X is for XTC ~ #AtoZChallenge

Not a clue for X so I Googled it and got XTC.¬† New to me song – Dear God.¬† This brought out some bad reactions due to the anti-religious message.¬† The song was on the Perks of Being a Wallflower¬†soundtrack.¬† We all know what dark subject matter that was.¬† I will never look at Rose from Three and a Half Men the same way again.¬†¬†Here’s the wiki.


As always, more to come

U is for UFO ~ #AtoZChallenge

Well seeing as I always write about some sort of medical related post, “Doctor, Doctor” by UFO only seems fitting.¬† I just couldn’t go with the popular U2.¬† I was force downloaded Songs of¬†Innocence¬†to my iPod which later was transferred to my iPhone.¬† Now when I walk, I have to skip through the morass of U2 to get to my jam.¬† No offense to any U2 lovers.

Me?¬† I only know a handful of U2’s songs.¬† Same for UFO but I went the lesser known way.¬† Plus I kind of like the Michael Schenker story.¬† “Scorpions” is the S group I would have used had it not been for “Snow Patrol”. Michael was part of “Scorpions” before branching out.¬† And that accent.¬† I sometimes replay Klaus Meine screaming “We LOVE you San Antonio” right before their 3rd encore of the Scorpions 1981 tour.¬† Swoon.¬† To the wiki

Adding a bonus track of Love to Love –

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S is for Snow Patrol ~ AtoZChallenge

I know there are other S’s I can go with who are more well known and commercially popular.¬† Every once and a while a song just grabs you by the proverbial <insert anatomy part of your choosing> though.¬† “Chasing Cars” is that song for me.¬† I cry every time I hear it.¬† EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

“Grey’s Anatomy” introduced me to this song.¬† And we all know that show packs an emotional punch.¬† Unless you’re stone then maybe not so much.¬† I have a friend who had to quit watching because the stories became real and took such a powerful toll on her.¬† Me? I continue to watch because I LIKE being an emotional mess.¬† I totally admit and own that about myself.¬† I mean c’mon, there has to be something about my quirks that I like or else I’d change.¬† Right??

Therapist: You think maybe you like being upset and worried?

Me: Well duh?  of course! 

But what-evhs.  I yam who I yam ala Popeye.

to the wiki

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R is for the Rolling Stones ~ #AtoZChallenge

My obvious choice was the Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP).¬† Lulu even uses a “Scar Issue” ringtone on her phone.¬† Tons of nostalgia but too much to bear which is why I am not going there.¬† I have had enough “happy” tears for a while.¬† Plus lately RHCP irritatesme.¬† How can I separate my love of the music from everything else.¬† That’s a convo for another post and regarding other musicians.¬† How does one react when bad people do good things?¬† Do you forgive the frail human and enjoy the art?¬† Things that make you go hmmm.

Moving along.

When B and I saw RHCP in concert Flea wore a Lakers jersey and trashed our beloved Spurs. The concert was even held in the AT&T center home of the Spurs.¬† I do not even like basketball but #GSG.¬† Eff you Flea! And now you’re like gosh!¬† C’mon.¬† There she goes again … down a rat hole.¬† Didn’t she say R is for the “Rolling Stones”?!??

Yeppers!!  And Okay!!

I picked “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.¬† Why?¬† I was at a business event many years ago when one of the presenters kicked off his spiel with this song saying it was the most recognized song in the entire world simply by the first few chords.¬† Now that was eons ago and I am not sure if that still holds true or if it was even true to begin with but I’m going with it anyway.¬† Enjoy and To the wiki.

As always, more to come.

Q is for Queen ~ #AtoZChallenge

QUEEN!!! Well of course I HAVE to pick Queen.¬† After yesterday’s rambling, I will be short and sweet.¬† Hard to pick just one but for me “Under Pressure” helps release the pressure of day to day. Choosing “Under Pressure”¬† was also a way to get David Bowie into this series as I went D is for Doobie Brothers.

Now to the wiki 

As always, more to come.