#SoCS ~ 9/18/21

Linda has been at this longer than I have yet we are in the same boat. How many ways can you open a reoccurring prompt challenge? I even had a ‘standard’ opener for a while … something like Linda writes and I copy paste … Not too original and/or inspired. However if there is anyone knows how to open a reoccurring prompt post in the most unique and clever ways, it’s the one and only, John W Howell.

Alrighty now. Here we begin. Morning fine folks of bloglandia, time once again for #SoCS where the followers of Linda G Hill gather in the virtual city streets, town squares, etc… to participate in the mind expanding stream of consciousness experience. On tap for today, Linda says Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “puzzle.” Use it any way you’d like! Join us for the fun won’t you? HERE are the rules and ping back.

Whew! I’m tired, might just have to go back to bed. But nope, it’s puzzle time as opposed to Hammer time. Get jiggy with it. That’s will Smith, not MC. Go Jill Go!!

What a mixed up ramble this is … I love puzzles of the jigsaw variety. Not puzzles like in games/riddles. Riddles are freaking torture. I tell ya what. Just give me the answer for the love of gawd. Said in my Shirley MacLaine as Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment. Afterwards I’ll be all well crap, I should’ve known that answer but no patience Jilly over here, can’t wait.

As for puzzle games, the triangle jump the peg puzzle game at Cracker Barrell is addictive as sin. The goal is to have only one peg left. If not, you might just be a redneck according to the Cracker Barrel folks. Or a dumbass. For those not in the know, Cracker Barrel is an old-timey, down home cooking restaurant. Where the crackers go to congregate. Dayumm, I’m off the chain. Loves me some Sunrise Sampler breakfast. Plus the steam flows where it flows don’t cha know it. I tell ya what!!

No PC police please, I’m talkin’ ’bout my people. My daddy was the peg jumping puzzle champion. I tell ya what! He dropped out of school in 4th grade but he had common sense in exponential amounts. He could cipher and figure things out with the best of ’em. He only ever left one peg on his puzzle board. My Pony is the same way .. well except he didn’t drop out of school. But his puzzle solving abilities are extraordinary, just like my B and PoPo too for that matter. Trees and apples and all that jazz. Awww. Sweet and sentimental.

Finally, I’m winding down and will close with a memory. Every summer growing up, the card table stayed up in the living with a puzzle going (sometimes a Monopoly game but more often a puzzle). At any given time we could put a few pieces in place, then scamper off to ride bikes, only to return later for more puzzle time. Fun times I tell ya. And when our sweet Lulu Belle was going through the worst of it this past November, B took out a puzzle. Together they worked at it to divert the bad juju. She humored him despite a dislike for puzzles in general. The diversion was welcome but time, being with just daddy, meant the world. Not sure what is the medicine here, the puzzle or father/daughter time. Maybe both? Just like my doggies being better than blood pressure meds. The little things are sometimes the most important y’all.

Okay, I’m FIN. Off we go into the wild blue yonder. Time for our belated anniversary hike. Experiencing beauty in our own backyard. Happy Saturday folks!!!!!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 9/11/21

Good morning everyone. Linda provides us with the following prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “where.” Use it any way you’d like! HERE are the rules and ping back. Might be a very fitting day to have company and be united.

I’ve been active on WordPress since 2016 which means this is the first time 9/11 fell on a Saturday. I almost skipped today since my usual cheeky fodder isn’t appropriate … at least not on a day like today where we remember one of the most tragic events in our lifetime. I’m watching all the documentaries again, even came across a new one about the women of 9/11. What a moving tribute.

Where was I on that fateful day? I was at home, with a day off. At the time I was working the night shift being the day time nanny for LuLu while B was the night time nanny. That’s our little joke. She is our precious miracle and we’re her parents not her nannies. B was at work, Pony at school, and I had just dropped off LuLu at Mother’s Day Out. She was almost 4 and we wanted her to be around other kids her age to learn to play nice. Oh who am I kidding, she always played nice.

Back home, I was watching a morning talk show when my sister called. Dad’s b-day #85 was that day and we were planning his party for that Saturday. As we talked on the phone, I heard the newscaster break in to the show. We were in utter disbelief. We stayed on the phone for hours, quietly talking while simultaneously watching TV 150 miles apart. The most vivid flashbulb memory was this …

P: “That man jumped from the building?”

Me: “Wait! What? Why would he do that?”

P: “To keep from burning”

Me: “Huh? No wait. Come again??”

