The Grill Challenge

Lulu: He said “damn” (referring to Gordon as he cut Noah’s steak)

Lulu (continued): That could be a good damn or a bad damn

Cut to commercial.

We’re Loving Master Chef.

Baby Micah is knocking it outta the park.

Sarah may have had her recipe featured but he’s still my favorite.

As always more to come.


Borrow The Lyrics Challenge – “Goody Two Shoes”

Borrow the Lyrics Challenge – Texas in My Rear View Mirror


(4) I was tagged for this challenge by Barbara aka ghostmmnc. Thanks so much!! Challenge accepted!! 🙂

You can find her fantastic blog as it relates to this challenge at the above link. Take a peek around the rest of her blog and see what she has to offer.  You’ll be glad you did.

“Borrow the Lyrics Challenge” was created by PJ — I’m Sorry for the Inconvenience.



  1. You need to choose a verse from a song and use it in an original poem or story.
  2. You must include the name of the song and the singer at the end or beginning.
  3. You need to challenge someone else and invent ONE rule they need to follow.
  4. You must credit the person who started this challenge and the person who challenged you (see above.)
  5. You must include the rules of this challenge.

The song I chose was “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam Ant – Writer(s): GODDARD STUART LESLIE, PIRRONI MARCO (2).  The particular verse I honed in on was the chorus:

Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?
Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?
Subtle innuendos follow
 There must be something inside (1)

I love poetry but as you can see I am going for original story of the stream of consciousness kind.  I’m an 80’s baby y’all.  This song and MTV were huge influences on me as a teen.  My parents would walk by and see what was on the TV then ask “What the heck are you watching???” 

Mind you there was no censorship but the same question WTH?? with a shake of the head like not my style.  My parents were very you do you.  I was very fortunate for that I think.  I remember my Aunt Jo talking to my mother saying they told their kids/my cousins everything because they wanted to control the content.  No matter how “adult” the topic was my cousins knew about it and they’d share with us.  My mother finally broke down and would say she didn’t want us to get wrong info out on the street somewhere.

The only rules we had growing up were do your chores and don’t break the laws outside this house. Oh and the ten Commandments.  Don’t break any of those either.

As the youngest, I had plenty examples of what not to do.  That made me the proverbial “goody two shoes”.  I could do basically anything I wanted (within reason) which might be why I chose not to partake.  Never mind I had earned a nickname of “1/2 Beer Jill”.  Sometimes the best lessons come from delinquency.  (1)

(3) Now I choose Jim Adams to join in should he agree to participate.  My new rule for Jim is to choose a song based on an element – air, water, wind or fire (6).

As always, more to come.

Sing Along Song of the Day 7/3/19

Monday 7/1/19, at Uncle Bubbie’s service, I sung every word of this song remembering by heart.  My mind wandered as it always does to being in St. Margaret Mary’s church at weekly Friday Mass many moons ago.  40 years to be exact!!!  Hey we missed our anniversary :(.  Our once strong community has splintered apart forming new communities.  The school has closed.  The rectory is gone and the plot of green grass in its’ place looks quite a bit smaller.  Still many elements remain the same.  That Church will always be home.

Aaaahhh I am at peace.  This song brings me comfort.  Remembering those who have gone before … recently to all the way back to May 1967 when I was too young to know what was happening yet the events deeply impacted who I am today.  And as Sr. Angelee always said “C’mon boys and girls! Sing out loud with the voice the good Lord gave you!!!”

As always, more to come.

Master Chef 5/29/19

New for season 10. The 19 year old from Grand Rapids MI gets the battle card from Gordon. He’ll cook off against whoever Joe and Aaron give their cards to. Street kid with a single tear running down his cheek started the waterworks for me. His family said “if you try out, don’t come home.” They’re completely against his wanting a career in the culinary arts. Here’s hoping he won’t need a place to go. Battle on!

As always more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of “Book Smart”

Pretty sure no one has heard of this movie.  Definitely won’t make the Oscars.  This movie is a coming of age film about high schoolers … Class of 2019.  Centers around the parties on the night before graduation.  The relationships.  Overdone theme for sure.  No spoilers just speaking in generalities.

Directorial debut by Olivia Wilde.  Not half bad .. it was all bad.  Haha. Just joshing by citing the Muppets.   Truly this movie was not half bad.  With graduations this month and into the next, the timing was right.  Nice cameo by husband Jason Sudeikis.  I can think of worse ways to spend my Sunday.

J-Dub’s rating 3 of 5 stars.  Suggest waiting until this gem comes out on DVD.

As always, more to come.



Master Chef Junior

I love this show. Those kids are amazing. Reid accidentally burned himself. Medics treated right away. Then Reid says he’s going back out there.

Jaala knocks it outta the park and she’s can’t even taste her scallops.

And now Aaron might go home. I love that kid. When Gordon asked him how’d you do? He replied middle or toward the bottom. Some adults can’t admit or accept that kind of feedback.

He should stay for his honesty. Of course I don’t want any of them to go home.

As always more to come.