It has been a while …

I am grateful for my own transportation

We are blessed to have more than one personal vehicle

Never take the freedom to move around for granted

#21 Our Pony Boy

My kid builds computers as a side gig.  He has improved his skills through lots of practice. When B’s laptop started having issues, he wanted to take it to Pony Boy … our own resident expert.  Problem is … Pony is out of our residency.  For many years now :(.

Plans were made to go to “his” place.  Wise is out-of-town visiting friends.  With Lulu away at school, we put the original gang back together again.  Only the three of us.  Reminiscent of the first 9.5 years of his life.

However this time, I sat in awesome wonder realizing he is an adult with razor-sharp wit.  We can talk about issues of the day.  I knew this of course but I think I kind blocked it out of my mind.  You see to me, he is that grinning baby in the featured picture circa March 1989.  He always will be.

I am verklempt … almost talk amongst yourselves emotional.  The old man and I did good.  Not to brag,  because … well because Pony gets credit too … might have been in spite of us.  Have you ever thought of that J-Dub?  Doh!  Also, there are tons of parents are out there, just like us … kicking ass and taking names.

He is my favorite SON.  And I only have ONE son which makes having a favorite an okay thing.  We are so much alike it is eerie.  We both like Arnold Palmers but we hate lemon slices in our iced teas :).  Oooohhh scary eerie right ?!? lol

He is spending most of his time with Bank Counsel these days and is being recruited for a compliance job from his current auditor role.  Banking vs. insurance but otherwise similar career path.  Not sure how that even happened, we both sort of fell into things.  B got a little bored with the shop talk so we switched to politics; then literature, and many more interesting geeky things.

Unfortunately or fortunately the PC fix took much longer than expected.  We spent seven hours together … felt like minutes.  And we laughed … because the sarcastic apple did not fall far from the sarcastic tree(s).  B can throw shade too he just does so a little more subtly.

Kurt Vonnegut — ‘Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.’  Exactly what happened to me today.  And I didn’t even have to look back because my joy was right there in front of me.  Definitely something for which I am eternally grateful and belongs on my infinity list.

As always, more to come.



#20 I’ve Got The Best Co-Workers Ever 

I have been remiss in updating my Infinity list.  But today is the day! Carpe diem!  Strike while the iron is hot! Make hay while the sun shines!

Who am I? Farmer in the Dell?  LOL.  Nope, I’m just giddy.  Must be from the (not one) BUT TWO donuts that I added to my daily calorie count.  Thank you kind sir.

I’ve Got The Best Co-Workers Ever

Yep! I sure do!!  I’ll fight you on this if you disagree.  Put up your dukes 💥. Reminds me of P!nk’s  Who Knew.  Stop.  Click the link.  It’ll be worth your while. 🎶

Ready to proceed?  Tis true. My coworkers are awesome and the rest of you can just be jealous.  I’ve thought about giving pseudonyms and writing stories of their fabulosity but I won’t.  I do want to shout out today though to the best compadres a girl could hope for. You know who you are 💕.  Thank you for being you!


And I’m feeling very MTM or at least I’m channeling my inner Laura Petrie.  Oh Rob!

Also, I thought I’d post a sign I pass every morning on my commute to work and every afternoon on my way home.

Indeed both of these things are TRUE!  Signs have not changed in the almost two years I have been taking this route.  A sign of something good that’s for sure.  Anyhoo, I just HAD to share.

As always, more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I’m the Best Mom Ever

I had no idea how to tag this …  14 to Infinity, Life, Music To My Ears, or Sing Along Song of the Day so, I tagged them ALL.

Last night, Wednesday June 14, 2017 in the year of our Lord, Metallica came back to San Antonio, Texas.  WorldWired Tour 2017! Fuck yea!!! Take a peek at this San Antonio Current Article.

I got tickets way back when before they sold out to surprise Billy Bob.  He was not surprised.  His mom broke him and he says that he is done with everything.  That my friends is a downer and a story for another day.  Anyway, I had planned to go with Lulu instead but that too is a story for another day.  Enter Sandman (I hear tell that is how they closed out the show) Errr … I mean Enter Pony Boy.

My son-shine, first-born loves Metallica.  I used to joke “is it bad that my 3-year-old knows all the words to One and Enter Sandman?”  Because he did, at age 3!!!! He used to think Sad But True was Sad Patrol and he’d sing along at the top of his lungs.  We never corrected him.  It was cute and to this day when I hear Metallica – Sad But True, I too sing along “Sad Patrol” at the top of my lungs.

