#SoCS 3/28/20

Hi y’all.  Linda gives us this creative prompt that follows:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now. Take note of it if you think you might forget. Enjoy!

Doh!  What happens if I am reading this prompt at the SAME time I am writing it.  Usually that’s not the case.  However I didn’t get a chance to pre-read yesterday.  Boo 😦

Guess I will cheat and not get any bonus points,  Bummer!

Truth be told I already have an ear worm …

Rule breaker Jilly

Donna Summer disco era ear worm – Songwriter: Paul Jabara

Beside me, to guide,
To hold me, to scold me,
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad


Okay, simmer down.  Seems like I’ve been told alot lately.  Jilly just simmer down.

Beside me is a mouse.  Not the squeaky kind, the techno kind.  Mice don’t squeak anyways except maybe a cartoon mouse.

Awwww Mickey.  “Whose the leader of the club that’s made for you and me!”

Mice make scratching sounds.  They pitter-patter.  This I know having slept in a rural place in a house where the master bedroom was filled with mice.  While I may on occasion make stuff up, this is #truth!

B and I were newlyweds.  We went to his grandpa’s ranch a little south of  Freer Texas for the weekend. Middle of nowhere y’all.  The place was populated with donkeys too but that’s a story for another day.  Settled in and trying to sleep that first night, I told B I heard something.

Me: What’s that?

B: nothing

Me: Is something on the headboard?

B: no

Me: You sure?  Seriously what’s that noise?

And this convo went on a loop as he kept telling me “it’s nothing.  Or it’s the wind or whatever was outside the window”.  I was assured there was NOTHING in the room but us.  I second guessed my ears and eventually fell asleep.  It was not until the next day that he confirmed those mice bastards as opposed to rat bastards were skittering across the head board all night.  If I had known I would have demanded to be driven home in the middle of the night.  The rest of the weekend, we slept in the living room.  Funny what one remembers.

Back to beside me. I am sitting at my new home office aka the bar between the kitchen and the living room.  The mouse beside me is a trusty, purple beauty that helps me maneuver the screen.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy!  And that is all for today.  Wishing you all a peaceful Saturday in our new normal.

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P.S. I was up this early to participate in a system test.  The exercise was supposed to last two hours but they let P&C go first.  After confirming a successful release, I am going back to bed.

As always, more to come.


#SoCS for 3/21/20 ~ “Welcome”

Good morning folks!  Linda prompts us with welcome and I’m like you don’t need to tell me twice.  Only one answer folks – DISNEY.  Here is a clip from one of their best – Moana.  His part in this movie will forever put Dwayne Johnson in my top 10 favorite actors.  Yep I know he’s just the voice but oh what a voice :).  Please don’t let me find out something bad about him.  Never know these days as the dominoes fall.

Without further ado, here is “You’re Welcome”

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As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 3/14/20 ~ “wire”

Hello my lovelies.  Time once again for #SoCS.  Our host with the most Ms. Linda writes and I rewrite:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wire.” Use “wire” as a noun or a verb or any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

Hmm.  Think, think, and think


noun or verb

Cause I’m alive
Live wire
‘Cause I’m alive
I’m a live wire

Take a hike Motley Crue with those two little dots above the ‘u’ that I have no way to write as an umlaut is not part of this keyboard. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  No?  me either.


What are we gonna say about wire?

Well, there is always “wired for sound”.  My wired always came naturally though as I needed no help to amp myself up.  The perks of anxiety.  Uh ya, there are some.  Perks.

Then there is Bird on a Wire the 1990 something movie with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn.  One scene where they climb out the window several stories up to escape the bad guys.  My heart practically leapt out of my chest.

Oh and what about highwire?  Like from the Flying Wallenda’s fame.  During his most recent daredevil stunt, Nik Wallenda walked over volcano but he had a harness,  Well hell who wouldn’t?  He still did the walk.  And some fans were upset and shamed him.  Crazy ass people.  Still suspenseful enough to me.

And with that my stream is slowing down to a trickle.

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As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 3/7/20 ~ “figure”

Good morning folks. Time for#SoCS. Our host with the most, the fabulous Linda G Hill writes and I re-write: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “figure.” Use the word “figure” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Hmmm? Think, think, and think. Go figure! And figure 8 are all I’ve got. Not enough to complete a post.

Then comes my thought bubble or ear worm of Sam Hunt singing “Body Like a Back Road” Now that brings an image of a voluptuous figure.

Ugh. Now more thoughts on body dysmorphia. When Lulu saw her brother, the first thing she said was “Wow you’ve lost weight” He replied “52 pounds since September”. All with intermittent fasting. Which I’m deadset against. Of course mom knows nothing. He’s doing after getting medical advice. He assures me it’s not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.

I could see the wheels spinning in Lulu’s head. If he can do that, so can I. Scares me because of extremes. Instead of what we restrict maybe it should be more about what we add. I’m going to stop now. It’s #free216. I’m off work for a week. Yay me! 48 plus 168 = 216. That there is ciphering or figuring. We are off the the tulips! Go figure!!

