Question For Technical Types

I googled it and I confused myself. I have a CD of a child’s birthday party. I am trying to make a copy. Is that possible? I’m sure it is … for a price. I just don’t know where to start.

All comments very much appreciated.


My Rental Car Smells Funky

I was almost going to write my rental car smells like ass.  That’s what I told B anyway.  And he joked back well you would know.  Lol!  No he did not tell me that.  This is fiction-esque.  So sue me.  No wait.  Don’t sue me.  Things are about to change around here.  We are belt-tightening.

And now that I have your attention.  This car does stink.  Pee-yew.  Tomorrow I will Febreze it.  And for the duration, I will use a fragrance clip in the vent.

Pretty nifty features on this car despite the atrocious smell, that I can’t quite name.  Any who, the car has keyless start, eco fuel, bluetooth, etc…  The eco stuff is space age.  My OCD is pinging delightfully at the fuel savings for last 25 miles alert on the space age panel which contains the speedometer, odometer, fuel level, temperature etc.

You … have … no … idea!  Woo to the hoo.  I am saving coin.

As always, more to come.


So They Say

There’s an article going around Facebook that says people who decorate for the holidays early are generally happier.

Well this is the extent of my decoration. And it’s only October. I’m over the moon 🌝 I guess “they” were right 😉

As always more to come.

Caption This! 10/18/18

Yesterday evening I saw this on the Jeep in front of me.

It took me a second to decider the code. I snapped this pic and shame on me. Not because of what it means but because doing so was distracted driving. I’m already in a rental car for playing bumper cars. Very fitting for B as he finds out his fate later today. This is what you should say about that which you can’t control.

As always more to come.

Strange Attachment

As I continue to make my way through the purge.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If I am honest, this clean-up is not a chore but rather a treasure hunt.  Slow and steady will get me to where I just need to maintain.  When I need a blast from the past I will be able to find the item in clearly marked and organized boxes.  My OCD is pinging for sure.

What follows is one of my favorite finds so far.  Simple really.  A green folder that has been with me since 8th grade.  Yep 1979 ya’ll.  What makes this folder so very special is that it is vinyl and not paper.  Up til that point, folders were of the paper variety and usually toast by the end of the school year.  The novelty of vinyl was new to me.  I was excited that my mom spent the extra nickle or maybe even dime for something more sturdy.  She was a garage sale shopper remember?

I never wrote on the folder so it could be re-used time and time again. Always for what was most important at any given time over the years.  Now it sits empty and has been for a while.

Does that mean I have nothing important any longer?

Of course not!

Times have changed.  I am no longer in school.  I am paperless.  I have very different ideas regarding what matters.  My storage space has become my heart and head.

As always, more to come.



FB Memory

A FB memory floated over – originally posted 10/17/15.

Clerk: “ready to strip”

Me: “I think I’ll keep my clothes on”

Clerk: “ma’am you have to pay”

Me: “well if I strip someone else should pay”

Lulu: “oh god mom, you are not even funny. You know he means ‘swipe’ … your card!”

Me: “Of course I know what he meant but he didn’t say swipe he said strip.”

So now I am laughing at my own silliness. And I told her “loosen up baby girl. Life’s too short not to laugh a little bit.”


#1linerWeds. 10/17/18

In continuing with the words of wisdom theme, see below.

Who knew such wise advice could be found on a coaster from the oldest and the longest wooden bar in Texas?!??!  Guess I have to “go whole hog” every now and again.  Wonder where that expression comes from?  I do and I may create that wonder where category one of these days.

If you’d like to join in or read the other one liners,  look here.

As always more to come.

More Funny Math

I have several of these now.  A collection.  I should have dated them and made a new category.  I might get around to it.  But for today just going to ramble stream of consciousness style.

I am certain we will be in the bread line soon.  Well okay I am not certain.  But I am a boy scout: Be prepared.  At my insistence, we have started a course of extreme budgeting.  I’m even clipping coupons y’all.  Like the olden days.  We have evaluated and eliminated things to be deemed non-essential.  Cutting back to bare bones minimum.  Next step dumpster diving.  I jest.  Or do I?  Kind of, sort of, not really!

We are still blessed and privileged.  Fat and happy!  Which gives me no clue into why my OCD is pinging.

Okay, I have a clue.  I know it is FEAR!  B has never not worked.  NEVER! He carried us for 15 years as I was a pseudo stay at home mom working solely to pay for health insurance.  The uncertainty of his job prospect is unnerving.  Yet I am strangely and seriously excited!  The challenge is fan-freaking-tastic!

Here is one example of what cuckoo J-Dub does now.  I get free Bath and Body no purchase necessary body wash via monthly coupon.  I will never ever pay for body wash again!  Lol.

Until I quit getting the coupons that is.  I am certain they mail them to me because until recently I spent waaaayyy too much money there.  All under the guise of you saved $240.  Uh ya, not saving anything when the original bill would have been $600.  Means I spent $360 “stocking” up.  And you know what?  I can never find a new scent bulb when I need one.  They are hidden all over this house.  We will have scent bulbs for the ages. But I am not getting any more despite seeing that I saved $240 gives me a such rush!!!  Exhilarating!!!

Hi my name is J-Dub and I “had” a problem.

In the Spirit of Gilda

I haven’t railed against the machine in a while.

Okay, you can quit laughing.

I can hear you.

Seriously now.

Just quit it.

Lol :).

In the spirit Gilda, Roseanne Roseannadanna – “It’s always something – if it ain’t one thing it’s another” I come here to release the hounds.  Though I am actually quite zen in this moment.  No anger only slight sadness.  And maybe not even sadness but worry.  Yep worry it is.  Winner, winner chicken dinner.

The weather sucks ass.  Uh ya it does.  Cold I can take but wet?  Enough already.  I feel terrible for those affected by the Hurricanes.  I wish them well as they recover from the devastation.

After that, I really have nothing to complain about.  I should be grateful.  And I am.  But that does nothing to take away the angst.  Channeling my former therapist, there are no degrees to what affects us.  I should not dismiss my feelings as nonchalantly as I do.  I am entitled to feel. It’s all relative.  “It’s always something – if it ain’t one thing it’s another.”

I turned in my car for repairs.  I received a text that estimated delivery date is 11/15/18.  I need to contact the insurance company to see how much of the rental they will pay.  I know part is my responsibility.  I already hate the rental car.  It is too big.  I am afraid to drive it.  The agent scared me trying to get me to take their insurance.  My adjuster already warned me they may do that.  She told me to decline the coverage.  I don’t think she is supposed to say that though.

Any who.  That’s nothing.  What’s weighing heavily is three days until the meet and greet.  Meanwhile B is doing everything he can think of to avoid filling out new paperwork to a point where he is going to miss the chance to stay on.  Fucking pride!

Any who.  He’s a grown ass man and I cannot force him to do anything.  I would cautiously see what’s what before doing anything drastic.  But maybe that’s just me.  The rule follower.

As always, more to come.