#SoCS ~ Contrast


I am late, I am late for a very important date!¬† You are not the White Rabbit … you are J-Dub.¬† And you are not late because there are no rules.¬† Well … there are some rules but not any attendance policies.¬† To be sure, double-check me.¬† Here are the rules and ping back.¬† I encourage everyone to play along.

This idea has been percolating in my mind for a bit but I could not really produce the words until now. Stream of consciousness style so sit back and fasten your seatbelts, this might be a bumpy night.  I am all kick ass and channeling my inner Bette!

Acceptance, tolerance and embrace.  Are there differences?

I accept what I cannot change but I may not like what I am accepting.  Most people think acceptance is a good thing.  And I agree, in large part acceptance maybe a good thing yet acceptance can also be just a minimum standard.

According to Merriam Webster:

Definition of accepting

1:¬†able or willing to¬†accept¬†something or someone¬†:¬†inclined to regard something or someone with¬†acceptance¬†rather than with hostility or fear¬†‚ÄĒoften +¬†of

  • I had become more¬†accepting of¬†death as an inevitable and natural part of life ‚Ķ
2: tending to regard different types of people and ways of life with tolerance and acceptance


Stay with me here.  Tolerance.  Is that good?  To me, tolerate is to put up with something.  Again, something I may not like.  Merriam Webster agrees with me:

Definition of tolerate

1a : to allow to be or to be done without prohibition, hindrance, or contradiction

1b : to put up with 

J-Dub did you even understand the prompt?  Where is your contrasting?

It is here!  Right now!

I say instead of acceptance and tolerance, how about we embody what it is to embrace?

Definition of embrace

1a : to clasp in the arms : hug
1b : cherish, love
2: encircle, enclose
3a : to take up especially readily or gladly 
3b : to avail oneself of : welcome 
4a : to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole 
4b : to be equal or equivalent to 
  • Charity¬†embraces¬†all acts that contribute to human welfare
Now! People!  Not tomorrow!  Start today!
The Golden Rule is much, much more than accept or tolerate.  Embrace diversity, embrace your fellow humans.  Understand that for the most part, we all want the same things.  Methods may vary sure but we are all in it together. And I will try not to twist my ankle jumping off my soap box. I am fin!
But, … I have to ask …¬†Can you dig it?
I knew that you could.
As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 12/9/17 ~ liqu


Ah what a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!  Time for weekly #SoCS fun!  Quoting the source of the one and only, the fabulous Linda G Hill:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‚Äúliqu.‚ÄĚ Find a word that starts with ‚Äúliqu‚ÄĚ or has ‚Äúliqu‚ÄĚ in it, and base your post on that word. Have fun!¬†

Well thanks Linda!  Not even a whole word???  Geez, can it get any better?  Lol!

Challenge accepted.¬† I love this mind game.¬† Let’s commence.

Obvious – this post has to be about liquid.¬† I bet there are not more than a handful of liqu words anyways.¬† And in typical #SoCS fashion I will not research.¬† I am rolling like a river here or a stream as the case may be.¬† A liquid journey on a path to nowhere.¬† Cuz … I got de nada.

Correction, I got nada.¬† De nada means you’re welcome.¬† Google it if you don’t believe me!¬† I already googled it months ago and the thought just popped into my head now.¬† Nada is nothing and de nada is you’re welcome and despite the nada connection these two are un-related.¬† Trippy man.¬† Just trippy. And look at me still following the rules :).¬† Lol!

Now I say to myself Jilly McGillicuddy, you DO got something.¬† Liqueur! Dr. McGillicuddy’s liqueur to be exact.¬† Your long-lost twin.¬† The doctor not the liqueur.

You are no longer a drinker but where you were boy howdy.¬† Peppermint liqueur anyone?? Or Cherry?¬† Your fave.¬† I mean c’mon!¬† The doctor … he is a cross between a wise-ass and a wise man.¬† He makes every flavor in the book.¬† Butterscotch, lemon, grape, menthol-mint, chocolate and more! And this stuff is deceptive as it tastes much more like a dessert than an alcoholic beverage.