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#SoCS for 2/29/20 ~ “ect”

Good morning everybody.  Time once again for #SoCS.  Without further ado, let’s get going.  We’re burning daylight as the Duke might say.  Linda writes and I re-write verbatim without changing anything:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ect.” Find a word with the letters “ect” in it, and base your post on that word. (Not to be confused with “et cetera,” which is “etc.”) Enjoy!

Doh!  Homework.  Think, think, and think. ect … not etc … Hmmm?

Well what about CONNECT?

Yes connect has ect in it.

I have work on the brain seeing as I work 50 to 60 hours a week now.  I love my job (seriously Meredith Grey) but the pace is getting to me.  I am taking off the week of Spring Break and the whole place can crumble to the ground without me.  But of course it won’t.

Everyone is replaceable.

The behemoth that is my workplace will keep chug chug chugging along without me.  Choo choo goes the train whistle.  And so far what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?  Or the word connect?  Land the plane Jilly Beans.

Around the meeting rooms, floating work spaces, and water cooler (aka in house Starbucks that I longer partake of because I’m too cheap or they’re too expensive), we say the word connect often.  Specifically let me “connect the dots” which is a nice way of saying, let me be clear you dummy.  Connect the dots is right up there with let’s “pull the thread” which is a fancy way of saying let’s talk a little bit more on the matter and see where this topic goes.  A newer addition to the workplace blather is the ever-loving “let’s not boil the ocean”.  We boil the ocean a lot.   Scope creep extraordinaire.  My all time favorite expression (she said with dripping sarcasm) is anything that has to do with the word “journey”.  Ugh.  If I want to go on a journey, I’d like it to be a vacation.  Or of journey toward self-expression.  Or self-enlightenment.  ohm Monty Python ohm.

As my flow starts to slow I think connect is the first part of the word connection which is a warm word.  The human connection.  We all need one another.  The big small world that we all share pulses with connection.  Ah now that’s the sweet stuff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reflective ramble.  The mister and I have no plans for today other than my TPMS light is coming on after servicing my car last week.  Might hop on over to Discount Tires or might throw caution to the wind and drive with the light on.

Wishing you a spectacular Saturday.   If you’d like to play along, follow this link to the land Linda created.   While your there, look for those connections.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/22/20 ~ “animal sounds”

Good morning fine folks.  Time once again for #SoCS.  Our wonderful host with the most, Linda G Hill writes and I rewrite :

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “animal sounds.” Write about the sounds animals make and how you experience them. Have fun!

Hmm … Animal sounds and how I experience them …

Think, think, and think

This is harder than I thought when I first looked at the prompt because of the “how I experience them piece”.  My first flurry was brain activity was a song I used to sing to my kids.  The cow goes moo, the duck goes quack ….  But then the song lyrics fizzled and no matter how hard I tried, I could not remember the words.  This despite my steel trap memory for all things nonsensical. Oh who am I kidding?  My steel trap brain mis-remembers as much as it recalls.   The Mandela Effect explains this … sort of … which I have written about recently … maybe even last Saturday.  Doh!

I also briefly thought “Animal Farm” by George Orwell or Aldous Huxley?  Orwell … pretty sure he wrote both “Animal Farm” and  “1984” but that’s not going anywhere. Then I thought Beach Boys but that is “Pet Sounds” not animal sounds.  Wait! Animals are pets.  This could work.  “Wouldn’t It be Nice” ….

Mooooooooooooooooving right along.

My doggies’ bark are animal sounds.  They have varying barks depending on what’s happening.  Not all barks are distress either.  But some are.  When a siren goes off, they howl and that is the worst sound ever because I know their poor little ears hurt.  They can hear these sirens from emergency vehicles passing by on the highway some miles from our house way before we even notice.  The howl alerts us to the potential danger which come with the screaming sirens.  They also bark to alert us to visitors.  They can discern known and unknown vehicles.  Which is why when B gets home after I do, he some times startles me coming in the house because they don’t bark at grandpa.

Whew!  I am tired, might go back to bed and catch a few more zzzzzzz’s.  Or wait.  I have an appointment to service my car.  Guess I better get going.

Wishing you all a happy Saturday!!!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/15/20 ~ Cheek

Good morning everyone!  Time once again for #SoCS shenanigans.  To join in the fun look right HERE.

Our lovely host Linda writes and I repeat in a veiled attempt to get the stream flowing …

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cheek.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!

Hmm.  Think, think, and think …


I’m in heaven

And my heart beats so that I can barely speak

And I seem to find the happiness I seek

When you and I are dancing cheek to cheek

I know I didn’t get the lyrics quite right but that’s my usual.  I am always mis-remembering lyrics.,  That’s a thing ya know.  What is the word for it?  Not mis-remembering.  What is thinking something happened that didn’t really happen but being so sure about said thing.  Ah yes the Mandela effect.  Not a word but two words.  Not the same thing as mixing up lyrics but this is stream after all and I’m allowed. Mr. Peanut!

