Call Me

And not a Blondie sing-along song of the day Call Me.   Though that would be much better!  Ugh 😑 

Life 11, J-Dub  zero

Not that I’m keeping score or anything. 

I decided I was done with texting drama. So I tell my little one to call me. And this time she does. And we have a conversation. I hang up and think things are OK. An hour and a half or two hours pass and the texts start coming in. 

I feel ugly.  

Now just how in the hell am I supposed to respond to that.  So I tell her call me. And she responds by text I can’t I’m in the car people will hear me.

Well, you think I’d listen to my own advice. Nope, instead I start texting … you’re not ugly … what makes you feel that way … you’re my beautiful baby girl etc. etc. etc.

And her responses are no or eh 

Then she writes, how is this news go you I always thought this 

My point has been proven! What does that mean? How is this news? You know I’ve always thought this or does she mean How is this news?  I know you always thought this? 

So here come the apologies.   And more no or eh.  

Then I type call me when you can because I can’t deal with this on text it’s stressing me out.  

How’s that for progress?

CALL ME By Blondie.  Help is on the way via sweet tunes.  Earphones in, volume up!
As always more to come. 


This was my FB post from April 28, 2014. B had yet another follow up which didn’t yield the results he hoped for yet in the big scheme of things, he was blessed.  WE were all blessed. 

Dr. S is an excellent physician Dr. S has taken the best possible care of my Billy

Dr. S wears a wedding ring

Dr. S has pictures of his kiddos on the desk in his office

Dr. S is being deployed

When Billy goes back in three weeks, he will see Dr. O instead. So while the news of “No, you are not ready to get out of your cast yet – let’s give it three more weeks” and “No you cannot drive yet because quite simply, you cannot grip a steering wheel” were not what we hoped for … it is what it is. And B is strong, he will heal. He is healing as we speak and red is a good color for him. So he is keeping his red cast aka styling accessory. I forgot to ask if I could sign it or be-dazzle it up 😉

Godspeed to Dr. S. Words alone cannot express our gratefulness. THANK YOU and we wish you well!!!