Friday 🐏 blings 12/13/19

Good thing I’m not superstitious. But I am. Oops too late. Cats out of the bag. I better throw some salt over my left shoulder. Or is it my right shoulder? In any case I don’t plan on stepping on any cracks. 

One of Pony’s best friends turns 32 today. Pony follows suit in six months. That’s a non superstitious good thing. But I have to ask. How the heck do I have an almost 32 year old?

He’s been through the wringer that kid of ours. Tide is turning and he’s taking his life back. He’s dropped 35 lbs since September. He jokingly told us he was going to shave his beard and mustache since he no longer feels like he has a double chin. Then he went and shaved. Oops! He tells me go ahead and get it over with. I just smiled. He’s got a chin and a half. Now he’s deciding does he amp up the regimen or wait two weeks because by then his beard will be back.

Moving on to yummy leftovers. See the asparagus affectionately referred to as “ah-spare-ah-goose”. When I order this in a restaurant, I am lucky to get four spears. While these are thinner, I’m counting way more than four. That’s a salmon patty hiding underneath there. Yum 😋 

TGIF folks!!

As always more to come.

J-Dub’s Review of “Echo in the Canyon”

Most enjoyable retrospective look back at mid-60s music. The echoing canyon refers to Hollywood’s Laurel Canyon which was a musical mecca for up and coming groups. Seeing Tom Petty brought the tears. The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Beach Boys, Mamas and the Papas and more. I always say this, I was born late. I gravitate towards an earlier era. Oh to be a fly on those walls. The documentary gave me that look inside. Two thumbs up or 5 stars.

P.S. I forgot the most important part. Here’s a song from those featured.

1linerWeds. 12/11/19

Back to TV land today. I’m really enjoying The Moody’s Christmas. It is a three night event, two episodes per night. Without further ado some good lines:

Sean Jr: This! This is unconscionable. And what no breakfast?

Sean Sr: You can get your own place you know.

Sean Jr: Don’t play chicken with me old man I’m your mostly likely caregiver

As always more to come.

Sunday 🐏 blings 12/8/19

New category alert!!  Ramblings.  Yay!!!  Or Ugh!  I can hear the crowd cheer and groan.  Or maybe smile and wonder what is Jilly up to?  Who knows?

Short story really.  I decided my Life category was getting too full by becoming a catch-all of sorts. But no more!  I won’t waste time re-categorizing.  New posts only from today on.

Time is zipping along and I am in the typical Eeyore head space for this time of year.  Swimming against the current while trying not to be Ebeneezer Scrooge.  I can hear B on the phone with Lulu.  He talks to her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!  He started doing that after … well after the terrible awful and he has yet to miss a day.  He is not going to be the reason something goes south.  Nope.  He tells her he doesn’t text and she has to take his calls.  Which she does and secretly enjoys.  Me?  I get the I can’t talk now.  Which is fine since mostly I have nothing to say.   Sadly I could go weeks without speaking.  Reading and writing doesn’t count.  All three are expressions but speaking is way too much work most days.

What’s on my mind?  More than I can say.  The first anniversaries of a million little things are about to hit us.  Mainly Pony but the rest of the family too because we love him.  He’s doing better.  Well he appears to be doing better.  No one ever really knows anyone.

At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.  He recently told me that he can no longer feel his second chin which means he might shave the beard and see what’s under there.  He has lost a considerable amount of weight … on purpose.  Part of taking back control.  Of course his weight was not the issue but only a symptom.  He is addressing the root cause.  Makes my heart happy.  Now to sustain that happiness without finding anything else to obsess about.  We all know I am the queen of MSU – making stuff up.

Ta-ta for now but I’ll be back.  You can count on it.  Seriously?  Yes Meredith Grey.  Seriously!

As always, more to come.

#SLS for 12/8/19 ~ “Hot Legs”

Jim gives us prompts arm, elbow, legs, or knees. When I first saw the prompt, all I could think of was ZZ Top’s “Legs” but since I recently used a ZZ Top song, I went looking elsewhere.

