All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Book Club

Excellent right out of the gate. However I left my commonplace book at home so I’m stopping. I can’t leave nuggets of gold behind! Lunch break is almost over anyways.

As always more to come.


J-Dubs Review of What The Hell Did I Just Read by David Wong

Book Club

The third in a series beginning with John Dies At The End followed by This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch This Book. The titles alone should draw one in.

Awesome fiction that is farcical realism. Yep I’m just throwing words together but I’m allowed. I needed to escape and this book aided that.

I relate to the three main characters – Dave, Amy and John. I won’t give away the story only to say this trio is made up of supernatural monster hunters. If you like a good sleuth tale, hang on and enjoy the ride.

And too bad we’ve no “soy sauce” in real life. And you’re saying but J-Dub we do have soy sauce. Hmmm do we? Read the book even if only to find out what “soy sauce” really is 🤣

You don’t need to start with the first of the series. I’m going to read book two next. Eventually I’ll get to one or maybe I’ll just watch the movie. Uh blasphemy!!! Always read the book first!!!!!!

I rate this book 4.8 of 5 stars ✨

As always more to come.

So Freaking Fantastic

Book Club

I had to stop reading What The Hell Did I just Read?   Instead I’ve got to write about it. Dayum! Get it out of my system.

Everyone knows that I love commonplace books. I have had them my entire reading life.  They started with words I didn’t know and the definitions to build my vocabulary and have expanded into pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold!!!  This book aaaahhhhh.  I need to buy it and highlight entire pages.  I can’t write it fast enough.

B: Are you reading or writing?

Me: Both and why do you always ask me that?

B: Why do you answer my question with a question?

Me: You are missing out. You’ve got to read this book!!

B: Maybe I should?

Me: Hells yeah, we’ll have our own book club. 

I am going to find ways to work some of this into conversation. Deep man, very deep yet entertaining.  I have an immense school girl crush on the author if you’ve not noticed.  Hubba, hubba what an exquisite mind!!

Here is some of the good stuff:

But then one by one, the smart kids, the ambitious kids, the kids with rich parents – they ascended us.

Society doesn’t need me – I’m that extra screw you have left over you’ve put together an Ikea desk.

We have a roof over our heads, she says, we have food, we have electricity, we have each other.  By medieval standards, she points out, we’d have been considered rich.  Don’t beat yourself up over an ideal dreamed up by a bunch of marketing jerks on the coasts …

As always more to come.


Because We All Need A Little Levity, Book Club

Only two chapters in and David Wong is my current favorite author. Like the TX weather it will change but for now score!!!!!

Lol! I’ve lost it … if I ever had it.

What the hell did I just read?

I’m gonna call the character stoner John. He calls his buddy Dave for an “emergency”. He’s got a house full of like minded stoners blind taste testing Froot Loops. Their premise of conspiracy is the loops are all the same flavor just different colors. He says “get over here Dave! Skittles are next!”

Paints a vivid picture and I’m so easily amused. I bet we all have someone like him in ours lives. If we’re lucky 🍀

As always, more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Book Club

Tomorrow is book club at Schaefer branch library.  Yay!  The book this month (You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott) was a repeat for me.  This time it took me more than a 24 hour period to finish though.  I re-read my original review and it still works so here you go … link to March 2017 entry

If I am anything, I am predictable.  I picked out the same line for my commonplace book.

“Isn’t it a strange day”, she said, “when you realize you have no idea what is going on in your kids head? One morning you wake up and there’s an alien in your house. They look like your kid, sound a little like them but they are not your kid. They’re something else that you don’t know. And they keep changing. They never stop changing on you.”

Unrelated but of a similar ilk.  I once had a dream that I helped Pony bury a body.  It was so realistic … upon waking, I was sickened.  Just a dream of course.  The subconscious mind is wiggy man.  Sometimes the conscious mind is too.

As always, more to come.

Like A Squirrel

Because We All Need A Little Levity, Book Club

… saving nuts 🥜 for winter. Do they really do that? Or it is 🐻? Gives them something to eat when they wake from hibernation. It’s true, you are reading it here first.

No it’s not! I’m just making stuff up. But I’ll google squirrels and bears later. No telling what I’ll find 🤣

Dare I take two from Express Collection?

Hells yeah! Taking two is not greedy. There are some plenty left. Just means I’m escaping into blissful nirvana.

What Made Maddy Run The Secret And Tragic Death Of An All American Teen by Kate Fagan

Book Club

I heard about this book in the same way I often do. My search history throws suggestions into my feed. I was hesitant to read it since I’m supposed to stay away from potentially triggering topics. A book club friend said it was very good and an important message so I broke my new rule.

This quote speaks to why I write:

I reached for an empty journal I keep on my nightstand; I tried to write my way out of the moment, believing that perhaps I could exorcise the thoughts, silence them by dragging them from my head to the paper, where they would wither and die in the open air.

I’ve no additional commentary as this is one to experience yourself and draw your own conclusions.

There are no definitive answers yet many lessons just the same. That’s what I will comment on … what I learned or maybe what I already knew:

  • Outward appearance can be very misleading
  • You never really know anyone
  • Social media can be harmful
  • People are resilient

RIP Maddy. 💔

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler 

Book Club

Vinegar Girl is up next in my queue.  I’ve got to finish reading it by October 25, 2017 in order to participate in Schaefer Sippers Book Club.  I’m having trouble getting started despite this being a modern spin of Taming of the Shrew.  I mean c’mon.  How cool is that? Answer muy frio 😎.  It’s supposed to read like a fluffy beach read too.  So I’ve really got no excuse.  

JDubs Review of Hourglass Time, Memory, Marriage by Dani Shapiro 

Book Club

One woman’s story of married life with universal themes.  Shows how from outward appearances things can look one way all the while underneath the world is spinning out of control.  Also shows how we change as we grow older and things that once seemed very important do not always remain.  My current commonplace book has 6 more pages.  However I won’t spoil it for anyone.  You’ll have to read it for yourself.  Recommended.  Rated 4.5 of 5 stars ✨