#1linerWeds. 9/18/19

To keep my sanity, I have been reading a lot lately.  Escapism at its’ finest.  For this reason, the following passage spoke to me:

“There was no reason to dress up for reading. Books didn’t care. Books were just happy to be read”

From Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins

Rules and Ping Back


#1linerWeds. 9/11/19

Trying to bring levity and proof that life goes on.  All the while, #NeverForget

Today’s one liner is a funny.  Courtesy of my co-worker LG.  We’ve been having some data integrity issues lately.  People want us to go faster. We both understand being accurate is better even if we need an additional day or two in validation.

Like we always said when I was in audit, crap done at the speed of light is still crap!

Today’s vernacular of haste makes waste

As always more to come.

Written for #1linerWeds. 9/11/19

#Grateful 8/5/19

The things you hear in quality audits are eye opening.  While keeping anonymity, I want to share what I’ve learned about the economic condition.  Maybe B and I don’t have it so bad huh?

Customer Service Rep (CSR): Let’s fill in some missing info.

CSR continued: Are you retired?

Mr. Jones: No I’m still working.

CSR: What are you doing?

Mr. Jones: Trying to sell cars.

CSR: Is that full time, part time?

Mr. Jones: Full time I guess.  If they’re open, I’m on the lot.

CSR: Are you in the finance department?

Mr. Jones: No, I am a salesman.  I work on commission.

What’s missing from the above is a tiny piece of information.  The customer is 76 years young (as my daddy would have said).  Not old.  Young.  Mr. Jones is 76 and still working@!

He went on to explain he has two grand kids that needed his help.  He said he helped them and it depleted his savings.  He is living paycheck to paycheck.  His words.  Not mine.

Then right after this call the next one paraphrased ended like this:

Happy Customer: “I’m going to cry! The savings on my insurance is a blessing.  I am going to buy some new clothes for back to school.”

Earlier in the conversation she had said “I shop at Old Navy.  I am a teacher with a teacher’s salary.  No Louis Vuitton for me”

Makes me realize that B and I have first world problems.  Nothing to complain about.  Though on any given day, complain I will.  Though maybe next time I’ll stop myself and be grateful.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 7/31/19 Part Two

This morning I attended the 2nd annual diversity and inclusion summit at the company for which I work.  After a really inspiring opening, our first speaker took things up a notch.  The theme was be yourself.

Don’t let anyone put you in a box.  I don’t fit in a box.  I’m a triangle; my sides stick out.

Cheers to all the triangles out there.  You know who you are!  Go forth and shine!!!

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