Hmmm, going to keep the ghosts of Christmases past in the bottle and end this stream right here.¬† Happy Saturday y’all.

If you’d like to play along and I highly encourage you to do so, here are the¬†Rules and Ping Back

As always more to come.

#SoCS ~ Cramp

#SoCS, Haiku, Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§

Let’s give this a whirl shall we?¬† The prompt today is cramp.¬† Hmmmm.¬† Think, think, think!

Cramp, stamp, tramp, camp, ramp, amp

Why am I rhyming words?¬† Am I going for poetry on the line of roses are red?¬† Ugh!¬† Saccharine. Let’s try Haiku. 5/7/5.¬† Simple right? Wrong!


Waves constricting and flowing

Cramps give birth to life

That is awful!¬† Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job. To make up for it, I leave you with this:

As always, more to come.

Rules and Ping Back

#SoCS 11/25/2017


Ping Back and Rules

It’s that time again.

La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa

La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa

La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa

Warming up for #SoCS

Free your mind and the rest will follow

Today’s prompt is INK


The la’s and the hmmmm were so last week J-Dub.¬† Right up there with psst and HEY you! You’re always a little behind.¬† Remember well?¬† Uh ya, I knew that you would.¬† Well, think about INK.

First thought bubble was the annual Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo.¬† I do not have any tattoos but I think they are special.¬† I enjoy body art as much as I enjoy any art.¬† I’m just afraid of needles and there is not anything special enough to me to make permanent.¬† If I ever think of anything besides my kid’s names, I may break down and let someone sling some ink all over me.

I am glad someone invented ink as doing so gave me a mode by which to communicate.¬† I no longer need ink as the virtual pen and paper suffice.¬† Every once in a blue moon, I will write out my feelings.¬† Old school … in cursive and in ink.

Mind, you’re free but the rest is not following.¬† You’re stuck … again.¬† Think, think, think.¬† Ink, ink, ink!

Oh ya, school yard pick for IT or freeze tag or fox across the river went something like this:

We’d sit in a circle and put both feet in.¬† Sometimes both feet and hands.¬† Then it starts …

ink, ink, a bottle of ink

the ink spills and you stink

whatever hand or foot stink landed on goes out

rinse and repeat until only one hand or foot is left and that person is IT (or the fox as the case may be)

Dang.  I had not thought of that in years.  We kids roamed the neighborhood in packs.  Way before video games and a bizillion TV channels.  Riding bikes, climing trees, playing games.  Good clean fun.  Doubling as exercise.

I’m too old for games but I am not too old to walk.¬† And since today is simply gorgeous, I will get outside for a bit.¬† Time for my afternoon stroll.¬† ¬†Continuing with the freeing my mind for bigger and better stuff.¬† Until next week.¬† Bueno Bye.


#SoCS ~ 11/18/17


Hey! Hey you!

That’s my attention grab


HEY! <insert name>

HEY JOE!  РJimi Hendrix

I’d never say psst to get someone’s attention

Psst is for secrets

psst is for keeping things on the dl

Scene: Canal Street, NYC

Psst, check this out!


Have I got a deal for you

Handbags … LV … deep discount


Watches – Rolex

and with that my stream is gone …

except for some reason, I picture Drommen

Psst!  May I?

Lol!!! except not lol … Drommen is a pervert!

For anyone who has not read¬† Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right series, you’ve no idea what you’re missing.¬† I have this mental image … kook in Columbo style trench coat.¬† Naked underneath … riding the bus all day.¬† Psst, may I?

But there is so MUCH more.

Today’s #SoCS was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicuddy.¬† Looking to get her mo jo back.¬† She knows it’s in there somewhere.

Here are the Rules and Ping Back so you can play along.

