#JusJoJan & #SoCS ~ 1/23/12

First things first can ya dig it? That was so last week. Hehe :). Before I begin, Happy Birthday to B! He says it’s no big deal but to us this day is special. Cheers to a wonderful day and even better 2021!!

Now on with the prompts. Linda writes and I rewrite: Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “close eyes and point.” When you’re ready to write your post, open a book, a newspaper, or whatever is handy and close your eyes and point. Whatever word or picture your finger lands on, make that the basis of your SoCS/JusJoJan post. Enjoy!

To join in, here are the rules and ping back.

Hmmm. Games. We haven’t taken the newspaper in at least 10 years. There are no books in this room. I guess we’ll see whatever is handy. I’m at my desktop because my iPad and iPhone no longer provide full functionality on WP. The happiness folks are not happy. They haven’t a clue why I cannot like and comment on some posts but not others. But this is not about that.

Moving on …

Eyes closed then bazinga. The shelf to my left is now my feature image. I have not one but several things to spin a yarn about though if truth be told, my finger landed on the shell from dad’s 21 gun salute. Pony was a pallbearer and he got to keep one of the shells. He was only 18 and not too responsible which is why I held onto it for him. One of these days I will return the shell to its’ rightful owner.

There is also a pair of cufflinks that were dad’s and a miniature of the USS Copahee. He was the head cook for that ship during his time in the Navy. The blue Texas with San Antonio on it was his name tag for St. MM’s Men’s Club.

Unrelated to dad, I have the I voted sticker from several elections back. Not sure where I put the sticker from this election but it was all special with the presidential seal.

The perpetual calendar was something I bought when Lulu was selling stuff at school and we purchased because I very much dislike selling. I did what I always did. I bought enough to meet the quota so she wasn’t left out of the prize. She never sold the most but we participated. Fundraisers!! What a racket!! Glad those days are past. I keep this calendar set to 9/11 … always … so I #neverforget.

There is also a miniature carved elephant all the way from India. A coworker brought us all one when they returned home after their rotation in Pune. Did I ever tell ya I had the chance to go to India? We all did. Put our names in the hat to be site manager for 90 days when we first established the clean room over there. I missed my chance but I was still glad for those who got picked.

Next to Mister Elephant is a horse. I know he’s hard to see. That comes from Jane. She gave him to me the day I stopped being her manager. Gifts no matter how small are not allowed. When I was leaving and she changed reporting managers she said “we can be friends again so here you go”. Leaving management was one of the best things I ever did. I had to try being el jefe of course. Six 1/2 years was enough to last me a lifetime. Now I only have to worry about ME 🙂

Last but not least is a Donald Duck off a keychain I purchased as a souvenir from our one and only trip to Disney World in 2014. What a wonderful memory <3. As a kid Donald was my favorite. I can just hear him squawking as he drops the ice cream from his cone to his foot. FASTPASS!!! I heard annual passes have been discontinued thanks to the Rona. No telling if things will ever be the same again. What a shame! Guess we’ll need something new to replace things.

And that’s all she wrote. For now. Hope your Saturday is smooth sailing.

As always, more to come.

#JusJoJan – “Limp” ~ 1/22/21

TGIF!! Today is our lucky day. 1/22/21 is a palindrome. If numbers can be palindromes that is. Let’s play the lottery. Surely someone has to win 🙂

Linda’s short story continues here along with rules and ping back. I agree this really would be a good novel!! Now what do I have to say about limp?

I did it all for the nookie” … Limp Bizkit.

Get it?


Me either 😉

That’s all for today peeps. Short and sweet. Until next time.

As always, more to come 🙂

#JusJoJan – “Spell” ~ 1/21/21

The prompt today is spell. Linda has written us a lovely short story. I felt transported away for a bit. If you’d like to join us, here are the rules and ping back.

I wish I could cast a spell to take away all the pain and suffering. I’m barely hanging on. I need to release the hounds but I’m afraid my troubles would appear trivial. Nobody wants a “Debbie Downer”. Keep it light. Laugh a little.

I spent some time in therapy dealing with my “stuff”. I minimize my feelings. My mantra was “It could be worse”. All the while the things were/are pretty crappy. I’m in denial. Until last night when I couldn’t keep it all together. The spell was broken and the flood gates opened. Holy mother of God. I prayed the rosary.

I feel better already just admitting the truth. All is not sunny in the Dub household. It’s not completely dark either. There are glimmers of Hope. That fickle bitch. She cast a spell on us.

As always more to come.

Go Stand In A Corner

Go stand in the corner Spectrum internet. Trying something new on this 3rd Wednesday of the month. Thanks John for hosting.

We (Pony and I) have been banished to work from home thanks to Rona. Our ISP is mediocre at best. Problem is they’re a monopoly. We’ve got no choice in providers. The problem is slow uploads and signal drops. Our downloads are off the charts. No issues there. I’m not sure of all the technical terms but Pony is and he does all the negotiating.

I’m able to fumble through using cellular data to dial into meetings while being very judicious with desktop work during times of limited connection. Pony’s set up is different. He’s got his virtual desktop and that’s all. Our respective employers have been accommodating but that’s up to a point. This crap can’t go on forever.

