Tidbits ~ 8/3/21

Yesterday, MoMo went with me to Barnes & Noble. She chattered the whole way there. That’s always nice because small talk is not my thing. She fills the empty spaces which is fine by me. Though some of what comes out of her mouth … well … unfiltered nonsense. I got this bright idea for a new category (fastest way to kill the category is to actually add one) so I’m just “thinking out loud”. I already have a title The Mother-in-Law Chronicles. Pretty sure it’d only be funny to us but then again, I’m writing for me.

Today, I baked a lemon meringue pie from scratch. My meringue never peaked but I used it anyway. Sure hope it tastes okay. The lemon curd part that I was worried about was surprisingly easy. Guess I watched enough cooking shows to learn how not to scramble the eggs.

My baking kick has been fun. Ever since I dusted off grandma’s old pie crust recipe, I’ve been experimenting. Lately I have seen few memes asking what would you be if you had the job you wanted at age 12? Me? I wanted to be a baker. Maybe I’m trying to capture some of that now. In addition to harvesting tomatoes from the garden, this baking kick is giving me stress relief. Of course my LDL is 109 and B’s A1C reads as prediabetic. Maybe we should cut back? Not cut out mind you since everything in moderation, including moderation.

Now I’m off to harvest. Later than usual since I’m on vacay. Peace out.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 8/1/21

With Styx too much time on my hands, I am organizing. What a way to spend a Vacay. You do you. And I do me. And organizing is Nirvana. Smells like Teen Spirit or rose and ivy scent bulbs. Plus after having watched an episode or two of hoarders this morning, there is nothing more I’d rather do than clean up. Part of me thinks that salacious TV should come with a warning. Oh wait, come to think of it, there was a warning. Rambling on …

On my first or second day of return to office, I found my health assessment card from February 20, 2020. Because of corona, health assessments were suspended for 2021 until now. Which means on July 16, 2021, I masked it up and went to Quest Diagnostics to have my screening done. I may have already shared with you that the phlebotomist after drawing my blood said “thank you Jesus that’s over. What a tough draw!” or something to that effect. My thought bubble was pretty much “if you think it was tough for you, what about me?” I’ve officially got old lady veins that roll. Ewww.

I got the electronic results by email almost immediately. Maybe in a day or two max. And the Healthy points towards reduction of my healthcare costs were uploaded this week giving me 400 out of 500 points. And with that, the goal of 3000 points achieved! Yay me! I get the hoodie. Two actually. One from Healthy points and one from our leadership team. They’re doing “just because you are all awesome” gifts. I picked a hoodie for that too thinking I might not reach 3000. Now I wish I’d picked the Yeti wine tumbler. Rambling on …

I’m still kind of borderline healthy though. Despite passing pieces of this. I can’t ever get the BMI points. Though at 25.2, I’m closer to the requisite 24.9 than I’ve ever been. Also, I noticed some inconsistency for LDL. Is the optimum range under 130 or under 100? And what’s difference between LDL and non-HDL? Time to put my Dr Google skillz to werk.

I’m only really worried about my blood pressure. It was 128/81. 120/80 is the preferred range. They give credit for 130/85 which means I got 100 points despite being borderline. What’s nice is that from the July 16 assessment, I got a book that is called a blue print to wellness with 18 pages of recommendations on how to be healthy. Much of it common sense. All of it appreciated.

Alrighty, lemme let you go. Back to my organizing. Happy Sunday folks.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 7/28/21

Where were we? Oh ya, the roof saga. Before 5/3/21, we were voluntarily replacing our 22 year old roof. Though a 35 year comp shingle, Tejas it hotter than hades and roofs never make it to the full life expectancy. We started noticing granules on the sidewalk after Snowmageddon or maybe even a little before. Got three bids and began to mull things over. Then 5/3/21, we got hail. Crazy odd shaped chunks flew from the sky. All three vehicles were dinged and the roof was deemed a total loss. I wrote a funny math edition here …

Thursday Thoughts ~ 6/24/21

The roof still isn’t replaced despite the preliminary inquires. After 5/3/21, roofers have more work than they can shake a stick at … not that anyone would shake a stick at work right? Your livelihood depends on money coming in? Feast or famine of the self-employed.

Here’s a move over from FB as I was in search of recommendations for a roofer.

Getting another bid for our roof since B claims the original price was a ploy to shoo us away. He says it happens all the time. 40k is steep considering we have one other bid for 25k. But you get what you pay for right?!?!?

He also wants to barter again. He’ll plaster in exchange for a reduction. Ugh. Shoot me now.

So, I’ve gone sidebar through Contractor Connection. What are the odds that the next roofer’s last name is Jasek? Maybe that’s a sign? Still waiting for the quote to make a final decision though.

Oh happy Wednesday

As always, more to come.

