#SoCS 3/28/20

Hi y’all.  Linda gives us this creative prompt that follows:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now. Take note of it if you think you might forget. Enjoy!

Doh!  What happens if I am reading this prompt at the SAME time I am writing it.  Usually that’s not the case.  However I didn’t get a chance to pre-read yesterday.  Boo 😦

Guess I will cheat and not get any bonus points,  Bummer!

Truth be told I already have an ear worm …

Rule breaker Jilly

Donna Summer disco era ear worm – Songwriter: Paul Jabara

Beside me, to guide,
To hold me, to scold me,
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad


Okay, simmer down.  Seems like I’ve been told alot lately.  Jilly just simmer down.

Beside me is a mouse.  Not the squeaky kind, the techno kind.  Mice don’t squeak anyways except maybe a cartoon mouse.

Awwww Mickey.  “Whose the leader of the club that’s made for you and me!”

Mice make scratching sounds.  They pitter-patter.  This I know having slept in a rural place in a house where the master bedroom was filled with mice.  While I may on occasion make stuff up, this is #truth!

B and I were newlyweds.  We went to his grandpa’s ranch a little south of  Freer Texas for the weekend. Middle of nowhere y’all.  The place was populated with donkeys too but that’s a story for another day.  Settled in and trying to sleep that first night, I told B I heard something.

Me: What’s that?

B: nothing

Me: Is something on the headboard?

B: no

Me: You sure?  Seriously what’s that noise?

And this convo went on a loop as he kept telling me “it’s nothing.  Or it’s the wind or whatever was outside the window”.  I was assured there was NOTHING in the room but us.  I second guessed my ears and eventually fell asleep.  It was not until the next day that he confirmed those mice bastards as opposed to rat bastards were skittering across the head board all night.  If I had known I would have demanded to be driven home in the middle of the night.  The rest of the weekend, we slept in the living room.  Funny what one remembers.

Back to beside me. I am sitting at my new home office aka the bar between the kitchen and the living room.  The mouse beside me is a trusty, purple beauty that helps me maneuver the screen.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy!  And that is all for today.  Wishing you all a peaceful Saturday in our new normal.

To join in with this band of rowdy prompt respondents., here are the Rules and Ping Back.

P.S. I was up this early to participate in a system test.  The exercise was supposed to last two hours but they let P&C go first.  After confirming a successful release, I am going back to bed.

As always, more to come.


#WDIIA ~ 3/27/20

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Happened again last night.  My mother in law fell. The tele-med doc says she’s dehydrated.  Catch 22 since drinking more makes her have to get up in the middle of the night.  My oldest said we need to watch her because frequent falls could me something worse.   He remembers my dad, his PoPo falling in the shower, being put in the hospital, and never coming home.  Of course dad was 90 not 76.  This too shall pass.  Praying we do not have round three again tonight.  If my mother in law dies, B’s dad will go with her.  I can’t imagine him continuing on without her.  Very “Notebook” they are …

Otherwise we’re A-okay!  Completed my 2nd week working from home.  Three weeks out of the office though since I took off Spring Break.  Still paranoid about this thing getting me or someone I know.  Eventually they say everyone will know of someone.  Right now I just hear about certain cases that hit the news … a celebrity or a perfectly healthy 31 year old with no underlying conditions.  I’d like some stats on people who Lived to tell the tale through I guess that is not newsworthy.

In my insomniac state last night, I read a share on FB from a doctor in Michigan showing us how to stay safe with groceries or take out.  A huge production. Similar what they do in an operating room to stay sterile.

Toss the cereal box keep the inside package.  Wipe down cans.  Wash fruit (which we already do).  He even went so far as to say leave non perishables in the car for three days to kill everything.  Apparently this corona bastard loves the cold so items in the freezer can have the virus on them for up to two years!!

My BS meter never went off.   I told the fam this morning that I did not care if they thought me crazy, we are doing this!!! Surgical sterile grocery un-packing.  Yeah baby said in the Austin Powers voice over voice.

