#SoCS for 3/17/18 ~ Green

Well alrighty then, time once again for #SoCS.  The lovely Linda has given us our prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “green.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Think, think, think.

I got nothing y’all.  My flow is stymied, stifled and any other word that begins with st and means stuck!


The color of my eyes


My favorite color and not because green is the color of my eyes.


Nope still going nowhere.  I do have things to say but for some reason I have become private.  Ha! I can hear you laughing.  I have bared my soul to bloglandia.  Or have I?  Back to bottling up the feels.

Going nowhere

Really trying hard




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As always, more to come.




#SoCS for 3/10/18 ~ So Far

Gooood moorrrrning blogosphere! Time once again for # SoCS.  The lovely Linda has given us our prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “so far.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

C’mon J-Dub, think, think, think

So far …

So far what?

So far, so good!

For the love of God and all things living is that all you’ve got?

Your mind is racing lady, you’ve got stuff.  Lots of things are going on all at once as so happens in this big beautiful world while living this thing called LIFE.

So far, so good on the posts for the A-Z Challenge.  And because of that challenge, you were tipped off to another one called Write Club.  Novel idea!  Get it?  Of course you “get it”.  What’s not to get? lol.  All but one of the Write Club winners published.  Sweet success ratio.

This challenge is an excellent way to get feedback while using a pen name. Alleviating the stress of being found out to be a fraud.  Yep, I am still the Queen comma drama.  Maybe I take my hand at this and put to rest any doubts.  Decisions, decisions.

Rule#1 Don’t talk about Write Club – if I do sign up, I won’t solicit votes for me or anyone else.  We will maintain anonymity (I love that word).

Rule #2 Talk about Write Club – no matter my decision, I will share info here because this challenge is the bomb diggity

Now all I can picture is Mr. Pitt and Mr. Norton … my stream is caught up on the rocks.  Until next time, I leave you with this:

If you’d like to join in to #SoCS, here are the Rules and Pingback

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 3/3/2018 – Fine

Lawd yes!  Time once again for #SoCS.  When I saw the prompt, I gave a loud Yaaaassss!  I can work with this.  Now I know you’re chomping at the bit to hear it.  C’mon J-Dub, tell us!  What is the prompt?

DRUM ROLL Puhleese

 Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fine.” Use it any way you’d like, bonus points if you use it as the last word of your post. Have fun!

Thanks Linda!! Another good one.

A fellow blogger re-blogged my peach tree photo and also replied to my comment thanking him. Adult language alert, don’t ban me WP, you are my therapy.  I need you!  Well not you but the gems of bloglandia like the people who participate in #SoCS for example.  You are just a vehicle.  Get over yourself already.

Anyhoo, he wrote …

Hello, darling!

i hope that your day is moving alone just fine….

Fucked Up

How’s that for acrostic?  Hehe.  🙂

To which I replied “This cracked me up.  I’m always fine sir!”

Because I do resemble that remark.  Though I will caveat that I am more than fine with being fine.  Some of my favorite folks are F.I.N.E too.  I have always gravitated to anyone a little off center.  Now friends, I am not talking about you.  You fine folks are on point!  Nice to find a tribe that accepts me judgment free.

I do not take what he wrote personally.  I am funny that way.  Overly sensitive about certain things and oblivious to others.  A well meaning friend who read his comment checked on me and thought I should feel otherwise. You know anything but fine.

Her: Wow! he doesn’t live anywhere near you does he?

Me: No, not even in the same country.

Her: Good, Are you okay?

Me (laughing): Define Okay.

Her: I am being serious.  That remark was hostile.  Are you okay?

Me: I am better than okay.  I am fine.

P.S. Rules and Pingback

Go back and click the link.  Read the nuggets of gold and/or write one of your own.

As always more to come.

Oh and I am claiming bonus points since anything after I am fine is postscript.  It doesn’t count :).  Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Happy Saturday y’all.


#SoCS for 2/24/18 ~ Door

Time once again for #SoCS.  Come on in, the water’s fine.  Linda has given us our prompt and we’re ready to go!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “door.” Write about a door you walked through this week that wasn’t your own. Enjoy!

Hmmm.  Ok.  Door.  Think, think, think!

This week was a weird one for me.  I had places to go and people to see.  I must’ve walked through more doors than I could shake a lamb’s tail at … shake a stick at … shake your tail feathers baby ala Blues Brothers cuz ya know I watched that on TV this week.  Nothing else good was on thank you Winter Olympics.  I am so over you.  I am ready to get back to my regularly scheduled programs.

Hello my name is J-Dub and I am addicted to TV!

What the heck is the origin of shake a lamb’s tail?  Isn’t it two shakes of a lamb’s tail?  So much for door.  That big wooden thing has closed.  I think I made all this lamb’s tail stuff up up and today no research.  Timer is set and I am truly streaming.  Yahoo!  Yahtzee! Bingo! Bunco!

Look up couch potato in the dictionary and there you will find me.  You know just lounging and watching TV. In my phat clothes.  So sue me.  No don’t sue me!  It wasn’t me I tell ya.

