All Rose in Titanic

Picture it … China Grove TX, May 7, 2020 noontime. I’m taking my walk doing my Rose from Titanic impression, arms outstretched walk as the wind blows back my hair as my heart will go on … I round the driveway curve and see a white van.
Dammit! A delivery and me without my mask. Who the eff keeps ordering things?!!??! Not me!! Sacribleu!! I sort of walk jog run in the opposite direction all Minny in the Help, running from Johnny, Celia’s husband. Worried because I taught her how to fry up a chicken and he can’t know that.
I swear I would have thrown groceries at the man, if I had them. Panic sets in as I mentally measure six feet apart muthafucker. Want some fire scarecrow? lol
But seriously dude where’s your mask?
He rolls down the window. I stop to listen as he yells from quite a distance …
“FedEx for pick up”.
Me: “they came by yesterday”.
Him: “FedEx?”
Me: “I hope so. For books right?
Him: “They told me to check”
Me: “Check what? Can’t you tell on your device? The other guy scanned them”
WTF. He drives away but stops at the spot in the road where I was when I first saw him. Not leaving. Dogs going nuts. I guess he was double checking but I just wanted him to go. Those damn books, the late fees are more than the original cost.
Inquiring minds wanna know, do I need 14 more days of quarantine?

Seriously Meredith Grey?

WP just gave me the 9 day streak badge.  But I posted for #SLS this morning.  I guess since I scheduled #SLS they count the day that post was written?  Somehow they have changed my dangling carrot and I do not like it.  Not one bit!  Lol!!  So silly.  I am better now.  B really helped me this weekend, to see the error of my ways.  We’ve had so much fun starting with Friday night’s Pink in the Rink, yesterday’s shenanigans, and today’s Sunday Funday!!

Example badge …

Rat bastards!!!!!! LOL

As always, more to come.

What Fresh Hell Is This? 8/23/19

I have made it 21 days or three weeks without a #WFHIT moment.  Not too shabby Abby!

Sadly yesterday ended that streak.  And today I can’t get the thoughts outta my head.  Our sweet precious Buddy has a knot of some sort on his chest.  I noticed the lump yesterday when I was giving him his heart worm pill which he takes like a champ btw.  Because he is the BEST dog ever.  I checked Spot right away too cuz ya know maybe that knot thingy is supposed to be there but Spotty dog is clear.

Buddy didn’t yelp at all when this happened.  He just sat there nose in the air.  Ready for the pill.  I figure if it was bad, he would’ve let me know.  He really is such a good sweet doggy.

I hope it’s nothing.  B says it’s NOTHING.  And B is usually right about these things.  Me, I keep obsessing that Buddy is past 10 years old.  Somehow I feel that time is short.  Not that anything else is wrong.  Just age catching up to him.

Age catching up to all of us.

Dammit see how my weirdo mind works.

Gonna walk it off.

As always, more to come.

What Fresh Hell is This? 8/2/19

Too many thoughts to express but I’m gonna try.  I have to listen to calls for work on occasion.  I’ve heard some doozies over the years.  I swear one day I will write a book. This week I heard something that generated the question what fresh hell is this?  I cannot believe this happened in my lifetime.

Daughter: Go on daddy, tell the nice gentleman when you joined the Army

Dad: I didn’t join, they drafted me.

Customer Service Rep (CSR) asks a few more questions which confirm “Dad” served in Korea for two years. Means he is eligible and could apply insurance.

Daughter to CSR: He’s still upset about it.  He was born a Perez.  He served with the last name Perez.  When he got out, moved to IL and started our family, he was forced to change his last name.  Our last name.  It’s all legally done though.  The name change.  He did it so I could go to Catholic school. They accepted us after we took the last name Perri.

The daughter is three years older than me.  Her dad two years older than my mom.  How could this have happened?  I know this shit happened a lot for people going through Ellis Island.  But not in 1960 something.

Then I thought how I went to Catholic school too.  I knew a family also with the last name Perez. The family was an integral part of our community.  The oldest son was good friend with my brother.  The youngest son was two years older than me.  He was the star quarterback in high school.  His sister was a cheerleader.  They got to keep their last name.  What a difference 1240 miles makes!

Still hard to wrap my head around how this could happen.  Then I realize I automatically have privilege.  What do I do with that? Heady thoughts on this Friday morning.

As always, more to come.

What Fresh Hell Is This? 7/14/19

Made you look.

Titles can do that … make you look.  But then quickly all expectations are dashed if the title is only a hook.  Or gimmick.  I almost cursed here and said mind fuckery but stopped myself.

No I didn’t stop myself.  I wrote the eff word and added ‘ery’ to the end.  I still have a hard time letting the profanity fly for public consumption.  See this post from a while back.

Oh my lawd.  I wrote “To Swear Just Like a Sailor” three years ago on this day!  I used real names too!  But before linking I did a quick edit.  Well for the family.  Me I really am Jilly. Or am I?  Only the Shadow knows. bwhahaha

Anyhoo.  Back to “What Fresh Hell Is This?”  I spruced up the place by adding a new category.  I’ll come back now and again dropping one liners or short snippets regarding things that momentarily make me take a pause to ask … you guessed it!  What fresh hell is this?

Not planning to be all Debbie Downer.  In fact, I want to make these posts funny-ish.  And likely only funny or amusing to me but oh well.  You get what you pay for. Ba Dum Tis went the drum and cymbals.

Today’s fresh hell is brought to you by insomnia sucks ass.  I mean truly.  Who gets up at 2:38 am because she cannot sleep, turns on the overhead light in her office, and goes to her old school desk top to write this post … or any post for that matter.  She should be sleeping for Pete’s sake. And the she is me.

I am manic y’all.  I go to sleep easy but I can no longer sleep through the night.  B says I just need less sleep now that I’m old.  What fresh hell you say?  Insomnia coupled with getting older!  I’m only 34 + 20 – 5 +10 -5.  You do the math.  That’s not old!!  I’m also heading into a new phase at work.  Be careful what you wish for …. Truer words have not been written!!  I may never sleep well again!

As always, more to come.