Another Two Sing Along Songs for April 21, 2017

Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§

Anyone remember Fashion Police and who wore it best? ¬†Hosted by Miss Joan Rivers! ¬†Helluva woman. ¬†Well in this installment of sing along song of the day, we’ll do a who sung it best? ¬†Or it is who sang it best? Dang Grammar Police. ¬†Now I have to google this sH!t. Here is the answer. ¬† Now I have to ask, what the hell is an auxiliary verb?? ¬†HAS is for one. ¬†And what the hell is a participle? ¬†Why do participles¬†have to be past, present and perfect? ¬†No one is PERFECT! ¬†Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!! Compulsion is a wonderful thing. ¬†Twitch, twitch, twitch. ¬†How did this post become a grammar lesson? ¬†No idea. ¬†Anyway, back to it. ¬†Who sang or who has sung the song¬†best? The original or the cover band? ¬† You be the judge.

Am I Evil? Diamond Head or Am I Evil? Metallica

As much as I love Metallica, I have to give it up for the ORIGINAL Diamond Head. ¬†Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ¬†Am I Evil? Yes I am. ¬†Am I Evil? I am man, yes I am!¬†Now in deep thoughts with Stuart Smalley. ¬†Is man evil? ¬†I’d say falliable yes. ¬†A sinner yes. ¬†But man can be forgiven. ¬†Maybe in some individual cases, man or woMAN is evil. ¬†Not as in whole of huMANkind. ¬†That I refuse to believe.

If this was #SOCS prompt¬†MAN, I’d be golden but man was weeks ago. ¬†HEY it’s Friday! ¬†Duh? ¬†We know Jill, comes after Thursday. ¬†I need to find the prompt for tomorrow. ¬†I’m looking for you Linda G Hill.

As always, more to come.

ūüé∂ For April 21st 2017 ūüé∂

Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§

Sublime marathon.  Well maybe not since two songs hardly make a marathon.  More like a musical sprint. 

Santeria and What I Got

Let’s all pop a cap in Sancho shall we?  Just kidding.  I don’t even know the guy.  I wonder if he’s a bastard in the same way Hope is fickle and Life, she’s a bitch.  

The lyrics are deep despite the beat.  These are singalong for sure but if you really listen you might be like me and think … did I really just sing pop a cap in sancho? Well yes yes I did!  And it was on auto pilot. I memorized these words a very long time ago.  

The second song What I Got sort of played out before me.   I passed a bus stop while running errands.  A single rider was sitting on the bench.  Eyes shut tight, face raised to the sunshine.  Rocking back and forth with a grimace on her face.  

Pain. Everywhere one looks. But there was beauty too. In the sunshine.  And I can’t possibly know her story in a two second glimpse.  Still hits me. Makes me think. 

And with that, I am done. And all of you are probably thinking “J-Dub next time just post the songs; we don’t need your spin”. Ha! Have you learned nothing about me in our time together?  LOL.

As always more to come. 

The Moral of the Story

J-Dub's Confessions, Music To My Ears, Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§

I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who… ¬†And no this is not a REO Speedwagon sing along song of the day. No one’s been messing around.¬† Wait! ¬†Go back! Click the link and listen. ¬†See what I did there? ¬†Enjoy the song styling of Pit Bull and Mr. Iglesias. ¬†Hehe! Now move forward to this stream of consciousness composition.

I do not think I am breaking any copyright laws in my attempt to paraphrase a story told to me recently. ¬†And before I proceed, I better know I am not breaking the law. ¬†Ignorance is bliss but Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat. ¬†Learn your Latin peeps. ¬†I wouldn’t get off scot-free. ¬†Anyways,¬†I Googled the crap out of the tale and came up with zilch. ¬†Breaking the law. ¬†Squirrel. ¬†JUDAS PRIEST!!!!!!! ¬†one of my faves. ¬†Especially the following lyrics:

So much for the golden future I can’t even start
I’ve had every promise broken, there’s anger in my heart
You don’t know what it’s like, you don’t have a clue
If you did you’d find yourselves doing the same thing too

Now wait just a minute J-Dub. ¬†How did¬†we get here?!? ¬†Well, just so happens the lyrics fit the mood and the moral of the story. ¬†In the round about way that I connect dots. ¬†You may not see clearly right away … until the rain has gone. ¬†That’s me, channeling my inner trulyunplugged.

