#SoCS October 14, 2017 ~ Well



dot dot dot

This stream could go in so many directions!

Noun Рwishing well, water well.  Waterfalls. Squirrel!!!!

Now all I can hear is TLC!¬†¬†Don’t go chasing in waterfalls¬†Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.¬†I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you’re moving too fast …

Adverb – She works well under pressure. Squeal! David Bowie and Queeeeeennnn!!!!

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Did what’s his face Vanilla Ice rip them off?¬† And what’s that got to do with well.¬†

I need to get out of the rabbit hole.

Mm ba ba de 
Um bum ba de 
Um bu bu bum da de 

Oh no, this might take a while.  lol!

Adjective – All’s¬†well that ends well.¬†¬†

Ah yes, the Bard aka Willie Shakes – If he was still around, I’d ask him “now Willie, is it really?”¬† Oh and that rhymes.¬† Anyway … Willie I have to ask you “Do the ends ever really justify the means?”

Well, … closing his eyes, contemplating while shaking his bard-like head.¬† ¬†“May haps yes, map haps no”.¬† How did Shakespeare become Mother Abigibal?¬† Doh!

That¬†philosophical question could be debated for the ages.¬† Bomb a country to save a planet?¬† But that’s deep and today I feel light and surfacey … yes I just made up a word.¬† Surfacey – use it in your own sentence.¬† lol.

Interjection –¬†Well, well, well¬†what have we here?

Or better yet¬†Well, …¬†isn’t that SPE-CIAL?! said in my Dana Carvey as Church Lady Enid Strict voice over voice. That skit used to crack me up.¬† Satire like sarcasm really does it for me.¬† I am so easily amused and so freaking fickle.¬† My views vary widely and I am truly eclectic.¬† I flow just like this stream of consciousness post.

I have a hard time making up my mind because I can clearly see both sides … hell multiple sides.¬† I can pick out the logic from ALL POVs.¬† This ability is what made me a fantastic underwriter (if I do brag about myself).¬† Humble much?¬† no!

In making a risk selection, you take a big hairy mess.¬† You isolate all the facts and throw away the fluff.¬† You analyze what is left and you pick the best of the options remaining.¬† Then follow through.¬† Objectivity is key.¬† Well, isn’t that a novel idea.¬† Get people to be objective AND follow through.

Hmmm!  I am up on my perch again.  Flinching.  Judging.  Wise-a$$ cracking.  Wishing we could all just get along.

Well that’s a pipe dream if I ever heard one.

Well isn’t it about time I go on my merry way.¬† See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. And I won’t let the door hit me in the a$$ on my way out.

This ramble was brought to you by the racing mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty in response the fabulous Linda G. Hill’s prompt over at Life in Progress.¬† Check out the #SoCS rules and ping back and join us if you’re so inclined. Oh and check out Linda’s the second seat on the right scenes.¬† We are up to #43.¬† Oh so good.¬† Read along … you’ll be glad you did.



#SoCS for 10/7/17 ~ Save/Safe


Save … I need to be saved.¬† I am flawed.¬† I am human.¬† My life is spent observing, absorbing, learning.¬† I am always looking for ways to be safe.¬† To be loved and happy.¬† Self-improvement has long been my constant companion.¬† Check yourself J-Dub.¬† Check yourself has become my mantra as I’ve gotten older and wiser.¬† No longer the rash, spoiled child.¬† ¬†Check yourself and understand when given a choice always choose to be kind.

Hurt.¬† I personally have known hurt.¬† And with each injury, physical or mental I have come back.¬† I have endured.¬† Gentlemen, we can rebuild her, Better than she was before.¬† … Better… stronger… faster¬†– as the 1970s Six Million Dollar Man intro would suggest.¬† Where is Oscar Goldman when we need him most?

Yet I know I have not cornered the market on pain.




There but for the grace of God go I.

The world is not a nice place.¬† Not a¬†safe place.¬† The mass murder in Las Vegas is the most recent example in a litany of atrocities.¬† What kind of world do we live in?¬† What are we doing to make things better … to make things¬†safe?

I have no answers, only questions.  I had not intended to write this.  So much for taking my hand at poetry.  Nice safe , soft, and fluffy poetry.  Then again that is what stream of conscious dictates.  Let the thoughts flow.  And flow they did.  Poured right out of my head onto the page.

The above was brought to you by the rambling of J-Dub in response to the prompt save/safe on¬† #SoCS Oct. 7/17.¬†¬†If you’d like to participate, follow on to the¬†Rules & Ping Back.¬†¬†

Thank you to Joey from Joeyfully Stated for being a wonderful guest host.

take two at ping back


#SoCS for September 30, 2017 ~ Do/Dew/Due


Here are the rules and ping back

Even before I saw the prompt, I decided I would take my hand at poetry today.  Of course my poetry is on par with roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.  Yet how does one improve?  Practice makes perfect.  If you want to write, then write and all that good stuff.

