Wing Stop

Have you heard of em? Asking in case they’re a regional thing.  Anyway …

I do a call-in. As in call-in a to-go order.

Ring! Ring!

Clerk: Thank you for calling WingStop! Home of the wing experts.

Me: Hi, I’d like to place an order for carry-out.

Clerk: Ma’am before you start we’re out of the classic wings. We only have boneless.

Me: That’s OK, I want the 16 piece boneless wing strips family pack 

Order taken, to be ready in 18 minutes.  Off I go.  I get there and enter, then …

Clerk: How may I help you?

Me: Call in order for J-Dub.

Clerk (calling to his manager): Miss, she’s here.

Me: (thought bubble only) This can’t be good.

Manager: I’m so sorry, he didn’t get your phone number or we would have called you.  We do have boneless wings but we are out of the strips.  Do you want the wings?

Me: What’s the difference?

Manager: two wings make one strip, we’ll give you 32 wings.  The fries and rolls will be no charge.

Me: Sounds good, I’ll take that.

The usual cost for 30 piece boneless wing family pack is $31.99 plus tax.  And don’t you know I used my 15% off discount card good until August 2018 as well.  Total cost $17.28.  All thanks to free fries and rolls.  No wonder they are out of stuff, they’re giving it away.

As always, more to come.


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