We Cannot Have That!

Because We All Need A Little Levity

In my effort to be festive, I requested a striped cast. Today I spilled coffee on said cast. Had I gone solid color, you’d never know it.

We cannot have that! I’m sawing this bad boy off on my own. Tonight!!!! Forget five more days. LOL.

As always more to come.


Funny Math and Random Stuff

Because We All Need A Little Levity, Life

This is better in my brain. Some times things get lost in translation. Ima try anyway.

Scene: J-Dub sitting in chair, left arm on table while B recasts my arm. A different B. A good omen that the tech has same name as my 🍯.

Me: ok so two weeks. Monday is 12/11. Tuesday is 12/12 plus 7 is 12/19. I get my cast off 12/19.

Me continued: of course I could’ve added 14 days to 5.

The other B: You’re a funny lady

Me: You’ll regret encouraging me 🀣


Post casting treat was a Coca Cola with lime from Sonic 1/2 price happy hour. Usual price $1.79 plus 30 cents for a splash of lime.

Sacrebleu an entire freaking lime is 20 cents.

Then I see my receipt. How is 1/2 of $2.09 $1.29? Tax. Uh no.

The lime was full price. My coke was 90 cents which is a penny more than 1/2 in my favor. Plus 30 cents then plus tax.

Ok people. Who thinks that stinks? There’s a sucker born every minute. I’m not upset. I’m trying to be funny. And yes! I won’t quit my day job. 🀣

Ima buy a six pack and my own damn limes. No I’m not. I’m off the sauce. Memba.


I’m so happy 😁. #blessedbeyondmeasure ❀️.

Some one wants me to unload the dishwasher while he cooks. Wonder who’d that be?!?!? Bueno bye πŸ‘‹

As always more to come.

Cast Play by Play

Because We All Need A Little Levity, Life

They’re running behind

Of course they are

My twin just left

Guy had a bright blue cast on his left arm

Was told four weeks

It’s been four weeks for me

Good omen

But wait wife confirms this is his first cast

His will come off in four and he’ll get three more weeks

Stop it silly

You are not blue cast boy

Now I’m number three in the queue

I can hear everything

No privacy

Does this hurt?

Uh ya but that’s not normal

Who does that with their hand?

Says the lady next to me

I want meds says the guy down the row

Me … the saw is freaky. I want my cast back! I’ve lost my mind.

As always more to come.


Because We All Need A Little Levity, Book Club

Only two chapters in and David Wong is my current favorite author. Like the TX weather it will change but for now score!!!!!

Lol! I’ve lost it … if I ever had it.

What the hell did I just read?

I’m gonna call the character stoner John. He calls his buddy Dave for an “emergency”. He’s got a house full of like minded stoners blind taste testing Froot Loops. Their premise of conspiracy is the loops are all the same flavor just different colors. He says “get over here Dave! Skittles are next!”

Paints a vivid picture and I’m so easily amused. I bet we all have someone like him in ours lives. If we’re lucky πŸ€

As always, more to come.

Like A Squirrel

Because We All Need A Little Levity, Book Club

… saving nuts πŸ₯œ for winter. Do they really do that? Or it is 🐻? Gives them something to eat when they wake from hibernation. It’s true, you are reading it here first.

No it’s not! I’m just making stuff up. But I’ll google squirrels and bears later. No telling what I’ll find 🀣

Dare I take two from Express Collection?

Hells yeah! Taking two is not greedy. There are some plenty left. Just means I’m escaping into blissful nirvana.

So Now I’m Sure I Need Recommendations

Because We All Need A Little Levity

Ok SA peeps.  I’m in need of an orthopedist. For reals. 

I fell flat on my ass while I was cavorting around like an Angora goat 🐐 mascot of the town of Rock Springs the place that B and I were visiting.   In an effort to break my fall, I fractured my distal radius AND my ulnar on my left side.  No dislocation and no additional fractures noted.   Half cast set and hard cast to follow.  

I’m not hopped on pain meds either.  The urgent care had none.  Instead I’m high on life and blessed beyond measure.  I’m right handed for instance. I’m spoiled rotten by B as well. 

We’re debating stuff. 

Me:Take my picture! 

B: No.  That’s just crazy Jill.  

Me: Pfft

B: No one cares but me.  

Me: Pfft 

And whether a fracture is a break.  I say no they’re different and I’m googling that shit!  Lol πŸ˜‚