Sunday Reflections ~ 8/9/20

Feels like a life time was lived in a minute last week.  Time is doing the trippy thing again.  Stop, start, continue.  Slow, fast, fleeting.  Let’s get right down to it.

Sunday I was stumped by some big words Acquire/Collect/Gather/Secure.  I went with Get as in Acquire.  Finding something with an exact prompt word was too much of a challenge.  If it’s not fun, I don’t wanna.  This is what I put up for your listening pleasure #SLS for 8/2/20

Monday we had Haiku where the kid-let told me I was not really writing Haiku.  Sure enough I read the instructions closer and I missed some key elements.  I tried to do better with this one.  Also, since no one called me on it after all this time, I will keep tossing it out there.  I enjoy immensely taking the prompt to find 5/7/5 even if not hitting all elements.  Monday also brought us #SYW  good times I tell ya.

Tuesday was  Story Time 8/4/20.  This category isn’t developing like I thought it might.  Life threw a curve ball and other more important stuff came up.

Wednesday is always #1linerWeds. 8/5/20.  I was not around much for blogging.  Wednesday night I attended the celebration of life for my co-worker.  Everything was virtual through a live link.  His family and close friends were in the room all masked up and distanced as we watched.  They had his Chicago cohort present videos.  Very heartfelt and moving <3.   When one of his friends spoke his words gave solace “Today we are sad at the passing of our dear friend but tomorrow we will wake up and laugh.  It’s what he would have wanted”.    Sorry this had to happen for me to realize life is short and re-prioritization is in order.  I took off both Monday and Friday this past week, something I would not have done otherwise.  Several of us are embracing a renewed quest for work life balance.

Thursday I took a comment from FB and turned it into this post Beautiful in Any Language .  I also signed up for duolingo to learn Spanish.  Only 10 minutes a day for brain training.  Yes my brain needs training … desperately.

Friday was YAY and Day Drinking.  What a combo 🙂

Saturday capstone is and will forever be #SoCS.  Afterwards, Saturday was the day to celebrate our Lulu.  Class of 2020.  Her virtual commencement is not until 8/15 but she wanted to have a small gathering on the day she would have walked the stage had Rona not reared its’ ugly head.  She is now looking for work in times where pickings are slim.  B keeps telling her it will happen when it happens.  If she wants to work, there is a job out there with her name on it.  Fingers crossed and all that jazz.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always more to come.

Sunday Reflections ~ 8/2/20

As I sit and reflect on the week, I am gobsmacked.  Absolutely astounded that so much could was packed so tightly into the week.  That all this shit really did happen and I wasn’t dreaming.  Life threw a curve ball.

Sunday 7/26/20 brought the tunes but I was not able to listen in like I usually do.  Two grocery pick ups and other assorted duties called my name.  I will go back eventually Better late than never as they (whoever they are) say.

Monday 7/27/20 was a good day.  Haiku and #SYW were on tap as usual.

Tuesday 7/28/20 was Story Time as I sort through the trappings of excess and prepare to become minimalist.  I remembered a vacation from yesteryear aka 1972 :).

Wednesday 7/29/20 was staying in the #1linerWeds. corny zone by answering the age old question if a tree falls in the forest when no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  According to cartoon trees the answer is nope 🙂

Thursday 7/30/20 I shared my heavy heart as we found out about the passing of dear sweet friend.  Folks are looking for answers to something that has no answer.  I may write more about that later this week.

Friday 7/31/20 was time for #WATWB #InDarknessBeLight.  Two friends beat the odds and graduated together!!!  The only bad mark on the day was my mother-in-law checking herself out of the rehab/nursing home against medical advice.  She is still out of her mind even now.  Morphine is the devil. Yeah buddy.

Saturday 8/1/20 – Geez how is it August already when time stopped in March?  Damn you Rona!  Damn you to hell.  I joined in the stream that is #SoCS where I wrote about more.  I wanted to shout from the roof tops no fucking more.  Enough!  But then what do I have to be morose about?

