Amazon is Amazing 

I’ve become a believer!

The kids talked me into joining Amazon Prime right before Christmas time so I could order gifts and get free two-day shipping. I had resisted for years because I didn’t want to foot the $99 a year fee but when I figured I’d save more than that, I thought I’ll do it and then cancel.

Pony went the extra mile. He talked me into getting the Amazon Visa rewards card through Chase. He’s the J.P. Morgan employee and Wise works for Chase.  I went ahead and did opened the account despite Chase being a competitor to the company for which I work. 

Other than getting my free monthly book on Kindle I really don’t get on my Amazon account all that often.  Then the other day Billy Bob’s phone case clip broke and. He needed a replacement. When I went on Amazon I noticed a $60 credit when I went to check out.  All the cash back from six months worth of spending had really added up.   Now I know why the kids use their Chase Visa from Amazon for all their purchases.  Since it’s stuff they’re going to need anyway, why not get the cashback?

We got the phone case day yesterday. And it was the wrong size. Then I remembered why I hate to order. If the item does not work out, sending it back is a pain in the ass.   And here’s where Amazon is Amazing comes in.  There’s a new return method. Maybe not that new. But definitely new to me. It’s called Amazon locker. Her name is Polina. No more UPS or post office.  I was given a code and I went to the locker at the corner 7-Eleven. I punched in my code and I dropped the package in the locker. No fuss no muss and we are done.

Another perk is my online bill pay is a lot more user-friendly with Chase than with my current card. I feel like I’m cheating on my employer.  I very rarely recommend things. Because after all one … man’s trash is another man’s treasure. However in this case, I would go out on a limb to recommend both: the Chase Visa card and Amazon prime.  

As always, more to come. 


The Power of Positive Thinking 

I wrote the following on FB three years ago today.  April 3 marked the anniversary of the day the mister almost died. This was posted two days after the BIG fall. 

I am even more convinced of the power of a positive attitude. Not in a crazy way like I can wish Billy Bob well. It’s just that being calm made everything easier and so far we have good news all around. From landing prone instead of an angle, the injuries were less than they otherwise would have been. Ruling out the back and neck at the beginning. Ruled out the brain bleed yesterday morning. Down to only two doctors – ortho for the wrist and OMF for his face. You laugh to power through things and he gets his new nose on 4/15! Tax day. I told the doc to make Billy Bob look like Kevin Bacon or some other age appropriate crush ;). Today I feel a bit guilty for keeping an appointment to get my roots done but not guilty enough to cancel – vanity or sanity – just trying to keep things as normal as possible. Thanks to each and every one of you. You are proof of life’s blessings on earth. Enjoy your day !

As always, more to come.