So, … She Gone and Done Did It

What are you talkin’ ’bout Jilly?  You gone and done did what?  Or are you just rambling and spouting local expressions?  Next thing we know you’ll be saying “that dog don’t hunt”.

And what’s all this got to do with the price of tea in China … right Jim?

Completely unrelated to #SLS but since the reference was made, I linked back there.  Sometimes only music calms me.  And I need calming right about now.  My whoa began in 2010.  If whatever “this” is was going to kill me, I’d be dead by now.  That’s nine … count ’em nine looong years.

Over time my symptoms morphed ever so slightly.  Lately there is no ebb to the flow.  Which pushed me back to my doctor for a CT With Contrast.  The results were so fantastic that I had to scream!!!!!! NOT 😦

When the nurse called me with all negative; she also said I didn’t need to go back in two weeks but they could refer me to a gastroenterologist.    Harumph!!  Down that road we’ve already been.  That was negative too!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re still wondering what she done did?  I read my lab results.  This time the report said “results are essentially normal”.  WTF!  Just essentially so …  I maybe splitting hairs here with synonyms but essentially means approximately!  More or less so!  In my anxiety ridden mind, I read in other words NOT completely normal.

Now I am doing my own research.  Seriously! On the words from the report.  I have a hiatal hernia.  Multiple kidney cysts (they have been there forever, not changing and not “supposed” to hurt) and some new thing which is a mile long latin word consistent with pelvic congestion syndrome.   I also want to sign up for that new TV show along the same vein of “Mystery Diagnosis”.  Someone needs to help me crack the code.  

While I’m waiting for my 15 minutes of fame, I’m taking the following steps:

  • No eating after 7 pm
  • Up water intake
  • Quit caffeinated beverages.  I have all but given up my beloved morning coffee.  I had knocked back to one cup on Sundays having breakfast with B but that’s been months ago.  Nixing tea is next step except for the herbal/green variety which might actually help.
  • WALK or get some freaking form of exercise!!!
  • Eat smaller meals more slowly
  • Sleep on an incline if can find a wedge … though some of my sources say that can hurt more than help.  Damn you Google and your conflicting sources!

I’m very confused.  But I’m trying a hodgepodge of home remedies.  I refuse to give up!!

My rational mind knows it’d be malpractice to not help me.  I also fully recognize that essentially normal was a poor word choice.  I admit I’m known for MSU.  Still everything hurts.  If anyone has a hiatal hernia with treatments that work, share them here in the comments.  <insert disclaimer of I won’t hold you to it – pinky swear> :).

As always, more to come.



For 6/16/19 ~ “Love Without End Amen”

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and father figures out there!!  Time once again for #SLS.  Jim gives us the prompt of Dad/Father/Barbecue.

I went with classic country for my choice.  Written by songwriter Aaron Barker turned into a hit by George Strait.   It’s a real story written after Aaron’s 16 year old son was in a car wreck.  He wanted to give his son advice and it came out in the way of this song.

At first Aaron did not want to release the song to George because it was too personal for him.  He felt no one else could do justice.  Aaron’s mother and sister convinced him to do otherwise and the rest is history.

rules and ping back

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 6/15/19 ~ Social

Good morning!!  Happy Saturday to you and yours.  #Free48!!

I feel a Holy shamoly  coming on same as Linda who every week allows us to join her party where we roll with the proverbial flow. You should join us too.  The details are HERE.

Whew! What a wonderful whirlwind week!!  And it ain’t over yet.  To the prompt!!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “social.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Ah man .. any way … would someone please tell me a way … any way … could go many different directions.  And me … here I sit with analysis paralysis.

Well you could do an acrostic.

S –  searching for an

O – open welcoming

C – community where people

I – interact with one

A – another creating circles of the most trusted

L – loyalty

Wait! what?  Why did you do that? Ugh!  You’re wasting the good peoples’ time.

I realize you’re referring to social in the sense of being friend.  In fact Jilly Beans, you remember Sr. Mary Margaret telling your class that the word social comes from the Latin socius meaning “friend.”  Funny strange how one recalls random events of the past when you’re spilling thoughts onto the page without a care in the world.

Once upon a time at work, management put on ice cream socials to celebrate just about anything.  Wonder if they still do that in the call center.  Those folks are much more rah-rah.  And you used to love rah-rah team building.  Forget the fact that you’re an introvert.

Can an introvert be social?  Why yes! Yes we can.  Only difference is the need to recuperate after such outings.  I muster up the courage to attend all the while planning my exit.  Then I reward myself for being in the company of people with what?  You guessed it.  ICE CREAM.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Now I am back on the playground in 2nd grade.  No you’re in your home office.  On the fine Saturday morning.

I will close with feel good moments from this week plus one not so feel good moment to start …

  • My CT results were NORMAL.  Yet I’m feeling anything but …  Plus another new symptom popped up Thursday night/very early Friday morning.  I have not Web Md’ed this yet.  I won’t … or might not … or I will and I will blog about it.  🙂
  • Had the best Wednesday and Thursday at work despite being very loooong days.  My co-worker L has started calling me Jilly Beans.  I always wanted a nickname.  That fills a void.
  • A different co-worker told me I talked her off the ledge.  Which is only fair seeing as she did same for me on several occasions.  By some miracle, we do not need “the talking to” at the same time.
  • Finally I reconnected with former co-workers toward a common goal.

And now I am done.  Beep beep beep went the timer.  Off to see what mischief I can achieve.

As always, more to come.



J-Dub’s Review of “Beautiful Bad: A Novel” by Annie Ward

The story was alright until the awful ending. Real life doesn’t work that way. Or maybe it does? While I know this is fiction, but the ending seemed far fetched with no closure. In the tradition of “Gone Girl”

I did enjoy the work backwards chronological telling until the day of … the after the day of read like a post script. Nice going. For that I rated 3 stars ✨ This book has 3.7 stars ✨ on Goodreads. There’s worse ways to spend your time.

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. 6/12/19

Staying with from TV show theme with a spin toward theater. This more than one line comes from the Tony Awards.

First some facts – Almost 15 million NYC theatre 🎭 goers. The largest season in history. There were 34 new shows at average 90% capacity.

Wow! I need to go back. Soon!!

In accepting his best actor award for Hadestown, Andre De Shields shared his three cardinal rules for his sustainability and longevity:

    Surround yourself with people who’s eyes light up when they see you coming.
    Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be.
    The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next so keep climbing.

Sage advice on this wonderful Wednesday.

As always more to come.

rules and ping back

I Left AMA

… no I didn’t. Why? Because there are no doctors to be seen. Texas Med Clinic is now an almost self-service affair. You check yourself in, your name goes up on the board, and you wait to be called. Heaven help me if you have a question because automation doesn’t allow for that.

Good thing I wasn’t seriously injured and bleeding to death I wonder what the hell would’ve happen then. I guess I could’ve dripped blood all over their little iPad check-in kiosk.

Went home and iced it. Doesn’t even hurt 😔 anymore. Not going to MSU. I’m fine. Freaked out insecure neurotic. No seriously. I’m fine 🙂.

As always more to come.

Is it broken?

… sure hope not

This time it’s my right arm not my left. Or actually my right hand not my left arm. It’s swelling up a little bit and I don’t know if that means it’s broken or not so I’m gonna have it x-rayed to be safe but I surely don’t want to x-ray it because I’m just wasting money on nothing I’m sure this is nothing. Or I’ll find out I broke my damn hand.

As always more to come.