Hmmm, maybe the door that is not my own that I should’ve walked through this week was the gym!  Don’t let the gym door hit you where the good lord split you!  Lol! Have you lost your damn mind J-Dub? Well you know she has.  Sssshhhh.  Don’t tell her.  Let’s just pretend that this never happened.

Today’s ramble was brought to you by the frenetic mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty.  That’s me!  As always, more to come.

Rules and Ping Back

#SoCS for 2/17/18 ~ His/Her(s)

Well folks time once again for #SoCS.  Linda has given us our prompt.  Take a look-see.  All the deets are right HERe.

You really should join us one of these Saturdays.  And if not to write, to read some of the fantastic offerings from very creative folks including yours truly.  Brag much Jilly Beans?

Pfft!  Nothing to brag about.  You already missed your chance for bonus points by beginning with his and ending with hers.  Last time you checked WELL is not his or hers. Right? Correcto-mundo. Unless you disclaim the above as not part of the post but rather filler until the real deal which starts NOW!


Doh! Crack-a-lackin!  Ha! is not his or hers either you silly woman!

So, … think, think, think.  His/her(s)

Ah ha!  I got something on the line.  Now to just reel it in.  Cuz ya know I do love a 1970s sitcom story.  And I do love a catchy tune.  Hmmmm.  This could get good.  But I don’t feel much like making up a story today.  Instead I will stick with the catchy tune.

I hear you peeps!  You don’t have to tell me twice.  It’s time to land the plane, to put up or shut up, to get to the friggin point already!!!

Drum roll puhleese ………………. rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat rata-tat-tat

I might need to phone a friend with all this talking to myself today.  Certifiable.

Anyhoo.  I dare you not to sing along.

Where the kisses are hers and hers and his! Three’s company too. 

Life is definitely a ball again.  Not! maybe? well sort of? No.  I change my answer to not.  Not at all. This week kinda sucked.  And not for me.  But for Parkland.  Sucked is an understatement. Horrific!  Unimaginable! Surreal!

I’m empathetic and heartbroken.  And now this stupid little theme song took my mind off the events of the week.  I’d give anything to have the answers.  I am not debating who is right and who is wrong.  I hear kernels of truth from both sides.  You see I am listening.  Or trying to listen.  Anger is understandable yet anger solves nothing.  Love is the answer folks.

Simplistic?  Sure it is.  To me, the only way to get through LIFE is together. There are a lot of brilliant people out there, much smarter than me.  I have hope those with the power to do so will put aside differences to make a difference before yet again it’s too late.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/10/18 ~ Tail/Tale

Good morning everyone! Time once again for #SoCs.  Thank you Linda for the wonderful prompt – tail/tale.  I do think I would like to know more about your new book.  Because of course funny smut is allowed. In the meantime folks lookie here and Vote for Linda’s current book!

Think, think, think

Tail – dogs have tails.  I love my dogs.  Screech.  Halt! Turn around.  My synapses are firing in a different direction.

Tale – story.  Embellished stories.  Tall tales like Paul Bunyan and his Ox Babe or Blue.  Not stopping to find out.  Trying to find my flow instead.

Fairy tales!  Life is not that simple lately. Fairy tales bore me.  Prince Charming wasn’t so charming. And why is the women always subservient in them?  Time’s up.

Seriously.  I tried something different today and set a timer.  Beep, Beep, Beep.

Hurrying to close.

See you next week.  Wednesday to be exact.  Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other ~ Jerry Springer.

Rules and Ping Back. Join us won’t you?

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/3/18 ~ In Other Words

Good morning bloglandia!

We are back to regular #SoCS.  Time to let the words flow.  Click here to see the rules and pingbacks.  Check out the sights aka pingbacks.  You’ll be glad you did.

The only rule I follow is 8. have FUN!  Not really because if you look up rule follower in the dictionary, you’ll see me.  Yep! Me … J-Dub.  I follow all the rules.  I am the epitome of rule follower.  How many times can I say rule follower before I’ve said rule follower too much?  Three!  The answer is three!

Time to think, think, think ….

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “in other words.” Use the phrase at least once in your post. Have fun!

In other words …

please be true

in other words

I love you!

Ha! not even close to original. But in true #SoCS style, that is what popped into my brain, creating an earworm.  Oh Happy Saturday!!!  My earworms of the past few days include:

USA for Africa – We Are the World – meeting fun with the Riverwalk Crew

Neon Trees – Everybody Talks – last song on the radio before I entered work on Tuesday or Wednesday

I am mainly known as an 80s baby, rocknroller or metal head … if it’s too loud, you’re too old Chiquita banana. In other words, it may surprise you to know my favorite song is …

Wait for it …

Fly Me To The Moon

From the addled mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty.  You’re welcome.  That’s all folks.  For today anyways.  I am Fin!

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/27/18 ~ Movement

Happy Saturday World!

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: movement. However, don’t use the word “movement.” Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!


