Always Out Of Style

I was looking back at memories … on this day … 12/28/2010.  That was seven years ago.  Yep, really … 2017 minus 2010 = seven.  Ba-dum-tiss.  Not even close to funny.

Okay, now guess what?

C’mon, you get three guesses.

Crickets … those noisy little buggers.

I am waiting!

Pfft! Ain’t nobody got time for that J-Dub.

Just tell ’em.

Drum roll please ………………… I am wearing the exact same sweater today that I wore on this day seven years earlier.

Ugh! I need to go shopping but I hate to go shopping.

Magic spirit of the retail clouds come delivery me some new clothes.

Naw, forget it.  Purple is still my favorite color after all.  It’s just like my shoes that I wear until they fall apart.  I will forever be the daughter of a garage sale shopper.  And I guess that’s what I’m supposed to be.

Sigh.  Just breathe.

As always, more to come.