Christmas Poll #6

Do you or don’t you send Christmas cards?

A product of my environment, I only sporadically sent Christmas cards until I quit and this was way before my cranky phase.  Now that I am back in the holiday spirit, I still do not send.  I am lazy.  I admit it.  And my quirks kick into hyper-overdrive.  You can’t forget someone or be hurt that someone forgot you if you do not participate.  I think that is called self-preservation.  When I try to participate, I overthink and second guess everything.  This goes for buying gifts too.  Talk about your proverbial deer in the headlights.  Look it up, you’ll see me 🙂

Mom would spend hours prepping cards with a personal note, addressing, and then mailing cards but only to people she would not see.  For whatever reason, her tradition did not include people you actually spent time with over the holidays.  I have no idea if that had anything to do with the cost of postage or what.  It was just her way.

I also remember she kept a box or two or three of chocolate mints and a pair or two of socks wrapped just in case someone dropped by and/or we need a real quick gift for someone unexpected.  Small tokens really,  just the thought that counts.

As always, more to come.