Ehhh What’d You Say?

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Ehhh – I love sound effects. Go on click it :); you know you want to.

After many years wearing a headset for work and listening to blaring music, I cannot hear as well as I once did.  I am better about it not bothering me when I have to ask someone to repeat themselves. Better to ask  What’d you say? than to pretend I heard something that I didn’t.  One can get in muchos trouble that way.

This afternoon Lulu and I had our hair done.  Me the usual covering the roots and Lulu an asymmetrical pixie cut and dark chestnut brown.  Lots of hair hit the floor.  Sometimes she is fearless with her look.  I need to remember that can translate into other fearlessness and why not in a good way??  I am only allowing positive thoughts!!!

She looks adorable.  To keep the look, she needs wax spray.  It’s a thing y’all.  And we bought some.  As I checked out what I heard was that’ll be $165.

Ehhh, what?  

Followed by $21.65 <insert look of J-Dub’s confusion>

Cuz what I heard again was $165

Ehhh what?  

Followed by $21.65 <insert, look of J-Dub’s understanding>

Oh thank goodness!!  Lulu was gonna have to melt some crayons for that wax.  Lol!

Of course, that is not all.  Why no.  I am on a roll.  As we drive along, the song Attention by Charlie Puth comes on.  I hear this song at least once a day five days a week.  I have no idea what the words are but I think they are weird.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me: What the hell is turtle on my knee?

Lulu: What do you mean?

Me: The song, (I sing) you’ve been running round, running round, running round throwing that turtle on my knee

Lulu: Turd all on my name (she did not say this, though it is what I heard)

Me: What is a turd all on my name mean?

Lulu:  Turd?  I said DIRT all on my name.  You know talking trash about someone. Trashing talking is an expression from your era right?

Me: Yea it is.  Well I guess he is not saying you just want to touch me

Lulu: The title mom, he is saying You just want attention.  I think you do too!

Me:  Lol!  Tis true I sure to DO!!!!

Take a listen peeps and tell me what you hear!   Attention by Charlie Puth   I picked a video that has the lyrics for ya.  You can thank me later 😉

As always more to come.

What’s your favorite concert memory?

Music To My Ears, Sing Along Song Of The Day 🎤

From FB, names removed, posted 3 years ago today:

TBT – this time an event picture, not a people picture. And oh what a event it was … right friends? V’s  sweet mom stood in line outside McCreless Mall for who knows how long to get us these fabulous seats to my first ever concert ~ Rush! I threw the Scorpions ticket in for good measure. I remember such good times on Monticello, listening to Rush 2112, Scorpions Animal Magnetism and Aerosmith Toys in the Attic. V’s brother had the best sound system. We’d stand on the bed head board so we could put our ears closer to the speakers and jam this mother out! Love you guys XOXOXOXO

Getting My Steps In

Because We All Need A Little Levity, Music To My Ears

And so MUCH more!  All links are active.  Feel free to wander around this post at your leisure.  Enjoy!

This morning I left my phone at home when we went to Denny’s.  Partially on purpose in order to “Be Here Now” and have breakfast conversations with mi familia but also I simply forgot.  I am a creature of habit and when I fell asleep reading last night, I left my phone on the living room end table instead of the usual spot.

Well if you have read any of my prior posts, you know we always forget something at the grocery store.  This despite always having a list.  Since my first trip to the store was without a phone, I was unable to track my steps.  I told B and Lulu that this time I was taking my phone and before I picked up the aluminum foil (we are having BBQ chicken tonight YuM!) I was going to walk some laps.  You see almost two years ago, I was told I have osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) and I need to talk I mean I need to walk daily (Freudian slip).

After I parked the car at the opposite end of where I needed to be, I checked my step count.  24!  What the what? I said what but I didn’t say it twice ;).  I am branching out from my real vs. fake and it’s a BIG butt material in my schtick.

Well only 24 steps has to be because I do not have my phone attached to my hip.  No way is it because I am a couch potato who does nothing but read as I lounge.  Hey  the weekend calls for this indulgence y’all.

I make one lap of the store perimeter.  Then I go for lap two.  I pass the sports section and think “that’s what Billy and I need, a basketball hoop.  We can play H.O.R.S.E or D.O.G” You know D.O.G. just another version of H.O.R.S.E for when you don’t have time for 5 letters.

I keep on trucking past the toys and I see bicycles.  That’s what we need.  No we don’t, we’d break a leg or worse.  Now I am really moving, picking up speed.  55″ TV’s, Why not?  Well, because we  are going out on a limb to potentially purchase land.  And hey, why didn’t I see this stuff on my first round?

Still going, I blew right past the beer and wine.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well maybe make time for that?  Next, I detour up the aisle and I grab the foil.  I stop briefly and check my steps.  Looking good Mr. Kotter.  Then I think, this sucks.  Boring!  Am I right?  I have my phone but no ear buds and I didn’t want to disturb others.  But this needs something …

Well alrighty then.  To shake things up, I decide for maximum effect that walking up and down every aisle is better than perimeters laps.  More steps! And more variety!  But alas, as typical with me.  I should have quit while I was ahead.  Does anyone have any idea what treasures are contained within those aisles.  Scrap booking, sewing, home decor (maybe Tchotchke but still counts).   I gotta stop before I go overboard.  I pay for my foil and escape to the safety of my car.

The featured photo shows just how weird I am.  Why am I wearing black Sketchers with that non-matching dress?  Why did I even take a picture of the floor as I was walking along? Why do I use my blood donor bag instead of a purse? You can see it there in the corner.  And what is my aversion to purses anyway?  And good lord woman, shave your legs.

