AprilA2Z Reflections

This was year three for me. As I sit and ponder 🤔 my 2020 experience, I realize how easy the content flowed in response to a word of the day choice set amidst lockdown. I’ve always written to release the hounds. This challenge was therapeutic. What was harder was finding time to read others posts. And that’s the best part folks. Finding hidden gems in our blogging community. See a lovely post about morsels from the lovely Maggie right here. Looking at the master list more often surely would’ve expanded my horizons.

I’m working at home during the pandemic. Blessed to have a job when so many others don’t. The new normal runs at a marathon pace. I’ve not slowed down or missed a step. Which is the primary reason I didn’t get around much. And in this context, getting around is a good thing.

I need a day off. Weekends aren’t cutting it. Though one perk is that in response to preventing burn out during COVID19, I’ve tuned out the last few Saturdays and Sundays. Seriously! I pack up my backpack on Friday evening putting away the laptop. The security protocols to get back online and in business are too much of a bother. If it’s important some will call 🤙 me.

The road trip will be an opportunity. Said in my Ray Walston as Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Ridgemont High voice over “this is my time”. I’m ready!!!!

As always more to come.

Z is for Zebra ~ 4/30/20

You all know I am a “Grey’s Anatomy” fan. Seriously! Lol 😂 I also love “New Amsterdam”. Dr. Max Goodwin is a kind version of “House”. “Carol’s Second Act” is cute. Starring the adorable Patricia Heaton. Then there’s “St. Elsewhere” and “ER”. And if I kick it back even further there is “Marcus Welby MD”

Huh? What? Where was I?


“When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses 🐎 🐎 not zebras 🦓🦓”

Every medical show I have ever watched had an episode or two around this caution. Sort of like Occam’s Razor. What has the fewest assumptions is usually true.

In 30 minutes or an hour these TV docs always figure out the zebra diagnosis at the 11th hour to save the day. Horse diagnosis isn’t nearly as entertaining 🤔. We want a nice bow 🎁 on the package.

Well folks our world 🌎 is now one big Zebra. Covid is effing exotic. In my wildest dreams I never could’ve imagined this pandemic. Quarantine? Uh nope. We’re free here!

The absurdity hit home when during our employee meeting yesterday our chief said “we’ve learned many lessons in these last eight weeks at home”. WTF! Has it been that long?

Huh? What? Where am I?

Why yes. Yes it has!

As for the Dub’s, we’re of the watch and wait in the reopening the economy. Not taking any chances. And fully aware of how lucky we are that we don’t have to go out. #grateful #humbled #givethanks

Now as Dennis Miller used to say on SNL “That’s the news and I am outta here”. My #AprilA2Z is fin. But like a bad penny, I’ll be back.

As always more to come.

X is for Xeriscape ~ 4/28/20

Our front garden is an example of xeriscape.  I’m not much of a photographer but hopefully you get the drift.  Here are some snaps:

Keeping it short today.  Let’s have a terrific or terrible Tuesday!  The beauty of it is that you get to decide :).  Need a nudge toward terrific?  Well how about Taco Tuesday?  🙂

P.S. Our own garden surprises me. This was taken during my lunch break. I knew about the pink flowers. We have yellow too. Who knew?!?!

Pretty huh?


W is for Weight ~ 4/27/20

Now this is a massive topic. WEIGHT!!!  of the world on our shoulders.  Huh?  WTF?

You feel it too don’t you?  Duh!  Of course you do! Even the “haves” prolly feel it.  These are strange days friend.

My original choice for W, pre-COVID stay orders was welcome.  I wasn’t sure how I’d change it up from a recent #SoCS post re: Disney’s Moana “Welcome”.  But I knew there was plenty meat left on dem bones.

You see my original #AprilA2Z theme, non theme was positive words.  What’s more positive than welcome?  Yet as the day for W crept closer, things didn’t feel welcoming.  Instead, I ventured into weighty territory.

As I typically do, music became the backdrop. My thoughts as I sat down to write were laden with the anger side of grief.  “She’s So Heavy” … instrumental clip/cover … kicked things off.

I want you
I want you so bad, babe
I want you
I want you so bad
It’s driving me mad
It’s driving me mad

She’s so heavy man.  She weighs a ton.  I sit and watch like a hawk. Judging.  Trying to see her slip up.  Prove my suspicions of the worst.  Because I always assume the worst.  Yet through all these days, turned weeks, into months, she proved me wrong.