Though if you ask B, he dislikes nothing more than someone who says you can be anything you want to be if you just set your mind to it.¬† He believes that is unrealistic.¬† No matter how much we want something and how hard we try, sometimes things aren’t meant to be.¬† It’d be like me saying I want to be a dancer.¬† ¬† I could practice for eons and that will not happen.¬† Though … Travis Wall … if you are reading this … (as if)! I have a challenge for you – choreograph a number and teach this 52-year-old a thang or two. ūüėČ

her lashes sparkled

like dew

she finally broke

down the wall

holding her up

paid her dues

and still she cried

all the tears

she preferred to hide

do onto others

the golden rule



#SoCS for 9/23/2017 ~ A Bunch of Nothing


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends we’re so glad you could attend come inside come inside ~ Karn Evil Number 9 by Emerson Lake and Palmer

In a world so cold … having¬†something¬†to look forward to is nice … can be small … doesn’t have to be huge … maybe a little something like having fun with #SoCS.¬† Maybe letting your flow roll and not having a care in the world on this fine Saturday morning.¬† Getting outta bed at the b-crack of dawn on a freaking weekend no less because you can no longer sleep as you woke up and your mind is whirling with thoughts of hot/cold, cold/hot.¬† Use them in a sentence.¬† Thanks Linda!¬† No really I mean it THANKS!¬† I love this writing exercise.¬† For everyone reading this, play along why don’t you?¬† Here are the¬†rules and Ping Back

Hot and/or Cold.¬† Are you ready?¬† I’m getting bonus points today!¬† Wait! Uh no you aren’t.¬† You already blew it.¬† You had to start with HOT and end with COLD or Vice versa.¬† You started with song lyrics. BIZZT – no extra points for you.¬† Wanh-wanh. Loop hole alert … the above is my INTRODUCTION.¬† The blog post starts right … now!

HOT – muy caliente.¬† I am teaching myself a second language.¬† To be fair, more like I regularly say bits and phrases in a variety of different languages and try to retain what I say for future use.¬† I wish I knew how to speak another language fluently.¬† My daddy was multi-lingual.¬† His native tongue was Czech.¬† He learned to speak English in first grade at age 7.¬† He told me once the 3rd language was easy to learn.¬† He said after the second your mind almost automatically converts words.¬† He couldn’t explain how but he just knew the words.¬† Pretty cool huh?

One would be surprised at the resources out there to do this.¬† Thank you Google mother earth or Google father sun … any way the behemoth that is Google has everything y’all.¬† Google is the cornucopia of stuff.¬† Plug in the word to translator … any word and you get the translation and a little button for audio.¬† Means not only do you see but you hear the word(s) being pronounced.¬† This is how we become the world.¬† During our Epcot trip, my inventive kids had a conversation during dinner with the Portuguese family sitting at the communal table with us in a faux Germany beer garten.¬† At first I was upset … “you’re being rude put those phones away” until I realized they were looking up how do you say …

I guess I have blathered on long enough because this is a bunch of nothing anyway.  Time to bring it home for the win.  Muy frio РCOLD.

#SoCS for September 16, 2017 ~ Vol (hmm?)


Gather around boys and girls. ¬†The time has come once again for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. ¬†What’s that you ask? ¬†Well here you go … take a look at these rules.¬† Rules? ¬†That sounds more like homework. ¬†Trust me not at all like homework. ¬†You see the only real rule is to have fun by letting your mind flow. ¬†The lovely Linda has given us a good one today. ¬†The prompt is vol but vol is not a word. ¬†Now this is gonna be tough.

Think, think, think, hmm … vol

Volunteer! ¬†I did that Monday making Hurricane Irma care packages but I already wrote about that. ¬† And, show some humilty J-Dub … I mean really ?!??

Think, think, think, hmm … vol

Volunteer! Brain why are you stuck on that?

Cuz this is hard and vol is not a word. LOL! ūüôā

Given time I am sure I could come up with a stream centered around¬†voluptuous, volume, evolve, revolve … Revolve … Revolution …

You say you want a revolution weelll ell you know.  We all want to change the world. Shu-be-du-op.  Shu-be-du-op.

I ‚̧ the Beatles. ¬†I ‚̧ George!

We must teach the children about the Beatles! ¬†We cannot let their music be erased from history. ¬†Seriously? Seriously! Now let’s finish this, shall we?

Think, think, think, hmm … vol

I could tell you about the Lee Volunteers. ¬†The NEISD school board has decided to rename Robert E Lee high school here in San Antonio. ¬†For the second time in two years, this has been raised most recently coming on the heels of Charlottesville. ¬†Now that is a hot button issue. ¬†And too heavy for me this morning. ¬†I definitely have a position but I will not have a one way discussion here. ¬†That’s more like a sermon. ¬†If you wanna chat though; let’s go to Jim’s for a two-way dialog and a cup of coffee.

