Musical Therapy

Life, Music To My Ears

I came home to this song blasting If I Die Young by the Band Perry .  Doh! Not sure I like her song choice.  But you do what you do to get through ya know.  The lyrics rock me to my core.  

Lord make me a rainbow, I’ll shine down on my mother
She’ll know I’m safe with you when
She stands under my colours, oh and
Life ain’t always what you think it oughta be, no
Ain’t even grey, but she buries her baby
The sharp knife of a short life,
Well, I’ve had just enough time

I have some theories about Lulu’s situation.  If it was bad, there is a liability potential and we would not be waiting until tomorrow to be seen.  If the labs were bad or the ultrasound showed something bad, we’d be called in early, like yesterday.  Might not have even been released.  Therefore, we have to say “it’s nothing until it’s something”  Wevhave to trust our choice in doctors who we’ve only just met.  We have HOPE (damn you fickle bitch, do not let us down). 

Plus thanks to Aunt K, we have Our Lady of Fatima on her 100th anniversary and blessed oil that we are treating with reverence.  I have to think Jesus forgives and doesn’t consider the picture irreverent. Instead it’s a beautiful homage. 

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of The Founder. Plus Special Guest Ray Charles :)

Music To My Ears, TV, Movies and Music

This movie is about history of McDonald’s. ¬†I had already read this story many¬†years ago as I studied for my bachelor’s degree in business. ¬†McDonald’s and Southwest Airlines¬†were common case studies. ¬†Mr. Kroc was a shrewd business man who screwed over the brothers McDonald. ¬†I am reminded of the sayings “It’s a dog eat dog world or it’s not personal, it’s business.”

Ray Kroc, man out to make a buck finds a creative loop-hole and does just that. ¬†The money is in the dirt! ¬†It took him a while to realize that but when he does ba-zin-ga! ¬†You can’t even use your own names Mac and Dick!!! ¬†The artistry that is assembly line hamburger production is a thing of beauty. ¬†A dance really. ¬†Weird how time changes things and innovations are improved upon. ¬†There is not much more to the movie¬†than¬†this …

Michael “freaking” Keaton. ¬†I know his middle name is really John. ¬†But whoa, his movies: Gung Ho, Mr. Mom, Beetlejuice, Batman, Birdman, a member of The Dream Team with Christopher Lloyd, Stephen Furst and Peter Boyle. ¬†Age appropriate crush despite a 14 year difference. ¬†Oh how I wanted to be Teri Garr.

For some strange reason, “Hit the Road Jack” is now an earworm in my brain. ¬†Stop and take a listen. ¬†Enjoy the musical stylings of one Ray Charles.

I am going to rent Dream Team. ¬†I haven’t seen it in ages and I really need a good laugh. Plus May is mental health month. ¬†Don’t judge me! ¬†The movie is about mental health patients. ¬†No disrespect just that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

As Always, More To Come.


Rent and Fleetwood Mac

Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§

As I sit here in WD Deli feeling uber sorry for myself, this song comes onSeasons of Love.  I’m about to jump up on the tables and belt out the words.  I would I tell ya but I’ll have to settle for just imaging that scene.  How do you measure a life? C,mon folks how?  Sing it!

And next up Landslide and my head is exploding.  Today I woke with Stevie’s sweet voice singing this song in my ear.  I have daily ear worms as I dream (when I dream) in song as another coping mechanism.  “I’m afraid of changing cuz I built my life around you” wonder what that means.  

Whatever it means, Music is the cure for what ails me!

As always more to come. 

Ok, I Have to Stop Watching Now

TV, Movies and Music

HBO free preview is causing me anxiety! ¬†The series VICE, while a million times better than the series Animal is triggering me. ¬†Expose style reporting on a wide variety of current affairs. ¬†Check this out –¬†VICE official homepage. ¬†Currently watching Crude Awakening about the BP and the 2010 oil spill. ¬†Cover-up … think Erin Brockovich. ¬†And this on Earth Day, how fitting!

If you are not already depressed, watch this show and you will be. ¬†And for all the naysayers out there, I know. ¬†Liberal media spins. ¬†Hell we all spin. ¬†Just depends on which version YOU¬†choose to believe. ¬†I’ll think I will take a nap now.

As always, more to come.