TGIF 2/8/19

I’m working from home because I’m a wimp now that our parking garage is temporarily closed and I have to walk to the building in this weather 🥶. The rain never came but it’s cold again. Won’t get out of the 30s if you believe Siri. That’s what she told me when I asked her.

I said “should I go to work Siri?” She replied “I don’t know what to say.” Ha! Guess we’ve got a ways to go on the AI front. Or I need to rephrase my question. Communication … now that’s a tough nut 🥜 to crack.

AI? Well that’s fascinating but alas my day job beckons. Wishing everyone a zen filled Friday.

As always more to come.


So, … Funny Math of the Ice House Variety

Yes I call them ice houses.  You call them convenience stores.  To-mA-to … to-mah-toe.  They still sell ice don’t they??!?!  Oh and tossing the gauntlet of pretend poker,  I’ll see your Wawa and I’ll raise you a QT!  LOL

This is what counts for entertainment when you live in the sticks!!  We have been watching the construction for months … dare I say a year.  Finally Saturday was the grand opening of the newest QT!

Pony told us about the FREE 24 oz tumblers – Tervis … to keep the hot stuff warm and the cold stuff cool.  One day only!!!  Sure enough, we each got one.  And the first drink was on the house.  I made the loop around the store before deciding.  I wanted the frozen hot chocolate or a Dr. Pepper freezoni but then I saw mango tea in a shimmering light.  And the seas of the peoples parted as I made my way to the spout! Aahhhh!!! Refreshing!!

All free!!! Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming :).  With a carry away cup for discounted refills!!!

Next time and believe me there WILL be a next time, I’m gonna get soft serve!! I’m fairly certain that the 49 cent cones will be back up to normal price but I have a hard time believing these creamy elixirs of life will be more than $3 which is what I pay at SIP or Mr. Softee.

That’s the funny math part … $0.49 to $3.00, what a racket! SIP and Mr. Softee you have been soft served!  Get it?  Hahahahahaha … I slay me.

As always, more to come.



Giddy best describes my day today.  Every path I crossed and every person I spoke to was over the moon.  We are a mighty force of 30K across the US and overseas.  Some days I cannot believe I get to be a part of this elite team. Pinch me I must be dreaming.

I was at the big office to say goodbye to a dear sweet man.  Retiring and beginning a new chapter.  He made an impact … ripples of helping so many not just me.  I’d better stop before I get misty.  I want to stay giddy ya see!!

My last meeting of the day was closed out with giggles.

L very quizzical “I wrote the SC??”

K “yes, you did”

J “I thought so too”

Me “As did I”

K “Look here’s the email”

L “Well if you say I did it, I guess I did it.  I didn’t, did I??”

Too funny.  At least I am not alone in my forgetfulness.

More hilarity ensues.  The polo shirts in the company store are pretty pricey.  $70!  Plus TAX!! But they are also Under Armour and built to last.  Or so “they” say, whoever “they” are.   Our travelling friend L was here in December and for one day only, the polos were 1/2 off.

“Still $35” he tells us, “that’s too much” but his daughter said “dad!  you better get that shirt!” and he did. When we said our final goodbyes he said “happy bonus day!”  to which I replied “don’t spend it in all in one place” … followed by K saying “or on one polo shirt”.  And we laughed!  Funny?  Naw.  Well I guess you had to be there.  ‘Tis the little things people 🙂

As always, more to come.

My Day Is Made

Getting on then off the elevator after my jaunt from parking garage to building.

Me: Sure is crisp out there.

Kind Man: Yes, I like it cold and clear.

Silence for the rest of the ride to 9th floor

Me: Have a nice day!

Kind Man: You too Miss

Miss!!! NOT Ma’am.  LOL.  If that doesn’t put a pep in you step, don’t know what will 🙂

As always, more to come.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Make hay while the sun shines OR eat ice cream while sun is covered by clouds.  Here is my mini-gallery.

I decided to make use of my time here in downtown SA.  I plan to walk as much as possible while I still have the chance.  I do not want to take for granted that which is right under my nose.

This week is restaurant week; ends tomorrow until the summer edition.  As a brown bagger 99.9% of the time, I failed to notice.  But today with no leftovers and the need to increase my steps, I took off on a trek to find a restaurant week lunch special.  And my there was a plethora.  I could have dined at the Palm … or Range, or Landry’s, or …

I could not choose; instead I kept walking.  Topside and river level.  Amidst the tourists and alone by the museum reach.  Until I saw soft serve that is.  Yummy!!  Not a Mr. Softee but pretty darn close.

I am pretty sure the walking negated any calories in the delicious waffle cone.  If not, who cares?  Not I said the spider to the fly.  Happy Friday y’all.  Hope its a good one.

As always, more to come.


Random Musings 1/22/19

I’m easily amused. Today I partook of … drum 🥁 roll please

Soaking it in while I still can. And I walked as I ate my cone cuz I’m pretty sure there’s no calories if you walk briskly while eating.

