#SoCS ~ Cramp

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Let’s give this a whirl shall we?  The prompt today is cramp.  Hmmmm.  Think, think, think!

Cramp, stamp, tramp, camp, ramp, amp

Why am I rhyming words?  Am I going for poetry on the line of roses are red?  Ugh!  Saccharine. Let’s try Haiku. 5/7/5.  Simple right? Wrong!


Waves constricting and flowing

Cramps give birth to life

That is awful!  Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job. To make up for it, I leave you with this:

As always, more to come.

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Christmas Poll #2

Music To My Ears, Polls

Favorite Christmas carol and why?

I’ll go first and hopefully I won’t hear crickets.  Ever wonder where that expression came from?  Crickets are noisy buggers.  Yet hearing crickets means awkward silence.  Hmmm.  Somebody got it wrong.  If you hear crickets it’s like a loud cacophony.  Oh look at me, using big words.  I’ve been just itching to use cacophony in a sentence.  Anyhoo, just know that your comments are addictive!  Better than almost everything.

Out of the rabbit hole and she’s back!

My favorite carol used to be Joy to the World but now it is the Little Drummer Boy.  Why?  Because what’s not to love?  Here is an especially good version by Pentatonix.

She’s Getting Cocky

Life, Music To My Ears

Uh yea she is!

And by she, I mean me 😃

I’m using my left arm more and more. I’ve convinced myself that the cast WILL come off 12/5! Screw three more weeks. Not gonna need it.

Best concert ever was November of 2003. B and I were in Vegas Baby Vegas. MGM Grand. Aerosmith. Kid Rock stole the show though with Bawitdaba. He’s cocky too. The best part was his Motown medley. Yep, I said Motown. And Mother Trucker is one bad ass drummer. 🤘


Sing Along Song Of The Day 🎤

Yep! That’s the name of our loan processor.  I assume Steely is female but I really have no idea.  Wonder about her/his parents.  Steely Dan fans for sure.  I have always been intrigued by unique names and wish to be called Sunflower Lotus Blossom from now on.  SLB for short.  Or better yet Call Me Deacon Blues!  Rock on you 1970’s mo-fo’s of which I include myself some days.  This one is my favorite of theirs.

Random Thoughts

Music To My Ears, What Are You Watching On TV?

The juxtaposition of music from the 80s and from today.  Some themes are universal, archetypal.  Stranger Things man.  I am digging this show.  Not sure if this compares to the X-files because Scully and Mulder were never my thing.  I’m usually not a sci-fi fan except for maybe original Twilight Zone but this is dramatic gold.

David Bowie – Heroes

Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go