Tidbits ~ 5/5/21

Cheers to Cinco de Mayo!

Things never come out of my head onto virtual paper the way I think they will making it hard to follow me. Today I am going to use bullet points …

  • I had to go in for more blood work yesterday, nothing stirs the worry more than blood work for cancer markers
  • No need to worry, this is standard and precautionary
  • The CT does NOT show cancer
  • The CT doesn’t show enough of anything which is why the second test is needed
  • Stick to your lists and plans that the EAP lady gave you
  • They help, they truly help

I tried to be helpful and told the phlebotomist about my soft wide easy to stick vein that John the FR told me about. Since I was still bruised, she went to the other arm. Before I knew it, she was drawing my blood. She said “yep I see what he means but when you’re as good as I am you can get blood from anything”. Score!

This morning I received an email about lab results in my patient Portal. I stayed away. Yep I sure did. No one screens this stuff. I will just find out Friday at the appointment. I admit I was tempted but I resisted. Doing so actually helped alleviate my anxiety. Imagine that?!?? lol Plus no one from the office called me. If it was bad news they’d call right?

Ah who cares?!? I’m going to make my liquid lunch for tomorrow. Jell-o that is … kind of solid but not really … qualifies as liquid for this purpose anyway.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits Part Deux ~ 4/30/21

Old fashion popcorn, I tell ya what. Too many thoughts to contain. Picture the machine at the movie theater concession. When that bad boy begins to blow and the kernels pop and spill out. I can almost smell the goodness. Yeah buddy! We’re cooking with hot oil.

I’m off today and don’t do well with idle time. Work which I love btw despite my sometimes haranguing is a necessary distraction. What can I say? I’m cursed.

Anyhoo. I had a CT scan with contrast this morning. John the Fantastic Radiologist hereby known as John FR just so happens to be an Army veteran. His name tag shows it. I like that idea. He obviously is very good at what he does. Despite technical challenges, we got through the procedure together. Here is where I wrote about my vein incident. But there was so much more packed into our hour together.

First things first. Much has changed since my 2020 visit to STRIC = South Texas Radiology Imaging Center. One does not have to pay for parking if you arrive before 9am. That makes me happy. I always felt like paying to park was a donation. I mean the lot is typically bought and paid for. How much maintenance can there be? And I’m not adverse to donating for a cause. Just don’t gouge me.

Second things second. The protocols have changed. Last time I had to stand in the hallway, get a temperature check, and verify paperwork already filled in before entering the lobby which was reduced to minimal capacity. As much as they could, people were placed in rooms quickly to avoid congregating. Today we walked right in and stood on dots six feet apart that had been previously pushed out to the hallway. The check in was back in the usual spot but the paperwork was still prefilled. Win/win. Every other chair was open. The hurry to get folks back to the back seemed less intense.

I imagine this is because of the vaccine or because we have learned more about what’s what when it comes to the Rona. And by we I mean the scientists and people in the know. The decisions makers. I’m Jane Q Public who is out of the loop. I simply do as I am told. Is that awful? Maybe but oh well.

John FR said something that affirmed my suspicions. I had to remove my mask to drink water as he got the IV going. He sensed my reluctance to drop the mask. Made light of mask protocol and the changes. I piped up that I am double vaccinated as of 3/1 so I wasn’t worried. Him too as of January. Anyway, he says “all we can do is follow the science” and “I read study/real science by someone at MIT which confirmed 6 ft or 60 ft when in an enclosed space without the windows to open and draft to pull, it makes no difference” He continues “which we knew all along”. Well I didn’t know all along. I only assumed. Which subliminally may be why I only feel comfortable in public peoplely places that are outdoors. Even if I am overreacting … which is probably the case.

I just want to know what is the TRUTH! Before July preferably which when I have to go back to the hotbox at 9800 Fred Rd. Things I am sure of (mostly). They are not putting us in harm’s way. This exercise is all about appearances. Well that and money. The root is always money. Forget follow the science, follow the money. They have done absolutely everything to make things safe as evidenced by being named one of 12 well/health/safety something or other certified buildings in the US. The decision makers are going back first. They surely wouldn’t put themselves in danger. I wonder if their part of the building aka the C suite has a bunker. LOL! Ya know for extra safety. Let us pions be outside the bubble. Now I am MSU = making stuff up.

