My Brain is Fried

Today was a banner day folks.  I want to write about it.  I must chop this day full of stories into pieces or I’ll lose most of you in the ramble that is flowing through my fried brain.

I have already tossed out:

New Day New Doc

So … 4/25/18

#1linerWeds. 4/25/18

So … 4/25/18 at 6:28 PM CST

And these are all related to my physical ailments.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. 


But I do play one on TV. 

No you most certainly do NOT J-Dub. 

But I could. 

Not you couldn’t.  Now move along.

Okay!  I share this with my disclaimer as this piece is not intended to be medical advice or take the place to seeking medical attention from someone who is properly trained.  <ahem> like you right?

Continuing, this is just me over sharing as usual on the off-chance someone can glean something good from my experience or have a big laugh.  Either way I score.

And this is just the prologue or post prologue to the above linked stories.  I am too over stimulated to write more now.  Besides Survivor is almost on.  My beloved and I are creatures of habit and we will watch.


This was NOT a Euphemism

Here is an excerpt from my T is for Time closing paragraph.

Me and Mr. Hand, we got it going on.  Lol! 

For all you dirty birdies who asked me, this is not about Fandango’s M is for … post.  The sentence alludes to Fast times at Ridgemont High.  You know, Mr. Hand taught history.  Spicoli was tardy, ordered pizza, and otherwise messed with Mr. Hand’s class time.  Then Mr. Hand goes to Jeff’s house before prom to quiz him.  You wasted my time and now you owe me.

I highly suggest you check out the original, not the cut version all soaped up for TNT.  Oh and check out Fandango’s blog – This, That, and The Other.  He’s got it going on too.

As always, more to come

Good Bye Silver, Hello Rosie

In less than 24 hours from the time I submitted the order, I got my new iPhone in all her rose gold glory.  I was sure I’d never be able to make the switch and debated working out of the home office to make use of mobility services OR going to an AT&T kiosk.  I received an email with step by step instructions so decided to take the plunge and DIY instead.

Of course I get stuck.  DIY *!(&&(*!(#* But there was a number to call. I tell the rep what I am doing.  She says “sure I can help you” then boom call failed.  I was like what the what, she hung up on me!!! and my new phone isn’t working yet.

I found a land line to use (the horrors I know!) and called AT&T back.  But as I was talking through the prompts to get to a live human being, I noticed that by miracle of miracles the new phone was waking up AND working AND had 4 bars AND everything AND I mean everything came over.  Even the apps.  Thanks to the magic of iCloud back-up.

I spoke to someone else who walked me the rest of the way through transfer.  Only afterwards did I realize the first person did not hang up on me. She pushed her magic button and like that Silver was history.

Rosie is not perfect.  She was made with a defect having no place for my current earbuds.


Actually Apple has special earbuds just for the 7s with a flat connection versus a round one.  But have no fear, they also have this tiny adapter. I can use my old earbuds in a pinch.


Or I can spring for air pods.  Oh who I am kidding?  I’m too cheap for that.  I mean really. When the most I will spring for a new phone is a buck 06, I’m not going for air pods until Apple starts giving them away.

As always, more to come.

More Levity

B: You left the laundry in the dryer since Sunday

Me: Crap I sure did

B goes in to take a shower

I go to fold and put up laundry.  I find his long pajama bottoms which I imagine he threw in the basket to have washed before he put them away for the spring/summer.

B: Jill I forgot my towel, can you bring me my towel please?

Me (as I hand him his towel): I didn’t know where you keep your Spider-man pajama bottoms.  I left them in the chair, everything else is put away.

B (confused and tired): What?  I don’t have Spider-man pajamas, those are Dead-pool

Me (laughing): Close enough to be the same thing. 🙂

As always, more to come.

Chat Transcript Humor ~ My Fingers Are Fat

The votes are in!  I am getting the iPhone7 for 99 cents.  Yay me!  The main reason besides the sweetheart deal is that my battery on my current iPhone6 has gone bonkers.  Hoping the saver mode will keep me with a functioning phone until the new one comes in.

Because I am a techno-dweeb and because I am a planner and because I am VERY indecisive, I had to research before taking the plunge.  I had a nice little chat with Riza yesterday.  She gave me some good links to check out later so I asked her how I could save our chat and she showed me.  Over all her service was exceptional.  Right out of the gate.

I have learned (because I have an insider mole who works the Chat line for JPM) that these employees will have multiple chats going simultaneously.  I also know they have shortcuts/canned messages and other scripts.  Which is why I find the following super amusing.  Now you tell me.  Funny? Or not funny?

Riza G. : My pleasure! As your chat representative today, it is my top priority to give you the best assistance that you need.