#SoCS for November 11, 2017


Good morning everybody.  J-Dub is already sounding like a character from the Simpsons.  Longest running TV show in the history of TV shows.  Oh and you should fact check me.  I just guessing and could be wrong.  Lol!

Today’s prompt is arm or a word with arm in it.¬† Linda thinks this might bring out touchy subjects.¬† Linda is our fantastic host.¬† She sets this up for us every Friday and then on Saturday, we create!¬† Aaaahhh such sweet relief.¬† Cheaper than therapy.

Here are the  Rules and Ping Back .  What follows is my flow:

Touchy huh? And perhaps if this post is about the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms, then oh my yes it could get touchy.¬† But this is stream of consciousness and I am protecting myself from all the vitriol.¬† There are two distinct sides and I see logic in both points of view.¬† If we listened to each other and realized both sides want the same (an end to the senseless killings) instead of judging and arguing maybe together we’d find a solution.¬† Pipedream J-Dub.¬† Or what are you putting in your pipe?¬† Nothing.¬† Instead I am going to follow my steps.

think, think, think


an arm and a leg

I’d give my right arm to …

charm, swarm, farm, harm, warm

ugh! I got nothing

back to arm

think, think, think

Oh well, my stream is caught up on the rocks.  Not going any further today.  Time to make hay while the sunshines.  See you next week.


#SoCS November 4, 2017 ~ Shortcut/Cut Short


Top ‘O the morning to ya!¬† What a fine November day! We’re playing it loosely goosey in this session as there are no additional instructions besides what is shown here:¬†Rules and Ping Back¬† Thank you Linda for hosting!¬† You are simply the BEST!

Today’s prompts are shortcut and/or cut short. No need to think, think, think.¬† The thought bubble is front and center of my brain.¬†¬†Life cut short!¬†¬†We’ve most certainly had terrible examples of that recently.

Las Vegas, Manhattan

I have no words.

Wynona recently told me that she believes that way back in the day, the same number of atrocities occurred as they do now.¬† Factoring in population increases of course.¬† To her, the difference is social media.¬† We are now simply more aware of what’s going on.


In your face. 

She holds that things are not getting worse.¬† She even cited some really disturbing news from the 1920s.¬† I say gurl you’ve got a fantastic coping mechanism.¬† Me? I am Eeyore and life cut short ¬†happens way too often for my tastes.¬† And I believe things are getting worse.¬† At every turn there is another example.

And not just in media grabbing huge ways either.¬† On a personal individual scale too.¬† Yesterday would have been B’s brother’s 52nd birthday but he died 11 years ago.¬† Life cut short.¬† RIP Broham.¬† You are missed.¬† And we know a litany of others who have gone too soon. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

My CBT is going famously.  On 11/1, I caught up after missing my much-needed appointment on 10/26.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:¬† My anxiety is through the roof these days.¬† Not worrying about Lulu, she’s fine.¬† But life.¬† Those poor people on the bike lane in Manhattan could not have seen it coming.¬† Scary how random things are.

Therapist: What’s making you anxious is the lack of control.

Me: Exactly.  I can curl up and never leave my house or go out and die. I pick curl up.

Therapist: You can’t hide from living but you can reduce what causes your anxiety.

Me: How?

Therapist: Do you watch the news and do you have news alerts on your phone?

Me: Of course, doesn’t everybody?

Therapist: No, not everyone and if you know watching the news upsets you, the simple fix is don’t watch the news. Turn off the alerts.

Me: But I want to be informed.

Therapist: Or do you want to be in control?

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

And with that, I remember all my insurance training.  Avoidance truly is the BEST risk mitigation strategy.

And with that, my stream is no longer flowing.  I am going to further release my anxiety by going on that walk with B.  I am trying to keep pace with my teammates AND create life long habits.  No shortcuts to better health!  Today we take the scenic route :).



#SoCS for 10/28/17 ~ which/witch/wich


Which way will this stream of consciousness flow today? Hmmm.¬† Well, I cannot do my usual think, think, think because … well because there are additional instructions today that I must follow for points.¬† Glorious points!!!!