In general, mental health issues are misunderstood.  Physical disease we understand but mental disease not so much.  Hell, I even spent time today watching bloggers go at it over the topic.

One said, “Mental illness is like diabetes!”

While the other said “Hell no it is not!” ¬†

One said “Well fuck yourself! You’re an idiot. ¬†Depression, anxiety, etc… are illnesses. ¬†Invisible illnesses” ¬†

While the other said “Well fuck you too! And grow a pair. ¬†Man up buttercup and try to live life stone cold sober”

Ping Pong, Ping Pong. And who the hell wants to do that?!? ¬†Sobriety is overrated. ¬†Lots of alcoholics out there might tell you otherwise. ¬†Oops, there I go again starting stuff. ¬†I would never joke about such a disease as serious as alcoholism. ¬†I’m being sarcastic and snarky in case you missed that!!!! And speaking for Snark. ¬†Check out this cool site.¬† Go ahead! ¬†Look. ¬†I’ll wait.

Ready to go again?

I definitely have¬†unwavering opinions about all this though – each person’s circumstance¬†varies! ¬†Ha! So much for definitely … so much for unwavering. ¬†One fucking size, never fucking fits ALL!!!!!!! Hence the you don’t know what it’s like, you don’t have a clue. ¬†

Most people are clueless with regards to mental health issues. ¬†Only 1 in 5 get it so only 1 in 5 understand. ¬†Well if you are lucky maybe 2 in 5 … you know that close friend who doesn’t¬†judge and loves you unconditionally. ¬†That family member who you can count on. ¬†Your therapist who gets to hear you ramble on and on about your first world problems never once saying “Jill, just get over yourself”. ¬†She doesn’t have to since I say that to myself enough for both of us.

Thank ya Jesus for letting the masses be clueless! ¬†I would not wish this sH!t on my worst enemy. ¬†Now wait another minute J-Dub’s, how did we get here? ¬†All you wanted to do was share a nice story that impacted you deeply and maybe make some people cry (happy tears). ¬†You know, write something with¬†human connection.

Here goes nothing. ¬†Moving story, make people cry ….

When I woke up last night and could not go back to sleep, this story was ALL that I could think about. ¬†Well that and other stuff that kept me up for who the hell knows how long because in true compulsive learned behavior, I refused to look at the clock. ¬†Alarm clock avoidance is an old how to deal with¬†insomnia trick. ¬†And this particular trick works for me. ¬†I probably am running on 3 hours sleep but I won’t know that … so there! ¬†Take that you bastard insomnia!

Here goes nothing take two:

A man was in a boat with a group of boy scouts.  They were having a wonderful time out on the ocean fishing.  They were in deep waters yet they could still see the shoreline.  They had a good catch and were about ready to call it a day when the clouds got dark, the wind kicked up, and the storm rolled in.  Their small vessel capsized.  Everybody was thrown into the waves.  The man had two choices, he could try to save the boys or he could swim to shore.  He knew in an instant that they would all perish and as painful as it was, he started to swim to shore.  As his feet hit the bottom and he was able to stand, he looked back expecting the worst.  To his dismay, the boys were following him; swimming after him to the shore.

I cried when I first heard the story (and I am bawling like a baby again right now) because A) the friend who told me this lesson is priceless.  She is someone who I can cry with and not be embarrassed about doing so afterwards; B) ALL of the boy scouts and the scout master survived; and C) The day before I heard my therapist reaffirm for me that I needed to take care of myself before I could help my baby girl.  She used the analogy Рjust like the preflight safety message: If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.

And the moral to the story is … you tell me. ¬†I would love to hear some comments. ¬†Your feedback is the reason I blog. ¬†Well that and the part about me becoming famous one day … in my own mind¬†that is :).

As always, more to come.