Off Cycle Thoughts/Here Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things ~ 7/24/21

Sometimes I dip my toe into the deep end. Splash! Eventually I catch up with the techie techs of the world. On a lark, in prep for my RTO = return to office, I sprung for some wireless ear buds. Not the nice ones mind you. Lulu has her fancy dancy Apple Air pods and Pony has his Samsung equivalent but this other ‘f’ word stands for frugal gal isn’t going to spend that kind of cash.

I got Onn knock offs, compatible with iPhone. For the low, low price of $19.88 + tax. Easy enough set up for this luddite though I did have issues going between my phone and my iPad. The sound was great. The charge lasted all day. I took them to work and thank goodness I had them because my first day back, I forget my headset at home.

I swear dollars to donuts that I brought my ear buds home and even used them here at this very spot where I am sitting right now. But, nope. They are nowhere to be found here at the house. I had the collective family unit turn things upside down. Somewhere between the office and back home, poof gone. The last time for sure I remember using them was at the Tech Spot in the office as I waited for my new laptop, which is a story I may not have written about here in bloglandia but I almost blew up y’all. Seriously Meredith Grey.

“See that is why you can’t have nice things!” said me to the kids once upon at time. Or I am misremembering because that doesn’t sound like me at all. LOL. Now they can tell me the same thing. Glad I went with the cheapo because I am on the hunt for a replacement. And I definitely don’t want to lose them again.

I’m looking for something with a strap. Still not wired but wireless. I am in Amazon hell. Prime free one day and Amazon Choice offers. Too many to choose from. I have put in search criteria to slowly reduce my options but still have 294 to look through. Maybe I need to close my eyes, point to the screen, and pin the tail on the bud. Ugh! Shoot me now.

Humor me fine folks. Toss me a comment or two about your bud of choice. The ear variety. Wink wink. As if the teetotaler even remotely has any idea what she is talking about.

As always. more to come.

Tidbits ~ 7/16/21

That nest is pretty peaceful right?

Ohm Ohm Ohm

Channeling my inner Zen

I had a wellness check this morning for healthy points. I’ve written about that before. I’m at 2650 points on the road to 3000. The phlebotomist had trouble with me again. After she was done she exclaims “all I can say is thank you Jesus, that was a tough one”

Ugh! Tough for who? Actually she did a good job. It only hurt a little and she was fast about it. Now I’m waiting for my email to confirm I was there so I can upload whatever the heck it is to get my points. If I get all 500, I will have reached my goal. Yeah buddy.

Moving on. Does every email deserve a response when all you really want to write back is you are a clueless mofo? LOL. Asking for a friend.

Happy FriYay!!!

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 7/10/21

We’ve had rain for days now. The hurricane season is upon us and when things in the Gulf of Mexico stir up in just the right way, we get the benefits. Our garden loved it … at first. But now even that is a bit waterlogged. I’m not complaining though. When this weather is gone, our temps will skyrocket.

Today has been one of those lazy days. I did have to get out though. Run to CVS but before I went, I got the in-law’s grocery list. That’s when I was asked for a favor. I’m glad they asked though. They usually want to spare me or pay me or sometimes both. Since I was already headed to CVS, they had a RX for themselves which I was happy to retrieve. And mom in law had lost her cane. She wanted me to get her a new one. In pink! There was a bit of bickering going on when I got there to get the list and the credit card, trying to piece together where she may have left her original cane. Not that it mattered but they bicker. That’s their thing.

They knew I was going to the library afterwards and sent me off saying take as long as you like. Driving to my destination, I was full of memories. Our little corner of the earth. The CVS happens to be across the street from St. Benedicts and wouldn’t ya know it, when I got there, the church bells were ringing. Those are the bells B’s Grandpa donated to the church shortly after it was built. I absolutely love church bells. Hearing the sounds invoked other senses. I swear I could smell the wood polish and candle wax.

Anyway, I finished up, headed to QT for my DP Icee fix. Tomorrow we’re trying for free Slurpees. Moved along to the library. Returned two books The Institute and Ready Player One and got two replacements. Both Express Collection which means three weeks to d-day and no renewals. The two I returned were longer books which I finished in two weeks making me think I’ll meet the time limit. One of the books Bunny made a reviewer cackle with laughter while nodding in agreement and simultaneously being utterly terrified. Now that’s what I’m talking about. My kind of story.

Alrighty, enough prattling.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 7/8/21

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! A virtual scream is not nearly as satisfying as a real scream. I’m beyond pissed 😤. I can’t even find words. I thought if I came here and just started typing, a rational argument would form. But the anger keeps me from being rational. Fuck you motherfucker is all I have for now. And dammit the tears. Maybe writing ✍️ out longhand will release the hounds.

As always more to come.

