#WDIIA and Reflections ~ 5/1/20

Silly – you know what day it is!  You wrote 5/1/20 in the title.  What’s wrong?  Go on; tell mama.  She’ll make it all better …

Aaaaahhhhhh Calgon take me away.

I’ve reached critical mass and NEED a vacation.  Seems even sillier to NEED a vacation than asking what day it is.  I mean c’mon, I’m working from home.  How hard could that be?!??  Well if you have to ask, you’ve never done it.  Oh the guilt!  I have it easy without kids underfoot.

Not to minimize my feelings dammit.  This is no cake walk.  I need to get this under control.  Take back my power.  And it started with some self-care.  Time log out,  pack up the “office” and relish in #free48.

As always, more to come.

#WDIIA & Friday Reflections ~ 4/10/20

Let’s Keep In Touch
Hi everybody, said in my Dr. Nick Riviera from Simpson’s voice over voice.  Time for #WDIIA and Friday Reflections. Our boss released us early today to get a jump start on Easter weekend.  In such a diplomatic way he let us know he cared.  Borrowing his words … “Today is a Good Friday, and although this is not intended to bring faith into a work email, I’d say it’s a Good Friday for many reasons”

Such a genuine guy y’all.  I hit the jackpot with supervisors. After sharing some additional pearls, he told us to close up shop by 1:00 our time zone.  Joking about maybe that meant throwing a blanket over the laptop.  See how easy things have become?  No commute, no fuss, no muss. 

I used my early out to organize photos.  I took the following in the gallery below to show that essential services/road work continues AND how B deals with stay at home orders.  He can’t sit still y’all.  I still cannot believe he cleared all that brush along the fence line by hand.  And no I’m not married to Grizzly Adams.  HeHe!!  No trips to the barber has created a ZZ Top beard… well almost.  

For the reflections part I share Ghosts of Good Fridays past which would find us at living Stations of the Cross at San Jose Mission.  And as a kid growing up, we’d be at Port Aransas.  Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph’s where we’d be wearing shorts and tee shirts.  The ability to go to church in play clothes because we were at the beach was freeing.  This was way back in the day where girls could not wear pants and no one could wear jeans.  The years of having to wear Sunday best to church no matter what.  The Sunday services always included an Easter Egg hunt afterwards. Fun times!! If we weren’t at the coast, we’d go to Lake Travis.  In all cases, we made Easter weekend a HUGE thing!  

Needless to say, this year is different.  We’re in for the count.  Together / Apart and all that jazz.  And truth be told, we had toned down the celebrations in recent history already anyway.  All for the reason that less commercialized is more.  Still something about our choice to dial it back versus covid-19’s choice is a distinction.  Yet I’m starting to realize that some outcomes of this forced restriction are not a bad thing.

As always, more to come.




#SAS Hiatus ~ 3/24/20 Off Cycle Reflections Instead

I was going to do this cutesy thing and post two songs each Tuesday that I listened to before logging in to work.  You know after my short 30 step commute to this snazzy new home office aka the breakfast bar between our kitchen and living room.  But, … I’m not feeling it.  I think I have finally come undone.

I have always minimized my true feeling due to guilt of having only champagne problems.  I have learned over time that there is no hierarchy of what invalidates pain.  While some have it worse than me and some better, what I feel is valid … for me.  I am not good at the self care stuff.  In fact, I go to extremes that are unhealthy.  A trait that I have passed on to my child.  Things are bad around here.  I cannot tell a lie.  Yet while looking for silver linings, I suppose we are building character.

I’ve taken an “it is what it is” stance.  Not like the Spring Breakers in Florida who went out there saying “We’re fine screw the rest of you”.  Have you heard?  A group is now sick.  Instead I am following all the rules to the letter.

My “it is what it is”  realization tells me that despite the precautions, we have no control.  None of us.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.  And the ‘it’ can be a wide variety of things, not just Covid-19.  Nothing new to see around here folks; let’s just keep swimming.

Yes that’s a Finding Nemo reference.  With a typo.  That I’m going to let slide for convenience sake.  Swimming has two m’s people!!!  lol

As always, more to come.

Friday Reflections & #WDIIA 03/20/2020

Ping back to a way to stay connected.

I am vacillating, loop-de-looping, free-falling and the like.

Random thought – March 20, 2020 is three 20’s.

Get it?


Did it help to write it that way?

Has to be lucky right?  We are some lucky duckies aren’t we?

