Caption This! and Sing 🎤 Along Song of the Day ~ 1/15/19

I’ll start –

What goes up, must come down!




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Hope you enjoy.

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She is messy, but she’s kind

Ok somehow when I looked at this on my phone, I saw a blank title.  I added one and updated deleting everything in error.  Oops and boo!!  Take two.

I saw the musical Waitress yesterday.  Loved everything about it.  I saw the movie when it came out.  I remembered Jenna saying the recipes in her head and naming all the pies funny names.  Such a central character; I have a hard time placing anyone other than Keri Russell as Jenna. Though the actress from last night was excellent.  The whole cast was top notch.  Sara Bareilles’ music is fantastic!!!  And the baby was named Lulu.  BONUS!!! <3. As I was looking for a video of my favorite song from the show, I found this gem.  If Adrian is the future of Broadway, we’re in great hands!!  Watch it without happy tears.  I double dog dare you.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

As always, more to come.


J-Dub’s Review of “Dumplin”

Pickings have been slim during the winter break. Surfing around on Netflix I found the movie Dumplin. I resisted. Premise sounded tired and cliche. Then in a fit of insomnia, I watched it and I loved it. I cried y’all. Happy tears!!

No spoilers. In a word this is a story about acceptance. One we highly recommend. Oh and Dumplin is a book. Who knew?!? I snapped the picture while browsing the books at Wally World.  However I only browse.  I’m never going to buy a book again, I’ll see if  Schaefer branch of the SAPL has it. I’d like to see if they stuck to the story.

As always more to come.

Reality TV, Made For TV Movie, and Book Turned Into Netflix Movie

I was thinking of the zombie apocalypse.  Really I was.  I mean c’mon.  Isn’t New Years Day a time to reflect?  What crazy might 2019 bring?  Zombies?

But I jest.  I was mixing my memories.  Googling  “Where have all the people gone?”  I expected to see the following:

This is “Where Have All The Children Gone?”  Not People.  I used to watch this dribble.  Don’t ask me why because I’ve no idea. If you still like shows like Dance Moms, more power to you.

Instead what popped up is this:

I remember this 1970 something made for TV movie.  And I thought hey I just read a book like this … but nope instead, I just watched another made for TV movie of a similar ilk … Bird Box.  Have you seen it?  Well I did and well I expected better from the hype.

There was supposed to be tons of symbolism but that went right over this simpleton’s head.  What the what Captain Obvious?  I still don’t understand.  Plus the ending sucked.  All IMO.  What’s yours … if you’ve seen any of the above that is?

As always more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of “Aquaman”

The tradition continues. And this year was a banner year in the Dub household. We picked better than we have in a long time.

Whatcha talking about Jilly ?!? The Christmas Day movie 🎥 of course.

Like I said before, pickings were slim. No Oscar nominees in the bunch that I’m aware of. Even “Welcome to Marwen” only got 26% on rotten tomatoes. I was so holding out hope for that one.

“Mary Poppins Returns” was a no for B. “Bumblebee” was a hard pass for me. “Holmes and Watson” was going to be our 2013 “Anchorman 2” esque reprisal but after we watched the trailers a few times, we realized “no shit Sherlock” and “I’m a doctor, would you like some heroin” were likely the two most funny lines of the show. The latter being not that funny considering there’s a opioid crisis.


Then B says why not “Aquaman”? Women ❤️ him and men want to be him. Lol. He really did NOT say that last part. Lulu reluctantly agreed. Why? Because DC is not Marvel. She has sworn allegiance to Marvel and DC is usually not as strong. Still we decided to give hubba hubba I mean Aquaman a try.

The outcome: OMG delightful. Great storyline of love between opposites … his parents. Of common stereotypes of what makes a king. Of sibling rivalry. Of loyalty. Tons of CGI action. Left open a nice path to another movie 🍿… “when you’re ready to talk come find me”.

I may have even cried. I can cry at the stop of a hat as it is but darn it those reunions with their mommy. Nic Kidman aka “she who never ages”. And that’s not a spoiler. Those parts were predictable even to me who is ALWAYS clueless.

