#SoCS For August 19, 2017 – Dog Days Of Summer


Happy Saturday y’all. ¬†I’m coming to you live from my tiny microcosm of the world which is a pinpoint on the map known as China Grove Texas. ¬†Time once again for Stream of Consciouness Saturday #SoCS¬†which is facilitated by the author extraordinaire Linda G. Hill over at Life in Progress. ¬†Here are the rules and pingback. ¬†

Let the games begin.

Today’s prompt is pant

Pant, pant, pant

Think, think, think

Noun: Pant, pantaloons, panties (oh my) not going there


Verb: as in heavy breathing, perve (oh my ) not going there either

Hmmmm.  I need a onomatapoeia (weird what come to mind when your brain is wandering around trying to form some semblance of a post)

I know!  Hah-hah-hah  sort of sounds like panting.  When I make that sound Hah-hah-hah, I think of Buddy and Spot Рbest doggies ever. Cue cuteness alert! Awwwww


We’ve had some of the hottest days of the year this month. ¬†My boys are outside dogs. ¬†They have a really sweet set up. ¬†I joking say they have a better porch on their house than I do on mine. ¬†B built the house from scratch with loving hands. ¬†The are in a shaded yard too with plenty of drinking water on a perpetual pump.

Recently we created a mud pit for them to play in … actually they created the pit themselves by digging in the dirt on the side of their abode. ¬†Then they lay there to cool off. ¬†We just added the water for extra comfort. ¬†I wish we had a tank for them to jump in. They aren’t puppies anymore but boy are they playful despite the heat. ¬†My muddy little pig-dogs ūüôā

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for August 12, 2017


Hey kids, guess what time it is? It’s Howdy Doody time. ¬†Not really :). ¬†It’s time for #SoCS. YAY!!!!!! ¬†Here are the rules and ping back.

Like a runner getting ready to race, I am stretching my muscles and limbering up.  Is the brain even a muscle? No but it acts like one.   The brain can be trained and that is why I look forward to every Saturday.  #SoCS is the decathlon on brain training.

Okay! Are you ready?  On your mark, get set, GO!

Think, think, think

C’mon on brain, go, go, go

Is how I start off every #SoCS flow

Guess, guess, guess

Is the prompt of the day


Guess, guess, guess

Guess what?

I dislike guessing. ¬†If asked guess what? I say “Just tell me!”

Suspense sucks

Let’s just take the guess-work out of it, shall we?

Okay, back to the prompt

Guess what?

Guess jeans. ¬†1980s. ¬†Brands became ‘must-haves’

Nike, Izod polos, Op, deck shoes

Reminds me of the TV show the Goldberg’s

I can’ wait for September y’all

Guess what? I am a TV-a-holic

And back in the day

I had to wear my no name hand-me-downs clothes

Poor Jilly

Actually I was rich in many other ways, countless ways

Too bad I was too bratty to realize

Of course I really didn’t know any different

I never even thought of asking my parents for name brands

Even though I wanted them

I remember the commercial, a young Brooke Shields

No one gets between me and my Calvins

Oops wrong brand, same era, different station

This half-hearted attempt was brought to you by one tired J-Dub who spent the day in God’s country, walking through nature’s beauty, until it got so hot she had to come back home.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties


This morn I woke up first.  Shocker!  I went to the office to start my #SoCs flow

Before I got there, I heard talking and I was all like what the what?¬† I did say what but not twice ;). ¬†I continue, Who’s there? ¬†Lulu is that you? ¬†Her room was dark and she didn’t answer but the voices continued.

No, I was not hallucinating.  My desktop was talking to me.  Apparently still awake from last night when the last thing I did before turning in was to scroll through 64 pictures from an article on Studio 54.  The ads behind the scenes went nuts.  Yep, even though I thought I turned everything off, the little buggers were still kicking it.

I must of had to close a dozen windows before I had silence.


Then I noticed my FB share button indicated a problem. ¬†I followed the prompts to re-connect to FB and from all appearences looked like the reconnection worked. ¬†But uh no. ¬†It didn’t.

So, what’s a girl to do? Reblog herself? ¬†Sure, why not? ¬†This gem was good if only for the song choice at the end. ¬†And, if you don’t already know what reblog is, get yo mind outta the gutter. ¬†Lol!

I tried to reblog myself but the button was gone.  Again, get yo mind outta the gutter.  Haha!  I did have a press this! button though.  So I pressed it! First time for everything! And added trying to get this to the Netherlands to the for good measure.

Wah la. ¬†All that and I betcha my FB friends don’t even read my #SoCS. ¬†Oh well, I had to give it a try! ¬†I’ve got a theme going don’t cha know.

Happy Saturday y’all. ¬†Wishing you the best today and always.


#SoCS for August 5, 2017 ~ Oxymoron


WOW! I can’t believe it is already August.  Where did the time go? Rhetorical.

Time keeps on tick, tick, ticking and he waits for no one.  Time is a fickle beast just like Hope is a fickle bitch.  You said rhetorical J-Dub and then you go and attempt to answer. Well, today I won’t stop you because today is #SoCS. Let loose, let’s roll.

As always, Linda G. Hill, author extraordinaire,  brings the goodness with her prompt.  For August 5, 2015, we have high/low.

Here are the rules and pingback.  

I highly encourage you to join the FUN!  Yes, writing can be FUN, when you are NOT being graded.  FUN is the second best ‘F’ word. You might find yourself low if you don’t at least try.

What is an Oxymoron? A figure of speech with contradictory terms such as jumbo shrimp.  haha! that one gets me every time.  Get it? a shrimp is small … Doh!

