Must Read: Secret to Happiness

As I went through my reader, link by link without really reading I landed on a post from 2013 where the author reacted angrily to another post about the steps to finding true happiness.  I must agree these self-help posts are a dime a dozen.  I’ve been known to add my two nickels to the till.  Like this post for example, my two cents which are worth only a penny due to inflation.

I agree and I know these sometimes pearls of wisdom can be condescending as if happiness is a wish away.  Easy pease.  As if the only reason YOU are not happy is YOU are NOT trying hard enough. C’mon people, get with it, be the master of your own fucking destiny!!! But nope, sorry folks, real life isn’t that simple.

Oh but I can dream can’t I ?   And wish life was as easy as following simple steps. Just do X Y and Z then poof one is HAPPY!!! Real deal ecstatic over the fucking moon.

Anyway in the post, the author made his own list.  Steps to combat depression.  Right away I think the author is on to something “real” and my self talk goes “They can bite me, screw those happiness gurus for they know not what they do” Palm Sunday after all, so I have to make a reference to forgiveness.  Screw them = forgive them.  Doh, I am off the chain. I mean no blasphemy.  Lent and Easter are the pièce de ré·sis·tance for me.  Jesus knows I am flawed work in progress.  Now more than ever, you know it too.  Back on topic, the article provided a few gems that I could easily put into practice.

Then I think but “isn’t this more of the same?”  Just do X, Y and Z and poof no longer depressed.  And to suggest no most Grey’s Anatomy or books with adult themes.  I watch to cry and read to escape.  Ugh, many contradicting articles out there and me I am SQUIRREL … “this might work and oh yeah, this is amazing.”  As I tireless jump on bandwagon after bandwagon.  What a happiness groupie!  Or I am a sucker born every minute as my man PT once said?  And I love a good circus.  Well, … not really because I am scared to death of clowns.  John Wayne Gacy often dressed as a clown, ‘nuf said.

Chuga-chuga choo-choo little engine that could.  Where do I turn?  I tell myself “J-Dub just do what makes sense; use your instinct”.  Yes I talk to myself and yes I answer myself but I know it is me talking to me.  I believe I am a brat with 1st first problems.  Any instinct for survival has been lost in my evolution.  Why am I so hard on myself?  Why can’t I admit problems do not come with a rating scale?  Why can’t I trust my kid?  Why?  Why is a nosy mother fucker I tell you that.

And with that, I am better.  Here is a new MUST READ secret to happiness should you want to know (but this is mine so get your own, not because I am greedy and won’t share but because there is some truth in the master of your own destiny bull shit).  For me, I write my sH*t! down for the world to see (or at least for bloglandia to see) and then I curse like a sailor.  *A*&SkArzfz8df8***! finally cranking up the tunes and dancing these mofo negative feelings out.  Join me would you?

Happy by Pharrell Williams – Clap along, I darn you not to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then insert some songs of your own.  Wishing you the best on this Palm Sunday my lovelies.

As always, more to come.


8 thoughts on “Must Read: Secret to Happiness

    1. I was wondering if people would get the point. Sometimes with my rambling the message gets lost. Basically, one size does NOT fit all. Either in clothes or ways to make one happy. 🙂

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