A good bad thing

12/7/17 7:45 am

I’ve already got stuff done and it’s still early. Got my lab work done ✅. Thinking 🤔 about how much I love my mornings. Even mornings that involve lab work.

Phlebotomist: What’d you do to your arm?

Me: I broke it when I fell while hiking

Phlebotomist: I love hiking so sorry to hear that

Me: Considering the possibilities I’m lucky. We were on a hill. I could have broken my leg or cracked my head open. It could’ve been so much worse.

Phlebotomist: Yep and it’s not your writing arm. We call that a good bad thing.

Me: Exactly!!

As always more to come.

Christmas Poll #7

Eggnog or Wassail?

Eggnog with a shot of wild turkey for me please.  Only time I will drink these days and I limit to one … a very small one.  Though a nice Baileys and I would forgo said eggnog.  And, I will never drink just eggnog by itself.  It needs the kick in my opinion.

I have never tried wassail but I hear wassail can have a wine base.  I use to love my wine but now I take medication that no longer allows me to partake. I would have to try the hot cider version which actually sounds quite nice.

As always, more to come.