We couldn’t even fathom. How could this happen? My brain wouldn’t let me comprehend a circumstance that would make jumping from a building the preferred choice. That’s not something they talked a whole lot about. In the documentary, the women of 9/11, one of the survivors, a reporter, talked about the conscious decision to remove all those particular photos and videos from the stream/archives. She talked about hearing the thuds. And we saw that too in almost real time. To this day, I shudder thinking about it.

We were in a time when cell phones were not nearly as prevalent. Still 24/7 news was already a thing. And that news was devastating but in the devastation, America united. In our own little corner of the country, we kept things as normal as we could. We still had dad’s birthday party with all the bells and whistles. I mean 85 is a milestone after all. If he was still living, today he’d be 105.

In 2012, we made our first trip to NYC. A place I wanted to visit from my earliest memories. The culture, the history, BROADWAY! Everything about the city appealed to me. The 9/11 Memorial was a place we visited, and went back to in 2013, 2014, and 2016. There is no apt way to describe the feeling of being there. A place where respect for other human beings permeates your soul. From the ashes, the phoenix rises.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 9/4/21

Woo hoo! Time for #SoCS where the lovely Linda writes and I copy paste “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “pin.” Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!” Boy howdy, we’re cooking with gas. If you’d like to join in, HERE are the rules and ping back.

Pin the story of a candy stuff piñata by one J-Dub McGillicutty.

Haha 🙂 or lame! My first thought was pin the tail on the donkey or any such version of the same game. I think back in the day, we had a game where we’d try to pin the nose on the clown’s face. This game was not for the faint of heart, we used real PINS. You know as opposed to fake ones. Tacks really.

My stream continued to flow to the neighborhood children’s b-day parties that we had back in the day which is why NEXT a big bright piñata popped into my brain. Being the sensitive soul that I was/is/am, I was always nervous. I worried that I would get smacked with the stick instead of the donkey. Then when the contents of El Burro spilled to the ground, I always hung back to let others grab the goods first. If I was lucky I’d get a piece of bubble gum by the time the others were through. I remember a few parties where the mom gave me something sidebar since I didn’t get anything. She’d say Pobrecito, then dish me a few chocolate tootsie rolls.

I’m now at a point where I could wallow in the memories but good ones so maybe just maybe wallow shouldn’t have been my verb of choice.

Alrighty, the flow is getting stuck, one last hail Mary. I dislike the phrase ‘let’s put a pin in it’. Another way to say be quiet, we’ll back burner this bad boy which is double speak for we’ll never come back to it again. I mean c’mon, has anyone ever experienced going back to the pin once said pin has been put in it?? Nope! Never! I thought so. LOL.

I’m off to the hill country with my honey. Making the most of the long weekend. Have a safe Labor Day one and all. Ta-ta for now.

As always more to come.

#SoCS ~ 8/28/21

My, my, my. What have we here? What we’ve got here … is … failure to communicate. Paul Newman. Cool Hand Luke. Philanthropist, salad dressing maker, movie star extraordinaire. The Captain is a jacka$$ just saying.

Hello fellow bloggers. Saturday has come around yet again. Like a good penny, it keeps turning up. Linda is our host with the most and I ALWAYS read her intros. How else am I going to know what to do?!? Today she writes and I copy paste …

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “my.” Start your post with the word “My.” Bonus points if you end your post with “yours.” Enjoy!

Guess you’ve cracked the code for the reason of my intro. I couldn’t wait until now to use the word my since I’m on the road to bonus points I’m telling ya what.

When I think of the word my, I’m usually excited. Whatever I proclaim comes with an exclamation point. Like MY word! or MY goodness or MY lord! I’m telling ya what. Twice in one post. lol

My goodness gracious, sakes alive. I’m always down for a good colloquial phrase. Like this one. My mama didn’t raise no fool.

She raised an empath. Someone told me that yesterday after we discussed a very awkward meeting where my coworker acted uncharacteristically. “So and so isn’t upset with you Jilly. She’s going through some personal stuff and you’re an empath who picked up on that.” Uh maybe? My whole life I’ve been referred to as sensitive. Guess there’s worse things to be considered.

Okay, time to land the plane. We’re staying in this Saturday. Enjoying being couch potatoes. I’m reading and lounging and reading some more. Ah, now that’s the stuff.

Golly I want those bonus points. As always more to come. Your truly or truly yours!

#SoCS ~ 8/21/21

Good golly Miss Molly, this sure is FUN! Linda prompts us with Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ode.” Find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.” To join in, HERE are the rules and ping back.

Ode to Billy Joe! McAllister. Bobby Gentry song. Tallahatchie Bridge. Robby Benson. Movie. His ice blue eyes. The Beast! Pretty sure I had his poster on my wall. Jethro was the director. Pretty it sure it was ole Max Baer. Jr not Sr. No time to look it up cuz I’m streaming.