All I know is no more 50 to 60 hours weeks.  I’m done with that noise.  I am actually taking the day off tomorrow too.  Suck it.  I was supposed to have a test done but for the 2nd time in a row, I chickened out.  This time I did not even re-schedule.  Whatever.  I was making stuff up anyway.  Mental pain manifesting as physical.  Nope I am not a doctor, I just play one thanks to Google and WebMD.  I am still taking the time … appointment or no appointment.  Lulu has one more week of school so she will be occupied.  But that’s okay.  I will figure out something to do.  I’ve got all this STUFF to drop at Goodwill and books to see if Half Price Books will deal.  And if not well then they get my donation.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

Sunday Reflections ~ 7/26/20

Another week closed.  Whew!  Work is kicking my butt in a good way.  Busy, busy, busy keeps lil Jilly out of trouble.  Without further ado, here’s my blog log. <trying to come up with something catchy>  Note to self, play around with the opening a bit more 🙂

Sunday’s #SLS was awesome as usual.  The hits keep rolling in.  I used a blaring rock scream by Budgie.  Breadfan!

Monday we have Haiku and #SYW both favorites of mine.  One – Haiku scratches my creative itch and two – #SYW is free therapy.  One of the bloggers I follow who is an author said (my paraphrase) “we just want to be read”.  Might be why I have an affinity to sharing my world. I want to be read … to connect … to ???  Monday was also the day my mother in law fell.  I did’t write about it until Friday which you can see here.  Being out of order might mess with my controlling tendencies.

Tuesday is where I re-introduced “Story Time” making this category more formalized.  Without rules though.  I just wanna write and be read.  Uh ya I do.

Wednesday we go corny … always.  Thanks to Linda for hosting #1linerWeds. Another highlight of the week.

Thursday more “Story Time” and more explanation of what may follow.  Though I reserve the right to change the rules at any time.  Hehe.  Wait!  I said no rules right?  Yeppers.

Friday, please see the link up top and out of order with the Monday fare.  I may be writing more about Mary in the coming weeks.  Or Jimmy, our PoPo.  The guy who built the internet.

Closing out the week is #SoCS.  check/cheque/Czech were our promps.  ❤  Saweeetttt!  Memories of my dad and Pony for the gold.  Oh and finally a mini rant on Chrome.  I may have found a work around.  Hopefully so.  Or another rant may follow.

For my ending, I am sticking with those two last lines.  I will work on my intro some more though.  What else am I gonna do?  Running out of things to clean.  I’ve got nuthing or everything cuz it’s all relative ya know?  Yeah Buddy.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

Sunday Reflections ~ 7/19/20

Hello lovelies.  This past week was fantastic.  Let’s get right to it shall we?

Sunday 7/12 was singing along with some fabulous songs.  Everyone knocked it outta the park.  Jim is the most excellent host.  I did a twofer with Belinda and Billy … not a duet … their owns tunes.  Check it out here… bet you’ll sing along too.

Monday 7/13 was Haiku where I used the word tentacle.  Doesn’t that word just roll off the tongue.  I also shared my world.  Thanks to Melanie for hosting.  I feel like I should be paying her a participants fee.  Answering her questions has become a highlight of my week.

Tuesday 7/14 I wrote about a zany dream ripped from the headlines.  You’ll have to look here for a better explanation.

Wednesday 7/15 was Grandma TuTu’s heavenly birthday.  <3.  My one liner was corny as usual.

Thursday 7/16 was Hodge Podge

Friday 7/17 was #grateful

Saturday 7/18 was #SoCS with links and soaps.  I also met someone new through stream who inspired me to revamp my story time category on this blog.  More on that later.  Thank you Amari64!!  And thank you Linda G Hill for bringing folks together.

Whew!  All that blogging amid personal stuff.  Not bad personal stuff actually.  I’ve been noodling around with some ideas that are about to take flight.  Some good is coming out of COVID dare I speak the words good and Rona in the same sentence.  Blasphemy or heresy or both.  New normal is a term that irks me.  Nothing normal about any of this … stuff.  Whatever it is though (more time at home maybe or a big fat forced time out) has given me tremendous perspective.  Hoping your Rona daze does the same for you.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

Ed, Two Bills, and a Jeff

This is a work of fiction or the addled mind of one J-Dub McGillicutty.  Last night I had a dream.  When I woke up briefly mid sequence, I was sure as all shootin’ that this … whatever this might be was happening.