What about plastic glass?  The drinking vessel is GLASS silly, not plastic.  Too bad for Tupperware but I prefer glass, glasses.  And I am easily amused. And I am hilarious.

I know … I’m not … hilarious … and I won’t quit my day job!!!

Back to prompt.  Back to me trying to be a poet.  Do you think I can make a poem out of oxymoron?  Well I could, but it won’t be good.  Anyway, I will try.  See my admonishment about not trying above.  Here goes nothing or everything:







More like a list of opposites than oxymoron.  To be oxymoronic, the words do not have to be opposite, they just need to contradict.  And would you look at me trying to get those bonus points.  Starting and finishing my list with high/low.  I am nothing if I am not the MOST competitive person on the planet … against myself.

When I started my musing for this stream, I go through my usual motions.  Think, think, think saying high, high, high and then low, low, low.  Then POP,  synapses firing as I remember there is a song LOW and it fits because I heart music.  Sending you off with FloRida ft. T-Pain – LOW & Fun fitness with Jessica.

And you know I am dancing my a$$ off.

#SoCS for July 29th


Each week I wait in anticipation of Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS.  Exercise for my mind.  All work week I think,think, think.  My job keeps me knee-deep in the rules and regulations.  For this reason, when I get a chance to roll with the flow, I relish the opportunity.  

Today’s prompt is limb

Silent B

Or Big B, my hubby and best friend

Saccharin makes me queasy

Wonder why we do not pronounce Climb with a short i and silent B

Just like we do with limb

Too many rules

But not today

I am out on a limb

What else?

Loss of life and limb

Ugh, work thoughts creep back in.  

Insurance. Distracted driving. Just say no! 

Which is sage advice

Come on flow, I know you are in their somewhere

Contracts and compensation

Can anyone be completely compensated for loss of life or limb?  

Hell no

Some things are priceless

Who decides the value of:

An arm or a leg?

A finger or a toe?

A wrist or an ankle?

There is a freaking chart somewhere!

B has been through the worker’s comp rodeo 3 times


Alas, this is going nowhere

That is all

Better luck next week

This lame attempt at free-form expression was brought to you by I tried but I got nuthin.

Here are the rules and pingback.

If I may be so brazen as to recommend, click the link and see the awesomeness of blogladia where creative types share their #SoCS fodder. ¬†It’s worth your time. ¬†I promise.

As always, more to come.

Sealing My Fate #SoCS


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‚Äúsealing/ceiling.‚ÄĚ Use one, use both, have fun! ¬†Here are the rules and pingback.

Oh man, this post might be another dark one. ¬†Sealing … think think think. ¬†Records are sealed. ¬†I am denied my basic right as a human being. ¬†Simply to know who I am!

From the moment of conception

A mistake

An accident



Kicked to the Curb

Adopted into a loving family

Denied by her tribe

Given a good home 

She should be grateful


Would you be?

Sealing of records

Unless you petition a court

And even then

You may not win

The right to know

Who you are

Who I am

A right which is inalienable

Is denied to few

Sealing my fate

From the moment of conception




#SOCS for 7/15/17~ Opposite of a Book Review


Once again, here are the Rules and the ping back

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. ¬†#SoCS was yesterday 7/15/17 but I was in travel mode. ¬†I was intrigued by the prompt and I am proceeding away anyway … a day late and a dollar short or better late than never.

Currently I am reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. ¬†As per the prompt, using only the title as inspiration ¬†I think “What’s luck got to do with it?” not to be confused with the classic Tina Turner lyrics:

“What’s love got to do? got to do with it? What’s love? but a second-hand emotion”

I am a little torn apart right now and my stream is flowing dark. ¬†After deciding “who needs a heart when a heart can be broken? I move along. ¬† I am sheltering my heart from breaking by going deeper into denial. ¬†Walking on those proverbial eggshells afraid to say or do anything for fear a sH*t storm will break loose.

Then I remember the scene from Terms of Endearment when Debra Winger/Emma Horton has to tell her sons that she is dying.  She gets all made up for the visit.  Nervous and solemn.  She says what she has to say mainly


After they leave she reflects on how well their talk went, not as bad as she expected … which is universally true. ¬†In my case at least. ¬†I build things up in my head as worst case scenario to protect myself and inevitably¬†things are never as bad as I make them out to be.

Back to lucky. ¬†Being struck by lightning and living to tell the tale. ¬†Like¬†the lightning storm from last night. ¬†True event. ¬†Pony and Wise’s apartment building was struck by lightning yesterday evening. ¬†They are first floor tenants and fortunately no damage to their specific unit however there was enough electricity in the airwaves to make their hair to stand on end. ¬†Crazy but true. ¬†They were momentarily electrified.

Which might be why as I continue thinking, the only words that come to mind are from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

“Once there was a girl, who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead,

When she was good, she was very, very good

But when she was bad, she was horrid”

I told you my stream was flowing dark. ¬†In between fits of crying spells and pit of my stomach worry, I power on … the good, very good, bad, horrid, AND luckiest girl alive.

As always more to come.

#SoCS for July 8, 2017


Time keeps tick, tick ticking

As I sit here thinking about ick, ick, icky

Ick rhymes with brick, stick, pick, trick, lick

Brick  is to house

As stick is to frame

As pick is to choose

As trick is ashamed

As lick all your wounds

Because never again

will you allow ick 

into enter your brain

This exercise has come straight to you from Linda G Hill, author extraordinaire.  Check out the rules found here.  Join #SoCS fun if you dare.