Sunday Rambling

It’s a banner day in the Dub household, sprucing up the place.

Smoke up Jilly!

What the hell does that even mean? <cough> Breakfast Club – Judd/John Bender you bad boy you!

J-Dub, your mind … you need to have a word with it.

Folks, I am not smoking anything.  I am high on life.  I finally have a site with widgets on the right slider bar.  Can it get any better than this?  I mean c’mon, can it?

A BIG resounding and rhetorical NO!

But you said no, that’s not rhetorical anymore.

And … it could … get better … but in this moment … aaahhhh

I added images y’all for my favorite prompts/challenges AND I linked them.  Click the pics peeps and you’ll be carried away.  And that is not a euphemism for anything. No double entendre.  Wiki Wiki What you say??

And that’s all.  I am through amusing myself.  I just wanted to share.  Fun can be FREE!  The little things, look back and they become the big things. That’s 1/2 right … I think.

Sentimental sappy crappy.  Huh?

You said you were done kiddo.  Quit already.

As always, more to come.

Thanks for the warning they say.

Now I’m done 🙂





The Cost of Convenience

I just learned something new today.  Convenience.  2. BRITISH – a public restroom.

Before that, there was this …

Lulu: We should have bought flour

Me (midway through dicing the first potato):  Really? There isn’t any?

Lulu: Nope, none

Me:  Well B man, so much for giving you a break today

Me (continued): Do you want to run and get flour or keep on dicing?

B: I’ll cook.

Because you know it was killing him to have me do it.  He’ll say otherwise but hovering speaks louder than words. 🙂

So off I go to the Chevron gas station/convenience store.

Me: Do you have any flour?

Clerk: We sure do, right over here.

Me: Thanks.

Clerk: What are ya making a pie?

Me: Nope, chicken fried steak.

Clerk to other Clerk: Dee, I’ll be back in about an hour.  I am going to her house for chicken fried steak.



Well folks, I paid $2.29 for the smallest sack of flour.  The local grocery sells their brand of flour for about 1/2 that.  And when I got home, we checked the date.  Good through 11/19/17.  Oh well, no weevils in it.  It’ll do.  And that folks, is the cost of convenience.

As always, more to come.


Not the Netflix show Shameless though I do luv William H Macy. Speaking of crushes, yes that’s what we were speaking of. Lol!

I’ve got my eye on two bloggers. Both of whom I’d be honored to grab their attention. To become part of their blogging inter-sanctum.

I feel oh so junior high. Guess I should ask my bestie to pass a note to try and find out if they might like me back 😂

I’m so Martha Stewart “Call me Justin”

And like my title … I’m shameless.

As always more to come.

Forbidden Site For Those With Anxiety

I tried to follow a site suggested to me which is all about tips to deal with anxiety.

I filled out the questions of which there were only three.

I have heard nothing back which of course feeds into my anxiety.

And here is where my mind goes as to why they have not contacted me:

  • my selfie profile scared them away
  • they can read my mind and know I am beyond hope
  • I am not worthy (Shwing – Wayne’s World, party on) lol!

More than likely, the request to follow is not manned 24/7 and it is ME not THEY who are are afflicted by the immediate response gene.

Yep, I said it … immediate response gene – IRG.  I am gonna patent that sH!t.  I am convinced this quirk is hard wired.  In my DNA.

Anyhoo. That is all.

I’ll let you know if I make the grade, the cut, or otherwise get in.

As always, more to come.

Celebrity Family Feud

The celebrity version is hilarious 🤣

Surveyed 100 men … what do you do when you realize you’ve run out of clean underwear?

  • Turn em inside out
  • Stick some paper up in there
  • Wear em anyway

Steve Harvey can barely keep it together.

Too bad I didn’t see this before I ate 3 cinnamon rolls. A much healthier way to release tension. LMAO 🤣. I highly recommend this silliness.

As always more to come.

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio

My usual MO is to strip out of my work clothes and get into comfy around the house clothes the second I walk through the door. That’s right! I don’t even wait. Some days the bra comes off in the car. Picture it. No never mind, don’t picture it. Lol.

