#SoCS for 12/23/17 ~ Yule/You’ll/Yul

Yule is the 12 days of Christmas.  Yule 2017 began on Thursday 12/21/17 – my 53rd birthday!  Hip, hip hurrah! Yule ends on Monday 1/1/18.  Happy New Year!

You’ll excuse me if I do not elaborate since I am Ms. Grinch who is all Christmased out.

Well, not really.  I love Christmas!  My heart is full of yule-tide spirit and assorted Christmas traditions.  We are just keeping it low-key this year as we have done most years since my dad passed away.  He was the jolly Saint Nicholas type who was the glue of our family.  How sweet it is!  Everyday should be Christmas-like anyway.  Good will toward men.  God bless us everyone.

Today’s #SoCS was brought to you by one tired as hell J-Dub.  Who thinks she is coming down with something.  She blames the weather and whatever blew in yesterday to make the temps more like normal.  Thank goodness for a few days off and hot peppermint tea.  If you’d like to play along, here are the Rules and Ping Back.

My Life in Pieces ~ 12/21/17 Episode

I laughed until I cried!  The 12 shorts of Christmas was 3 times the normal 4 short stories.  Bonus score!!!

We watched live instead of the typical recording so I had to find it at CBS.com and watch it again.  B watched it again too.  Same reaction which is sign of a good show.


Even if I tried, I could not pick a fave.  Well maybe the Bee-hole in the fireplace short.  Here they are, I gave them my own captions:

  1. Greg air guitar in car
  2. Party in da small house
  3. Donation Station, Pop Pop has a heart of gold
  4. Re-create photo in the tub
  5. Robo-Vacs Need Love Too
  6. Bee-Hole
  7. Wine re-gift, when they are already drunk that’s when you bring out the swill
  8. Trouble falling asleep, spiked eggnog ro milk … nature’s Ambien
  9. Big gift Doggie eats all the Little gifts
  10. Finding that first gray hair
  11. Cherry bomb
  12. DVD from Santa

Take a look if you have the time.  I hope you enjoy.

As always, more to come.