Ok well that’s all I got.  An Irving Berlin song.  Hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday.  Ta-ta until next time.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 2/8/20 ~ (un)pack

Good morning y’all!  Top o’ the morning to ya.  Linda gives us the following:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “(un)pack.” Use “pack” or its opposite in your post. Have fun!

Hmmm Pack (un)Pack and Pack again.  No thanks!

I do not like to pack.

What else?

Well there is a parking garage at work that is so far away from the actual building that we called it the donkey garage.  We used to joke that it was such a hike, from the donkey garage that we needed to PACK a lunch as if we were going down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Only problem is you don’t ride donkeys down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you ride mules.  I remember when the Brady Bunch went on vacay and took that trip.  My brothers and I wanted to do the same when we went, but my parents said no.  Still a memorable trip.

And with that, I am outta stream.  Off to the races which today means I am going to get my nails done.  Not common for this un-girly girl but I felt like a splurge.

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#SoCS for 02/01/20 ~ Choices

Good morning folks.  Time for #SoCS.  Before we get started happy heavenly birthday to my Mamaw.  If she were alive, she’d be 114 years old today.  I miss her so much.  Today I choose to remember her and be happy.  How fitting since the prompt from our lovely host Linda is the following:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy!

Choosing to be happy is not small and uneventful though.  Choosing to be happy is damn hard. I must constantly remind myself that I have the power.  Hells yeah …

Moving along to my small uneventful choices.  Hmm.  Think, think and think.  Choices suck.  Seriously Meredith Grey.  Well at least for me.  I have what is known in the business of made up medicine as analysis paralysis.  Even the simplest things can cause a spin.  Do I really want oatmeal for breakfast?  Nope I want the egg sammich.  But the oatmeal is better to combat my high cholesterol.  The raisins and cinnamon are heart healthy too.  But eating fruit in the morning is not recommended for me.   Who the heck do I believe?  Just pick a breakfast already.

Here’s another simple choice … what to wear?  Like who the hell cares.  Said no one ever.  Not really.  Some people surely don’t care but I do.  Kinda, sort of, maybe.  Really being clean and comfortable are my only goals.  I am no fashionista.  I will stand in my closet trying to decide before falling back on the same few outfits.  I have started working from home most Fridays which means for three days straight I am in I don’t give a damn land.  Sweats and t-shirts are the best thing since sliced bread.  Mix matched and holey guacamole.  Amazing what I will leave the house wearing when I know I won’t see anyone I work with.

I don’t have much more to add since I am the queen comma drama who believes that any and all choices I make are of great consequence.  Not for you but for me.  My super power is worse case scenario girl.  Adding to the cliche bandwagon, measure twice and cut once.  Plus you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Choose wisely my friends.  Choose wisely.

Now I am off to the races.  If the races are at STRIC where it’s time once again for my annual mammogram.  TMI or PSA??  Well after attending the San Antonio Rampage vs The Dallas Stars Pink in the Rink last night and seeing all those survivors, my vote is PSA!  Squish yours.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to follow this link to the lovely land Linda made for us.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS & #JusJoJan 01/25/20

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to join #JusJoJan and #SoCS in holy prompts matrimony. ❤️

If you’d like to attend the ceremonies read below then come back up to follow this link for the reception.

Well of course I had to go for a tri-core, not to be confused with encore.  This is after all the last call combination of #JusJoJan and #SoCS.  We’ve been requested to …

Talk about the enterprise (sales or service) conducted by the last phone call you received from a business you’re not associated with (i.e. your workplace), or talk about that phone conversation itself. Have fun!

Hmmm.  Tricky since I like the Maytag repairman do not get phone calls of this variety.  Businesses don’t call me for repairs because nothing is broken or said another way, the washing machine that is Jilly’s mind is working like a charm.

I get calls for work yes but not from businesses I’m not associated with.  Not never but not often.  Thank you “do not call” list which doesn’t work but works.

Sheesh!  What am I gonna do?  Check my phone I guess.  And scroll … as I whistle but I can’t whistle so I’ll just scroll.






Yeppers Pony Boy called me twice recently!  #Blessed



Lulu – my baby girl checking in

still no businesses until right after Lulu


*****Well hells bells!!!! Yipee ki yay Muther effers!!!!!! I can’t write about that because errrrgh.  Because the situation pisses me off too much. ******

The call came in to tell me that my appointment for 2/6/20 was cancelled because the concierge bullsHit! doc was no longer with the practice.  Nice that they thought to call me but duh.  I’ve already had the medical records debacle.  They should know … that I know … that they know … that this is bullsHit! Of course I’m not going back.  You abandoned me!!!

When Doc K left (moved back home to be near family), I got Doc R (left to make more money and/or leave the health insurance crisis behind her).  Now that Doc R left, they are not accepting “new” patients.  Except that I am NOT a “new” patient.  I’m an existing patient who still has un-diagnosed issues which I won’t speak of seeing as this is a PG rated challenge and I’ve already swear words my quota for the week.

Whew!  Deep breath and practice mindful breathing.  I will end with Namaste, Om, and Happy Buddha Guru.

As always, more to come.