P.S.  <lost> Hence the post Ugh!  and it was good.  I think.  I highlighted two music links and three bloggers.  Maybe I can add more later.

ūüé∂And the meek shall inherit the earth ūüé∂

Music To My Ears

TBT – this time an event picture, not a people picture. And oh what a event it was?  My friend’s sweet mom stood in line outside McCreless Mall for who knows how long to get us these fabulous seats to my first ever concert ~ Rush! I threw the Scorpions ticket in for good measure. I remember such good times on Monticello, listening to Rush 2112, Scorpions Animal Magnetism and Aerosmith Toys in the Attic.  Her brother had the best sound system. We’d stand on the bed head board so we could put our ears closer to the speakers and jam this mother out! XOXOXOXO

As always, more to come. 

For April 12, 2017

Sing Along Song Of The Day ūüé§, TV, Movies and Music

I had an ear worm¬†and¬†I could not figure out where it came from.¬† I just kept humming lalalalala you’re welcome, you’re welcome¬†lalalala.¬† I knew I picked this up somewhere between Saturday and Sunday.¬† Quite catchy.¬† I assumed incorrectly the song was from Hedwig but I knew no … couldn’t be since not a rock-n-roll sound but rather POP.¬† I sang into Shazam and was asked to repeat as Shazam could not quite catch it.¬† Then my dear friend goggled songs with (you’re welcome) and wah-la.¬† Turns out this tune came from the Disney movie Moana.¬† Figures … the Disney connection explains the skippy beat¬†:).¬† I rented the movie Saturday.¬† Much like music theater.¬† I highly recommend.

Take a listen!¬† You’re welcome … you can thank me for the ear worm later¬†ūüôā

Dwayne Johnson – You’re Welcome from Moana

Smashed My Preconceived Notions

Life, Music To My Ears

Well I just returned home after seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Tobin Center.  I’m fortunate to be here because I hardly remember driving home as I was lifting my hands in the air  ūüôĆ. You know or maybe not (we are encouraged to do this during Midnight Radio).  I feel I left a little piece of myself behind.  The soul, the lights, the flashing!  The subtle or not so subtle humor.  The poignant messages. ‚̧‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ.  Was to be an hour and 1/2 no intermission but we got two hours as they did all the songs not just what was shown in the playbill. 

Regarding smashing my preconceived notions, here’s how that came about. I went by myself.   Being solo is not so bad. I’d already been chatting it up with everyone around me. Nice lady and hubby in the lobby shared a bench with me prior to seating. We talked about prior Broadway trips. How we all want to go back.  

Then I find I was upgraded from balcony to right mezzanine. This meant I was in the center of the 3rd row.  I always get an aisle seat and as much I liked being closer the middle wigs me out. 

This meant I had neighbors.  The beautiful women in blue to my left.  She asked if I was upgraded too?  “Yes” I reply.  “How nice” we agree.  She tells me she’s on her own.  She’s tired of flaky friends and missing out. She’s even quit asking them to go. Me I explain my husband dislikes musicals and my daughter is away at school. I too decided I hate missing out. Encouraged by a coworker to get tickets as we work right next door. 

Anyway, my long way to preconceived notions relates to the elderly couple to my right.  I say elderly though I’m no longer a spring chicken myself. Let’s just say older than me. They hobbled in and plopped right down. She proceeds to tell me she has hearing aids and her cell phone wifi works with them. She warned she’d be adjusting her cell phone at the start but would put it right away after her personal sound check.  I thanked her for letting me know. 

My thought bubble is what possessed them to see this show?  Not the typical crowd.  Yet when the lights went down in the tunes went up, they were rocking it out with the rest of us. They were tapping  and moving to the beat.  They even lifted their hands in the air which is something the lady in blue to my left didn’t join in on.  

After the show ended, as I walked down the stairs to exit with the typical crowd, I thought I’m a brat.  No longer just a thought, I know I am. Who am I to judge?  Answer no one.  And I snapped out of it.  And I marveled at the simultaneous differences and similarities of humankind.  

As always more to come. 

