For 8/21/18 ~ Rush

A day late and a dollar short

Whatever that means 😂

Aches and pains to my bones 😔


Update on the 2018-2019 SoCS Badge Contest

Take a look and get ready to vote on Thursday!!

Normally about now I’d be reminding everyone to hurry up and get their entries in for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge contest before the deadline. But there’s no need! Ten bloggers were so quick this year, I had to cut off the contest early.

If you’d like to go and have a look at all the lovely badges, here’s the link to the post: you’ll find the individual links in the comment section. I cleaned it up a bit so there’s only one of each.

I’ll write a post with links to them all on Thursday, along with a poll so everyone can vote on their favourite.

Thanks to all the contestants for your awesome badges! Best of luck to all!

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Castaways Review

As my usual J-dub self, I half way listen when the commercials/previews come on. I assumed Castaways was Survivor like. I was very wrong. Other than being on an island, the similarities stop 🛑 there.

Here is the premise:

This is documentary style and I usually enjoy documentaries but this show is slow moving. And it is triggering in many ways. When the 21 year old kid tried to beat the tide and swim across, my anxiety was singing. He made it but until he did 😮. Then he left.

And the poor guy left on his own and who wants nothing more than company. Yet in a good news ending, she came back.

Somehow it felt disrespectful to turn it off. I made it through. Yet I know that I don’t have the heart to watch next week.

As always more to come.

#FlashFiction ~ 8/20/18

Continued from  #Flash Fiction ~ 4/29/18

Reverend: Fancy meeting you here.  Are we still on for tomorrow night?

Ah yes the Casino Night fundraiser for the school was tomorrow night. And “we” was the parish community. And Sheila was the co-chair.

Sheila: I’ll be there.  I worked too hard on this not to see it through.  But after tomorrow, I am leaving.

Reverend: Dear Sheila, we’ve been over this before.  You’re not leaving.  How many times have you told me that?  Still you stay.  You know where your loyalties lie.

Sheila (wiping tears from her eyes): Look, you cannot talk me out of it this time. Just let me be.  For my sanity.

End scene.

As always, more to come.

So, … The Science of Happiness and Fred is a Mind Reader

Yesterday I had lunch with the brain trust.  Pony and Wise joined us as a last hurrah for Lulu who returns to school this week.  As usual politics were part of the conversation, on the table with the food.  My oh my, our future is secure with youngsters like my three who will be a voting drive force.  That I have to believe.

But this is not about that. I prefer face to face convos on politics.  Instead this post is loosely about the human condition and our capacity to survive. How dramatic!  Okay, we this is REALLY about A response to my partial book review linked here.

My friend Fred shared the link shown below.  20 minutes of content that I NEEDED to see.  Who knew he was a mind reader?  I some times sit in awe of the cosmic universe and how some people stroll into our lives by questionable means just when we need them most (well not really questionable but uh … the Internet has issues ya know).  And as Wise pointed out to me very nicely yesterday, you are a good heart, open and trusting, you become attached quickly and let people in too easily.  Protect yourself.  WE are here when you need someone to talk to.

Any Who, without further ado, here is the TED talk by Dan Gilbert shared by Fred which is too good not to pass along to all of you.  Enjoy and Happy Monday!

As always, more to come.

Partial Review of Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon

I’m on page 400 of 702 and that doesn’t include the Notes and Bibliography which puts this book at over 900 pages. Small print, single spaced and worth the effort. I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to see the movie and wonder who they will showcase.

Main lesson learned is one never knows what someone else is going through. How we choose to deal (or not) with our circumstances varies widely. One could say we’re never given more than we can handle but there is are entire section on filicide. Parents who snap/break. Unimaginable.

I probably shouldn’t be reading this as I’m emotional as of late. But I’m drawn in. The human condition is fascinating. For now, I’ll close with a few quotes from my common place book:

  • … “post human future” in which we eliminate the variety within mankind.” ~ Francis Fukuyama
  • … his murderous crime “was inherited in his organism and came from ancestor” ~ Clarence Darrow
  • The attribution of responsibility to parents is often a function of ignorance, but it also reflects our anxious belief that we control our own destiny.
  • Parents are not powerful enough to cause disease.
  • “If we tolerate prejudice toward any group, we tolerate it toward all groups.” ~ Benjamin Jealous
  • … “that the light enters you at bandaged places.” ~ Rumi
  • “Though I have gathered statistics, I have relied primarily on anecdotes because numbers imply trends, while stories acknowledge chaos.”
  • This book’s conundrum is that most of the families described here have ended up grateful for experiences they would’ve done anything to avoid.

