J-Dubs Review of What The Hell Did I Just Read by David Wong

The third in a series beginning with John Dies At The End followed by This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch This Book. The titles alone should draw one in.

Awesome fiction that is farcical realism. Yep I’m just throwing words together but I’m allowed. I needed to escape and this book aided that.

I relate to the three main characters – Dave, Amy and John. I won’t give away the story only to say this trio is made up of supernatural monster hunters. If you like a good sleuth tale, hang on and enjoy the ride.

And too bad we’ve no “soy sauce” in real life. And you’re saying but J-Dub we do have soy sauce. Hmmm do we? Read the book even if only to find out what “soy sauce” really is 🤣

You don’t need to start with the first of the series. I’m going to read book two next. Eventually I’ll get to one or maybe I’ll just watch the movie. Uh blasphemy!!! Always read the book first!!!!!!

I rate this book 4.8 of 5 stars ✨

As always more to come.