Big Little Lies

I read the book first … probably well before they decided to make it into a miniseries. Today I binge watched the miniseries. Definitely did not disappoint. Stayed true to the story.

Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman we’re believable. Excellent casting. And same for the kids. They did good. My namesake, not so much. Hehe to those who have no idea what I’m talking about. Let’s just say it’s no surprise why Maddy didn’t win.

Cheers to David E Kelley. The Practice was one of my favorite shows. Now this! And I hear he took on Mr. Mercedes. Ooooohhh. Can’t wait!

As always more to come.

Just GO (A Terrible Reviews Short: Thor: Ragnarok)

For you Snark! Your boy CH 🙂

Accidentally Inspired

New parents:

Did you know that it is possible not to take an ill-tempered child to a crowded movie theater on a Friday night?

It’s true!

Yes, it’s a little bit unfair that having a kid cramps your style a bit. You want to continue doing the things you’ve always done. Having the fun you’ve always had. And you can, but you have to give a little bit of consideration to the squalling anchors tethered to your nethers before you do so.


A movie theater is a great environment for adults! It’s dark and comfortable and conducive to naps if you so choose. There’s only one thing to focus on, which is great news for our aging, overwhelmed brains! (In point of fact, instead of staying home last night stressing about the tax bill that was just passed, or getting my blood in a good boil over the…

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#SoCS ~ Cramp

Let’s give this a whirl shall we?  The prompt today is cramp.  Hmmmm.  Think, think, think!

Cramp, stamp, tramp, camp, ramp, amp

Why am I rhyming words?  Am I going for poetry on the line of roses are red?  Ugh!  Saccharine. Let’s try Haiku. 5/7/5.  Simple right? Wrong!


Waves constricting and flowing

Cramps give birth to life

That is awful!  Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job. To make up for it, I leave you with this:

As always, more to come.

Rules and Ping Back

Christmas Poll #2

Favorite Christmas carol and why?

I’ll go first and hopefully I won’t hear crickets.  Ever wonder where that expression came from?  Crickets are noisy buggers.  Yet hearing crickets means awkward silence.  Hmmm.  Somebody got it wrong.  If you hear crickets it’s like a loud cacophony.  Oh look at me, using big words.  I’ve been just itching to use cacophony in a sentence.  Anyhoo, just know that your comments are addictive!  Better than almost everything.

Out of the rabbit hole and she’s back!

My favorite carol used to be Joy to the World but now it is the Little Drummer Boy.  Why?  Because what’s not to love?  Here is an especially good version by Pentatonix.