Resolutions Suck. (Make them anyway.)

Pavowski hits the nail on the head with this post. This part right here … when he writes “That’s because we make resolutions at the new year because we feel like we’re supposed to. Which is bullsharknado. The time to make a resolution is when it’s time to do the thing, when that little voice inside you — your conscience, the twin you absorbed in the womb, or god if that’s your thing — tells you this thing has to happen NOW. When, if you don’t do the thing now, you will suffer” Bullsharknado! Now I have to find a way to use that in a sentence!!! 🙂 So good, I had to share!!!

Accidentally Inspired

It’s sort of my style to gripe and complain about things around here. Every year I take more than a couple of posts out to pooh-pooh the things that tend to wind most people up: New Year’s Resolutions. National Novel Writing Month. Birthdays. Puppies. Maybe it’s my skeptical nature, maybe it’s some deep-seated, culturally-cultivated urge to strive against, or I dunno, maybe at my core I really am just a grinch.

But here at the end of 2017 I find myself looking around and I see I haven’t done quite so much of that. Hard to say why off the cuff, except to point out that 2017 seems to have been a generally crappy year for lots of creatives, particularly those of us who lean liberal. No politics today, except to point out that it’s been hard to exist in the world without taking a higher-than-usual interest in politics…

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14 thoughts on “Resolutions Suck. (Make them anyway.)

  1. I had never even heard of a New Year’s Resolution until I was in high school and started hanging out with friends for New Year’s Eve. I asked my mom about it. She wisely said, “I didn’t want to teach you to make trivial resolutions. Everyone breaks their resolution before January is over. So one year, I made a resolution to never make a new year’s resolution again and I kept it. When I had you, I didn’t want to teach you to make a resolution you weren’t serious about. So we never did it.”

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    1. That is what I related to … you do what needs to be done when it needs to be done
      no trivial resolutions here either. Happy New Year!!


  2. I stay away from resolutions and stay with self fulfilling prophesies. Which, realistically, you make every time you say or think I Am _____. What fills in the blank is what you’re doing and where you’re gonna go. I will ____. Is your prophesy and the one you’ll either fulfill or ignore.

    I think resolutions get forgotten pretty quickly, but self talk is with you every day ❤️

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      1. This will make you smile:
        A caterpillar completely disintegrates in the cocoon to become a butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t know this is happening or why, yet he must come apart to become the butterfly

        It makes me smile every time I feel Like I am falling apart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      2. Lol! bullsharknado huh? Yep TX and we’re in for a coldest of the season through Wednesday … highs in the 30s. But blink and it’ll be over. Not at all like PA. Stay warm and safe my friend!


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