Tonight we had three techs at the house. They ruled out hardware. Their tester thingamajigs show nothing is wrong. They’re gobsmacked. One thought it could be a neighborhood issue. They took off to the main junction. Upon return we were told they’ve put in an overnight work order to remove fuzz from an outside line. Seriously?!?! At least they admit they don’t know if that’ll work. But it’s all they’ve got. Sounds like snake oil bs to me.

Ugh!!!! And as we watch TV, their commercial comes on claiming 99.9% reliability. More snake oil bs. Go stand in the corner you sobs. Stay there until you can guarantee full service for us.

#JusJoJan “City” ~ 1/19/21

Linda prompts us with city. The idea for her story comes from Carol Ann and Dan. And it’s a really good story. Take a look here to see for yourself.

My first thought was a song lyric “in the city”. However just like last week, my mind goes blank. I can’t remember what the words come after “in the city”.

Continuing on with the song theme, I am reminded of the group Owl City. This song “Fireflies” makes me cry. Not because the song is sad but because of the connotations it brings up. I associate this song with a certain period in Lulu’s life. Man I want a do over something fierce right now. Instead I’ll just listen and blubber. I’m sure I’ll feel much better afterwards. No regrets. Onward through the fog.

As always, more to come.

Share Your World ~ 1/19/21

Here we go now!! Time for sharing our world. Melanie sure gave us some good ones today.


Why do we dream? Some sort of coping mechanism is my guess. But it’s just a guess. Also sounds like science to me so I’ll pass on further commentary.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become? I am reminded of Jim Hogg, the 20th governor of Texas, who named his daughter Ima. Seriously! I’m a Hogg. What were her parents thinking?!? Story goes that she down played her name as much as possible. But she was a wonderful philanthropist who did much good for Texas. While I think a name is important, how much it influences who we become is still up for debate.

Does hardship make a person stronger?  (example:  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger) Not always. Sometimes hardship breaks a person. Like my Aunt Velma who never really recovered after losing her son in a car accident when he was only 16. I am fortunate to be in the “makes you stronger camp” and have quite a few examples of becoming stronger after something bad happened. Part of that is having B by my side. Together we can get through anything.

Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions, but judge others by their actions? Hmm. I judge myself by all of it. Hole in the ozone? My fault for using Aquanet in the 70s. I didn’t mean to destroy our air quality but dang I wanted those Farrah Fawcett wings. All kidding aside, maybe we judge others by their actions because we cannot read another person’s mind to know his or her intentions. We have to guess at that part. All we have to go by are actions. And I have to ask does the intention really matter?

GRATITUDE SECTION  (Always Optional)

Feel free to share some gratitude in the form of images, photos or writing.  Thanks! 

Today I am grateful for my hot tea. I am siping it slowly this morning as dawn becomes a new day.

#JusJoJan: Wish ~ 1/18/21

Time for #JusJoJan. Today the prompt is “wish”. To join in or see the other entries, here are the rules and ping back .

If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Or so “they” whoever they are say. But what’s that even mean?

It means wishing isn’t enough. Wishing without action is like pissing in the wind. Not that I’ve ever pissed in the wind. But you get the drift.

I wish we could get through to make appointments for the Covid 19 vaccine. All four of us “qualify” for the 1B group. All six of us if you include Bs parents.

We began calling the scheduler number at 9 on Saturday. Over 300 calls each on three different phones and never got through. We assumed they were closed on Sunday but not the case. A co-worker got through. She posted her method on FB. She called before 8 when they opened. She kept redialing until they answered around 10 minutes after. She happily waited on hold 40 minutes to be scheduled.

Lulu and I were inspired and tried that method this morning. We were encouraged after getting a message of “we’re closed, call back during operating hours”. This was a step up from the redialing busy signal we experienced on Saturday. We kept trying until 9. No luck. Wishes unfulfilled. Boo hoo for us.

The phone line is open 8 to 8. We’ll pick a random time later today to try again. We’re going to change up our method of calling until eventually we have to get through. That’s not wishing without action. That’s self fulfilling prophecy. Ha! So saith the soothsayers.

My dear friend joked that only one of us should call. She says we’re clogging up the phone lines and canceling each other out along with millions of other San Antonians. Doh! Maybe she’s onto something. Anyway, wish us luck!

As always more to come.

#JusJoJan ~ Check – 1/17/21

Wow that witch is a bitch! I can say that now. Cuz ya know the “History of Swear Words” narrated by Nic Cage on Netflix tells me that bitch is allowed. Once a swear word, now acceptable language? Maybe? I watched the whole series and I cannot remember the specifics of the B word episode. Wait was there a B word episode? Mindless watching at its’ finest. Anywho, check, done and done.

When I think of check, that was the second thing that came to mind, check, done and done. The first thing to come to mind was checkmate! I never learned to play chess. Not smart enough. Or patient enough. I am better tactical not strategic. Chess requires strategy. I think? The game of checkers is more my speed. Get it CHECKers. Ha! I win the bonus points!! Oh wait that was so yesterday. Anyhoo part two … Fin for now.

To join in the fun that is #JusJoJan and to read Linda’s stories and the entries of all the other fine folks, look right HERE for the rules and ping back. And when you’re done, you’re done. CHECK and CHECKMATE!!

As always, more to come.