#whatif ~ 3/17/18

I clicked around, reading one by one the Green prompt posts on #SoCS 3/17/18.  I commented a time or two but I am not in a very talkative mood today.  Times I wanted to comment but stopped in my tracks too caught up in my head.  My brain is constantly filled with #whatif.  And not in a good way either but in a Beth and Randall game of worst case scenario way.  This is a reference that any This is Us viewers will understand. If you don’t get it, watch the show.  The storylines will give you the feels I promise.

As I neared the end, there was the Bee one link between her post and my own.  She mentioned #whatif along with #SoCS.  Serendipity causing me to write the following:

Seeds turned sprouts

Pushing up through the soil 

Rich with nutrients

Adverse with toil

To the light of day

Breaking ground

To become what may 

Ping Back to #whatif 3/17/18

As always, more to come.