I’m seriously considering going back to school. It’s never too late right? You betcha.

As always, more to come.

So, … Quote of the Day from an Unlikely Source

I am not a big fan of the TV show South Park.  Sure I like to laugh but sometimes I found this show pushed the envelope on what felt comfortable to me.  Not judging any die-hard fans.  To each his own as they say.

Pony had just turned 9 when this show first aired.  We were living in town at the time and had cable TV but only basic.  South Park was not on our TV line up and even if it was, we knew better.  Though animated, the content was purely adult.  Imagine our surprise when we got called to the school because Pony was quoting South Park during recess.

The little rascal had found a way to watch with his friends who had the supreme cable package.  No more  sleepovers without parental supervision.  That was about the time when the boys began to stay exclusively at our house.  And I am not naive enough to think they still didn’t get into “stuff”.  Even today they like to shock me with tales of their antics.  Lalalalalala.  I do not want to know.  Oy Ve!

Any Who, see how my mind wonders.  I came here to quote from the show even though I do not particularly care for it.  Demonstrates nothing is absolute because even in irreverence, there is hope/beauty/goodness.

Butters from South Park said:

“Well yeah, I’m sad, but at the same time I’m really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin’ really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I’m feelin’ is like, a beautiful sadness.”

Missing loved ones near and far; here and especially in the netherworld.  May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

As always, more to come.

For 8/19/18 ~ Sing Along Song – Destroyer by the Kinks



1.  make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain.

I have been flinching a lot of that lately.  But today I am trying to find peace.  I do that by listening to music.  I found this video because I was looking up the word paranoia.  Hi my name is J-Dub and I like to make up stuff.  Well actually I hate it.  My mind is working overtime.  Stop damn thoughts!

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place
Feelin’ guilty, feelin’ scared, hidden cameras everywhere
Stop! Hold on. Stay in control

Girl, I want you here with me
But I’m really not as cool as I’d like to be
‘Cause there’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little yellow man in my head
And there’s a true blue inside of me
That keeps stoppin’ me, touchin’ ya, watchin’ ya, lovin’ ya

Paranoia, the destroyer.
Paranoia, the destroyer.

Well I fell asleep, then I woke feelin’ kinda’ queer
Lola looked at me and said, “ooh you look so weird.”
She said, “man, there’s really something wrong with you.
One day you’re gonna’ self-destruct.
You’re up, you’re down, I can’t work you out
You get a good thing goin’ then you blow yourself out.”

Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer

Silly boy you got so much to live for
So much to aim for, so much to try for
You blowing it all with paranoia
You’re so insecure you self-destroyer

(And it goes like this, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(Here it goes again)
Paranoia, the destroyer

Doctor, Doctor help me please, I know you’ll understand
There’s a time device inside of me, I’m a self-destructin’ man
There’s a red, under my bed
And there’s a little green man in my head
And he said, “you’re not goin’ crazy, you’re just a bit sad
‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawin’ ya, tearin’ ya into two.”

Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer.
Paranoia, the destroyer

Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of self-destruction
Light the fuse and start eruption

(Yea, it goes like this, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(Here’s to paranoia)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(Hey hey, here it goes)
Paranoia, the destroyer
(And it goes like this)

Paranoia, the destroyer
(And it goes like this.)

Writer: Dave Davies

As always, more to come.

#FlashFiction ~ 8/19/18

Today kinda sucked for Mary.  Started off late, hitting snooze and getting stuck in traffic.  Making up for it with breakfast from the drive thru, a once in a while treat.  Things were on the upswing.  Then afternoon-ish without warning. Bam! Life happens.

You see without providing all the gory details, Mary knows the world is full of not so nice people.  People who lie, cheat, and take advantage of an underdog schizophrenic brother all with the guise of ending every phone call with have a blessed day.

Coereced she paid early.  But would it ever really go away?

99 words of 100 words or less #FlashFiction challenge.

As always, more to come.