The Good, the Better, the Best!!

Today was a good day. The day got better when I upgraded to a splint. The best part of the day was removal of the cast.

Me: it hurts. Should it hurt?

PA: yes, the fractures are still there … still healing.

Me: which part did I break again? Ulna and radius but where?

PA: distal which means further from the body. Opposed to proximal which is near. Down by your wrist. Radius inside to thumb and ulna outside to pinky.

Me: it hurts near my elbow.

PA: it’s likely radiating pain.

I learned more from the 20 something year old PA than I did from the doctor. My arm is technically still broken. Meaning the fractures are not completely healed. However they’re in good enough condition that the cast is no longer required. I’ll be wearing a splint for a minimum of three weeks.

  1. Week one wear round the clock except to shower.
  2. Week two take off at night (I’ll know first night if removing the cast was a mistake; if so I return immediately).
  3. Week three in addition to nights free, take off intermitting hours during the day increasing time out of the splint daily.

Then they’ll take another X-Ray and see what’s what. She told me to take it easy and not lift anything more than 5 or so pounds. No cooking or heavy cleaning which is business as usual for me thanks to B.

I’ll have my first PT tomorrow. They’ll show me exercises that I can then do on my own. She said some folks refuse therapy but if I want to use my hand for more than washing my hair, therapy is the only way to full recovery.

My first shower sans cast was the best shower of my life. The part of my arm which was under the cast looks like it’s peeling. Just like it would after sunburn. Lotion helps a little bit but will be multiple applications before it goes away.

No complaints here. This experience has been beneficial. Lots of lessons learned. Lessons that I’ll blog about when the message fits.

As always more to come.