that.  You are our glue.

Me – no words just tears.  Probably the messages to combat negativity that are added to each pet pulled at my heartstrings too.  That or something was in my eye.

Lulu: Yep, that family is lucky to have her like we are lucky to have you.

For the record, I am shy.  Painfully so.  Except with people I do not know.  Hey, I am a poet and I didn’t know it.

As always, more to come.

Maybe you really do get what you pay for?

I would have never purchased a Yeti cup despite all the rave reviews. However when I got one for free I surely didn’t complain. My one minor critique is it’s a stainless steel cup and I have grubby little fingers. I think I would’ve picked a different color to avoid the finger prints Otherwise I am loving it.

Coffee went in at 6:30 am and I finished my last drop at noon. The slow sipping over time is my usual MO. What’s different today is my last drop was still hot. Not lukewarm either! Real deal hot!

Now B won’t be grossed out by my drinking cold coffee. “How can you do that?” he always asks. “Easy I don’t put anything in it. Good to the last drop” I always respond. You’d think after 30 plus years he’d quit asking. But no, it’s our comfortable familiar banter.

Thanks to my employer for gifting me this tumbler as reward for earning healthy points. I’ve always been a carrot 🥕 and stick kinda gal. Hoping it’s something just as good as an incentive next year.

As always more to come.