Case in point …

Me on the car ride home … hey did y’all get the reference? His name was Arthur and he was the 👑 and he pulled the trident 🔱 from the original king of Atlantis who was petrified/stone.

B … duh 🙄 captain obvious.

Lol! And here I thought I’d uncovered a great mystery. Any who, landing the plane, solid offering. I give the movie 4.321 out of 5 stars ✨

I may have to boycott one of my favorite shows

#YouSuck! Not you fine folks. You definitely don’t suck. I refer to coach AL dumbass. Such a p word.

Ugh. What’s she rambling on about you ask? Wait! What? You didn’t ask. Oh well! Doesn’t matter. I feel the need to testify anyway!

I just finished watching the recording of the elimination round of a famous reality TV singing competition. I’m extremely disappointed ☹️. My sense of justice has been disrupted.

How I get so emotionally invested is beyond me. B tells me to calm down … it’s staged crap and not real life. And he’s probably right but I’m gonna rant.

Captain AH oh excuse me AL used his star power to rob one of two fine gentlemen from his fair shot at winning. What a p word! Rigged bs. RS shouldn’t have even been part of the save. Can’t sing see ya. That should be part of the rules. Talk about unfair.

And AH was worried about her feelings. Crybaby. Sitting there on his throne. Knee up like an insolent spoiled child. Making a plea to save the one who didn’t even sing. Life’s unfair. Buckle up buttercup. She should come back next year.

Then my girl KC saved the day. Or tried to save the day. She says D you sang the hell outta that song. And he DID!! The other D sang the hell outta his song too. But America voted. Influenced by a celebrity. Eff that. Rings too true to what we’ve become. D and D were robbed IMO.

I’m going to search the fan sites and see if I can find some like minded folks. I want to continue to gripe. I mean come on it’s Saturday night after all. I got to have a little fun. 😆

As always more to come.

I Picked Poorly

Written 12/1/18 at 12:40 pm CST in the year of our lord 2018:

I picked poorly … but not the movie.  “Boy Erased” is going to stellar I can already tell from the reviews and friend feedback. I went with the earlier time slot as my way to choose.  Next time I will post my #QQ4U the day before.

Bistro has assigned seating now. FYI seat B1 stinks. Figuratively.  Once the previews start if there’s an opening, I think I may be brave and move. This is old school digs. My back row seat is not really elevated. They don’t even have stairs once you enter, the theater itself has just a very slight incline.

The renovations which have been going on forever have kicked up a notch to where there is a new temporary entrance.  I will be shocked if they ever finish this upgrade.  In the interim, popcorn, candy and drinks only.  No more “real” as opposed to fake food until the kitchen is back up and running.

Written 12/1/18 at 4:30ish pm CST in the year of our lord 2018:

Since this is based on a true story, I have no criticism.  My heart was broken for the main character.  I cannot even imagine what he went through because with the exception of one or two scenes (okay maybe three or more), I think this adaption held back.  I am going to find the Times piece written by Garrard Conley to get a better idea of what went on.

Brilliant work by the cast (J-Dub’s words).

Cast roll call from IMBD: Lucas Hedges as Jared Eamons (based on Garrard Conley) Nicole Kidman as Nancy Eamons. Russell Crowe as Marshall Eamons. Joel Edgerton as Victor Sykes. Joe Alwyn as Henry. Xavier Dolan as Jon. Troye Sivan as Gary. Cherry Jones as Dr. Muldoon.

I am adding Britton Sear as Cameron.  Not to spoil things but in one pivotal scene I think I actually yelled YES!!  Push them!  as he did the right thing.

Even score one for Flea.  He did pretty good for a musician/occasional actor.  I did not want to hate the characters played by Joel Edgerton and Russell Crowe because I do not want hate in my heart but so help me I did.  Though perhaps the real-life versions of these characters have achieved some semblance of redemption.  Humans are flawed but we do not have to stay that way.

Two thumbs up instead of my usual stars.  I am feeling feisty.  I will close with some snaps.  Some of these make me sad 😦