That’s when I rediscovered “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart. I had the album Foot Loose and Fancy Free which I played on a loop. I remember using my own money to buy it from Record Rendevous a mom and pop record store in McCreless Mall. I’ll never forget their window displays. The covers were works of art. The year before I’d bought A Night on the Town which was meant to be like an impressionist painting. Foot Loose was simply Rod’s cool self on the cover. Looking all Tubbs and Crockett in a light color suit. I loved every song on both those albums. Here’s the video. Lyrics within. Hope you enjoy.

Rules and Ping Back

Saturday 🐏 blings 12/7/19

I may or may not have mentioned that this time of year is tough for me.  I miss family who have passed in the deepest way possible.  Grief is a funny thing.  I am not over my losses.  I never will be!  I no longer wallow thank goodness.  Maybe to call myself a mostly functioning griever explains how I feel.  Then I stumbled across the best news story ever which I am saving for #WATWB and though waiting to share, I took heed.  

I got up early today to stream.  Then I went back to bed and actually slept!  I feat I tell ya.  When I finally woke up again at still a respectable hour, I went  out.  I treated myself to 1/2 and 1/2 tea with lime.

Then I went to my old stomping grounds aka Rolling Oaks Mall.  I can tell ya why the retailers are grousing.  The pre-holiday mall traffic was sparse.  The drive there was a cake walk what used to be backed up, stop and go.  I even found gas for only $1.95 a gallon!  It’s $2.06 by the house.  Score!!!

Upon arrival, the sense I got entering this particular Macy’s for the first time since my self imposed ban, was surreal.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  The decor … throw back to 80s, structure worn for the wear but and my oh my the clutter.  I thought I was in a flea market.  Not that flea markets are bad, but different than the we got dressed up to shop there once upon at time.  Guess Macy’s is no longer high end (if it ever was high end).  We have the Saks and the Rack for that now.  My mom was a garage sale shopper which made me right at home.  I was only window shopping but tempted because who can beat sweaters for $12.99?!?!  But the thing is, it’s too warm.  I need only the sweaters I already have in my closet drawer.

I purposefully stayed out of the kids department of the JC Penneys since last time I was there my crying was uncontrollable.  Reminded me too much of little Lulu and how the adult Lulu struggles.  What if?  If only … Not my place.  Hard to watch but I have to let go.

Pony hasn’t had it easy either but he is more adaptable and charismatic as his grandpa (my dad) used to say.  Pony will be just fine.  He is taking back control of what he can and changing for the better.  If his sister had that same moxy, I wouldn’t worry as much.  Oh who the heck am I kidding??!?  I’d make up something new to worry about.  Or not.  I too am adaptable.  My outlet is to vent.  Good thing I can write this stuff out and be right as rain immediately afterwards.

I took the cemetery circuit home.   Part of my reason for going to Rolling Oaks was the proximity to Holy Cross cemetery.  Add in a quick stop by Fort Sam and I am fin.

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 12/7/19 ~ “key”

here we go here we go again time once again for #SoCS Linda says and I repeat: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “key.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

i am trying a free form no holds barred different thing today of typing without punctuation the first thoughts as they come to my brain sense or nonsense lets get this party started you don’t have to tell me twice key think think and think first thought is skeleton key a movie or a book or both something like stephen king would write though i think someone else wrote skeleton key and for some reason i see that monkey with the cymbals that was a toy of the olden days vintage they call it but me i call that darn monkey creepy and not wanting to go there to the dark side on this nice cold morning finally ya’ll the temp dropped to a respectable normal if normal even exists because likely there is no such a thing as normal but the coolness is a sweet sweet relief about damn time go back to key but all i can think of is that dang monkey he had red and white stripe pants and a yellow vest with bug eyes i am almost sure of it if i try to change course now i am stuck i need a key to unlock my potential the key to success is made paved with good intentions much like the road to hell and if i do not sit up straight and fly right i will miss out even with the keys to the kingdom oh and i almost forgot my sister and brother in law celebrate their wedding anniversary today they picked december 7 for the historical significance a day that will live in infamy pearl harbor was tragic their wedding changes that to a day of promise what is the key to a happy life and don’t you dare say happy wife it takes two to tango the key to a happy marriage is oh how the hell do we know we got lucky and no being married is not hard work if you love what you do you will never work another day in your life and fin enjoy your saturday one and all i wore myself out i am going back to bed to join this band of key prompt respondents here are the rules and ping back as always more to come