Who’d Have Thunk It?

Thunk isn’t a word … oh but it is she said


Say that three x’s fast.

Though those in the know say think/thought/thought

I say thunk cause ya know thunk is way cooler.

And just what am I blathering about?  Blah, blah, blah.  Well I’m getting there.  Gimme a minute.  Landing a plane is hard ya know.  Speaking of landing planes, let’s take a flight on the cheap.  Because we can.  Prices are at an all time low.

Seriously Meredith Grey.  Though Jilly will stay put. Big baby!

My sonshine had a wedding to attend this weekend.  The event is happening right about now.  No cancellations but also a rather small less than 20 people affair.  How romantic and special!!  He and his buddy along with one other person went up Friday for rehearsal and are staying tonight too instead of driving back as was the original plan.  Why?  Well because they were able to secure a room at the Marriott for only $49 dollars a night.  Normally the room is $349 plus tax.  Can you dig it?  I knew that you could.

Still I sit and ponder with all this extra (same amount) of time on my hands.  What’s the true cost?  Will we ever really know?  Does it take a pandemic to find out? Are they just giving it away since $49 is better than $0?  I have often thought hotels make out like bandits.  Smoochy, smoochy said in my Jason Mews voice over voice.  The nice ones anyway.  They are bought and paid for I would think.  And sure there is upkeep but using my own home as an analogy, without a mortgage, we’re sitting pretty.  Maybe I should start renting out bought and paid for rooms?   Any takers?  Of course I hear the owner is a tad bit off her rocker.

Things that make you go hmmm.

As always, more to come.

Well Hello

Look what happened this morning while I was out gallivanting around, getting my nails done and walking around window shopping?  I now have 1,000 followers!!  I cannot believe it.  Happy to achieve this milestone on day 544 of consecutive posting!!

If I knew it would not go dormant like all my other bright ideas, I’d create a category called “things one overhears … at the nail salon”.  Fun!  And here goes nothing.

Nail Tech: Be a nail tech and make no money, that’s how you keep them away.

Customer (not me):  Oh honey, not true.  Your personality and sense of humor is what will draw women to you.  I’d rather have someone with no money than a cheater.

2nd Customer (also not me): She’s right.  I was married 30 years when my Ex decided he wanted to be with someone else.  Two weeks later he was begging me to take him back.  I said no.  Best decision I ever made.

Customer (not me): See I hate that.  Is he still with her?

2nd Customer (also not me): No, he moved on to # three.

Then the Nail Tech proceeds to tell the group how we got it all wrong here in the states with how we celebrate Valentines Day … for the couples.  He says “other countries have something like Valentines Day that is for singles only.  You wear a certain color that shows you are ready to mingle.  We need that here so I can find somebody to love me.  Happy couples don’t need to be so greedy!!!”

Then Customer #1’s cell phone rings.  It’s her husband calling to see if she is ready.  He drops her off every other Saturday then goes to wash her car.  She says “come in here and meet these ladies”.  And he does, all stooped over.  I thought he was injured and she was the queen of her castle making him do for her.  She tells him, “oh Russell stand up straight you goof”.    He does, laughing and says “this is what a husband of 52 years looks like … worn out”.   As they parted, he gave us this advice for relationship happiness “never do anything, NEVER EVER! that saying I’m sorry can’t fix”.  And with that he whisked his beloved away.

As always, more to come.

Seriously Meredith Grey?

WP just gave me the 9 day streak badge.  But I posted for #SLS this morning.  I guess since I scheduled #SLS they count the day that post was written?  Somehow they have changed my dangling carrot and I do not like it.  Not one bit!  Lol!!  So silly.  I am better now.  B really helped me this weekend, to see the error of my ways.  We’ve had so much fun starting with Friday night’s Pink in the Rink, yesterday’s shenanigans, and today’s Sunday Funday!!

Example badge …

Rat bastards!!!!!! LOL

As always, more to come.

#QQ4U on This Super Bowl Sunday

B and I got up at the b’crack of dawn to go shopping at HEB for the week’s goods plus Super Bowl extras, PoPo’s B-day and my almost 36 year service anniversary. Combo partying is not for the faint of heart!! I’ve already started.
I had a donut for breakfast with a Dr. Pepper Icee chaser so screw it! I am off the WW wagon for one day .. okay two days because yesterday the Original Donut Shop was right next to where I had my appointment. It would’ve been sacrilegious to NOT get something. Don ‘cha think?
Anyhoo. Back to the b’crack of dawn … I really wanted to wear my penguin pajama bottoms to HEB. B gave me his look so I changed into sweats. Close enough but not nearly as soft.  Comfort over style I always say.  
We arrive and as we are parking, a couple walks through the crosswalk, hand in hand wearing what? Well pajamas of course! Ha! “See” I tell him. “I think this has become socially acceptable”. B responds “no Jill, it has not”
Once inside the store, I began my count. Every time I saw another pair of pajama bottoms, I gave him my look which said “see pajamas”. I counted 7 if you include the 2 people we saw walking in, that we never saw again btw. I’m a child of the 70s, I dressed much more inappropriately back in the day.
So I have to ask WordPress friends, what’s your thoughts on wearing pajama bottoms as regularly pants?

Easily Amused

I got a new book Saturday. I mentioned to B that I expect him to be around while I’m reading because the book is very scary. So much so that it’s says to read it with the lights on. In typical B fashion he asks me “well how else are you supposed to read it? In the dark?” Cracked me right up. Yep I’ll be reading in the dark. Duh 🙄

Proof this is part of the liner …

I’m not scared … yet.

As always more to come.

