Dang Nabit!!!

Yep now I’m making up words. Dang Nabit is not in the dictionary. Dang could be. Nabit definitely not. The line under nabit is all red and squiggly.

Well enough chatter. I hear ya saying … Wha cha talking about Jilly??? Get on with the show.

We have no Internet. Crap!!!! To improvise, I’m coming to you live from my mobile phone using talk to text which will explain any typos. You try transcribing my southern drawl and see what you come up with.

I had plans to produce some work this evening but that went by the wayside. I can do a few things but nothing significant. Sacri freaking bleu.

Tech will be dispatched Saturday. Between the infamous window of time. I’m having flashbacks. You see we are out in the sticks and this used to happen to us all the time.

Anywho. Before scheduling, the rep read a disclosure and I was a brat … I said and I quote

Uh really?!?!!! well that’s new. Disclose all you like; I’m not paying $19. The problem is outside on the pear branch terminal.

To answer the question do you have any dogs and can they be contained? I said and I quote

My dogs are angels and yes we can keep them secure. However the neighborhood has roaming pitbulls. Our new neighbors our poor pet parents. They do not watch their dogs and I cannot be responsible for them attacking your representative.

Totally uncalled for but I couldn’t help myself. And it’s true! Was going to be another post aptly titled Jilly stares down pit bull while walking Buddy & Spot.

If I ever get back up and running, I will resume my writing schedule of nonsense. If not, my streak maybe gone.

Ethel is gonna git her clothes on 😂

As always more to come.


Wait! What? You Took Another ME Day.

Uh ya I did and the guilt made me stronger … Or it killed me … or made me stronger.

I’m LIFE!!!!!

Hmmmm, maybe??? Anyhoo.  Let’s go shall we?

I earned the time off and my balance of leave time is creeping up there.  Up where you ask?  Well up there … wherever there is … some place in the stratosphere is my guess.  That pending balance must be why time is burning a hole in my pocket just like found money.

Did you ever hear that growing up?  Jilly <insert your own name> couldn’t wait to spend her birthday money.  That cash from Mamaw <insert your own relative> was burning a hole in her pocket.

Anyhoo, back to today.  I left all my errands for this one day to allow myself to enjoy my time off prior to now.  And I did!  Time with mi familia was very special. #gratitude.  The mister and I even had date day :).   I know I have every weekend off (spoiled) but again with the selfishness.  I wanted to do the crap I saved for today during a regular work day.  Even though I genuinely enjoy my job. <gasp> tis true. On most days.

The agenda was boring mundane stuff –  sleep past when the alarm would’ve gone off, eat blueberry bagels and cream cheese with coffee (marvel that for a buck 58 plus a buck 89, plus the discount of brewed at home coffee, you have a full five days of eats). Ain’t nuthing funny about that math.  Then I left on my trek.

Up first,  vehicle inspection at the oil change place (waiting on the oil change as I have 200 miles left and my funny math makes me go until I hit the mileage mark), two tag renewals … my car and the utility trailer, tire inspection and air topped off, grocery store (we will come back to that), home to drop the goods, put up the purchases and eat lunch.

Then back out for RX, fight with doctor’s office (more later) and zip through the car wash (but the wash was broken so the car remains dusty).  Back home AGAIN.  Bought single cyber Monday gift, sent text to oldest kiddo who is still not doing well (shoe don’t drop, shoe don’t drop, shoe don’t fucking drop!!), paid medical bills, played with then fed the pups, took orange tree photos (from our very OWN tree).



Finally capping things off tonight with Book Club!!


In several different posts that will appear unrelated, I will write more about this glorious day later.   This blabbering for example while written 11/26/18 is going in the win column for tomorrow to keep the streak alive.  If I get creative, I will link the “severals” up in some semblance of order.  J-Dub rabbit hole brain order … which means hang on tight … ’bout to git bumpy up in here.  Up in where?  Up in here!  What time is it?  Game time!  C’mon on y’all yell :).

Ah forget it.

As always, more to come.

100 Days of Jilly D

See my feature image.

I have not done anything for 100 consecutive days before now.

I’m a quitter.

Well that’s a bit harsh.

I ain’t no quitter on everything.

Occasionally I display sticktuitiveness!

Made up word alert.  lol.

Too late, made you look.

And I will close with an excerpt from “The Streak” by Ray Stevens.  As kids we loved that song.   The 70s were rad man.  I tell ya 🙂

“Ethel? Is that you Ethel?”

“You git your clothes on”

As always, more to come.

Ever Wonder Why?

Uh ya, all the freaking time.  My mind never stops. It’s a curse I tell ya.

So I looked at my keyboard.  It’s a plain Jane variety that came with the PC.   A downgrade from the wireless keyboard I had previously.  But I don’t care, it just gots to type.  No need for bells and whistles.

Any who, none of that has anything to do with anything. It’s filler y’all.

Any who part two.  I wonder why did the C disappear completely from the keyboard along with most of the E?  Why do S and D look smudged?  And why is the O half gone?


Huh?  Why? Things that make you go Hmmm.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

I bet if I Googled that sH!t, I’d find out that C is the magic letter used most often by the WORLD!!!  Or I could start a rumor that C is the most used letter.  Bet the peoples would believe it.  We believe everything on the Internet don’t cha know.

As always, more to come.

What Are The Odds?

Big Brother is everywhere y’all.  Ole George was right!  How do I know this?

Last time Pony joined us for supper, he drove us to the restaurant.  His vehicle is still new and he has a free trial of Sirius radio.  We talked about paying for air <grumble, grumble> and how it was very expensive after the trial ended but when we paid for three years, we got a break.  Still the cost was hundreds of dollars.  We are economizing to pay for land, so Sirius and a deep reduction in our Dish TV options were the first things to go.


Did I mention we bought land?  In the boonies.  And there is no reception or very little reception anyways.  Did I mention, we had dinner with our son?

Pony insisted the price came down and was something like $5 a year.  I replied maybe a month but … and even at that, I had heartburn about paying for that which should be free!

Let me tell ya folks, nothing SHOULD be free but you get what I mean.  Let the advertisers foot the bill and maybe I will buy their products.  Any who, the day after our dinner, we get a post card in the mail.  Dear former listener!


Dear current listener.  You are a sap!  lol.  Well not me!  My baby Buick is set to KONO-AM 860!  I don’t need no stinkin’ XM bullsH!t.  🙂

As always, more to come.


Not a typo. Guess what the R stands for? Hint if you’ve ever signed up for classes at SAC you’ll know. 😊

I’d like to say R is my F but alas nope 👎. Though tomorrow is high school football 🏈 Friday fun! Rivalry time.

Football smoot-ball. I go for the band!! Wanna hear the drum 🥁 beat and those trumpets wail.

As always more to come.

FB Memory

A FB memory floated over – originally posted 10/17/15.

Clerk: “ready to strip”

Me: “I think I’ll keep my clothes on”

Clerk: “ma’am you have to pay”

Me: “well if I strip someone else should pay”

Lulu: “oh god mom, you are not even funny. You know he means ‘swipe’ … your card!”

Me: “Of course I know what he meant but he didn’t say swipe he said strip.”

So now I am laughing at my own silliness. And I told her “loosen up baby girl. Life’s too short not to laugh a little bit.”