Funny Math:

I bought four similar items for total cost of $11.99 with tax included.  I added one more similar item and the price dropped to $10.39 with tax included.  That’s how they get you … discount to buy five though mostly, that turns out in the store’s favor.  This time, I scored :).  Did I need that 5th item?  No, not even close.  Did I get it? Why yes, yes I did!  Then I turned around and I gave it to a homeless woman at the red light on my way home.

It’s Thought Thought That Counts:

Hmmm.  Well I read a post earlier this week that put it’s the thought that counts” in an entirely new perspective.  Gag gifts are sacrilege.  People need basic essentials.  Give a coat, not a bag of unicorn farts.

Dinner With The Brain Trust:

Pony and Wise joined us for dinner Saturday night before they picked up the kitties and took them home.  We were discussing how randomly small the word can be.  We basically played a bastardized version of six degree of separation.  Donald, Rizzo, Will Smith and Kevin Bacon could not join us but we had fun anyway :).

Wise’s mom’s husband’s family knew my parents when I was growing up.  In fact, his mom was my mom’s best friend.  Both moms have since passed on.  I remember her though.  They played Bridge on Wednesdays.  During the summer, we’d always pop in to see what was going on.  What are the odds of that??  Her mom marrying a family friend of her mother-in-law’s family.

And if that is not enough.  Wise’s uncle by marriage on her mom’s side taught Pony in high school.  Small world!

Next, her Papaw sold Pony’s Uncle D holsters. B remembers seeing Papaw at his booth at SAXET on Saturdays. Who would have thought his grand daughter would one day marry our son?

Here is just one more little snippet.  I have a new FB friend from the old days of StMM.  Two of her sisters taught me, one in 3rd grade, the other was my coach in high school.  As I looked at friends of friends and saw the branches that bind us, I was thrown into another world.  A very small world of deep rooted connections.  Made me miss my parents more than words can tell.

Anxiety Girl:

My arm hurts 😦  I lugged around my life today in a medium sized bag. Weighed down with new work laptop and more.  That’s why my arm hurts but of course I make stuff up.  I am sure I damaged my arm even more.  I should have hired a helper to lug my stuff.  I want this damn cast off!  I am gonna redneck cut it off myself soon.  Only six more days!!! I can do it Ricky Bobby!  Come hell or high water.

Did you follow those rabbit trails? Whew!

My heart is full people.  I am oh so HAPPY!  Why then am I waiting for the other shoe to drop? Cuz, I’m anxiety girl, that’s why!

As always, more to come.