My oldest simply said “I have three words for you mom …

(1) Google

(2) security

(3) theater”

Ha! well I’d rather have the illusion of security than this feeling of doom.

How about you folks?

As always, more to come.

#WDIIA 3/26/20

Let’s stay connected at this link http://lindaghill.com/2020/03/26/what-day-is-it-anyway-thursday-march-26th-2020-help-wanted/

No idea how to link off my phone. Hope this pings back.

Last night we got a call at almost 3am. My mother in law fell out of bed or stumbled going to the bathroom. We’ll never know which. My father in law tried but couldn’t lift her. She’s not big but they’re both a bit feeble. That sounds terrible. I’m sorry. Not sure how else to explain.

B rushed over there and got her back into bed. Today she says she’s sore. Nothing broken but her pride thank goodness. I couldn’t get back to sleep and kept asking B to wash his hands. He said she doesn’t have COVID and for me to simmer down.

I’ve lost it. Paranoid one of the four of us will get sick. Acting like I have it and I’m trying not to spread it. I’m refusing to go to the store. Under the stay order only one person (head of household) should go. That’s not me. B went solo today while I worked remotely. No hoarding here. Meal planned for one week. Same as usual.

I hope everyone is adapting. Like with anything there is good and bad. We’re sure learning about each other. Heard many say true colors are showing. On that front, I’ve seen much more good.

As always more to come.

#1linerWeds. & #WDIIA 3/25/20

Rules and Ping Back.

Sage one liner from Ms. Linda & Rumi today.  Very fitting for our current situation.  I wrote yesterday about the lack of control I was feeling. While I knew this all along, it has never been more clear that …

You can’t change your situation, the only thing you can change is how you choose to deal with it.

Author unknown

Happy Wednesday folks!  Let’s … make … a … deal 🙂

As always, more to come.

#SAS Hiatus ~ 3/24/20 Off Cycle Reflections Instead

I was going to do this cutesy thing and post two songs each Tuesday that I listened to before logging in to work.  You know after my short 30 step commute to this snazzy new home office aka the breakfast bar between our kitchen and living room.  But, … I’m not feeling it.  I think I have finally come undone.

I have always minimized my true feeling due to guilt of having only champagne problems.  I have learned over time that there is no hierarchy of what invalidates pain.  While some have it worse than me and some better, what I feel is valid … for me.  I am not good at the self care stuff.  In fact, I go to extremes that are unhealthy.  A trait that I have passed on to my child.  Things are bad around here.  I cannot tell a lie.  Yet while looking for silver linings, I suppose we are building character.

I’ve taken an “it is what it is” stance.  Not like the Spring Breakers in Florida who went out there saying “We’re fine screw the rest of you”.  Have you heard?  A group is now sick.  Instead I am following all the rules to the letter.

My “it is what it is”  realization tells me that despite the precautions, we have no control.  None of us.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.  And the ‘it’ can be a wide variety of things, not just Covid-19.  Nothing new to see around here folks; let’s just keep swimming.

Yes that’s a Finding Nemo reference.  With a typo.  That I’m going to let slide for convenience sake.  Swimming has two m’s people!!!  lol

As always, more to come.

What Day is it Anyway? #WDIIA 3/23/20

Let’s stay connected.

Hope you are faring well considering.

Us? We go into shelter in place orders tonight at midnight.


I was doing that already but something about the ORDER from our mayor makes this REAL.  You know as opposed to fake.  Ugh.  Somebody stop me.

That is all for now in this moment.

As always, more to come.

What Day is it Anyway? #WDIIA 3/22/20

Let’s keep in touch.