See why I need work to distract me. Left to my own devices, I go bonkers. Just a lil bit huh?

Glad you agree. Hehe.

Okay, I am done. For now. I think. Unless later today I need a part tribus aka part three 🙂

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 4/30/21

Nothing like the time to practice mindfulness 🧘 when the CT machine is erroring out and needs to be rebooted. Ohm ohm ohm. I wish I had my blanket. Lol 😂

Edited: All done. Whew! John the radiologist was fantastic! Talked the whole time. Called me “sister”. He’s a brother from another mother with all that chit chat. “Sis or sister” are terms of endearment that I use too. Really relieved my anxiety.

Bonus is he showed me which vein to use for next time which we both hope is never! Always left and not the one on top that goes straight but the one underneath that goes sideways toward my pinkie. It’s softer and wider makes for an easier stick. And now I’m giggling at the innocent innuendo. There was nothing untoward. I promise. But now I have something I can remember. 😂

Tidbits ~ 4/18/21

I’m in here to distract myself as I spruce up the place. “Tidbits” is officially a category under “Ramblings”. I also found out how to delete categories that were hanging out, unused due to misspellings and other assorted reasons. Now I am down to 55 distinct categories. That’s a lot more than I need. I might work on further refining. As I delete categories, the posts remain behind moving into the “Life” category. That is my primary/default. I like the idea of sub-grouping but c’mon 55 is over the top. Even for me.

Oh and I deactivated FB again. I had gone back to grab my things but lack of time and patience means I quit trying to figure out how to move my pictures. Doing so was the last thing I wanted to accomplish before the final farewell. In seven days, I might reactivate but then log out. The test will be if I can remember my password to get back in one day when time and patience come back to me.

Ta-ta for now. Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. Cheers to an easy entry into the work week.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 4/16/21

I’m baaack. I haven’t done storytelling in a while. I’m not sure I’ve got any stories in me but I do have angst. Which might or might not make for a good story. I wrote the following longhand first. Now I’ll transcribe.

Journal Entry 9999.

4/16/21 Friday: A Day Off

I had to leave the house before I jumped out of my skin. Isolation has worn me down. You might ask how? You’ve never been truly isolated. You’ve been with your family in lockdown. No dark cell for you. And while physically that is true, mentally you’re an island.

The remotest most desolate place devoid of any other human form. Inside the walls of your head you scream for help,… for escape,… for at least one day free from the intrusive thoughts which rage sadly, not angry.

You know you’re only MSU = making stuff up. In hindsight, you see the paths of untruths you weaved. Not lies but as real as feelings can be. Knowing your perspective is skewed sideways. Warped. Yes, that’s it!

Look at me! I’m warped! I’m worst case scenario girl. The world is coming to an end. Time is short! Act fast. At NOW! Control your fate.

Such a fallacy. Control is improbable, an illusion. Only a state of mind.

Ok y’all. I feel a million times better. Getting toxic thoughts out of my head helped. From my synapses to fingertips to paper back to fingertips typing on a virtual page. B calling to check on me also helped. He’s my rational anchor in this world.

It’s a dreary drizzly mess today. No swing time for me. Maybe that’s the cause of my emotional state? Or not. I’m snug as a bug in a rug. Hunkered down. The tactile sensations of my throw over my shoulders comfort me. The pitter patter of rain is a soothing melody.

As always more to come.

Tidbits ~ 4/11/21

Coming at you live from my iPad on my brand new porch swing.


Actually the swing is on an A-Frame in my backyard. I cried when it was delivered. Lulu asked me why are you bawling momma? Well because I’ve wanted this swing forever. To grow up and one day have my own home, with a swing like Mammaw’s, that’s just priceless.

B put it all together in record time. He had none of the problems noted in the reviews. No instructions? No problem. B don’t need no stinking instructions. Lol.

We’ve placed it under one of the oaks but with the earth’s movement, this spot will be full sun before long. We’ve spied an even better place under the pecan tree. I’m going to time how long until shade returns though since vitamin D in limited direct sunlight would be good for me. Let’s face it time outdoors period is good for me. Gets me out of my head. Just what the doctor ordered. ❤

As always, more to come.