#SoCS – The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Plain


Why is this all I got?  The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.  First thought that popped into my brain on this wonderful, not rainy as the weatherman predicted, Saturday morning.  Too bad Hurricane Cindy did not bring the rain we so desperately need.

Every week I look  forward to Linda’s #SoCS prompts.  Check out the link for all the deets as in details aka THE RULES :).

Maybe I am channeling my inner Audrey?  Who knows?  I do not care for My Fair Lady.  I love adaptations and everything Broadway.  Few exceptions.  My Fair Lady happens to be one.

There is more to being respectable than the way one speaks.  Add the way one dresses or even acts for that matter.  I’m drawn to the odd balls, the misfits, the cutters (1979 movie Breaking Away – Jackie Earle Hayley, you charismatic Kelly Leak devil you).   Boo, hiss if you will, all you lovers of Pygmalion.  I can take it.

So let’s get back to rain, reign, rein.  Is that like buy, by, bye or there, their, they’re? You betcha!  YAY Homophones!  Here are some more:

  • doe, doh, dough – deer, Homer, pizza 🙂
  • cite, sight, site
  • holey, holy, wholly
  • peak, peek, peke, pique
  • vain, vane, vein
  • ware, wear, where

Grammar police of the world unite in our common disdain for misuse of words.  Of course in poetic stream of consciousness, all bets are off.  If I were to search back through my work, I’d find all sorts of artistic license. Any hoo (see I did it right here, get it?). Hehe, I slay me.

Now let’s play a game; shall we?  In my pathetic attempt to enter into engaging conversation with my readership (of which there are two brave souls who might play along), comment with the homophones of your choice.  Bonus score for using said homophones in a sentence correctly.  C’mon on in, the water’s fine.  You know you want to!

As always, more to come.

No More Secrets

J-Dub's Confessions

I feel a novella coming on … well maybe not.  I hear tell 500 words or less is the average attention span.  I will try and keep to that.  Let the games begin!

Good morning world; what a glorious day!  Saturday June 23rd, 2017 in the year of our Lord.

I’ve been thinking about stuff … lots of stuff.

Everyone knows that mi familia has been through some stuff.

To compensate, I remind myself with daily affirmations that our stuff is not bad … in the big scheme of things.  Our stuff is minor in comparison what others are going through as I rattle off atrocities hitting the headline news.  But … and it’s a BIG but … we can’t keep diminishing our feelings and sweeping things under the rug.

Stuff should NOT be bottled up and locked tightly away.

Heaven forbid we share our stuff because no one … and I mean no one REALLY (as opposed to falsely) wants to know about THAT!

Well a Pandora’s Box of stuff is about to fling open!

In fact, I could even make a new category!!!  Oh how I love new categories.  Bringing me such Glee or if my creativity doesn’t spark, these love notes will definitely be categorized as J-Dub’s Confessions.

More matter the category, the following is an example of the stigma one must overcome when sharing our stuff.

Friend across the aisle “I think it is terrible what was written about that poor woman, don’t you?”

Me: “My brother was an alcoholic; I wished I had said something back in the day.  Too late for him, but maybe the daughter’s words will save someone else.”

Friend across the aisle “well yes, talk about it but … you know, keep the discussion in the family”

Me: “Secrets and shame are harmful.  To me, WHY THE HELL NOT?!!!! ”

Far too many people would rather be ostriches burying their heads in the sand.  Who knows why? Maybe they think “if I don’t talk about it, it will go away” or … motives are countless.  The short of it is this, I have lost friends who could not deal with me talking about my stuff.  I am older now and I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me but for the next generation or anyone not in the same head space being denied an outlet is devastating. Speak people … SHOUT from the rooftops if you have to.  We are here; we will listen.  You are not alone.

As always, more to come.

On This Day June 22, 2014

Aftermath of the 2014 Fall

The following was posted on Facebook three years ago to the day.  A mundane event in the aftermath of the fall.  He would do anything for her.  No denying a father’s 💝. If only it was still that easy for her to be happy. 

Billy needed a hair cut, first time since the accident and he was looking very wooly. He doesn’t have a regular stylist like Lulu and I but he does go to the same place – Sports Clips in Citybase about 4 or 5 x’s a year. They know him and consider him a ‘regular’

Lulu and I tried to talk him into getting the MVP treatment … the hair cut with hot towel, massage, etc… 

Us “come on, you deserve it, the massage is the best … soooo relaxing”

Billy”grumble, grumble, words we could not understand”

Lulu “at least get your eye brows done” as she says to him once a week for the last however many years!

Billy “more unintelligible words”

We got there right when the place opened, he was the second one back. When he was done we were so surprised … the stylist asked if he wanted to do something about those long eye brows and he said “yea go ahead … that’d make my daughter happy”

And happy she is … it’s the little things that make you smile 🙂

Have a great Sunday one and all … it is going to be a glorious day!!

On this day one year ago

Notes From Therapy

The following came up in my memories dated exactly one year ago.   Lulu and I were in CC at her orientation.  On the surface all was shiny but underneath there was an undercurrent of turmoil.  

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I was attempting poetry.  Pre-therapy ordered though. My own coping mechanism brought forward from my youth.  

Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves

The pressure for perfection is intense yet there is no such thing

 Just beyond our grasps forever eluding our capture

 I want all this but at what cost? 

 Is it worth it? 

 Doesn’t peace of mind mean anything? 

I want to tell her the truth

I wish she’d Fail! Quit! Surrender!

That way she can believe there is light and life even after

As always more to come

A Club You Never Want To Join 

Notes From Therapy

More practice for therapeutic reasons.  Poetry in motion. Trying to purge these painful feelings.  Remembering Jimbo Pete and others who suffered or are suffering personally or peripherally from the grip of addiction.  

He commented on the postcard 

“My screensaver”

Memories of a better time

I thought 

This is what it’s like to meet a movie star

Or someone famous

Notorious really

But in a good way

The BEST way

In a beautifully sad way

The lines on his face 

The tired bloodshot eyes

The simple gold band

A survivor of loss 

Whose pain was displayed

For the greater good

But for the Grace of God there go I

Lame Attempt At Poetry

Notes From Therapy

I feel guilty.  I want to save (control) the situation.  Need to work on not being a martyr.  Writing out the feelings.  Let’s see if this helps?!?

There is the pit

In my stomach

Tingling and nervous energy

That I would not wish on my own worst enemy

Thoughts racing like a fire that burns

Sitting placidly while the insides turn

This anxious seed grows

From a place that seeks to control

And seeks to make her whole

While trying to save my soul

As always more to come. 


Because We All Need A Little Levity

I picked up dinner Friday night from the little Jalisco around the corner. The place was crazy busy.  Drive through was six cars deep so I went inside.  It was bring your kids to work day for the waitresses.  Glad we decide on ‘to go’.   Anyway I ordered and I waited. 

Meanwhile a lady comes in; she’d ordered over the phone.  We both wait.  Making small talk.  My order comes first.  He says I thought you were together.  Nope. 

She asks is your number 123-4567?  Nope. 

She looks over at me and says “watch this” She hits re-dial, the phone starts ringing.  Doh!   Haha. Profuse apologizes with offer to comp her meal. As I exit she says “it’s free?  In that case I ordered …” 😂

I wish I could think that quickly on my feet. 

As always more to come.