New Nose Day

At this point we were living at SAMMC.  There almost every day.  On 4/14, the day before the new nose day, they replaced the cast on his right wrist and set a follow up apppointment in two weeks.  

This was written at 3 pm on 4/15/14. 

Today sucked! And yes I already told myself it could be worse and it could be but … that does not take away from the fact that today blew chunks! Arrived promptly at 5:45 am for the 7 am closed nasal reduction. There were three other patients for the same (or similar) thing and only one surgical team. This time he drew the short straw and was 3rd of the three. Billy Bob was taken back at the time he should have been leaving. We just got home … will be a rough couple of days. But I am done with my pity party because we are home and for the moment he is pain free. Happy Tax Day one and all, enjoy the remainder of your day! 
Then later that night I wrote:
For those of you who talked to Billy Bob tonight he won’t likely remember your conversation tomorrow. He’s still feeling no pain. So might not be a rough couple of days after all. Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. I think I may have to hide his truck keys.

As always more to come.