Ode to Joy! Much better! Schiller’s poem, Beethoven’s song. With all that’s happening in the world today, we need more of this! Humanity unite!

I’m calling it early today. One more blow was landed. Need some floral therapy. Off to the Botanical Gardens after getting some breakfast tacos. Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!!

As always more to come.

#SoCS ~ 8/14/21

well, well, well … what have we here? The prompt y’all. From one Linda G Hill. The host with the most. She writes and I copy paste Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “luck.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy! To join in with all the lil leprechauns, four leaf clovers, horseshoes, turtles, and elephants, HERE are the rules and ping back.

Hmm. Luck. Think, think, and think …

With a little luck

We can help it out

We can make this whole damn thing work out

Oh to the no! Earworm alert. That was my first bubble despite Paul being my least favorite Beatle. Sorry but my order is George, Ringo, John, the one they kicked out, then Paul, Ha! Like anyone cares. Hope you enjoy this musical interlude instead of my prattling about.

I’m streaming with no time to review but I think the one that got the boot … Stuart somebody … became a family man and when asked years later how he felt to be almost famous he said something to the effect of I got the better deal. To each his/her/their own as they whoever they are say.

The other day I saw a meme where Jim Carrey said something to the effect of I wish everyone could be famous to learn it isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

All this from the prompt of luck. Hmmm. What a weird way my brain works.

These things are stuck in my brain, lucky girl that I am. No joke. I’ve been extremely lucky in life. Chosen, loved unconditionally, married to my childhood sweetheart. Stuff like that. Some may say that’s not luck but kind of is in my opinion because I just wake up that way. Things fell into my lap. Everything coming up roses for me and my gal but No Roses for Harry. My favorite book as a child.

Moving on. We had lots of emotion this week at work. And the we is in me. Jilly. J-Dub, heart on her sleeve. Grateful for good fortune. Luckiest girl alive. If you feel the feels like I feel the feels you get hurt. Often. But you are also able experience ultimate joy in that same way too doncha know it, I’m telling ya what.

My final thought came from what someone said during our team what’s on our mind chat. They said the grass isn’t always greener except where you water it. Profound. Really struck a chord, I’m telling ya what. I’m off to water my garden.

And with that, lemme let ya go.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 8/7/21

Cheers to another Saturday!! The first Saturday of August to be exact. One week is almost in the books. Hard to believe school is about to start up again. Now on to the main event.

#SoCS is in the house. The lovely Linda gives us the following prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wee.” Use the word “wee” or find a word that contains it and use it in your post. Have fun! For those who would like to play along, here are the rules and ping back.

Hmmm, think, think, and think. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Squeegee!!! Which is not wee as in Wee Willie Winkie! Ah ha! The nursery rhyme. Well that’s gonna stick. Stack, stuck. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Willie Winkie. Is he like Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod? Besides the sleep part, not really.

Last year when I was doing my deep clean, I found my doll Charlie. If I picture Wee Willie, I see this …

I could have used weekend or Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. Or weep as in willow. Or George’s guitar. Ah yes, my favorite Beatle. But nope, I got stuck with Mister Wee Willie. And there’s not much more to say about that.

Despite a brief scare yesterday when Pony learned he was exposed to the dreaded Covid, things are sunshine and rainbows around here. Not sure if his vaccine worked or he just got lucky or both. He tried to explain, the delay in notification wasn’t about his employer but the site owners. I don’t understand how one person’s anonymity beats a public health emergency. The exposure occurred Monday. Generic email went out Thursday. And yesterday one hour before shift ended they were told it was your floor and your section.

When asked what next? The answer was whatever you want. The site manager told his boss that after five days, they were likely in the clear. He went on to say get tested. Don’t get tested. Quarantine, don’t quarantine. Buh bye ‘see’ you in a week since you’re rotating one week in, one week at home.

The free rapid tests through CVS or Walgreens were booked until Tuesday, He opted for an at home version which was negative. He’ll take the 2nd at home in 3 days. Supposedly he’d already be feeling symptoms and he isn’t. Or he could be asymptomatic. Of the nine folks in his area, seven are negative too and two he has not heard from.

And me, I have this smelly grapefruity sanitizer that I am practically huffing. If I eventually can’t smell that, I’ll test myself. Meanwhile masks are on again. Or just stay home. Binge trash TV and eat like crap because you’re a stress eater Jilly, you know that. McDonald’s for supper last night with a peanut buster parfait chaser from Dairy Queen. Never a dull moment, I tell ya what.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 7/31/21

That’s what I’m talking about. Yeah buddy. Start to my stay-cation. I’m also ready for another rebel rousing rendition of #SoCS where Linda writes and I copy paste Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy! Check out the link to the rules and ping back.

