Stop Damn Thoughts

I try my hand at poetry

As I sit here full of anxiety

Worry for something that may never come

My heart is still beating, yet I’ve come undone

Running scenarios through my brain

The thoughts are pouring down like rain

I try to gasp for air, to breathe

Just breathe

Just breathe

Just breathe

Well I guess I shouldn’t quit my day job.  I’ve not been sleeping well for a while now.  I think the stress (self induced unfortunately) and lack of sleep are quietly catching up to me. I’m up and down so many times throughout the day that I’m perpetually queasy.  I feel like I’m riding the tallest, fastest roller coaster after eating carnival food. Bleh!   Oh how I wish the proverbial shoe would drop.  Then I could get to work picking up the pieces.  

As always, more to come