Must Read: Secret to Happiness

Life, Music To My Ears

As I went through my reader, link by link without really reading I landed on a post from 2013 where the author reacted angrily to another post about the steps to finding true happiness. ¬†I must agree these self-help posts are a dime a dozen. ¬†I’ve been known to add my two nickels to the till. ¬†Like this post for example, my two cents which are¬†worth only a penny due to inflation.

I agree and¬†I know these sometimes pearls of wisdom can be condescending as if happiness is a wish away. ¬†Easy pease. ¬†As if the only reason YOU¬†are not happy is YOU¬†are NOT¬†trying hard enough. C’mon people, get with it, be the master of your own fucking destiny!!! But nope, sorry folks, real life isn’t that simple.

Oh but I can dream can’t I ? ¬† And wish life was as easy as following simple steps. Just do X Y and Z then poof¬†one is HAPPY!!! Real deal ecstatic over the fucking moon.

Anyway in the post, the author made his own list. ¬†Steps to combat depression. ¬†Right away I think the author is on to something “real” and my self talk goes “They can bite me, screw those happiness gurus for they know not what they do” Palm Sunday after all, so I have to make a reference to forgiveness. ¬†Screw them = forgive them. ¬†Doh, I am off the chain. I mean no¬†blasphemy. ¬†Lent and Easter are¬†the pi√®ce de r√©¬∑sis¬∑tance for me. ¬†Jesus knows I am flawed work in progress. ¬†Now more than ever, you know it too. ¬†Back on¬†topic, the article provided a few gems that I could easily put into practice.

Then I think but “isn’t this more of the same?” ¬†Just do X, Y and Z and poof no longer depressed. ¬†And to suggest no most Grey’s Anatomy or books with adult themes. ¬†I watch to cry and read to escape. ¬†Ugh, many contradicting articles out there and me I am SQUIRREL … “this might work and oh yeah, this is amazing.” ¬†As I tireless jump on bandwagon after bandwagon. ¬†What a happiness groupie! ¬†Or I am a sucker born every minute as my man PT once said? ¬†And I love a good circus. ¬†Well, … not really because I am scared to death of clowns. ¬†John Wayne Gacy often dressed as¬†a clown, ‘nuf said.

Chuga-chuga choo-choo little engine that could. ¬†Where do I turn? ¬†I tell myself “J-Dub just do what makes sense; use your instinct”. ¬†Yes I talk to myself and yes I answer myself but I know it is me talking to me. ¬†I believe I am a brat¬†with 1st first problems. ¬†Any instinct for survival has been lost in my evolution. ¬†Why am I so hard on myself? ¬†Why can’t I admit problems do not come with a rating scale? ¬†Why can’t I trust my kid? ¬†Why? ¬†Why is a nosy mother fucker I tell you that.

And with that, I am better. ¬†Here is a new MUST READ secret to happiness should you want to know (but this is mine so get your own, not because I am greedy and won’t share but because there is some truth in the master of your own destiny bull shit). ¬†For me, I write my sH*t! down for the world to see (or at least for bloglandia to see) and then I curse like a sailor. ¬†*A*&SkArzfz8df8***! finally cranking¬†up the tunes and dancing these mofo negative feelings out. ¬†Join me would you?

Happy by Pharrell Williams РClap along, I darn you not to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then insert some songs of your own.  Wishing you the best on this Palm Sunday my lovelies.

As always, more to come.

New Category J-Dub’s Confessions – Testify

J-Dub's Confessions, Music To My Ears

In an attempt to organize my posts, I added another new category aptly called J-Dub’s Confessions.

Why?  Well they say “Confession is good for the soul”.  And I need something good for the soul.  Don’t we all?

In this section, I plan to post things I did (or might do in the future) for which I felt (or will feel) a need to confess and/or testify.  <Go back and click the link to listen to Rage Against the Machine.  Done?  Sufficiently pumped up?  Ok now proceed to the next paragraph.

I will do this in a never-ending attempt to exercise the demons from my mind, soul and spirit. Well that and to maybe get a little laugh or two.  I expect much of these posts will read like flash fiction.  Or not, some of this might even be relatable non-fiction.  Well for the over 50 set that is :).

Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy.