J-Dubs Review of “This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today” by Chrissy Metz

Such a feel good book despite sharing the gritty real childhood she endured. What an example of gratitude. No wallowing in self pity just acceptance. Wow!

Novel idea that many have trouble sustaining. Accepting that your experiences good or bad make you who you are today has to be freeing. I felt the metaphorical weight lifting up and away <3.

I loved each y’all and southernism. I enjoyed the conversational tone. Written like one would talk bringing a genuine authenticity. Well done my friend. Well done. My commonplace book overflows.

Recommended read. 5 stars.

As always more to come.


JDubs Review of “The Outsider” by Stephen King

I’m not gonna take a picture of the cover of the book because it was a Kindle. Boo! I’m not downloading a picture either because I’m quickly using up too much space in my WP media.

I can hear you… that’s not why you’re here… you want the review. No spoilers.

This is the same formula that has worked before and will probably continue to work again. The story is a different version of the same if that makes any sense. The formula goes back multiple decades. You would think eventually we’d catch on. But no … many like me are constant readers.

In short, this is about good versus evil. Kind of cops and robbers. Holly of “Finders Keepers” makes re-appearance. I am very empathetic to her character. The supernatural sci-fi-ish ending is on a lesser scale than most of his novels. Everyday flaws of human life juxtaposed against some force that we can only imagine. Do boogeymen exist? Yes! And in real life science explains most. In Mr. King’s work, there is no explanation.

Overall I would say four out of five stars ✨. A recommended read. If you happen to do so, let me know what you think. I’d love to have a virtual book club on this one.

As always more to come.

For the Love of Reading

Yep, I had a break for a bit but now I have two books going and more in the TBR queue.  I would not have started the second book had it not been for opportunity to obtain the book early through a new online venue known as overdrive.  I committed to back to basics with honest to god “real” books from the library but the allure of not having to wait drew me in to reconsider my online book ban. Damn you Kindle app on iPad much more user friendly than the Kindle itself.

Here are two short and sweet snippets and then full on reviews to follow.

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner -the opposite of a whodunit.  We know from the beginning as the central character is starting the rest of her life behind bars.   Too early to predict where this leads.  So far keeping my interest.

The Outsider by Stephen King – So far this is a gritty real life whodunit.  Pillar of the community or evil among us?  How can someone be in two places at the same time?  Does everyone have a doppelganger?  This book better not end with some sci-fi crap.  You hear me SK?  Do not disappoint your constant reader.

As always, more to come.

JDubs Review of “Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice (And Free Lemonade)”

The book has three parts and 21 chapters giving cautionary advice or life lessons.

There was nothing new or unique to see here. A quick read meant to be light and breezy or tongue-in-cheek. Unfortunately falls flat to me. The lessons were in joke form and in some cases too crass to be funny. I’m all for sarcasm but certain topics are serious. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer jokes aren’t funny to me.

The redeeming grace were the following for my commonplace book:

When I was young, time was irrelevant. Summers were endless and the possibilities were infinite. – Ali

If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth. – As the saying goes.

Assuming makes an ass only out of me. Ali

If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll have to be a horrible warning. – Catherine Aird

Not bad to get four quotes. Might be good fodder for Wednesdays. Nice reminders actually but I’ve read better.

Addendum: The author told a story that wasn’t hers to tell. She made some sweeping generalizations in the telling. I’m changing my final rating …

Final rating 2.5 out of 5 stars ✨

Side notes 📝 not part of the review:

  • We’re of the same generation not even a month apart in age (I’m older).
  • I don’t think we’d have run in the same circles though. Despite her self-deprecating manner, I bet she was popular.
  • She loves dogs 🐕 maybe as much as I do and got a dog to deal with an almost empty nest.

As always more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ 1/27/19 – Cathartic and J-Dub’s Review of “Nine Perfect Strangers” by Liane Moriarty

T’is Sunday 1/27/19 in the year of our Lord.  Oh that was so yesterday’s news.

Today we jot!  Enthralling Journey prompted us with “cathartic”! Click here to find her last post .  Why hello there!  You’ve picked a good one. I am going to link this baby up.

I have been reading y’all.  Just for fun!  And for me that is cathartic!  Now I know you might not believe I am using the word correctly but I am!  Swear. Here’s the proper definition:


Dictionary result for cathartic

  1. providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.

For me, reading is physical too.  I inhale words.  I spontaneously yell out during the good parts or the not so good parts and the oh my land sake’s alive parts!!  Reading takes me to another place. That’s the psychological part.  My mind is set free!

Mr. Google went on to add:

(chiefly of a drug) purgative.

In my case, I reach catharsis via reading … totally drug free. Not like those on retreat in the book “Nine Perfect Strangers” by Liane Moriarty.  I stayed up to 1 AM to finish.  I just could not stop until the last word!! I promised a review and here it comes y’all.  Sans spoilers.

Check here and here for preliminary teasers.

A group of nine strangers meet at a retreat.  All are partaking in this quest for spiritual enlightenment for varying reasons.  The story is told in alternating chapters titled with the name of the guest or the owner or her staff in which they give perspective and let us into their lives.  The characters are well developed and their sub-plots are very interesting.  The story moves quickly and never loses pace.

In the aftermath, the titles change to non specific dates … one week after … etc.  Finally the titles end but we do not need titles.  Those final moments for me were a mind bend.  Very clever in my humble opinion.  I think I understood what I was reading but not 100% sure.  I’d love to discuss at  my “real” book club.

Score one for the creative types.  Thank you Liane!  Look at me … acting like I know her.  Like she’d even see this post.  But heeeyyyy girl, if you do stumble across me in bloglandia (stranger things have happened) just know this fan girl would love to meet ya.

As always, more to come.

Thanks to Linda for hosting #JusJoJan.  Now to see what the others have jotted or to jot something yourself, take a gander at this!!

Pocket change

I’m here at half price books selling five DVDs. I know I’ll get pennies on the dollar but that’s worth more than the zero they’re worth as they sit and collect dust never to be watched again.

I am listening to tunes as I wait and having the time of my life.

I thought I’d add a little note about books because I’m in a bookstore. I too want to be microdosed at a retreat and lead through a guided journey of self enlightenment. The book “Nine perfect strangers” by Liane Moriarty is fan freaking tastic.

Review to follow eventually. I hope I’m not spoiling anything with my little teasers. What a wild ride!

As always more to come.

So, … Funny Math the Obesity Crisis Edition

I treated myself to a happy hour Coke with lime from Sonic. I’m really off the sauce I promise. This treat is a once in a very long time occurrence. Upon purchase, I observed funny math and I feel like whining.

My drink cost $1.99 + .30 cents for 1/4 of a lime minus $1.00 for happy hour. When it was all said and done, I paid .99 cents + .30 cents = $1.29 + .11  for tax = $1.40 total per 20 ounces. Hey! Why wasn’t my lime .15 cents?!?!?


Anyhow, memba the $1.40. “Real” as opposed to happy hour price is $1 more with a skootch more tax. 😂. A regular 20 oz. bottle of Coke without lime (princess don’t do diet) from the ice house or grocery store is $1.89 plus tax. Immediately consumable gets taxed in Tejas; I checked. A two liter is 99 cents plus tax.

Do ya see where I am going here? Bigger is cheaper. BUT WHY?!?!?!?!?!

Now I get why the happy hour 20 ounce is more … well because half of a half of a lime is a delicacy apparently.  Uh duh.  And car hop service is special (no sarcasm because I couldn’t make and car hop those drinks). The regular price should be more than the bottle IMO.  I am paying for service.  My only regret is that I parked in stall #13 cuz ya know, 13 is unlucky.

Still I had to exclaim:  Sacribleu!!!

I mean really?!?!?!  Don’t “they” … those greedy money makers know that soda is the new smoking in the way standing is the new sitting or sitting is the new smoking or whatever. 😆 And now I feel fluffy … and nauseous. Drinking my H2O in the hopes of flushing out those toxins.

I really need a 10 day cleanse retreat like in the book “Nine Perfect Strangers” by Lianne Moriarty.  And no I am not a paid reviewer.  I just really enjoy this book.  I think I could give up electronics for 10 days.  I know I could dig on someone else meal planning for me.  And I am sort of certain I could take a vow of silence for the first five days.

Okay now.  You can quit laughing.  I hear you.  But tis true, I know how to shush when called upon.

As always more to come.

Reality TV, Made For TV Movie, and Book Turned Into Netflix Movie

I was thinking of the zombie apocalypse.  Really I was.  I mean c’mon.  Isn’t New Years Day a time to reflect?  What crazy might 2019 bring?  Zombies?

But I jest.  I was mixing my memories.  Googling  “Where have all the people gone?”  I expected to see the following:

This is “Where Have All The Children Gone?”  Not People.  I used to watch this dribble.  Don’t ask me why because I’ve no idea. If you still like shows like Dance Moms, more power to you.

Instead what popped up is this:

I remember this 1970 something made for TV movie.  And I thought hey I just read a book like this … but nope instead, I just watched another made for TV movie of a similar ilk … Bird Box.  Have you seen it?  Well I did and well I expected better from the hype.

There was supposed to be tons of symbolism but that went right over this simpleton’s head.  What the what Captain Obvious?  I still don’t understand.  Plus the ending sucked.  All IMO.  What’s yours … if you’ve seen any of the above that is?

As always more to come.

J-Dubs Review of “The Death 💀of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware

I’m on a roll.  I stayed up past midnight last night to finish my current book “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware.  Ringing in the New Year was secondary.  Though I will say in a brief rat hole diversion that we had more fireworks in da hood last night than the prior five years combined.  Not sure if it was the 300 for good ole SAT or just normal fluctuations in mores.  Look at me using BIG little words.

Anyhow, this book was our January book club pick which I got back on 12/17/18 since we had our December meeting early.  I couldn’t wait until January so that should tell you something … the book was good.  Solid story-telling.  No gimmicks – Chapters # 1 to 50. Chronological order with only a splash of flashback in some diary entries.

There is one major flaw in my humble opinion that had to do with timing.  Why would the “mom” wait to ask for support until Hal was 18?  Don’t know what I mean?  Read the book and then let’s chat.

Otherwise grade a mystery, “Flowers in the Attic” like in setting and temperament. I even got some quotes for my common place book.  This one … my oh my … it’s long but sooooo connected with me:

I wanted to write in my diary – to do as I always did when things get too much – let it out onto the page, like kind of bloodletting letting the ink and paper soak up all the grief and anger and fear until I can cope again.  ~ Maggie from “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware.

I call it “releasing the hounds”.

And only one problem with finishing early, the library is closed today.  Guess I’ll have to break out my Kindle.  Bleh.

A recommended read.   3.678 out of 5 stars.  My rating system is sooooo lame.

As always, more to come.


J-Dub’s Review of “Where the Crawdads Sing” By Delia Owens

Keeping the review short and sweet without spoilers.

Abandonment and perseverance despite the odds. Marsh Girl aka Kya Clark is left to fend for herself among the wilds of Barkley Cove NC.  This is her story.  A murder mystery and trial are thrown in for good measure.  Poses questions about life in general, defying stereotypes.  Who we call family and who we can count on in times of trouble.  And an inner strength we possess in absence of that.

I really enjoy when fiction takes me away but also makes me think.  A quick read in two parts.  Aptly titled chapters.  Poems sprinkled within.  I ended up with three pages front and back for my common place book.  I highly recommend.  Time well spent.

As always, more to come.