Worry not my child…

I hope this blesses you as much as it blessed me. By the fabulous Sammy J

sprinkle of thoughts


Worry not, my child

Last night I heard you cry

I saw your eyes run dry

I felt your heart scream goodbye

And all you wanted to do was flop!

You think I ain’t around

You feel I’m surely bluff

So you curse the day I made you

You claim I abandoned you.

Stop for a while and listen carefully

That voice that speaks gently

Giving you little hope through your mourning

That’s me slowly filling in.

So worry not, my child

I’ll restore your sight

I’ll uphold your pride

I will be your might

Your star will shine bright

Just hold on tight

For I’m always by your side.

Worry not, my child.

Sammy J.

This is for anyone feeling they are carrying the world on their shoulders. God’s got you so just hold on tight. This is mostly for myself as I have my breaking times. God bless…

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You had a bad week

You are mentally exhausted

I’m glad you tell me 

Though it’s a dagger to my heart 

Lost, hopeless, will you get through?

I can’t see the forest

For the trees

Where you’re concerned 

All around me pangs of jealousy 

Why not us, where did it all go wrong?

How could I not see?

99-Year-Old Volunteers – Still Going Strong

Inspirational. No reason I can’t also do my part.

No Facilities

Mary Guglielmo was born on May 11, 1917, in New York City. Mary Alsing was born 16 days later in Ontario, Canada. Their lives began far apart and took different paths, but decades ago they both wound up in the same place: as members of the volunteer corps at Johnson Memorial Hospital.”

That’s the opening paragraph of a story in The Hartford Courant highlighting the service of two women who have been volunteering at a rural hospital not too far from my house.

When I started looking for stories to share as part of WATWB, this one caught my attention. I know that hospital. I drive by it often. I’ve been to the Emergency Room of this hospital several times. If you read the story, you will read about how important the hospital’s volunteers are to its continuing operations.

Volunteering sounds vague. It’s hard to understand and it’s…

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Kicking & Screaming 

And this one is not the Will Ferrell soccer movie.   This show is America’s reality TV at its finest.  Survivalists are paired with divas and they’re competing to win 500k.  The poor man’s Survivor with a twist.  So far I recommend as laugh out loud/snort funny.  

Maxwell: “Elaine, Elaine that is not proper food etiquette!” 

As Elaine hurls her body across a table, hands tied behind her back while grabbing BBQ sausage and chicken with her mouth.  Whoever got 10 lbs of food passed through the netting first won.  Elaine’s team rocked it and got 2nd place.  Last place faces off against the team voted to participate in the elimination contest. 

Hilarious! Don’t think so? Well I guess you had to be there.  Even B is laughing.  

As always, more to come. 

Master Chef Jr.

❤ these kids.   I really ❤ them.  I’m amazed at all the talent in the kitchen.  Adorable too.  Jasmine’s oysters – yummy.  Syd got the gross giblets and turned them into BBQ. Rooting for Gonzalo.  He shared his flour.  They’re competing but they still help each other too.  ❤️ and why am I 😢.  They’re family forever!  That’s why!

As always, more to come.  

A Must Read – get your SH*T together by sarah knight 

I have to say, Evelyn Wood would be proud!  And if you were born after 1970, you probably have no clue who Evelyn Wood was or is … if she is still alive.  I have no idea.    She may have even been a fictional character. 

Anyway Evelyn Wood had a method for speed reading.  Skipping the a, an, and the … and other little techniques to whip through whatever you needed to finish in a hurry.  I don’t like to speed read. I like to take a leisurely stroll.  And even when I read a single book in 24 hours, it’s because I don’t stop reading.   

I read for hours and hours and hours and hours in a row.  Last night B asks “Are you coming to bed?  Soon let me just get to the end of this chapter.    Which turns into the four chapters.  Followed by are you coming to bed yet?  To which I finally say sssshhhh  then No! Leave me alone!” He knows I love him even when I snap. Grrrr 🤣

Get your sh*t together is not a traditional self-help book. Because of that I can skip around and read chapters out of order and get little nuggets of gold to use or not as I see fit.  I love the author’s sarcastic wit thus far Sarah Knight is very good.  

She gives no magic serum.  No absolutes. Try it. like it. try it. don’t like.  Not made to feel like a failure because you don’t follow these golden rules of getting your metaphorical sh*t together.  

Her first book was aptly titled The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck. I think Billy Bob’s therapist took a line from that play book to help treat Billy.  Back in 2014, after he had his accident. You know the one where he almost died. You know the one where he says “quit saying that.” 

Well it’s true … he almost died. He was on some very heavy medication. From the beginning, they knew he was going to have to detox from it.   Doing so was planned and very heavily scripted … how many to take … over what period of time and then how to wean himself off.  Like a champ, he followed the orders explicitly. 

Though as one might imagine, detox was no picnic. And at that point in time he did see someone for a very brief maybe two or three week period. On day one, the therapist says to Billy “here’s how you deal with it when you start getting anxious and things are out-of-control, you just say fuck it!”   And that’s all it took.  Simple really.  For the rest of his life, from that day forward he goes about thinking “fuck this. fuck that. fuck you. and I don’t care”.  To date, he is the least anxious person I’ve ever known.  And I have known some pretty laid back mofo’s. Lol! 

Anyway I highly recommend you read the book and get your shit together.

As always, more to come.

Worth More Than Gold

I’m not even sure in which category to drop this post. The teacher that Lulu is named after was Pony’s  second-grade teacher.  We had a different name all picked out and after a day in the hospital, we changed it. I don’t even remember why other than a surge of hormones taking over. Or some other such reason.  

Anyway, this teacher was wonderful. She had a little boy of her own about two years old. She was a working mother like we all were … struggling to get by. We would often talk and give each other parental advice.  What we shared in common was a LOVE of reading. She would often say books are worth more than gold.   

I wholeheartedly concur.  However Pony and I are the only readers in the family. Wise now too. But Lulu and Billy Bob haven’t touched a book just because in years.  Anyway one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say.  

Since I finished my library book a less than 24 hours, I went back to return it and get some more.  A kid in a candy store. I can never decide.   I’ve always had a very eclectic taste which makes deciding that much more difficult.   If liked but a single genre, it might be easy.  

Anyway today I went with a non-fiction biography,  a self-help, and a fictional story but based on real life disease of Huntington’s.  I actually know a lady in real life whose husband and both of her boys have the dreaded disease.  What she went through was unbelievable.  It is simply amazing that she was able to power through day after day.  We’ve lost touch over the last five years or so and I often wonder how things are going (if they are still going). 

So here’s what is on tap for my reading leisure. 

I really do need to get my sh*t together so I’ll start that one first!

As always, more to come.