Me : you did! Thank you Riza

Riza G. : Thank you so much! As your chat representative today, it is my top priority to give you the best assistance that you need.

Riza G. : Sorry for that.

Me : it is ok

Riza G. : Have I completely resolved your concerns today?

Me : yes

Riza G. : My fingers are fat.

Me : lol

Riza G. : I highly appreciate it.

Riza G. : I am so glad that I was able to help you today! Thank you for chatting with AT&T Premier Support Center. Again, my name is Riza. We value and appreciate your business with us, Jill. Please take care and you may have a great day ahead!

Riza G. : Happy Monday and enjoy the greatness of the day at your work. Bye for now.

 My fingers are fat too.  The other is over the top enthusiasm.  I think I found my sister from another mister.

As always, more to come.

Sunday Rambling

It’s a banner day in the Dub household, sprucing up the place.

Smoke up Jilly!

What the hell does that even mean? <cough> Breakfast Club – Judd/John Bender you bad boy you!

J-Dub, your mind … you need to have a word with it.

Folks, I am not smoking anything.  I am high on life.  I finally have a site with widgets on the right slider bar.  Can it get any better than this?  I mean c’mon, can it?

A BIG resounding and rhetorical NO!

But you said no, that’s not rhetorical anymore.

And … it could … get better … but in this moment … aaahhhh

I added images y’all for my favorite prompts/challenges AND I linked them.  Click the pics peeps and you’ll be carried away.  And that is not a euphemism for anything. No double entendre.  Wiki Wiki What you say??

And that’s all.  I am through amusing myself.  I just wanted to share.  Fun can be FREE!  The little things, look back and they become the big things. That’s 1/2 right … I think.

Sentimental sappy crappy.  Huh?

You said you were done kiddo.  Quit already.

As always, more to come.

Thanks for the warning they say.

Now I’m done 🙂




The Cost of Convenience

I just learned something new today.  Convenience.  2. BRITISH – a public restroom.

Before that, there was this …

Lulu: We should have bought flour

Me (midway through dicing the first potato):  Really? There isn’t any?

Lulu: Nope, none

Me:  Well B man, so much for giving you a break today

Me (continued): Do you want to run and get flour or keep on dicing?

B: I’ll cook.

Because you know it was killing him to have me do it.  He’ll say otherwise but hovering speaks louder than words. 🙂

So off I go to the Chevron gas station/convenience store.

Me: Do you have any flour?

Clerk: We sure do, right over here.

Me: Thanks.

Clerk: What are ya making a pie?

Me: Nope, chicken fried steak.

Clerk to other Clerk: Dee, I’ll be back in about an hour.  I am going to her house for chicken fried steak.



Well folks, I paid $2.29 for the smallest sack of flour.  The local grocery sells their brand of flour for about 1/2 that.  And when I got home, we checked the date.  Good through 11/19/17.  Oh well, no weevils in it.  It’ll do.  And that folks, is the cost of convenience.

As always, more to come.


Not the Netflix show Shameless though I do luv William H Macy. Speaking of crushes, yes that’s what we were speaking of. Lol!

I’ve got my eye on two bloggers. Both of whom I’d be honored to grab their attention. To become part of their blogging inter-sanctum.

I feel oh so junior high. Guess I should ask my bestie to pass a note to try and find out if they might like me back 😂

I’m so Martha Stewart “Call me Justin”

And like my title … I’m shameless.

As always more to come.

Forbidden Site For Those With Anxiety

I tried to follow a site suggested to me which is all about tips to deal with anxiety.

I filled out the questions of which there were only three.

I have heard nothing back which of course feeds into my anxiety.

And here is where my mind goes as to why they have not contacted me:

  • my selfie profile scared them away
  • they can read my mind and know I am beyond hope
  • I am not worthy (Shwing – Wayne’s World, party on) lol!

More than likely, the request to follow is not manned 24/7 and it is ME not THEY who are are afflicted by the immediate response gene.

Yep, I said it … immediate response gene – IRG.  I am gonna patent that sH!t.  I am convinced this quirk is hard wired.  In my DNA.

Anyhoo. That is all.

I’ll let you know if I make the grade, the cut, or otherwise get in.

As always, more to come.

Celebrity Family Feud

The celebrity version is hilarious 🤣

Surveyed 100 men … what do you do when you realize you’ve run out of clean underwear?

  • Turn em inside out
  • Stick some paper up in there
  • Wear em anyway

Steve Harvey can barely keep it together.

Too bad I didn’t see this before I ate 3 cinnamon rolls. A much healthier way to release tension. LMAO 🤣. I highly recommend this silliness.

As always more to come.