Oh M Goodness There Are Two Of Us

I am slowly putting things back as they were as I set up the new desktop.  I tried to play ELP from Dan’s post but no sound!  Sacribleu.  The kidlet is gone, so who do I ask?  B?  Surely not.  Though he is a handy dandy fellow aka DIY champ PCs are not his thang.  And I do mean thang not thing.  LOL.

I try to diagnose the lack of sound issue myself.  Run several checks with no problems found as the outcome.  I get a number to call and my friendly (who shall remain nameless) help desk assistant does some troubleshooting.  Then he proceeds to tell me my PC does not have an internal speaker.  He creates a case and tells me I can send the PC back and a speaker will be installed free of charge.  WTH!!! But okay.  I guess.

Meanwhile B calls Pony who tells dear ole dad, of course there is no internal speaker.  My speakers are on my monitor!  Sweet heart that he is, he offered to come back before B told him we’d figure it out.

Razzle frazzle – the green wire was plugged into the tower only.  B griping, that wire is too short to reach as I kneel under the desk and push up the wire between the back of the desk and wall for him to grab said wire and put into the monitor.  Whew!  Quite the feat.  But all is well now as ELP is blasting!  Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend come inside come inside.

Oh and BTW the help desk assistant called me back to sadly explain that the charge to install internal speakers would be $150 to $200 and not the free of charge I was quoted.  No mention that using external speakers is preferred.  He suggested I take back the PC for a different one.  Or he could still end me the box for return to which I politely replied “no thank you”.  I think he should’ve known better don’t you?  Oh M Goodness, there are two of us 🙂

As always, more to come.

How Crazy Brain Thinks

I can say crazy brain when speaking about myself.  Don’t call the PC police on me puhleese with sugar on top.  I feel a Friday testimony coming on.  I’m happy y’all.  Over the moon. My new work family had a celebration for December birthdays and they included me.  Since I am dotted line family, they did not have to do this but they did.  Can you feel the love?

I think I may have attachment disorder.  I admit it.  Or maybe the opposite of attachment disorder.  I become viscerally and quickly attached to almost anyone who shows me the slightest kindness.  Maybe it is being an adult orphan.  Who knows why? Though I know enough to act appropriate.  Well, … most days.  But with me you’re in until or unless you give me a reason not to be.  Then I turn tail and run away forever.  An elephant who never forgets. Yeah after crazy brain, I called myself an elephant.  And who wouldn’t want to be like those beloved creatures?

Onward through the fog for my Canadian friends.

Now the crazy brain part.  Leaving work I had my leftovers from our lunch where we ordered out from my favorite place that they didn’t even know was my favorite place.  Lucky for me the other two December b-days celebrants like Golden Wok too. I had my left over drink.  Yes I splurged and drank the real thing aka coca-cola for one day a year only.   After finishing the tea which came with the meal.

Not done yet, I also have my gym bag that is not used for gym purposes.  Instead it has my life aka my fully loaded laptop, peripherals like power cord, headset and wireless mouse, wallet, planner, pens, cough drops, ear buds, phone charger.  And finally a big ole slab of cake.  Outside the gym bag of course.  Proof right here …

Big ole slab of birthday cake

I am giving way more detail than necessary to set the stage.  I could have said I was loaded down.  But the above paints a picture.  amiright?

I get to my car.  Throw gym bag sans wallet into my trunk.  Place cake on the floorboard along with the leftovers.  Drink in cup holder.  And off I go.  To Wally world.  For one thing … Pepperidge Farm onion rolls to make our faux Arby’s beef and cheddar later tonight for supper.  I stick to the one thing.  A feat in and of itself.

As I walk back out to the car.  I think oh RatZ! I wonder if the squirrely little devils are still in my car and if they are did they eat my cake?  My heart actually skipped a beat.  Picking up the pace to a walk shuffle jog, I check and whew!  no bite marks.  LOL.  The rest of the way home, I kept looking for one to leap out at me.  I also recall the news report from last night how eating 🍽 in your car is worse than eating off a toilet seat! I’m not eating but dang my cake has to full of germs. Ugh 😩 See crazy brain.  I tell ya.

TGIF folks!!!  Hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are wonderful.

As always, more to come.

Singing In The Stairwell

Singing 🎤 in the stairwell. Is that like singing 🎤 in the rain ☔️ or singing 🎤 in the shower 🚿? I think 🤔 it’s like the shower thingy.

I’m taking steps at work as a form of light exercise. We have stairwells that go from service level to 3rd floor. I mostly sit on 3 and like to stairwell it in and out daily with trips to the cafe and other amenities in between.

Y’all know I blast the tunes while I’m driving. I almost always get here with an ear worm. This week I just realized the stairwell acoustics are phenomenal.

Yep! Maybe you’ve guessed it. I’m almost always alone in the stairwell. Which means I sing. Out loud. With the voice the good lord gave me. And today as I wailed Prince’s “When Doves Cry”, I was joined in chorus. Oh my! Good times I tell ya. Now we’re taking it on the road. Jilly and Friend. Look out for us. Coming to a town near you. Happy Thursday!!

File This Under Easily Amused

So I’m laughing to keep from crying. Considering I’ve just been kicked to the curb by my doctor. Concierge my a$$.


We got a group email at work … some sort of random test related to our servers. The email was accidentally sent to the whole company; not just the affected people. And you would be absolutely surprised (or maybe not so surprised) at the number of people replying all and saying do not reply all. Or replying all to take me off this distro. Or replying all to say I don’t use that server. As if they even know. How stupid does one have to be to reply all and say not to as if hours later they’re the first with that idea. Re-donk-a-donk. 

At least one guy was funny. He said “please do not rely all except for me. I spam you! 🤣”. And he sure enough did. Wonder who the sender is and whether he is in trouble (because it was a dude per the signature block).


As always more to come.