Billy Bob Was Right

… I hate it when he’s right. Not really. I unconditionally love him ❤

Me: I think I’m going to Ocho before Hedwig

BB: Two words

Me: What?

BB: pretentious and overrated

Me: We’ll see

I go, I sit, I wait. People there before me get up to leave.  Waitstaff is MIA. Oh well, I’ve got time but I know better.  My off center clock is figuring how much time I have for souvenirs and a bio pit stop.  Screw it, I’m checking in.  

Can’t wait!   I feel the electricity!   Ah!!!!!!!!!

And who says a good lunch is not made of popcorn and Chardonnay? 😂.  At least popcorn anyway. 

As always, more to come.  


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