#1linerWeds. & #WDIIA 3/25/20

Rules and Ping Back.

Sage one liner from Ms. Linda & Rumi today.  Very fitting for our current situation.  I wrote yesterday about the lack of control I was feeling. While I knew this all along, it has never been more clear that …

You can’t change your situation, the only thing you can change is how you choose to deal with it.

Author unknown

Happy Wednesday folks!  Let’s … make … a … deal 🙂

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 3/18/20

Time once again for #1linerWeds.  I’m watching too much TV.  Here is a funny from last night:

“I shaved places that were not meant to have stubble” by Jackie from The Connors

Crass maybe but laughter is all I have people.  I am going to walk to clear my mind.  Hope you are all fairing well on this fine Wednesday.  Let’s go look for small things to make great.

As always, more to come.


#1linerWeds. 3/11/20

Chocolate definitely does help!

Today I am taking from an audio book “Bad Monkey” by Carl Hiaasen.  This liner is paraphrased and might be a tad but like the telephone game.  A story heard can be different than a story read.  Since I cannot go back to the words on a page, I am relying on memory.  Don’t fail me now and without further ado.

The setup:  Andrew Yancy captures Eve’s little dog Tillie and holds her hostage to save his own life.  Tillie and Yancy have met before and the little dog took an immediate liking to him. Upon their reunion, Tillie runs right up to Andrew and he picks her up clutching her to his chest as a doggie shield saying something like this …

A dog’s memory center resides wholly in their nostrils.

For anyone who owns or has owned a dog, this much is true.  I’ve been walking my Buddy and Spot much more as time off work allows for extra laps.  They have to sniff everything.  Such good doggies.

To join the fun, follow this link to the rules and ping back of #1linerWeds.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 3/4/20

No 102.7 Jack today but right before I switched from songs to my audio book, I heard this funny.  I knew I wanted to use it as a one liner.  The set up is the station is mostly commercial free and does not take requests.  In a pseudo commercial, I heard this …

Jack, I wanted to make a request that you continue refusing to take requests.  Let’s see how you wrap your brain around that one.

Good clean corny goodness.  Lol.

As always, more to come.

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#1linerWeds. 02/19/20

Welcome to #1linerWeds.  Here is a from TV paraphrase due to poor planning on my part.  Plus I forgot my commonplace book at home.  I may have used even used this liner already.  Memory is foggy. If you haven’t watched Young Sheldon you might want to check it out …

Sheldon: You lied to me! This is all just part of a get rich quick scheme.

Georgie: Would you rather get rich slow like a chump?

As always more to come.

Friday Reflections 2/7/20

I am starting something new but will not create a category as that is the fastest way to an end for my ideas.  I have been loving life lately and decided that Friday is as good a day as any to reflect and give thanks.  For ALL of it … the good the bad and they ugly.  For without a few stumbles, we’d never learn how to run.  Oh boy.  Hope you’re wearing boots.  LOL

  • Super Bowl Sunday watch party with a lasagna dinner and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert to honor the man who built the Internet turning 77 years young.
  • Happy anniversary to me and the love keeps pouring in.  The nostalgia of it all.  Priceless. I ❤ my job and plan to stay another decade.  I will count down too.
  • Reaching goals – 50K steps per week for 3 weeks … working on finishing up week 4.  I started this for points to be converted into money off health insurance premiums and it turned into FUN!  Yes I said it.  Exercise is FUN!!  I have walking buddies now too or people who I have seen walking my same path each morning at the b’crack of dawn.  They were there before me and new folks join in and leave all the time.  Or so I have been told. The more I walk, the more I want to walk.  I take extra laps everywhere I go now.  I am addicted.  I used to run cross country but my knees no longer allow me to run but dang if this walking thing is not a fairly decent surrogate.

More next week if I didn’t just jink myself.

As always, more to come.