This version of J-Dub’s sham-a-lama ramble was brought to you by her worried and frenetic mind and Layla – Eric Clapton (acoustic)

As always, more to come.

Five Random Things That Really Excite Me

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Sooooo …  how many of you clicked this post just because of the title?  I really want to know.  Well that and this is another shameless plug for interaction.  C’mon, talk to me people!  Go ahead, make my day!  Clint would approve.

This is a wild ride so strap yourself in.  All links are working.  Click them for full effect.  I hear ya, now you’re saying oh fiddle dee dee.  She is so NOT funny.  Good thing she’s an Advisor instead of a comedienne.

But and it’s a BIG butt, I purposely craft my titles to drawn you in. I usually write my stream of consciousness ramble first then I attempt to title cleverly … as my hook.

Five Random Things That Really Excite Me:

  1. I finally downloaded the Calm app that I’ve heard so much about.  In actuality I guess this app should soothe me not excite me.  I’ve briefly looked and it appears to be pay for service.  Ugh, I’m getting excited  again.  Bullshit to pay for calm.  Calm should be fucking free! But alas I guess someone’s got to make a living somehow.  Might just delete the mofo app and stay perpetually irritated.  😂
  2. They … as in those Hollywood types have adapted The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.  Movie due out 8/11.  Mini rabbit hole.  Two dear women from work retire that day.  8/11 is my new favorite day.  Happy for them.  Wishing I was the one retiring.   Anyhoo, Hip hip hurrah!!!   I read the book almost a year ago and loved it … here is my quick review .  A story of perseverance amidst mental illness of both parents. I wonder how they’ll treat the family land portion of her story.  Woody Harrelson is perfectly cast as the patriarch. He might not even have to stretch to play the role. Did I tell ya? I’ve got a thing for bad boys. They too excite me 😂
  3. We’re putting an offer on a home away from home.  Leap of faith.  What’s the worse that can happen?  Don’t answer that.  This my friends is a good thing.  Despite me giving up all that I hold dear for the one person who matters most.  I’d live under a bridge with my Billy Bob.  I already have crappy internet and wild animals anyway.  Why not next level that sH!t?   I’ll be fine as long as I have my books.  Wonder if drones will deliver 25 miles outside of Rocksprings😂. Now that’s exciting right???  J-Dub and B squared become mountain folk.  I become all Katniss in Hunger Games and harvest what I eat with bow and arrow.  Oh who the hell I am kidding?  I will keep an apartment in the city.  Which city is TBD!!  EXCITING!!!!
  4. I got my Ancestry DNA kit results yesterday.  No big surprise.  This is moi:
    Europe – 93%, West Asia – 4%,  Africa 2% and less than 1% Pacific Islander
    61% Europe West (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Slovania, Czech Republic, Italy)
    17% – Ireland
    6% – Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
    5% – Greece
    2% – Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal)
    < 1% Finland/Northwest Russia
     < 1%Europe East
     What to make of these results is a post for another day.  I did find 443 DNA 4th cousins or closer.  Exciting! Right ?!?!?  I might just send them a message and ask if I am the skeleton in their hypothetical closets. Boo! or Surprise! or Honey I’m home 🙂
  5. And last but certainly not least … the most exciting piece … CBT was the bomb diggity today.  I’ve got a plan.  And I’m working the plan.  I am giving up control that I never really had in the first place.  God will take care of me.  I hear He has a soft spot for fools.  I feel the weight of the world lifting up, up and away.  And if I had magical powers, peace would be the experience happening to all of you.

As always, more to come.

The Dream Police

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They live inside in my head ~ Cheap Trick

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger asked his readership 

Do you remember your dreams?

I wish I could remember who he was in order to pingback and credit but I only commented instead of Like so I cannot find his original post.  If he happens to see this then shout out as I would love to recognize you.  

My answer was “Ever since I started airing my subconscious through blogging, I quit dreaming.  If I do dream, I don’t remember”

Then yesterday Lulu got the all clear.  Her doctor said she’d see her in a year for routine annual checkup.  Of course if something feels off she shouldn’t wait and should to go back right away.  But basically she’s ok to proceed with life as she knew it. 

I remember life as she knew it.  I don’t want to go back there.  I want her to move forward.  All of a sudden I’m panicking.  She’ll be leaving us again. 

I really had no idea how much I was repressing my worry.  Sure, I let a few things slip out.  Don’t laugh.   Ok laugh.  I let everything hang out.  This is me cycling:

Blab, blab, blab – feel better!

Rinse and repeat 😳

And the undercurrent of worry was always there.   After her appointment I felt sweet relief.  I also could not come up with a coherent thought to blog our good news. 

Last night, I put all my devices away. 

I even took my glasses off so I could not see to read.  

I was forced to just sit in my feelings until I went to bed. 

Billy Bob’s alarm goes off at 5 AM each workday and my alarm does not go off until 6.  Alarm is on my side of the bed.  Uh duh! I control time and space 🚀.  😂

This morning when I turned off the 5 AM alarm, I fell back into a very deep sleep and I had a dream.  A weird dream.  

Red altar server robes and coffins.  A woman refusing to participate saying incense and holy water were sacrilege.  Telling me I’m going to hell.  I’ve served Mass for a few funerals in my day and incense and holy water are part of the service. 

In the dream, I’m trying to explain the ritual when the sprinkling of holy water becomes a deluge.  Water is rushing and we’re being soaked as the priest now throws water on us.  I feel like I’m drowning. 

Then I hear an escalating beep! beep! beep!

My alarm blasts! As I come to, my pillow is wet!   … from my own drooling.  I haven’t slept that good since before we had kids. 

I’m hoping to rinse and repeat.  I want to sleep like that every night for the rest of my life.  Sans any weird dreams.  

As always more to come.