I also hopped over to my new parking structure. The one that I’ll start using on Monday. It’s a long way away. Which I’m grateful for because walking to and fro will be my only exercise.

On the way back I took a detour. Along the river which is where I saw AFLAC

I was going to walk farther. But I saw two young gentleman jump off a balcony of one of the pricey condos. I’m like holy sH!t they’re robbing the place. They weren’t robbing the place … I have no idea what was happening but I got paranoid and I ran back inside.

As always more to come.

So, … Funny Math Pharmacy & Grocery Store Edition + #QQ4U

As I live and breathe

Why I never

Well I ought to

LOL!  This is random musings of the manic kind. And I can call myself manic for anyone who thinks I’m not PC. J-Dub is wired right now.

So, … the new insurance kicked in January 1.  Same carrier, moved to HSA but that didn’t change the coverage.  Or so I thought.  Here’s the funny math story y’all.  I was picking up an RX for B.  Same one he has taken the last 3 or so years.

Pharm Tech: Oh, did they tell you how much this would be?

Me: It’s about 2 bucks right?

Pharm Tech: It’s $140 with no insurance.

Me: But we have insurance.

Pharm Tech: Ugh! Oh sorry.  Not you.  The system did it again.  Do you have your card?

Me: As luck would have it, why yes! Yes I do.

This kind kid … rocking the beard … looking so much like my Pony went through all the steps to find and re-add my insurance.  Me I listened to the car radio while taking deep breaths.

Pharm Tech: Okay we’re good but it’ll be @ 45 minutes.  Can you come inside?  I have to re-run this as insurance.

Me: Uh nope.  I’ll be back mañana.  He has 10 pills left to tide him over.


Up next, funny math grocery edition.  I rarely shop HEB though I should because they give back to this community directly but the one nearest me is the biggest in the city y’all.  And today on a Sunday after my Hone Depot run, I knew I was playing all loosey goosey.

Anyhow.  I have a list and was not going to deviate.  But ya see, the selections are different.  That means in addition to named brand, I have store brand.  AND store brand as the higher end HEB along side the bargain barrel Hill County Fair.

Well you can’t fool me twice.  I am not buying name brand.  Why would I? As my Econ teacher from my 1st year at SAC reminded us students, Old Panther generic brand milk is the SAME milk as Borden.  He swore to us … do the math, he said.  Oh Hey that might be the start of my affliction.  Now my fuzzy mind cannot remember why the non-brand was cheaper but at the time, Dr. K explained it well and I thought those bastards!!!

I did not.

Or maybe I did?

Who knows?

Only the Shadow knows.


Anyhow, I got the Hill County Fair don’cha know. And our weekly receipt was under 100 smackaroos.  That’s for six dinners and five lunches.  We still had fixings for breakfast. Man cheap stuff sets off my OCD.  Again, don’t call the PC goon squad. They’ve got more important things to do.   And I am talking about ME!!!!!

Now to wrap this up, I have a #QQ4U.  I forgot my coupons y’all.  While I don’t frequent HEB often, I did go to get coffee recently.  I have two coupons that expire today.  One for $2 off produce if you spend more than $2 and $3 off a basket of $30 or more.  That’s 5 smackroos left sitting on the table.  I have already called the store and if I go back receipt in hand, they will credit me.  I am jonesing y’all.  Should I go back?  Inquiring minds want to know … asking for a friend.

As always, more to come.

I’m On It! Lookie Here Y’all

Pay dirt!  When asked “Could you research superstitions on Tuesdays?” by Joey over at joeyfullstated; I replied, “I’m On It!”

Followed by thought bubbles … Challenge accepted!!! bam-dum-tis went the cymbals.  Not to be confused with Cymbalta.  Too much?  Uh ya, it was.  Roll her back girlfriend.

Ookie Dokie.  Reason two fold for looking up this nugget of gold, I’m trying to break my own record for most posts in one day and get a WP response for my efforts AND find out what the heck is superstitious about Tuesdays.  Tuesday ain’t no Friday the 13th but if it was …. we’d be in Greece.  Bazinga.

Lookie here y’all – Let’s get out the scissors and cut some hair while wearing garnet or ruby stones and pink or lilac colored clothes.  What’s not to love when an article gives you the Smithereens!!!!  Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.


Bad Momma

Oh my! What a birthday dinner! Lulu didn’t get carded. No surprise seeing as they’ve been trying to give her a seat at the bar since she was 14. She takes after B. No one ever carded him either.

One glass on wine later and Pony is muttering how he can’t believe it … never thought it’d happen … how she’s supposed to be three. Then telling her to drink more water. He was the tea totaller tonight. Someone needed to be.

While he skipped the beer since nothing was on draft, Pony kept flipping the bird in every picture. I guess my laughing spurred him on. My prize was this snap where he’s actually smiling.

He sounds exactly like B’s brother. It’s uncanny. Sentimental memories.

Welp another year in the bag. Looking forward to what’s to come. As long as we can laugh we’ll be more than fine 😊