Wishing you a peaceful, productive Saturday.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for September 9, 2017 ~ Motive


Here are the Rules and Ping Back.

Thank you Linda. ¬†For reading this, ¬†jump on in! ¬†The water’s fine.

Screech!!! ¬†How’s that for onomatopoeia. Lol!

Wait! Rules, who said anything about rules? ¬†I read them once or twice before. There are 8 … I think … the last one is have fun. ¬†Now that is an excellent rule. ¬†Fun is my second favorite F word. ¬†Trite and overused but that’s moi. ¬†Lol! ¬†Did I say I was overused? ¬†Uh Oh, now that paints a loose¬†goosey picture.

Hmmmm, have I paid attention? ¬†I am the extreme rule follower. ¬†I am a don’t rock the boat baby¬†1970s era rocker. ¬†I must have read those stinkin’ rules. ¬†I just do not need to look anymore because they are committed to memory. ¬†Right? ¬†Say right.

I wonder if my #SoCS posts look too polished.  Pfttt!  No.  Here like with all my posts, I just purge.  Typos (which may be corrected) are often missed during a rapid fire rant.

Last week someone mentioned they could not add a clip as that was against the rules. ¬†I have added links and clips to #SoCS but I don’t plan. ¬†If a thought pops, I may use Mr. Google but I don’t research. ¬†I grab first example I see and continue with my flow. ¬†I think I must kick Mr. Google to the curb. ¬†He and Ms. Wikipedia can go grab a nice cold one. But I will still use pics on my camera roll. ¬†I have to break the monotony of my monotone somehow.

Still with me?  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s prompt is MOTIVE. How absolutely uncanny because MOTIVE fits with what’s happening at ¬†work right now. ¬†Things sort of suck aka blow chunks. ¬†I am getting spun up over issues that I thought I put behind me. ¬†I am easily offended as this feels personal. ¬†I am borderline paranoid. If rule allowed <Insert a Ozzy/Black Sabbath¬†Paranoid video)>. ¬†I ‚̧ that song!!!

Everyone has MOTIVES but do they always have to be ulterior MOTIVES? No. No they don’t. Some people are clueless and others are fucking stupid.

I need to assess the situation and decide exactly what it is that MOTIVATES me. ¬†I have been saying this repetitively all week … I can be right or I can¬†be happy. ¬†I cannot be both as the two and mutually exclusive. ¬†There are some that will fight me on this concept but test it out for yourself. ¬†Be Honest while trying “I can be right or I can be happy” on for size.

In no particular order … THIS is what MOTIVATES me:

  • Appreciation – I would not work for free but I will work like a pack mule for you if you show me some appreciation.
  • Acknowledgment – actually that goes hand in hand with appreciation. ¬†Say thank you once in a while (appreciate) and acknowledge the hard work and effort.
  • Being right. Doh! ¬†No I hate being right because when I am right, ¬†I am unhappy.

Better said, I do pin my self-worth on my intelligence. ¬†After all, growing up, I was the smart one and¬†CM was the pretty one. ¬†I will never be pretty and she will never be … Okay … to be fair … she is smart just not as smart as moi.

Funny how adults tag you as being a certain way and then you become that certain way even if it is against your nature to be that way in the first place.  Almost 53 years later, I am still trying to please people while my own wishes go by the wayside. I hope I did not do that to my kids but alas, sweet Lulu is already showing signs of my perfectionist expectations.

And that is all because I am crying. ¬†I broke myself. ¬†Stress kills y’all, truly it does. ¬†I am OVER this. ¬†Time to put up or shut up.


#SoCS for September 2, 2017 ~ Birth/Berth


Time once again to get this party started. ¬†Here are the Rules and Ping Back¬†¬†C’mon on in the water is fine. You know you REALLY want to join us. ¬†Thanks Linda for another good prompt: birth and/or berth. ¬†Happy Birthday to her son and all the other 9/2 babies ūüôā

Birth first Рeasy right?  

That part is just nature taking its course. ¬†But, and it’s a big but, there are exceptions. ¬†Infertility for example. ¬†My kids are 9 1/2 years part and that was not by choice but rather by chance; temporary struggles to conceive. ¬†The original plan was to have two kids two years or three years apart and then mark our family complete. Turns out the man upstairs had other plans. ¬†More on that later, in another post maybe?

Little did I know, that the real work … the hardest part of being a parent begins AFTER they are born. Oh those little balls of clay ready for moulding, those blank slates ready to be written in superfluous script, those wonderous miracles of life … Those babies are living, breathing bundles of joy who will insert their free will just as soon as they figure stuff out. Too bad controller Jill, you do not get to decide their fate just because you gave birth to them.