Here ya go … I don’t have a first word when I look at our bounty but I have a feeling of a novella coming on.

This snap was taken on July 30th, at 7:12 a.m. Central Standard Time (CST) in the year of our lord 2021.

Every morning I take a walk to check on MoMo and PoPo, bring up their paper, and other assorted tasks. They are hanging tough despite a variety of ailments. It’s the least I can do considering all they did for B and moi when we were starting out and the kids were younger. Turnabout is fair play and not in a negative way. We OWE them. We’d be remiss not to admit that. But everything we do is in the spirit of giving. If you don’t know me by now, I’m kind of a diva, queen, comma drama. Jilly doesn’t do anything Jilly doesn’t want to do. Fuck ’em she says. Dirty mouth? Clean it up! … the tagline for Orbit gum.

Anyway, where was I going with this? Glad it is stream where we roll with the flow.

After I check in, I wonder back down the lane between our properties and head straight into the garden. I get my pickin on. The harvest is about 15-20 tomatoes a day for at least the last three weeks. My math is fuzzy y’all maybe more than three weeks. B planted all the things in March. Usually our garden grows like this, yellow squash and zucchini are always first to come up, followed by cucumbers and tomatoes at the same time. We have jalapenos and chili pequin year round.

This year the tomatoes were late but worth the wait. We’ve been done with the cucumbers since end of May. We think the extra rain this year helped the tomatoes. Plus for the first time ever B started them from seed. Prior he bought tomato plants, decent size, and they came in quicker. Just now he tells me the seedlings took forever to get big enough. Hmmm. And here I thought he put the seeds right in the ground and the starter kit was material to go along with them to spur growth. But no, the starter kits were lil pods to start the plant from the seed. He kept them in his shed about a month. Well duh 🙄 Anyhoo, as I live and breathe. March 1 give or take a day, the tomato seedlings went in the ground.

We are fortunate y’all. The fruits of our labor. Growing groceries and all that noise. Not to be screwed with this time. If ya know, ya know.

And on that note, lemme let ya go. Lulu Belle and I are outta here or will be soon when the sun comes up, after I take my morning stroll.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 7/24/21

Saturday already. Plus we’re fast approaching the end of July. Time is flying … like an eagle … to the sea … fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me … oh won’t you? Wait. What? Where am I? Oh ya, today is #SoCS. Linda writes and I copy paste Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “color/colour.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or pick a color and write about it–use it any way you like. Have fun!

Hmm. Think, think, and think. Color. Another song is percolating in ye ole noggin. Color My World was a song written by some 70s group that I cannot name and won’t google to avoid rule breaking. Color My World was played at every high school dance I ever attended. If you were lucky, you had a sweetie and they asked you to dance to this song. It was usually the finale. In particular, I remember one dance, last song when I was out of the floor with someone who I was crazy about. Only to look over and see my BFF, making faces (like ugh or gag) over her partner’s shoulder. Ah the sweet, sweet memories. LOL.

When I started working, I met a fellow catholic school alum who remembered Color My World from all her high school dances. The difference is she hated that song! Viscerally. And me being ‘monkey see, monkey do’, my liking of the song faded. Now as I sit here and type, I’m semi-swaying lalalalalalalalala color my world asshole with hope lalalallalalala of hating yooouuuuuu. Haha! JK. Or not. Only the shadow knows. Hahahaha.

Whew! Color me done, finished, complete … with this nonsensical whatever this is … until next week when I’ll be back in living color. Wishing you only sunshine and rainbows. How’s that for colorful?

To join in with this polychromatic group of Saturday Streamers, here are the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS ~ 7/17/21

Well, well, well. What have we here? The prompt of a lifetime, I’m telling ya what. Linda writes and I copy paste Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. Enjoy!

To play along, here are the rules and ping back.

Okay, least favorite word. Hmm? But I am a nah nah nah something or other … a Logitech … lover of words … that escape me. This is going to end me! What is the word? Think, think, and think!!!! Oh! I got it!! I’m a logophile.

But and it’s a big BUTT least favorite is still A favorite. AmIRight?!??! I don’t have to pick a word I dislike. I can pick a word the rolls off the tongue, smooth as silk and soft as butter.

Hmmm. Still nothing. Absolutely … positively … freaking nada.

Alright then, time to land the plane. Or take off as the case may be. Going back to the Pearl to walk along the San Antonio River with my Lulu Belle. We skipped May and June but in the hottest of Julys, we’re back at it. Trying to rebuild the habit. Wishing everyone a sensational Saturday!!

As always, more to come.