I Can’t Remember ~ 7/4/21

I created my Tidbits and Ramblings categories for two distinct reasons of which I do not recall which means I mix-match what goes where. Are Tidbits when I’m needing to release the hounds or is that rambling? Of course I always ramble. In fact, that was the original name of this blog J-Dub’s Musing & Ramblings until I realized how many others used some version of rambling or musing as well. Of course Grin & Bear It isn’t original. But it’s what I do and why it fits.

And at least I got reflections down pat. That’s when I look back at something. Usually. Oh hell what do I know? I should just file everything under LIFE. Ha!!

Okay. Some serious shit is about to go down. Or not because this is not my story to tell but I am impacted deeply despite being a casual observer, on the outskirts, praying.

Watching life happen to people you care about is both beautiful and ugly, tender and rough, salty and sweet. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Yep, your smarts are obvious. I can’t pull a fast one on anyone of y’all. All y’all. You all. Ha! E’nuf of that nonsense.

I have a foreboding, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t know why I can’t be happy for this person. I keep MSU = making stuff up. I can’t forgive, forget, or trust. I’m sure that is because I was dropped on my head as a child or something. Sheesh. Seriously.

I marvel at anyone who can give unconditional love. We should all be so lucky. Hell I was the recipient of a love you know matter what you do, here for you all the time kind of love yet I can’t return in kind. I say well that’s because I never did anything so terrible. But I did worse. I’m a sinner. Depending on whose authority one judges.

And besides that’s the thing about unconditional love. It’s not about what you do or don’t do. It’s not you’re bad but I love you anyway. Unconditional love is NOT love without boundaries. I’m protecting myself in case it happens again, so that I do not get hurt.

That control thing is in the picture again. Has to stop! If I ask and get an answer, I accept the response. Done! If I’m a fool to believe, so be it. If the worst happens, I couldn’t have prevented it nor can I change it anyway. I’ll simply deal with the aftermath.

I know haven’t spilled the beans here and perhaps you’re wondering that the heck is she going on about. Don’t mind me. Same ole, same ole, overthinking. Madness, pure madness.

As always, more to come.

Tidbits ~ 7/1/21

Sculpture from my branch library 📚 Good to be back.

Today kicked my ass!!!! My dearest coworker brought me the much needed levity as we ended our call and she said, Don’t beat up anybody. Drink! You know it! Cherry 🍒 Vanilla Dr Pepper or Coke with lime. But what if someone deserves an ass whopping? Guess I’ll Bless Their Hearts 💕.

As always more to come.

Tidbits ~ 6/27/21

Title: Pony’s Birth Story.

Lots to get out of ye ole cerebrum mi amigos/amigas.

Where were you 33 years ago today? Me? It was a Monday and I was at work. Still on the phones. I had a really bad call and hung up on the customer which is no bueno. I distinctly remember the call was about billing. Hmm, the more thing change, the more they stay the same.

I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face when I ran into two friends, Susan and Isabel who told me “Jill go home; you’re in labor”. Truth. But I scoffed. “No I’m not” You can’t make this stuff up.

I stayed, until 6 pm, finished the late shift. After which I headed home to find B with his friend Donald, drinking a few brewskies, crib STILL in pieces on our living room floor.

I announced through gritted teeth, “I’m going to Lung Fungs for dinner if you care to join me”. I thought Donald would take the hint and leave but nope, he tagged along. I felt the contractions all through dinner but said nothing. The meal was quite enjoyable if I remember correctly.

Back home again, I told Donald to leave unless he wanted to witness a live birth. B and I did all the Lamaze things. The breathing. The walking. Don’t go to the hospital too early, they said. We listened. For what felt like forever, we walked laps around our tiny house, over and over again.

B was the one who finally said, “do you think it’s time to go in?” We called my parents. PoPo Jim was in Houston on business but B’s mom was able to meet us there.

We were admitted some time after midnight. My school chum’s mom was working at the front, comforting to see a friendly face. I told her this was probably Braxton-Hicks since I wasn’t due until July but she mouthed to B “I don’t think so”.

Small world that it is, a girl who B had gone to school had been taken back as well, just a curtain separating us. In her case, she got sent home with false labor. Her daughter T, who went to school with our Pony for 13 years, was born @ 2-3 weeks later.

Our brightest ball of son-shine entered the world at 2:50 am. He’s been a night owl ever since. This year, thanks to being fully marinated, he is on the third annual “b-day bonanza and other extravaganza – NM to CO and back again” road trip with friends. Having the time of his life I’m sure.

We took him to an early b-day dinner before he left where he humored me with a picture. A good one, where he still smirks but his eyes are smiling. He even has his arm around my shoulder; a side hug but I’ll take it. We’re as twinsie as it gets. He consented to taking the picture but only if I promised not to share on social media. I’m keeping my promise. Shocker I know! But this one, attached as feature, I made no such promises about. So up it goes. Awwww, our baby ❤

As always, more to come.