Reflections about Blogging from A to Z April 2022 Challenge ~ 5/5/22

The world is burning while Nero fiddles … I mean Rome burned while Nero fiddles. Boy what a rough start. I’m sure I’ll be mixing messages and spewing nonsense but feels like we are living in nonsensical times. Orwellian as my buddy KR said this morning. I just could not get up my gumption to reflect before now. Trivial … everything seems trivial. Oy vey!

I truly enjoyed the challenge this year because I mixed haiku with music, two of my most favorite things. Writing those posts was like free therapy. I didn’t get around to reading as much as I had hoped with life intervening, even before this more recent terrible awful, but I plan to take a very in depth road trip pretty soon.

Please pretend my feature image says 2022. I know it doesn’t but my media is about topped off. I wanted the Winner badge and felt like I didn’t have room for two. Of course now I need to figure out what to do with the coveted Winner badge. I figured it out once upon a time and hope to do so again. In the meantime, I’ll add this gem right here.


Jilly’s A to Z for 4/30/22 – Zombie

Today is the final day. We made it folks! I didn’t get around to visiting as many of you as I had hoped. Life got in the way. Excuses, excuses. No more, I will make more time for reading. I think it’s road trip time soon. I’m looking forward to that.

Z is a difficult letter just like X … well and Q …. oh and all of them. I even went down to one word to make the haiku writing easier. I got nothing for zombie, not really but I knew a song so … that steered me here. Then I cobbled this together. Out with a whimper I guess.


think, think, think, think, think

i’ve got nothing for zombie

‘Cept living dead girl

I’ve officially lost it. What was I thinking about? What are YOU thinking about? Belt out the words if ya know them or even if you don’t.

Ta-ta for now. Until next year. April 2023 to be exact.

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A to Z for 4/28/22 – Xeric


not a drop

xeric state of mind


Now that there is some prime USDA gobbledygook. LOL. Succulent to me sounds like opulent though they are not the same beyond ending with ‘ulent’ or maybe one can make a case of a connection. Succulents are plants adapted to store water making them xeric. That’s how we got here folks in case you were wondering. Succulent also means juicy and lucious. Opulent is lavious. So yep, loosely related. Now how about a song?

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A to Z for 4/27/22 – Weight


weight that you carry

heavy brings you to your knees

lightness of being

We don’t talk about weight. We skirt around the subject. I grew up around big women with the exception of my mother who chain smoked her way into staying relatively thin. I loved these larger than life women fiercely for reasons that had zero to do with how they looked. One memory I have was just us girls going to Luby’s for a ladies lunch. I can vividly remember mom saying “A polite lady doesn’t eat all her meal”. Sometimes she’d even flick an ash from her cigarette onto the plate so as not to be tempted to take another bite. Yep once upon a time, you could smoke inside restaurants. Some even had a cigarette vending machine at the entry. Now I think WTF!

As with the rest of A to Z, music makes everything better. And not surprisingly, there are tons of songs that fit the weight/heavy theme. Decisions, decisions. Instead of going with physical weight, I’m going with the weight of the burdens we all carry. Helping each other, now that’s the stuff.

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A to Z for 4/23/22 – Time


Time marks the hour

As constructed by humans

Skews reality

Oh so tired with six more entries to go. Nothing for tomorrow, Sunday 4/24/22 but we pick up again in the home stretch on Monday. Tick tock time. I have a quote about that somewhere. I wish I could find it. Oh well. Ugh! The rigor and structure is maddening. I’m jealous of people who can roll with the flow. Not watch the clock or mark every single action. Music will make it all better.

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A to Z for 4/22/22 – Stay


Why Oh Why

Can’t I Stay Asleep

Wide Awake

A quick 3/5/3 with no real meaning. I can’t remember when I last slept through the night. I fall asleep easily but something jolts me awake before the alarm every morning. Even when it’s the weekend and an alarm isn’t needed. B tells me that I don’t need as much sleep now that I’m older. Maybe so or maybe the stress is getting to me. I’m back in therapy working on that. How about some Fireflies to lighten the mood.

As always, more to come.

Jilly’s A to Z for 4/21/22 – Recharged and Reignite

Recharged and Reignite

A battery drained

Can be recharged again

Reignite your soul

I had to check the spelling for reignite a few times. But Spell Check liked it and sure e’nuf, I spelled reignite correctly. Sometimes I way over think things. Like now. To me it’s weird that resting can recharge us. Seems like more of a spark is needed. You know some energy to reignite the flame. Time for the musical interlude – Start A Fire

As always, more to come.