B: it’s not a super moon Jill

Me: almost, that was last night. I’m going to get a pic in the morning too

B: I mean I doubt that the moon changed size

Me: I know. It’s just closer. Like an optical illusion

Me continued: Trippy man \m/

Random Stuff

I had a very good session today. I’m going to accept what I can’t change aka control. I’ve been fighting against acceptance as if accepting means failure. It doesn’t. The serenity prayer can be multi purpose. I felt the anxiety lifting.

Tomorrow is cast check. I vacillate between I’ve wished myself well and I’ve got some rare disease they’ve never seen before. I’ve already decided if I have to wear a cast for three more weeks, I’ll request festive colors.

Such a good day. Bonus is the kitties are coming for a visit. Until Saturday!!! Ah the love ❤️ can you feel it?

As always more to come.

Word of the Day




1 taking one subject after another in regular order; point by point.”it is proposed to deal with these matters seriatim”

I still have no idea what this means. But I’m going to try and work seriatim into pleasant conversation. 😂

As always more to come.