#QQ4U on This Super Bowl Sunday

B and I got up at the b’crack of dawn to go shopping at HEB for the week’s goods plus Super Bowl extras, PoPo’s B-day and my almost 36 year service anniversary. Combo partying is not for the faint of heart!! I’ve already started.
I had a donut for breakfast with a Dr. Pepper Icee chaser so screw it! I am off the WW wagon for one day .. okay two days because yesterday the Original Donut Shop was right next to where I had my appointment. It would’ve been sacrilegious to NOT get something. Don ‘cha think?
Anyhoo. Back to the b’crack of dawn … I really wanted to wear my penguin pajama bottoms to HEB. B gave me his look so I changed into sweats. Close enough but not nearly as soft.  Comfort over style I always say.  
We arrive and as we are parking, a couple walks through the crosswalk, hand in hand wearing what? Well pajamas of course! Ha! “See” I tell him. “I think this has become socially acceptable”. B responds “no Jill, it has not”
Once inside the store, I began my count. Every time I saw another pair of pajama bottoms, I gave him my look which said “see pajamas”. I counted 7 if you include the 2 people we saw walking in, that we never saw again btw. I’m a child of the 70s, I dressed much more inappropriately back in the day.
So I have to ask WordPress friends, what’s your thoughts on wearing pajama bottoms as regularly pants?

#QQ4U 10/23/19

I have to come up with a creative name for the carnival game where one throws a bean bag and knocks down cans.  Any ideas?  I am stuck on can you can-can?  lol.  not even close to something I can use … or and if you have any ideas that can tie it back to insurance, bonus score :).


#QQ4U – Which one?

OK folks QQ4U. Almond tequila croissant or soft serve ice cream? I am going decadent for lunch. With the Bourbon chaser perhaps. Or not … I still haven’t quite made up my mind. lol

Never mind croissant 🥐 it is!!

#QQ4U on Financial Stewardship

… Or just funny math

Which is better?

.5% off the interest rate on 20,000 over 60 months

Or $1500 off the purchase price

Or depleting your savings and pay in full because you don’t want to eff with the financing?

Thing is this money is just sitting around in a savings account getting peanuts for interest. The interest rate on the truck loan is way more than we’re earning. Seems like financially paying cash would be better. But having less than five grand in liquid savings is scary. Technically we do have other savings but we can’t touch that without penalty. Maybe we should live on the edge?

Asking for a friend.

As always, more to come.

#QQ4U ~ WordPress Photos

If I upload a photo from my Word Press media to a post then later delete the picture from my Word Press media, will the picture disappear from the post?  I only have a free version of WP and photo space is lacking.  I am not at all technical and I wonder if the photo would stay for viewing because it was uploaded or does the pic always link back to media.  I want to delete some pics to make space.

Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, more to come.

#QQ4U Please Help Me Choose. Vote Now!

  1. Kosta Bode Vase
  2. Howard Miller Wall Clock
  3. Tissot Savonette “T-Pocket” Watch
  4. iPad – 6th Generation
  5. Apple Watch
  6. Dyson Fan – cool and warm (hopefully of the non-cancer causing variety)

There was more to choose from in the catalog but this is my narrowed down list.  I had an employee once who went out to various online sites pricing every gift option available.  He proceeded to pick the most expensive one which he didn’t even like but he was not going to be “cheated”.  His mom received a very nice curio cabinet that year.  LOL.

I did not include any jewelry.  I already have a ring from year 10 and two watches from years 15 and 30.  We are okay on the luggage front and we do not travel much anyways.  I need a vacuum cleaner but help me I cannot go there … not a wedding anniversary but an anniversary just the same.  I do enjoy cookware and nice dishes and I am too cheap to buy them. Hmmm.  Perhaps I should expand my list.

Vote now!!  Add a number to the comments.  You’ll be saving me hours of over analyzing.

As always, more to come.


#QQ4U ~ Can You Help A Pack Rat?

Is there a place I can take paper for shredding??  Industrial sized shredding I mean. And is there a place to take broken “toys”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Why am I asking?  Well I wrote multiple times in the 2nd half of 2018 about organizing my office and de-cluttering.  I had the … BEST … TIME … EVA as in EVER!!! And that’s no joke.  However as we are in the process of getting our shower repaired, stuff has to be moved and we thought why not use the EMPTY office closet.

Uh ya, not an option.  After all those weeks of hard work, I finally realized I never opened the closet.  When I did I found out damn, we’re rats of the packing variety. Shoved inside the closet in the boxes from the replacement items was a printer, a keyboard, a PCU, a personal home office shredder (that can’t help me now as the job is too BIG) and miscellaneous paperwork back to 2001!!! WTF.  And why the hell would we keep broken stuff???

Let me know in the comments would ya … what’s a place you go to shred papers?  Muchos Gracias y’all.

As always, more to come.

#QQ4U – Anti-Virus

For personal home use, what do you suggest for anti-virus protection?

Ours expires shortly and even with 10% off to renew, I have sticker shock.

All suggestions appreciated.