There was a stray dog that hung around the yard back in the day when B worked for his uncles.  They named the dog Lucky.  Uncle Bubbie would always say the name was chosen because the doggie was lucky to be alive.  Well Uncle, truer words haven’t been spoken.

As I sit here reflecting, I have never been more aware of what this pandemic is showing us.  People’s true colors are shining through.  I either tear up with joy or weep with sadness.  I want to be one of the kind people who do good.  I choose to believe there is more good than bad.  Just like Mr. Rogers said, look for the helpers.

On a humorous note, this meme making the rounds on FB cracked me up.  When I get too much into my head, I look at the llama and laugh.


As always, more to come.

Addendum to Preparedness & Other Stuff Joined With Friday Reflections ~ 3/13/20

Lulu’s Spring Break has been extended through Monday March 23, 2020.  The school still completed the planned deep clean yesterday and will finish today.  No change for the faculty and staff who will report back on Monday March 16, 2020.

Meanwhile on the work front, our CEO sent an email yesterday afternoon that said at least 25% of non-member contact and 2100 more member contact employees must work from home beginning Monday March 16 until further notice.  Travel restrictions are tightened as well.  Our boss followed with an email that said unless there is business need to be in the office, all of us are to work from home in accordance with the CEO’s email.  I am thankful that my leadership read in that at least 25% could be 100%.  Other areas are picking people causing angst and churn while some member contact employees are beside themselves. All this while we have no cases of San Antonio residents with covid19 (not including those from other places but quarantined at Lackland).

We are preparing for the end of days. I couldn’t have imagined this situation in my wildest dreams.  I wonder if society will be forever changed by social distancing which quite frankly occurs already.  Add the superstitions of Friday the 13th giving me the feels and not in a good way.  Instead I am wondering how I will keep up my walking routine without going into the mother ship.  I overthink my own movements as I go out and about without a care in the world.  Spring Break has been awesome from Texas Tulips to other stay-cation activities.  Wednesday we went to Painting With A Twist.  Yesterday we took a lovely stroll along the Riverwalk for 3 1/2 miles.  Today is wax day dammit and we are not sick but what if we pass someone who is?   What if we already did?  Ugh!  I could so easily become a hermit.

Yet the odds are forever in our favor (thank you Elizabeth Banks from Hunger Games).  Not everyone will get this and about 80% who do have mild cases.  We have no other health conditions thank you Jesus.  But B is an old man and apparently this virus favors old men.  But I jest.  This virus is an indiscriminate bastard.  I will wash my hands as obsessively as I did before and try not to touch my face which is harder than one imagines.  What else is a girl to do?

As always, more to come.


Sunday 🐏blings ~3/8/20

On Fridays I reflect and on Sundays I ramble.  Today I might do some of both.  I even added the reflections category.  Hope I haven’t jinxed my streak.  

The following picture is from Spring Break 1980 something.  

Spring break

Taken on a camera that had film which needed to be developed afterward.  Boy how times change.  Though the sun was shining, it was cold.  Not so cold that I didn’t squeeze into my shorty shorts but cold enough for long sleeves.  

The following picture is from Spring Break of 2016.  


NYC baby, my all time favorite vacation spot.  Lulu and I are in the New Amsterdam theater waiting for Aladdin to start.  Dim lights but the stage was magic flying carpet spectacular.  The show of a lifetime … a whole new world …

Thing about the two pictures is how they can be deceiving. 

In 1980 something, I’m pretty sure I’m sober but you never know.  Those trips were complete debauchery.  I’m lucky to be alive.  And in 2016 NYC, this was right after the terrible awful.  The only reason we didn’t cancel that trip is because the airfare was non-refundable.  Looking back, not sure how we survived it.  And to this day I am still punishing Lulu.  Why?  For not being my ideal of perfection?  For being human?  I’m horrible and wrong.  I deal by forgetting what instead I should forgive.  Feels like forever ago and yesterday all in one.  Four years.  That’s all.  Only four short years.  

Sweet baby Jesus and heaven help me.  Signed a sinner. 

These pictures are from Spring Break 2020.  

No deceit in the pictures above.  After Lulu and I visited the Texas Tulip farm, we went to Concrete Cemetery to visit the graves of my Mamaw and Papaw.  I had not been there in some time but nothing had changed.  I remember my mom and Mamaw taking us there to care for the plots.  They brought a thermos of coffee and snacks for us kids and we’d picnic around the grave sites.  Sounds morbid but really sprucing up the place and leaving flowers was comforting.   

And with that, I am fin.  The hour lost is taking it’s toll.  I’m off to get in the remainder of my steps.

As always, more to come.