J-Dub’s Review of Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill

To continue from here … As Talented As His Daddy

I finished up Snapshot and give it two thumbs up.  I won’t be posing for pictures anytime soon.  I want to keep what little brains cells I have thank you very much.

Moved right into the next short novel: Loaded.  I assumed loaded would be as in fully loaded, rockstar drunk off your ass loaded but I’d be wrong.  Loaded as in GUN.  I will not go into the debate.  Read the story for yourself.  Fiction with a ring of truth.  Is that the same as fiction that rings true OR fiction that has a kernel of truth with the remainder being made-up?  Better yet, educate yourself and draw your own conclusions.

After that Aloft.  No, not the hotel chain.  Aloft as in up in the air.  Very good short novel and good character development.  Pure-D fantasy after the skydive occurs.  Junicorns and cloud lovers.  The big EYE in the sky.  I was transported to another world and the reprieve from my own was stellar.

Ending with Rain.  Not you garden variety rain but nails from the sky rain caused by … anyone’s guess.  What kind of manipulation?  Part global warming, part vendetta.  Social commentary thrown in for color.  Outcast, lonely, unlikely heroes.  More writing in accents.  Cult.  End of the world … as we know it.  Intrigue until the end.

I did not get my email reminder … this library book is due in three days.  I will pay my fine and not complain.  The late fee is worth it!  Well, kind of.

I may inquire into email status as that reminder is all I have – no more old school cards that are stamped in ink.  No way to see who else read the book before me.  Sometimes I wish everything didn’t have to change but that … that is a blog for another day.

I stand by my original review, Joe Hill is as talented as his daddy. I highly recommend: 4.83 out of 5 stars.

3 thoughts on “J-Dub’s Review of Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill

  1. I liked this book the best, I especially liked the story about the cloud. I did not remember the others – even with your prompts.

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    1. The cloud one was good. I am drawing a blank now too though and had to really think about it – Snapshot, Loaded and what I will call End of Days or Raining Needles/Revenge. My memory is not what it once was that’s for sure.

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