J-Dub’s log, star date March 22, 2020 about 3:55 pm CST.  Yesterday and today I took time for self care.  Selfishly I know considering there are degrees of this thing and us?  Well, we are #blessedbeyondmeasure.  Not sure how we lucked out but glad we did. And truth be told, I am feeling guilty.  Like I should learn to drive a big rig.  Or something. Don’t laugh.  Okay laugh because that would be funny.  “East bound and down loaded up and truckin we’re gonna do what they say can’t be done we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there …”

I slept in until 8:30 as part of my self care.  Waffles were waiting for me and hot coffee.  B takes good care of us.  Not just because of  shelter in place but because he is the head chef and I am the resident bottle washer.  Thankfully this time together has not changed our dynamic.

I have heard from others that in no time at all, they are questioning things.   Imagine being trapped with someone you come to realize you cannot stand?  And on the other side, I have a dear friend who told me she has never been more painfully aware that she lives alone.  Going to work was an outlet for her and now she is cut off as her firm is all working from home.  I don’t understand completely what she does but she researches without much need to collaborate.  We have facetimed more in the last three days than the entire time I have known her.

Last night I had a weird dream too but I remember it.  A high school friend’s grand daughter was crying because her parents were fighting in another room.  I was with her in the living room … just us but we could hear them screaming.  I went to hug her but she bristled as I did.  I was sure it was due to COVID-19.  I stopped hugging her while saying calmly “we’ll all be okay” And she replied “We will! Do you know why?  Because God will protect us”. Then I woke up.

As always, more to come.


#SLS for 3/22/20 ~ “Promises, Promises”

Jim prompts us with vow/oath/promise. I picked “Promises, Promises” because it’s from the 80s. Classic by one or two hit wonder Naked Eyes. New Wave was a thing for a while. Duh, Jill. They know that. More at the Wiki.

“Promises, Promises” Writers Peter Byrne and Rob Fisher

Never had a doubt in the beginning
Never a doubt
Trusted you true in the beginning
I loved you right through

Arm in arm we laughed like kids
At all the silly things we did

You made me promises, promises
Knowing I’d believe
Promises, promises
You knew you’d never keep

Second time around, I’m still believing
The words that you said
You said you’d always be here
“In love forever” still repeats in my head

You can’t finish what you start
If this is love it breaks my heart

You made me promises, promises
You knew you’d never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe?

Arm in arm we laughed like kids

At all the silly things we did
But you can’t finish what you start
If this is love it breaks my heart

You made me promises, promises
You knew you’d never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe
All of your promises
You knew you’d never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe?


Rules and Ping Back

What Day is it Anyway? #WDIIA 3/21/20

Ping Back to a way to mark the days and stay connected.

Well well well what have we here?

Did that sound menacing enough?

Without sound prolly not.

I do that now … more than ever … write like I talk.  I say prolly and y’all and all sorts of southern thangs.


We are adapting too.

Ask me at any given point in the day and I may tell you something different.  I reserve the right to change my mind.  Getting used to the current state of affairs is an ebb and flow situational.

At least my panic is calming down.  I was ever so sure I’d die.  Not of corona mind you but from my other ailments.  When I wrote about my psychological physical ailments being gone, well I was wrong.  The pain is back but I don’t dare seek treatment.

Another thing with the call your physician business.  I don’t have one.  She kicked us all to the curb.  I am SOL.  I sit until I want to scream then I walk it off.  And that walking helps.  I am obsessive about it too.  Very protective of MY time said in my Ray Walston as Mr. Hand voice over voice.

My conversation with B went something like this …

Me: I’m going to walk even if it is drizzling.  I won’t melt.

B: All you need is to get sick,

Me: That’s an old wives tale.

B: Nope, being out in the weather can lower your resistance.

Me: Well I read walking helps with depression and increases your immunities.  I think increased immunities beats lower resistance any time.

B: Go on, you’re gonna do what you want anyway.

Ha! He knows me so well.  I went out and the drizzle was not light.  In fact, I needed windshield wipers for my glasses.  Lol.  So, …  I came back in.  Put my ears buds in and walked dance laps around the house.  I haven’t hit my mark yet but it’s still early.  I have until midnight to reach my goal.  Victory is mine!!

As always, more to come.