haiku – fly & zip ~ 4/18/22

with a little oomph

he stepped up his style of dress

what a dapper Dan

Okie dokie folks. I have lost it. In the best way possible. When I saw the words, my very first thought was don’t forget to zip your fly. I sort of went the fashion route. Oomph is subbed for zip and dapper is subbed for fly … Pretty Fly by Offspring …. earworm below. lol

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A-to-Z for 4/13/22 – Kind / Kinetic

Kind and Kinetic

I’m sure you have heard

In a world where you can be

Anything, Be kind

Kinetic feelings

Ripples spread from the center

To lift others up

I’m not really a country music fan. A 70s rocker chick into a 90s metal head. Doh! But … this old school country music is something I can get behind. Glen Campbell’s music reminds me of my daddy. How Sweet It Is!! They say you can’t pick your family … do it anyway!

As always, more to come.

haiku – bare & fruit ~ 4/11/22

laid out before you

reward of introspection

stark reality

I’m digging the lower case haiku.

I used synonyms today because my mind took me elsewhere. Anywhere but here … Since the synonyms might be cryptic, I’ll explain that I used reward for fruit and stark for bare. Facing the truth is hard folks. Reality bites and all that jazz. Yet the truth can be a reward. Shows me where to shift my priorities.

As always, more to come.