Before and After ~ Happiest Birthday!

Before: Naked Refrigerator


After: Magnets back in place and organized by Places to visit, Entertainment, Family and Miscellaneous. Yes I know, the 1980’s called and want its’ refrigerator back.  At least I removed the papers.  Take out menus have been put in the drawer.


Before: Awesome vegan leather handled tote by Rume being sized for laptop capacity.


After: Oh yeah, it fits! And there is room for all the accessories.  YaY!  Thank you secret Santa!  You know who you are 🙂


And yes I know I do not match! I was super casual aka supe caz at work today.  I wore my another birthday blood donor T-Shirt, jeans, striped snowmen socks and Naturalizer navy flats.  Throw a plaid flannel on top and woah, trippy.  At least everything was some shade of blue.  At the ripe young age of 53, I can do what I want. That includes comfort over fashion.

And everything had meaning.  It’s my b-day you see.  I am donating blood Saturday.  After I get my roots done of course.  The socks are silly Christmas socks and afterall Frosty is my fave.  The shoes, well I know tennis shoes would have been better BUT then my socks wouldn’t show.  The cakes alternating iced and un-iced and mini cupcakes are Cherry Chip Betty Crocker with homemade vanilla buttercream.  My fave growing up.  I always asked for Cherry Chip.  Even more special, Lulu made them with love <3.

As always, more to come.