Picture it …  Sicily … 19something

Wait – go away golden girl

Seriously, picture it.  Texas 5A size high school during a passing period.  Social distance how?

5A Texas High School during passing period
Social Distance How?

I had seen this picture floating around FB for a few days.  I read comments by former friends aka acquaintances from high school as they argued over whether or not the next school year should begin on schedule.  I didn’t join in the fray since I have no skin in the game or dog in this fight or any other of a variety of euphemisms that apply.

Did I just misuse euphemism?  Problly.  Did I just misspell probably?  I did.  See I could not teach anyone.  Thank goodness I won’t have to since my kids are grown.  Lulu just went out with a bang (or maybe a whimper) finishing her Senior year of college online.

In my dream, I was in a crowded football stadium.  I was walking up a ramp to find my seat all masked up.  People were crying and yelling, sometimes both.  My favorite teacher (named John Quinton fictional dream name; I know no one by that name) was walking by me field level and I screamed “It’ll be okay Mr. Quinton!!  You’re a helluva teacher!!  Yes sir!  A HELUVA teacher !! ”

During this part of the dream was when I work up all rattled.  I’m telling you what.  I couldn’t do it.  I know my limitations.  I could never home school my children successfully.  We’d end up on the evening news.  Of course I have mellowed with age but had this happened when Lulu and Pony were say in 2nd grade and high school junior?  <shudder>

This entire suck ass situation that the Rona has caused makes me sad.  When I think of the littles trapped in their respective homes when for some, going to school was their only outlet, something dies inside me.  Just a little bit.  Melodramatic Jilly strikes again.

Now to lighten the mood if even possible.  The teacher character of my dream was the one and only Ed Begley Jr. aka Rudy of Bless this Mess.  That show is hilarious.  I will miss it if we never have another season which might be the reality.  Rona is a bitch.  Don’t go back there!!  TV doesn’t matter for heaven’s sake!  Has COVID taught you nothing?!?!?

I mention when I woke up I was in my dream screaming.  Felt real.  My mind wandered to others for the role of teacher to include Bill Paxton (may he Rest in Peace), or Bill Pullman, or maybe Jeff  Daniels??  Some age appropriate crush.  I’d have to get the best one to take the role.  You see, teachers are heroes.  Uh ya they are!!

As always, more to come.

Sunday Reflections ~ 7/12/20

Another week in the books.  I’ve been busy, busy, busy and therefore have not had time to blog like I usually would.  This re-cap will we short and to the point.  Oh who am I kidding?  Short maybe … sometimes I can be brief.  But I do meander mostly as I stream constantly.  What was the point?  Oh ya … What a blessing.  And you thought I’d say curse. Ha! Week of 7/5/20 to 7/11/20 re-cap follows:

Sunday for #SLS I posted Billy Joel and reblogged Maggie’s Norman Greenbaum – loves me some Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Monday are always Haiku hosted by Ronovan and more recently #SYW hosted by Melanie.  I think I was the only magic non-believer in the bunch.  Too literal I guess.

Tuesday I wrote about getting PoPo to use curbside.  We have to hope it wasn’t a one time event.

Wednesday I bandy about the one liners from the list of a bazillion corny one liners out there.  I’m not tired with the loose fitting theme thought soon I may inadvertently start repeating.  My memory isn’t what it once was and I like what I like.

Thursday was Joan Jett and XM radio – never say never Jilly.

Friday was a reflection.  I watched Dr. Robbins video again and it brought me to tears this time.  His story is dark.  Google him or his sister Diane Robbins and you’ll see. Yet he wasn’t the least bit bitter and he sure could be.  What happened to his family is why he started his field of study and the rest as they say is history.  Vulcan peace signs all around 🙂

Saturday – was only yesterday right?  #SoCS and working for my real job.  You know as opposed to fake.

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.

Friday Reflections ~ 7/10/20

Today isn’t a full weeks’ reflection.  Instead I am contemplating over a diversity and inclusion educational course that I took at work. Notice I didn’t say training.  That distinction becomes important later.