B: What are you wearing?

Me: Support the troops red since it’s Friday!

B: You look like a server from Little Red Barn

Me: Lol. That’s what I’m going for silly.  But I missed the mark since I am wearing my Converse not boots and I don’t have a cowboy hat 🤠

You be the judge.  Server or supporter?  Both!!

As always more to come.

Misery Loves Company and Other Musings

This morning at the b’crack of dawn we entered GCSA Ambulatory Surgery Center. B was my DD = Designated Driver. We weren’t the first to arrive. A lady in wheelchair with her personal nurse and an elderly couple had taken seats.

The couple was really going at it.

Him: I told you I had time for breakfast!

Her: You don’t care about me?

Then she turned on the receptionist.

Her: We hate HGTV. Where’s the remote?

Receptionist: We selected a nondescript channel here. It’s HGTV or Local channels. That’s it.

Her turning to Him: Ya hear that? Well that’s going on our survey!

Me quietly to B: If I ever act like that stop me.

B: Okay, stop it.

He’s a peach isn’t he? 🍑

The tech that checked me in was not even 30. I feel old but feeling old is fabulous.

There was a sign on the women’s bathroom to see a nurse for a pregnancy test. Apparently all women under going a procedure must rule out pregnancy first. They had signs stating this on the door, each stall, by the mirror, the hand dryer, and water fountains.

Me: Man you’ve got signs everywhere. I don’t need that right?

Nurse barely noticing me: Yes you do

Me: Uh look at my chart

Nurse: Oh, yep you’re good

Lol! No more babies for moi.

They run a tight ship as they say and we started exactly on time! I lost count of all my attendants as they worked like a well oiled machine.

First, the anesthesiologist Dr. S gave me my options. I could choose no sedation. Sacrebleu! Who’d do that? I’ll take the drugs!

Holly came in for IV which I needed no matter what. I asked, what would you do? Sedation or not? As she says, no idea I’ve never had one. Well of course not since she’s a 20 something.

All hooked up, then Rachel wheeled me to the room as I ramble. “Maybe I should’ve asked more questions?” “I’m a researcher, I ‘d research the sH!t out of my options.”

Rachel explained she couldn’t tell me which to choose. She gave some reasons: save on the cost, no insurance or insurance won’t cover that part, no driver, in recovery . And you know for a split second the cost savings spoke to me. 😮

A different anesthesiologist Dr. Ponytail is 30 year member! He was the one who actually gave me the goods. He said he was there to serve me and he’d do what I wanted. Patiently he gave even more detail. Having him attend to me was serendipity.

Then there was Michelle who assisted Dr DMM.

Finally yet a different nurse removed my IV and brought B in to get me from recovery.

I got the all clear! Actually better results than 5 years ago. Cheers 🥂 to no need for a biopsy!

Now I’m forcing myself to stay awake so I’ll sleep good tonight. Before that I’ll have a belated valentines dinner with my sweetie.

As always more to come.

PS. I slipped in several attempts at puns. See if you can find them. Duh 🙄! I know I’m not funny or clever. Just silly and happy 😃

Feature image is my treat to make up for yesterday!!

It’s the Little Things

You may say I’m a dreamer  worrier
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us me for a cure for anxiety
Because this sH!t! really sucks

All credit to John Winston Lennon.  Today I learned his middle name.  Too bad that took me so long or we could have named Pony-Boy Winston or I could have made his pseudonym Winston.  Then he’d be a WW alliteration.

Anyway, this feeble play on classical lyrics is my way of saying I found something new.  It helped me and maybe it might help you. And my tip is a little thing, miniscule really.

I changed my settings for all the sounds on my cell phone 

As if there is any other kind of phone ya know because it is 2018 after all. 🙂

Nothing out of the box even.  I picked from what’s available through Apple.  Before I did this, I would figuratively jump out of my skin every time I got an email, call, or text. I always did an angry growl hiss when this happened. Rrrrrrrrrr! And my heart would beat just a little bit faster!