Doubts linger.  My nature doesn’t allow me to believe without struggle.  I feel for sure the outside world still judges.  They’d never believe either.

And why would they?  With all the ever lovin’ memes making shaming the norm.  Not just physical weight either.  Carrying that weight is a universal symbol for a variety of things.  The burdens we bear.  During times of COVID … but also both before and after.

This mauldin post was brought to you by the mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty for #AprilA2Z.  The demons are expelled once again and considerable weight is lifted off my shoulders.  Albeit briefly, we’ll still call this a win.

As always, more to come.

V is for Val ~ Twofer A2Z & #SoCS

Welcome back to the final Saturday of a twofer prompt bonanza.  Time for AprilA2Z and #SoCS!  Linda says “Find a word that starts with “val” or if you’re not doing the A to Z Challenge, find a word that just has “val” in it, and use that word any way you’d like. Enjoy!  Woo to the Hoo!  Val words.  Sky is the limit.  To see the other fine features, follow this link to good times.  Rules and Ping Back

Decisions, decisions.  There are tons of good “Val” beginning words.  Truth be told my first thought was valium then Valentine but I stopped because I know nothing about valium and I am anti-cupid ya know.  Stupid Valentine’s Day.

Hmmm.  Why so harsh?  No reason, just being bratty.

How about we use Valiant as in Prince as in King Arthur knights of the round table. Then of course I think Excalibar.  In Vegas.  Closed for the duration.  I learned something new this week.  Vegas is not the Strip.  The Strip is Paradise.  Seriously, look it up.  Not me I’m streaming.  Just saying. They’re different places y’all.  And yep the mayor might not be my favorite person for what she wanted to do. But still, don’t believe everything you read at face value these days. With all the manipulation, take time for validation.

Yes, validation!  The third most excellent “val” word.  Right after valiant and value. Validation is right up my alley.  Or validation used to be right up my alley … back in the day when I was the Princess Valiant of quality audits.  I learned that before going out large with test results, validating was prudent! Before publishing crap all you media folks on both sides of the aisle, validate that what you write is true.  Is that too much to ask?

Alrighty then.  Enough pontificating.  I mean seriously Meredith Grey.  Who do I think I am?  Jilly McGillicutty, that’s who!

As always, more to come.


T is for Tuba ~ 4/23/20

When he was in 6th grade, B learned to play the tuba.  He also played sports which meant when he was in 7th and 8th grade, during half time, he’d march with the band all while still in his football uniform.  I wish I had pictures from that time.  Or better yet a movie.

This light hearted short was written as part of AprilA2Z.  Good times I tell ya.  Hope you have a terrific day.

As always, more to come.

S is for Sweets ~ 4/22/20

Sweets …

as in sugar

as in pie

as in brownies

as in donuts

as in Hi my name is Jilly and I want to eat a big ole cookie for heaven’s sake!!! 

Up to this point in my life, I’ve been mainly a salty snacker.  Peanuts, pop corn, and chips!!  Man chips!!  Yummmmm.  They’re manna from the gods.

But right now, all I wanna do is eat cake!  Or something sweet to cure what ails me.  Ugh!

Now is not the time to go off the deep end.  Good thing I’m not at liberty to just run out all willy nilly.  We’re still under stay orders locally though Texas is re-opening in a phased approach.  Not us Dub’s though we’re staying put.  Fortunate that we can.  Choices that have become unaffordable luxuries to many.

I’ll stop right here.  Don’t want this post to turn sour.  Instead I’ll leave while things are still sweet.

As always, more to come.


R is for Reality ~ 4/21/20

And in this case reality bites …

Eff covid.  Am I right?  Or can I get an amen? Or whatever.   I am so very tired 😦  This reality is mentally exhausting.  I am lost while reading propaganda from the left and the right … both extremes while we (my immediate family) are fully planted in the middle.  Makes it hard to know what’s real when nonsensical people are doing their damndest to prove a point which no longer needs to be made.

Life is not all doom and gloom though.  Beacons of light are sprinkled throughout.  Maybe I need to do a better job of searching for that goodness?  Rhetorical but I’ll answer anyway.  Of course I do.  I must get past my pity party.  Quit watching the gd news.

As always, more to come.