Dr. Steve Robbins, is awesome.  I know when responding during a recent #SYW to what I thought about motivational speakers, my answer was a bit blase.  For shame, I eat this stuff up.  For me, the rah, rah cheerleader stuff works!  Not everyone’s cuppa.  Lulu for example cannot stand this kind of learning.  Visceral reaction from her.  It’s why she does not do well with CBT.

Back to topic, he spoke at my company in 2019 and the powers that be had the good foresight to record him.  Now in 2020, we can watch the one hour 20 minute presentation to earn healthy points.  I am psyched.  Many lessons packed into that relatively short span.  Here are some paraphrased pearls of wisdom, each attributed to the man, the myth, the legend that is Dr. Steve Robbins:

  • Training on unconscious bias is a waste of time.  Uh duh, when you leave, you go right back to unconsciousness.
  • Instead when you leave, one must practice to begin a skill.
  • As with anything, to be good at something, one has to practice.  Reading and watching videos are not enough.
  • There is a difference between an educational workshop and a training workshop.  Or put another way, would you rather have your child receive sex education or sex training?
  • We should flip it to inclusion and diversity not diversity and inclusion.
  • Both are valuable of course but without inclusion FIRST adding diversity makes matters worse.
  • Can you imagine a homogeneous group that doesn’t get along?
  • I can.  I’ve been part of such a dysfunctional group.  One where I felt I did not belong.
  • Our brains are hardwired to belong.

And with that I will quit pontificating.  That’s my new favorite word.  Preach!

As always, more to come.


Sunday Reflections ~ 7/5/20

Hello, here we are again.  My Sunday Reflections post is officially a habit.   Let’s get to it shall we?

Sunday 6/28/20 was all about the J Geils’ Band “Freeze Frame”   where I recalled my dance team days and those 80’s neon style.

Monday 6/29/20 was time for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge.  Intent and Thought purposeful and driven to achieve.  This weekly exercise brings such stress relief.  Re-centering.

Since Monday was busy at work, #SYW or Share Your World was pushed to Tuesday 6/30/20.  We waxed on and waxed off all philosophical like Mr. Miyagi.  Melanie is something special.  I feel like I should be paying her by the 50 minute hour.  Haha.  I truly do feel better after a share.

Wednesday 7/1/20 a corny one liner from me.  I have a boatload of these and will keep on bringing the silly for the foreseeable future.  Life is otherwise too serious around here.

Thursday 7/2/20 started with Book Club and a quick review of “The Andromeda Strain”  I was diverting my feelings until later that day when I rambled a bit.  Still diverting my feelings to a silly Walmart grocery pick up that turned into a $20 credit for no true impact to us.  Ya see 7/2 is a painful anniversary for us; B lost his brother and only sibling.  I re-posted this poem from three years ago which made it all better albeit temporarily.  Grief is not time bound.

Friday 7/3/20 was the day I saw the original cast of Hamilton on the small screen.  Thank you Disney +  Every bit the magic I had hoped for as “Yorktown (World Turned Upside Down)” had me rapping along at the top of my lungs.  Yeah buddy!  I know this isn’t everybody’s cuppa but musical theater is my jam.  I watched the show twice.  The second time was during a live watch party with the cast participating.  I am not a regular Twitter user but this allowed me to gt more comfortable.  So many of us in community.  A collective virtual experience.  One for the memory banks that’s for sure.

Saturday 7/4/20 was Independence Day here in the states.  I participated in #SoCS, tossing in my two cents.  We enjoyed grilled burgers, icy cold watermelon, and Dr. Pepper margaritas.  Not as bad as they sound.  Not something we’ll do again anytime soon but they guys liked the traditional lime flavor.  Maybe another special occasion will draw us back.  If so, strawberry or mango for me.  No more fad “just okay” Dr. Pepper.

I didn’t blog about our evening but we were lucky to have fireworks close enough to see yet at a distance.   Perks of living outside the city limits.  We had four neon sparklers that we lit as soon as it was dark enough.  This is when we realized last night was a full moon.  This picture is better than other full moot shots I have attempted becoming my profile banner on FB.

Whew!  Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


Sunday Reflections ~ 6/28/20

Before I begin, Happy Birthday Pony Boy!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness.  Cheers to 32!!!  This is your year son-shine.