Berth second – hard right?

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – I still miss you Johns ~ Candy and Hughes.

Actually more like trains and ships. ¬†Both have berths. Uncomfortable sleeping quarters. ¬†Like tombs. ¬†Even the sound of berth … rhymes with earth … terra dark … rough. ¬†No other thoughts come to mind for berth other than maybe giving someone wide berth.

 Picture this a titanic size ship avoid the iceberg dead ahead!!!!  

My Daddy's Ship

Ahoy Matey

This thought hits close to home. ¬†I am the USS Copahee in the picture above and Lulu is the iceberg. ¬†We have been giving each other wide berth. ¬†Trying not to meddle. ¬†Letting my little chick-a-dee fly. ¬†Hoping I do not leave such a giant space that she goes away for good. ¬†Say it with me “J-Dub is QUEEN comma drama”

I know better. ¬†Of course she will come back home … one day … to visit …

Until then, have you ever seen anyone THIS HAPPY?!??!? ¬†The passenger seat is open for me after all (now that her stuff has been sufficiently stuffed) but Pony is taking my place. That makes my heart full ‚̧

FullSizeRender (14)

We’ve come quite a distance dear ones if you’ll followed this stream. ¬†The drip is now forming.

In closing, I believe there is a kernel of truth in the expression “You can’t go home again”. Even when you can’t feel the shift, change is occurring. ¬†Like it or not (and I rather love change even while I protest too much). ¬†When/if you do go home again, things will never be quite the same. And “SAME” just like “NORMAL” and “PERFECTION” are overrated.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for August 26, 2017 ~ When It Rains It Pours


When I open my inbox every Friday, I am super excited to find The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS.  When you click the link, you will find the rules and all the ping backs.  When you read some all of those ping backs that are nuggets of gold, you will be in awe and amazed, I promise!!  When I make promises, I do not make them lightly.  Go on, click the link.  You know you want to.

When I first wrote “Harvey You Bastard”, I did so from the perspective of how he affected me. ¬†Well, … not just me but Lulu too. ¬†In my defense, Harvey was only a tropical storm and we did not yet know he’d hit as a Category 4 hurricane before becoming a tropical storm again. ¬†Plus I was protecting my chick. ¬†She had one hell of a summer and while all’s well that ends well, she was more than ready to re-start her life.

When she sent me these texts on Wednesday, my heart sank (or is it sunk?). ¬†No time for the grammar po-po. ¬†Move on mind. ¬†Flow stream of consciousness, flow …

When her plans changed, she adapted because …

When life gives you lemons, it’s time to open the gin

When one door closes, another door opens

When it rains, it pours and Harvey is still a bastard

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

When pigs fucking fly, take a picture or no one will believe you

When all is said and done, we know how much worse things could have been

Originally we would have spent last night in a hotel room in Corpus.  Instead, B and I had all our little chickadees in the sometimes empty nest.  Another dinner with the Brain Trust and again lots of laughter.  Our hearts go out to everyone directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey and we are ever so grateful to have been spared from the worst.

As always, more to come.


#SoCS For August 19, 2017 – Dog Days Of Summer


Happy Saturday y’all. ¬†I’m coming to you live from my tiny microcosm of the world which is a pinpoint on the map known as China Grove Texas. ¬†Time once again for Stream of Consciouness Saturday #SoCS¬†which is facilitated by the author extraordinaire Linda G. Hill over at Life in Progress. ¬†Here are the rules and pingback. ¬†

Let the games begin.

Today’s prompt is pant

Pant, pant, pant

Think, think, think

Noun: Pant, pantaloons, panties (oh my) not going there


Verb: as in heavy breathing, perve (oh my ) not going there either

Hmmmm.  I need a onomatapoeia (weird what come to mind when your brain is wandering around trying to form some semblance of a post)

I know!  Hah-hah-hah  sort of sounds like panting.  When I make that sound Hah-hah-hah, I think of Buddy and Spot Рbest doggies ever. Cue cuteness alert! Awwwww


We’ve had some of the hottest days of the year this month. ¬†My boys are outside dogs. ¬†They have a really sweet set up. ¬†I joking say they have a better porch on their house than I do on mine. ¬†B built the house from scratch with loving hands. ¬†The are in a shaded yard too with plenty of drinking water on a perpetual pump.

Recently we created a mud pit for them to play in … actually they created the pit themselves by digging in the dirt on the side of their abode. ¬†Then they lay there to cool off. ¬†We just added the water for extra comfort. ¬†I wish we had a tank for them to jump in. They aren’t puppies anymore but boy are they playful despite the heat. ¬†My muddy little pig-dogs ūüôā

As always, more to come.