Anyway, I offered him my tickets; I just could not see them going to waste.  I took the tickets to him Sunday and Lulu stayed for a long visit.  When I worry about them not being close since they are 9 1/2 years apart, I have to remember days like Sunday.  Anyway, Pony was going to attend with his buddy B Bomb.  Turns out B Bomb just saw them in Houston.  He was going to go again but when Pony found out who was opening act, last-minute, he told his buddy, you’re out and Wise is in.

And today I called to get my re-cap of the show.  I had to hear it straight from him!  That’s our thing.  I was the cool mom who took him and friends to Ozzfest for his 15th birthday.  Later, he used to download me on all the concerts he attended.  I kind of missed that.

The Pros:

  1. Show itself spectacular.  A lot of songs from the Black Album.  I will be hunting YouTube for some big four drum thing they did in the middle of the show.
  2. Good seats, huge screens where they played videos like military clips during One, Cliff in memorial while Robert played Burton’s epic base solo to Pulling Teeth (I would have flipped my lid!!!!!!!)
  3. Pyrotechnics that burned his face (not literally) but he could feel the heat.

The in Between:

  1. They ran out of cups for beer … not that they cared since beer was $8 bucks a pop.  They stuck with non-alcoholic beverages.
  2. Food sucked, only stale popcorn since Wise did not have her epi-pen, they had to be careful.

The Cons:

  1. $20 to park … in some guys front yard … on Cherry Street.  Locals know about Cherry Street.  The Alamodome parking lot was exclusive to those with pre-paid parking passes.  Had I known I would have got one … I didn’t.
  2. He did not get my text on the clear bag rule so they had to return to car to drop Wise’s purse and then go back again in 100 degree heat.
  3. When they left, it was hell getting home because of the way traffic was routed.  Better than drop off / pick up.  Wife of a work friend waited over 2 hours to pick her husband from the drop off.   She got there at 11:30 … you do the math 🙂

I was having a little seller’s remorse about giving away MY tickets but now I am grinning ear to ear.  Strolling down memory lane.  Rock on wit ur bad selves.

As always, more to come.


I made three trips to the grocery store last weekend … Only because I forgot something twice.  The fact that I was able to return both physically and financially is not lost on me.  I’m grateful for my good fortune.  

It was graduation weekend around here. The lady in front of us at checkout during round 2 had a card, Mylar balloon, and cake. 

The cashier asked “graduation huh?  ECISD?”

She smiled giddily. “yes! My son ❤️. Go Hornets!”

She ran her debit card then the clerk says you’re short.  She checks her bag … empty.  

She says “oh well he doesn’t need a card”

Me “yes he does”

I’ve been looking for such an opportunity … to pay it forward.  Feels good 😊.  Next time I’d like to do more.  

As always more to come. 


My bedroom.  In particular, my bed.  And the comforter.  Temp controlled nirvana.  Every morning when I wake up, I revel in the stillness and that feeling of security under the covers.  Snug.  As A Bug.  In A Rug!

This has not always been the case.  Insomnia has interfered with a good night’s rest since my 40’s.  I have tips to deal now though and for the most part, those tips work.  Lilac, lavendar and other assorted scents.  Sleepy-time tea, no caffeine after 3, turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime.  With that, I can sleep again.  Yay!  And as I was thinking about something else to add to the infinity list, these last few mornings made me think about my BED.

I work downtown and every morning I pass several bus stops on my way to the office.  As I get closer, I see the walking wounded.  This past Monday, a cooler than usual morning,  I saw a man sitting there at the bus stop, hunched over, head almost on knees.  As I sat at the red light, waiting for green, I could see him from the corner of my eye, sleeping, breathing slow and shallow breaths.  In.  Out.

That’s when I thought damn, how awful to have to sleep outside, wherever one can.  How bone tired and weary one must be to be able to sleep at a bus stop bench.  There are even days when people are on the sidewalks asleep.  Grabbing a restless nap before moving along.  What an existence?  And then I thought about my bed.  How the feel of the comforter brings peace.  How I wish that peace for everyone.  Simple really.  Everyone needs a bed.

Then I remembered, the best scene in the Blindside.

As always, more to come.


A good night’s sleep 😴.  Since those nights are hard to come by.  Few and far between so take it when I can get it.  Even if it’s medicated sleep.  Yep that’s me but only when I hit the wall 😂