Wait!  Well was two weeks ago.  You are behind the times J-Dub.  Move along.

Start with Which.  Check.

Add witch in there somewhere.  Check.

This is Halloween weekend.¬† Ever wonder why people are calling it that.¬† Halloween is a day … falls on a Tuesday this year.¬† There is no such thing as Halloween weekend until the day of Halloween falls on a weekend again.¬† I believe folks are just looking for excuses to have fun and eat candy.

I have always loved Halloween.  For decades, the grade school I attended had our fall carnival on the last Saturday of October.  Halloween themed with haunted house and cardboard tunnel maze to crawl through.  A fish pond and cake walk.  We got to wear our costumes.  I was a witch one year.  I was also Frankenstein and Casper. There was also a sock hop and a raffle.  Good times I tell ya!

Now I know what you’re thinking.¬† J-Dub grew up in the 1950’s.¬† Sock hopping and all that but nope.¬† The 1950’s were the generation before my own.¬† I did however enjoy a bucolic existence.¬† Very Mayberry.¬† Ours was a small community like the bar Cheers where everybody knows your name.

Oh and you’re also thinking how many times is one time too many to write Halloween in a post?¬† Six, the answer is six!

This year the school shuttered its’ doors due to lack of enrollment.¬† I find that very sad but inevitably.¬† No one lives inside the loop anymore.¬† The parish is shrinking.¬† I won’t belabor the point though.¬† I have fond memories that will live on forever.¬† People for who at time in my life were my everything!¬† People who helped shape me into the person I am today.

Shame on all of you!  I am a neurotic mess.  Lol!  I only jest. Kind of, sort of, not really.

Okay, bring it home girlie.¬† Use a word that ends with wich.¬† Well, … Here we go again; well was the prompt two weeks ago.¬† Stop it! I’m telling.¬† There is only one word I can think of and that word is sandwich.

Happy Saturday y’all.¬† I hope you have enjoyed this rambling mess as much as I have enjoyed writing it.¬† From the mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty with special thanks to Linda G. Hill’s #SoCS prompt for 10/28/17.¬† Here are the¬†Rules and Ping Back¬†¬†Play along if you dare. BWHAHAHAHA.

#SoCS for 10/21/17 ~ Season


Season. Hmmm, Well let’s see.¬† Well was last week J-Dub.¬† Move along.¬† No dilly dallying today.¬† You’ve got so much to do you can’t see straight.¬† That’s right, you can only see crooked.¬† Haha.¬† Not even funny.¬† Plus you’ve got nothing to do. These people can see right through you.¬† Your mind is racing yet as far as actual things to do, you can pull the plug on any of the fluff.¬† Cut loose whatever is weighing you down. Your mind is on super drive overload making you THINK you’ve got things to do.

Time to stop and smell the seasons. Achoo!  Achoo! Pepper alert.

Noun –¬†a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature such as Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall or holiday season,¬†hunting season, TV season¬†(it’s a thing y’all), football season – Doh!

Now don’t go and start anything heavy today.¬† NFL is not the prompt.¬† You’ve got no dog in this fight – kneel, stand, FREEDOM¬† but you do you have an opinion.¬† Of course you do! You’ve just decided to keep conversations to face time in “real” life. Good girl!¬† I am super proud of you!!

Verb –¬† Add salt, herbs, spices etc… to food

This is not forming into what I thought – beginning middle end … might go on forever unless I collect myself. Think!¬† What about songs and movies with seasons.

Ugh! Terry Jacks … lame 70s song.¬† Sure we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun. But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone.¬† Take Terry with you … get outta here … Go on … scram!

The Mean Season was a movie starring Kurt Russell.¬† Hmmm.¬† Loves me The¬†Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes.¬† One¬†of his worst. The Mean Season¬†and not the Disney classic that put him on the map.¬†¬†Ah!¬† Kurt Russell.¬† hubba-hubba.¬† My age appropriate crush … not really.¬† He’s an old man.¬† Too old for me.¬† I’m a spry 52.¬† Lol! But I should be so lucky.