Especially when I got a text from Lulu. Cuz you know she only reaches out to me in crisis.  Or so I tell myself. When that is not even true … all the time anyway.

Now I do what B does.  I told her I am old and cannot text well and with my left arm incapacitated (for infinity because you know I will milk it ’til then) she needs to CALL me. Not like I refuse her texts because that’s better than nuthing.  But I get more calls and fewer texts this semester.

In fact, she called me FIRST yesterday instead of the other way around. It was about 8 a.m, but I did not answer.  A taste of her own medicine? NO, I had my ringer off and simply didn’t hear it (cough, cough, excuse). Tis true.  I am a notorious non-answer(er).  I’m old I tell ya.  I frequently lose my phone.  She waited patiently for about three hours before following her call with this text “little worried you aren’t answering your phone”

Wow Helen’s Phone Calls/Calling prompt is my theme of the day on this lovely Sunday!

Anyhoo, change your sounds to something soothing.  You’ll be glad you did.  5 cents for this advice as I channel my inner Lucy.

As always, more to come.

His Bark is Worse Than His Bite

B: What are you doing?

Me: Nothing.

B: Are you taking a picture of their house?

Me: Maybe.

Me continued: Now we have three portals to hades next door.

B: <nothing, just that look>

Me: Thank goodness they did not add the triangle window EYES.

B: I am tired of their trash all over our yard.  I am gonna go pick it up.  My job sites are orderly.  That’s what the dumpster is for … trash!

Me: I am coming with you.  I need more steps.

B: No because when I am done picking up everything, I am dumping it inside the house.  See how they like it.

Me: I’ll bail you out if you get carted off.

About 45 minutes later, I see him out there.  Two of the workers are back.  They are all huddled around a fire (yep burning scrap lumber today).  I can’t hear anything but I wonder if he is telling them off.

He eventually makes his way back home cuz you know, he needs to cook me my supper!  🙂  15 bean soup won’t make itself and it needs to cook about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Weather did not cooperate.  It’s too warm for soup today.  But that’s a rabbit hole.

Me: So?

B: So what?

Me: Did you dump the trash in the house?

B: Of course not, there were witnesses.  That’s what the dumpster is for anyway.

B continued:  oh and the priest from Santo Ninos comes tomorrow.  You’re invited.  Leroy said to be sure to bring your rosary.

Hahahahaha.  Hey I am supposed to be the only smarta$$ around here.

As always, more to come.


So I Googled That sH!t

So I Googled That sH!t

And nothing good can come from it.

Statistics don’t lie!  Hard concrete facts!

bull sH!t

The interpreter of those fancy pants numbers certainly can and sometimes will if it fits their agenda to make a sale – monetary or that of a concept.

And in the overwhelming search to be an informed consumer of my own health, I am bogged down in manure.

P.U.  Can you smell that sH!t from where you are too?

What do I do fine people of bloglandia?

Disclaimer – I do not expect you to tell me what to do.  I would never hold anyone accountable if you commented.  However, I do believe old school word of mouth is a time honored resource.  One of many tools in my tool box <eye roll at overused work phrase>

The nurse who called me with the results yesterday needs to go back to school.

I found this:

The femur neck (femoral neck or neck of the femur) is a flattened pyramidal process of bone, connecting the femoral head with the femoral shaft, and forming with the latter a wide angle opening medialward.

I do not osteoporosis in my neck and in my femur! I have it in my left hip!!!!! Cuz the femoral neck connects the femoral head and shaft!!!!!!!!

That’s what the report says now that I am reviewing it in my online portal.  I mean c’mon girly.  Don’t tell me anything if you can’t get it right!  You dolt! <polite way of saying you stupid>

Here I was all worried my head would one day pop off at random!  Or my neck would spontaneously break and I’d be paralyzed.  Anxiety girl strikes again!

This is sorting of helping me today.  Not!

I highly suggest that you do NOT click the video unless you are ready for sleepytime. I apparently am more than ready.  I was BORN READY!  Lol 🙂

As always, more to come.