I used the llama feature photo again to bring levity.  This week is better emotionally.  Second week in a row actually.  Ah sweet relief with my new eff everything attitude.  Fourth week in a row that we walked every morning.  Outside we’re still burning. In fact in San Antone the Rona is spiking so much so we all got this alert last night …

Back to shelter in place.  If this is all a hoax as some still maintain, I’d rather be looked at as foolish.  Why take chances?  We didn’t let Lulu go on a family trip with the BF.  First she was angry, then she was sad.  Rightfully so because the whole acceptance thing feels fleeting.  No one wants to be odd one out.  This alert made her feel better about our choice.  Though not going still sucks.  Oh to be young and in love but six feet apart.  All the while his siblings throw caution to the wind.  Boo hoo :(.  Anyway, enough maudlin talk.  Gotta quit the day drinkin’.  Okay, are we ready for a re-cap?

Sunday  #SLS in da house and Jim have us Mary/Marie/Maria.  I picked this #SLS for 6/21/20.  The wonderful Mr. Petty.  RIP while your music continues to bring joy.  Aaahhhh now that’s the stuff.

Monday was Haiku Change & Face plus Share Your World.  Fun to remember my dear friend Lisa Anne.  Boy I’ve had a good life!!!   Lots of laughter.  Tuesday was about wearing underwear on your face.  Wednesday was this corny one liner.  Every Wednesday, I will keep hocking the silly even if it gets old.  Thursday was about snakes and Friday was bringing the light.  The Saturday capstone flirty fun with  #SoCS.  Some of my favorites were about milkshakes and falling from heaven with a sweet story.  If you don’t join in with the Linda G Hill gang on Saturdays, you don’t know what you’re missing.  Maybe try it for the 4th of July?!??!?!

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.


Sunday Reflections ~ 6/21/20

This post is my 2nd Sunday reflections.  Look at me, building habits.  Speaking of habits, Lulu and I finished three weeks of walking every morning.  We planned to skip Sundays but have done that only once so far.  Tomorrow she has a tele-med appointment and I asked her if she wanted to skip.  She said, “nope, lets go 30 minutes earlier”.  Well look at that would ya?  Folks you’ve no idea what a huge stride that is … pun intended.

I started taking my hand weights and pretend to get tired so she will take them from me.  Sneaky I know but desperate times call for desperate measures as they say.  This wellness routine of ours is very small but a step in the right direction.  That pun was intended too :).

At her appointment she is going to ask about weaning from her anti-depressant.  Something I have wanted for a while and something she just doesn’t know.  Originally the doctor (who was quite the quack btw) said she would be able to stop after she got settled in college.  And lookie here, she graduates on 8/8/20.  Ultimately if she continues on, we will support her.  My guilt for getting her in the cycle when she was under 18 be damned.  We’d much rather have her obese and alive than thin and dead.  Of course obese could lead to early demise.  Heavy decisions for someone so young.

Alrighty, enough second guessing.  Now is the time to recap.

Last Sunday was all about Jack or John during #SLS.   This challenge hosted by Jim Adams is the best bringing the tunes.  You should play along or at least look here and take a listen.

On Monday I wrote a Haiku and Shared My World.  Work was a gazillion times better because I decided to eff it.  I can only control what I can control.  I laughed much more this week and I let the pressure go.  Up up and away.  Like a beautiful balloon.  Hurling expletives as she rose :).  The she is me.  I am the balloon.  🙂

Tuesday was all about property taxes.  Which reminds me, I need to get my evidence together.  Wednesday was #1linerWeds. while on Thursday and Friday, I looked back …

On Thursday I also learned that a co-worker tested positive for COVID.  He got it from his roommate’s sister who works at a Walmart.  She brought it to church and he picked it up there.  He is what they call a community spread.  After time in the hospital, he is convalescing at home.  Expected to make a full recovery.  Thank goodness.  Still when I see people out and about without masks, I just wanna punch them.  Hard.  In the face.

Saturday was the capstone.  Twofer!!  First, #SoCS  in da house.  Where ya never know what you’re gonna get … until you do.  We had ZZ words this week.  Second, mobile happy hour … like an ice cream truck for adults.  Proof!!!

Peace y’all.   Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.