Now Goldie is a lucky girl.¬† Though I have not kept up with the tabloids lately to know if they are still a couple.¬† Overboard was a really cute movie with both of them.¬† I stop to watch when it comes on TNT re-runs.¬† Oh hey, I heard on the radio just yesterday that they are remaking Overboard.¬† Starring Anna Faris.¬† I mean c’mon Hollywood show some originality would ya?

And this Harvey Weinstein problem.  Ugh!  I am quitting now.  And repulsed by him and by where my own mind  has led me.

This ramble was brought to you by a frazzled J-Dub McGillicutty and our fantastic host Linda G. Hill’s #SoCS for 10/21/17. Here are the rules and ping back.

One of these days I know one or two of you will play along.  No this is not like homework.  Much better.  No grades and few rules besides have fun!

Pictures for extra credit:

See what I mean about rules.  The above pics had de nada to do with seasons or seasoning.  I enjoy looking at them and now I am sharing with you.

As always, more to season!

#SoCS October 14, 2017 ~ Well



dot dot dot

This stream could go in so many directions!

Noun Рwishing well, water well.  Waterfalls. Squirrel!!!!

Now all I can hear is TLC!¬†¬†Don’t go chasing in waterfalls¬†Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.¬†I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you’re moving too fast …

Adverb – She works well under pressure. Squeal! David Bowie and Queeeeeennnn!!!!

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Did what’s his face Vanilla Ice rip them off?¬† And what’s that got to do with well.¬†

I need to get out of the rabbit hole.

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Oh no, this might take a while.  lol!

Adjective – All’s¬†well that ends well.¬†¬†

Ah yes, the Bard aka Willie Shakes – If he was still around, I’d ask him “now Willie, is it really?”¬† Oh and that rhymes.¬† Anyway … Willie I have to ask you “Do the ends ever really justify the means?”

Well, … closing his eyes, contemplating while shaking his bard-like head.¬† ¬†“May haps yes, map haps no”.¬† How did Shakespeare become Mother Abigibal?¬† Doh!

That¬†philosophical question could be debated for the ages.¬† Bomb a country to save a planet?¬† But that’s deep and today I feel light and surfacey … yes I just made up a word.¬† Surfacey – use it in your own sentence.¬† lol.

Interjection –¬†Well, well, well¬†what have we here?

Or better yet¬†Well, …¬†isn’t that SPE-CIAL?! said in my Dana Carvey as Church Lady Enid Strict voice over voice. That skit used to crack me up.¬† Satire like sarcasm really does it for me.¬† I am so easily amused and so freaking fickle.¬† My views vary widely and I am truly eclectic.¬† I flow just like this stream of consciousness post.

I have a hard time making up my mind because I can clearly see both sides … hell multiple sides.¬† I can pick out the logic from ALL POVs.¬† This ability is what made me a fantastic underwriter (if I do brag about myself).¬† Humble much?¬† no!

In making a risk selection, you take a big hairy mess.¬† You isolate all the facts and throw away the fluff.¬† You analyze what is left and you pick the best of the options remaining.¬† Then follow through.¬† Objectivity is key.¬† Well, isn’t that a novel idea.¬† Get people to be objective AND follow through.

Hmmm!  I am up on my perch again.  Flinching.  Judging.  Wise-a$$ cracking.  Wishing we could all just get along.

Well that’s a pipe dream if I ever heard one.

Well isn’t it about time I go on my merry way.¬† See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. And I won’t let the door hit me in the a$$ on my way out.

This ramble was brought to you by the racing mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty in response the fabulous Linda G. Hill’s prompt over at Life in Progress.¬† Check out the #SoCS rules and ping back and join us if you’re so inclined. Oh and check out Linda’s the second seat on the right scenes.¬† We are up to #43.¬† Oh so good.¬† Read along … you’ll be glad you did.