Should I?

My doctor called out sick so my appointment for this morning was cancelled. Ugh!

I was waiting for today to get my lab results. I resisted opening the email and self diagnosing. Now that the appointment was delayed until 1/30, I may just break down and check it out.

Should I? Just thinking about it makes me dizzy and break out into a cold sweat!


As always more to come.

Iā€™m A Mess

This was how I felt on 12/19 …

I hurt all over to a point where I took one of B’s left over pain meds. I know it’s frowned upon so sue me! I hurt šŸ˜ž.

Left shoulder is singing alleluia šŸŽ¼

Left knee is the same. I almost fell again just standing up to get the pill. Would’ve served me right.

Left wrist is aching which was feeling ok in the cast. I’m keeping the splint on as instructed but I have a new ouchie.

Right wrist is twinging from overcompensating due to me favoring the left.

Then there’s the dreaded cold sores. Day 3.


As always more to come.


We’ve been fans since day one. B always says “there’s no crying in Survivor”. I have to ask then why am I bawling?

We were rooting for Ben. Very happy he won! When his buddies came out to surprise him and the spotlight was shined on PTSD … priceless. ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø

As always more to come.