Well this is starting to feel a little like homework.  My typical #SoCS style borders on re-donk (made up word combining ridiculous and donkey).  At a minimum I am silly, spewing any little random thought that pops into my brain.  But writing about a movement is thought-provoking stuff or at least I think it should be. This requires research and a level of seriousness I do not possess at the moment.

Then I re-read the prompt – some sort of movement 

The wheels on the bus … that’s movement … you know they go around and around

Ah who am I kidding, I got nuthing.

It’s a wonderful prompt though and all you creatives out there will take it to the next level.  And no way I was skipping today being this close to the goal.  Four more days y’all and #JusJoJan will be fin.  In the meantime, I guess I will enjoy reading everyone else’s post because that is part of the joy too. If you’d like to do the same, click the Rules and Ping Back


As always, more to come.


#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/20/18

Good morning everyone! Time again for #SoCS and the delightful companion of the month #JusJoJan. Today the prompt is part of a word.  We get to fill in the rest.  Oh goody!

To be specific: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “oc.” Find a word that starts with “oc” and use it in your post. Bonus points if you start and end with your post with an “oc” word. Have fun!

oc or the OC.  I consider this line the first of the post in a veiled attempt to get bonus points.  Now if only I can end properly.

Have I told ya I am a carrot and stick kinda gal?  Well I am.

The OC was a show on Fox or CW formerly the WB or some such nonsense.  I am just making this up and trying to remember as to avoid Mr. Google and let the steam flow baby flow.

90210 was first of the genre … I think … that I will collectively call TEEN DRAMA … now add in a Dawson’s Creek (James Van Der Beek – I don’t want your life! Varsity Blues fame). One Tree Hill.  Maybe even a Gilmore Girls (Hell how would I know? I never saw one episode of that show).  Getting more edgy with My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks.

Completely unrelated but purely because of the network on which the above shows aired, I think of JP or JA  and get a vile taste in my mouth.  In my opinion, he is the worst and his momma should never have been a teacher.  She was terribly awful to my Pony Boy and others who unfortunately by luck of the draw were placed in her class.

Then I think is this libel?  Surely not as you all have no idea of whom I speak and I added the caveat in my opinion which is just that … opinion NOT stating as fact.  And for all you know, this is fiction.  Right?  Right!  Is a caveat fictionalized account my get outta jail free card?

Now I want to Google (as in verb) Libel/Slander and see for myself what I have gotten myself into.  Freedom of Speech right?  I can say anything I darn well please.

Hmmm, not really … I cannot yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theater unless of course there is a fire.  Well, technically I can but I am not supposed to. I heard that somewhere before in the freedom of speech debate. Oliver Wendell Holmes if memory serves.  But also if memory serves, he was misquoted and the case was about something else entirely.  Ugh, I remember just enough to be dangerous as the expression goes.

Legal studies fascinate me and I have been toying with the idea of getting a Masters of Legal Studies through Washington University’s online program.  But I really dislike the notion of studying again.  I much prefer to pick up bits and pieces of wonderful mind enriching knowledge by living my life.  Everyday I learn something new. And yeserday I learned this word –


P.S. I have not hit over 500 words in a while.  That was bottled up and felt oh so good to release.  If you would like to feel relief too, join this band of characters and stream.  Here are the Rules and Ping Back

#JusJoJan and #SoCS for 1/13/18

Good morning everyone! Time again for #SoCS and in a twist #JusJoJan will be part of the scene.  And today we needed to read closely. Oooooh the excitement!!!

Look to the publication (book, newspaper, permission slip from your kid’s teacher, whatever you find) closest to you, and base your post on the sixth, seventh, and eighth word from the beginning of the page.

As luck would have it, I write this from my desktop so the ping back will work. That was it … go back and check.  Rules will be in the link too and a lot of other good work for you guys to read.  Anyway, I have not quite figured out how to ping back from the mobile WP app and I am too impatient to learn.

Right in front of me is the handout of my personal exercise program.  Words 6, 7 and 8 are on the table.

Well hell.  I got nothing.  Do I really want to be boring and add? … place your entire forearm palm side of the hand and arm facing down …

What’s really kind of cool is the way this occupational therapy thing works.  If you do the exercises faithfully, you eventually reach maximum medical improvement.  And I am obsessed with getting my full range of motion and strength back.  In a short week I have already improved.

Brag much?  Not really.

How did I know this? I talked my therapist into taking new measurements on Thursday even though it does not work that way.  They take a first set of measurements day one and then after four weeks, they take new measurements. He said nothing would change this quickly but he humored me and wa-la!  He did not complete the entire series but on the one measurement he agreed to perform, my 4 became a 35 on the road to 50.  More incentive for me to try harder and continue on.

Feels like something is missing and I should add more.  But there are really no rules.  See here: Much may be left up to your discretion: this week is no exception. Of course, I have my own made up rules.  The timer is ticking and about to sing time’s up!  Guess I am fin.  For today anyways. Seeing as my tag line is: As always, more to come. I’ll be back.

This scattered mess was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicutty.  If you’d like to join this band of merry prompt (use prompt as an adjective or a noun) responders, go back up to almost the start of this post.  The link is there to the whole kit and kaboodle.